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what should the title for this manga be?

The K-9
Nature of the Beast

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Author Topic: Nature of the Beast/The K-9/TBD  (Read 337 times)

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Nature of the Beast/The K-9/TBD
« on: January 31, 2020, 01:36:21 PM »
Nature of the Beast/The K-9/TBD
Written by Nicholas Lovell Timmons

Chimeras; human animal hybrid technology is at the forefront of scientific discovery. The instincts and abilities of any animal combined with the superior cognitive ability of the human. Many believed this power to be the next step in evolution, others wanted to use it for destruction. Regardless of intentions, the transformation process proved difficult to overcome. It is said that 1 in every 10,000 survives the transformation process.

With the technology to create chimeras no longer a secret, chimeras were created all across the world despite the high number of failures. Chimeras were traded, captured, and trained. Wicked rulers and military powers abused chimeras for their personal gain. Utilizing strength, speed, and abilities unbeknownst to mankind, the world was at war.

A rogue missile into the heart of a super volcano sparked the chaos. Mother Earth began to burn... Fires raged across the land! The Infernal War it was called, a battle for resources and territory the world had not seen since ancient times. The power to create Chimeras would be the catalyst.

After laying waste to over half the population, and natural resources, the fire finally died out. What happened next nobody could have predicted. Mother Earth was reborn. Green once again covered the land. A fresh start. Trees, vegetation, water, resources. New tribes, countries, and societies formed in the aftermath of The Infernal War, but unfortunately the fighting had only just begun.

Inside the United Front, a well fortified haven for chimeras and humans alike, tensions are rising. With the world still reeling in chaos, a specialized unit, The K-9, vowing to protect those who cannot protect themselves have set up Head-Quarters inside the United Front's walls.

Will the world use this new beginning and avoid the mistakes of their past? Or will society fall into a similar pattern of destruction?
•   * = someone thinking
•   “” = someone speaking aloud
•   POV = point of view
•   SFX = special effects
•   Box: = narration

Ch. 1: You mess with the bull... (1/31/20)
Chapter 1:
Page 1:
Full page of part of a large city. The full city is probably close to the size of Chicago, maybe bigger. Slightly modern, slightly broken. Plants and trees growing out of the buildings, but it does not look damaged. There is a wall around the entire city that is about 5-6 stories tall. It is a thick concrete wall. Plants and trees grow out of the wall as well. It’s raining.

Box: United Front, 2052, post Infernal War

Page 2:
Full page of a brick alley. Trash bins and puddles and gutters. It’s dark out, raining. Dash, (6’4”, athletic build) is covered in a long cloak and wearing black boots. POV is from behind Dash. He stands at the end of the alley. You can only see his silhouette. Lightning flash if possible.

SFX: Crackk Booomm

Page 3:
P1: Dash walking into the outside of a modern barn/castle in the city. It is still raining. The barn stands out in the middle of a modern city.

P2: POV is looking up from the right foot/cloak of Dash. Water is dripping from the cloak. To the right of Dash’s boot, you can see Matador.
Half-man, half-bull (Face of a bull, hooves for feet, normal hands completely covered in fur/hide, 8’ tall, 1000 lbs. Matador is only wearing black military grade pants that stop just below the knees. His thighs are massive. Matador is built like a house. You can see his massive horns. A superior specimen with a scar horizontally across both eyes.) sitting in a throne.
The throne is covered in soft hides. Matador is surrounded by these half-women, half-cow (a little bit bigger than an average woman, cow faces but good looking, in seductive clothing, fur/hide) they are all fawning over Matador. Some normal women too. 10 or so women total.
Inside of barn/castle is stone with grass growing in between the stone slabs on the ground. The room is dimly lit by torches. There is carpet leading up to the throne.

Page 4:
P1: Close up of Matador’s snout. He is grinning. You can see his massive bull ring. You can see air come from his nostrils.

Matador: “ahhh… Dash… always a pleasure.”

P2: close-up of Matador and the women. The women, all of them blushing, grabbing at Matador. Matador is still grinning.

Matador: “Life is full of wonders… and excitement… ha ha ha.”

P3: Side view of Dash. Though Dash has his hood up, you can see Dash is a Half-man, Half-dog (sheepdog to be exact). You can only see the fur of his black snout.

Dash: “Did you deliver on what was asked of you?”

P4: Lightning and Thunder outside of the barn.

SFX: Crackkk Boooomm

P5: Dash looking up at the ceiling, annoyed.

Dash: *This thunder is quite loud.

Page 5:
P1: Matador grins at his girls.

Matador: “All business and no pleasure with this one.”

P2: Close up of Dash. Dash is calm and slightly grinning.

Dash: “I won’t ask again.”

P3: Matador is quick to anger. His eyes go wide, filled with lust, and his nostrils flare with heat. He has a wide smile on his face.

Matador: “Is that a challenge?”

P4: Matador throws the girls off him with ease as he stands up. Matador is still smiling like a mad man. A couple girls go flying.

Matador: “You dare challenge me? In my own home, in front of my guests?”

P5: The other girls scream and run to help the girls on the ground. They cower in fear.

P6: Picture of the gate/entrance behind Dash. A loud bang comes from outside. Like thunder. The noise is a battering ram at the gate. Matador and Dash do not notice the difference and continue with their conversation.

Matador: “I will not be disrespected. Not even by you, Dash.”

SFX: Boooomm

Page 6:
P1: Close up as Dash pulls off his hood and looks up, ears perked. You can see Dash is a Half-man, Half-sheepdog (6’4” and 280 lbs, paw like hands but can grab things, strong chest, covered in black fur, a white neck coat,). Dash closes his eyes to concentrate on the noise as he notices something is off about the thunder. Dash is unfazed by Matador.

Dash: *That didn’t sound like thunder...

P2: Matador still fuming. Begins to talk to himself.

Matador: “I will rip apart your limbs, one by one...”

P3: Picture of the door entrance. There is another bang.

SFX: “Booooomm”

P4: Dash turns around and is facing the entrance, concentrating and concerned. Silhouette of Matador behind him. Matador is enjoying himself.

Matador: “Only when you beg for mercy will I finally separate your head from your body...”

P5: Dash turns back to Matador and bares his fangs, angrily.

Dash: “Quiet!”, Dash barks

Page 7:
P1: The entrance to Matador’s castle breaks open. Smoke covers the doorway.

SFX: Banggg Crackkk

P2: Dash jumps back next to Matador. Dash is on Matadors left. POV is facing them from the front left of both of them. You start to see the differences in size between the two.

SFX: Wooosh

P3: Side view of Dash and Matador. You can see how big Matador is next to Dash. Both have gazes fixed on the door. Dash is baring his fangs. Matador looks angry beside him.

Dash: “You expecting company?”

Matador: “Bastards!!!”

Page 8:
P1: Close up of Matador. Matador is beyond angry. Matador already standing up, bellows with joy. His eyes filled with lust.

Matador: “How dare you interrupt my evening!! I will kill the man who enters my sanctuary without permission!!”

P2: Multiple silhouettes can be seen in the doorway, still shrouded in smoke.

P3: Close-up of Dash reaching into his coat for his weapons. Dash is concerned/worried, bracing for action. Dash barks at the entrance.

Dash: “Show yourself!”

P4: Close-up of Dash’s eyes going wide. Not in fear, but in realizing who is actually before them.

Page 9:
P1: Smoke clears and it is a bunch of humans (6-8 humans) dressed in United Front police gear. Guns (AR’s, Pistols) trained on Matador and Dash. Some are kneeling in front of the others.

P2: Half body shot of a lieutenant officer named Roy next to his men. Roy is mean looking with a nice moustache.

Lieutenant Roy: “Alright, listen up criminals! I am Lieutenant Roy of the United Front Police Force.” “Matador, you are under arrest for mass murder and human trafficking.”

P3: Picture from behind the guards in the foreground of the panel, looking at Matador in the background of the panel. Matador gives out a booming laugh.

Lieutenant: “Leave with us peacefully, or we will not hesitate to use lethal force.”


P4: Close-up of Matador. His eyes are crazy and red. He is smiling. You can sense the bloodlust in the background.

Matador: “Is that all?”

P5: Matador starts moving towards the police, slowly. A boom echoes with each step.

Page 10:
P1: Picture of Dash taking a hand off his weapon and pulling his hand from his coat.

P2: Dash stands up straight. Calm, smirking. His eyes are closed. He is no longer worried. He knows what is about to happen. He is glad it is not someone else that showed up.

Dash: “I gotta say Lieutenant, you are a sight for sore eyes.”

P3: Picture of Dash in the left side foreground of the panel turning around to leave out the back. Dash’s eyes still closed. Behind Dash you can see Matador’s giant frame on the right side of the panel facing the police in the doorway in the middle background of the panel. Matador is still laughing

Dash: “They are all yours, Matador. I’ll assume the assets are downstairs. I’ll let him know you delivered what was promised. We will send our man over shortly.” “I’m going to go ahead and leave out the back. Do try to finish this quickly.”


P4: Close-up of Dash. Eyes open and concentrating.

Dash: *I doubt Matador can even hear me right now. When he loses control, he goes into some sort of hyper-focus. To be honest, I don’t even think it is possible to get him to stop once he’s got his eyes set on you. And I certainly don’t want to be around when THEY show up.

P5: POV is from behind the guards in the entrance. Lieutenant is in the very back. Matador halfway down the carpet to the entrance now. Matador looks massive compared to the humans. Killing is the only thing on his mind.

Lieutenant: “Stop right there. If you move any closer, we will fire!”

Page 11:
P1: Lieutenant Roy yelling nervously

Lieutenant: “Stop moving!”

P2: Matador with a crazed look. He can’t hear anything.

P3: Police looking scared.

Police member: “Sir?”

P4: Lieutenant Roy yelling and pointing

Lieutenant: “Open fire!”

P5: Police shooting

SFX: Bang Bang Bang

P6: Bullets hitting Matador. POV is from the front of Matador. Matador stops in his tracks, no longer a crazed look, but pissed off, face covered in black. The police can’t see, but the bullets can be seen bouncing off matador in the panel

Page 12:
P1: crunched up bullets hitting the ground at Matadors feet.

P2: a police officer steps out with a bazooka.

Policeman: “Take some of this!”

P3: Close up of bazooka firing

SFX: Voooom

P4: Picture of rocket hitting Matador. Matador is shrouded in smoke.

SFX: Boooom

Lieutenant: “Cease-Fire! Cease-Fire!”

P5: Police lowering weapons, sweat dripping from their faces.

Policeman: “Did we get him?”

Page 13:
P1: Smoke begins to clear. Matador is grinning with bloodlust. Small flames are singeing Matador’s hide. Smoke is rising behind him.

P2: Lieutenant looks terrified.

Lieutenant Roy: “My god...”

P3: Black panel with blood stains. Nothing but screams and shooting and screams.


Page 14:
Full page of Dash in the back alley. It’s raining. His hood is up. He is looking up. You can only see his snout. He has a cigarette burning in his mouth. His phone rings. From his jacket pocket.


Page 15:
P1: Dash flicks his cigarette on the ground.

P2: Dash exhales. Answers the flip phone.

Dash: “Yo... We ran into some trouble… No, it’s not a problem. Send him over. I’m on my way now.”

P3: Dash hangs up and shuts his phone.

SFX: Click

P4: Dash starts walking away down an alley.

Dash: *Who would send a squad of officers to fight the bull killer in his own territory? That’s suicide…

Page 16:
P1: Close up of Matador breathing heavy. Eyes are black. He is smiling. His horns and face are dripping blood.

Dash: *…You would need at least 30 men to subdue him. Even then…

P2: Blood is all over the ground. Bodies are torn apart and in half, crunched and mangled. Terrified faces on the bodies.

Dash: *...you would never be able to fight him head on…

P3: POV is on the ground, in front of the lieutenant crawling away, terrified and crying. You can see Matador’s silhouette behind him.

Dash: *...ordinary weapons wouldn’t do the trick…

P4: POV is from Matador looking down at lieutenant Roy. Close up of lieutenant turning towards Matador aka “the bull killer”. Arm in the air trying to get him to stop. One of Lieutenant Roy’s legs is crunched.

Lieutenant: “please no. Have mercy.”

Dash: *…but, it’s whatever…

P5: Panel showing Matador’s hoof slamming down on the lieutenant’s head.


Page 17:
P1: Aerial shot of Matador and the crater impact made from the force of his hoof. Bodies are laying everywhere. Blood is everywhere. Bullet casings all over. Matador is looking up and roaring with laughter.
Dash: *…In my opinion, the more humans gone, the better.

Ch. 2: ...you get the horns. (1/31/20)
Chapter 2:
Page 1:
P1: Hands/Paws slam on a steel table. Create an indent in table. POV is from the same level as the hands on the table. Lieutenant Roy is in background looking at the hands/paws in disgust.

Nomsa: “You are raiding Matador’s without us?!”

SFX: Dnnnn

P2: Lieutenant Roy close-up, eyes closed, arms crossed.

Lieutenant Roy: “Where is your leash, mut? I am not authorized to tell you *censored*. Dirty half-breed.”

P3: straight on picture from Roy’s point of view. A half-woman, half-rottweiler named Nomsa (5’ 8” tall, 190 lbs, built and toned. black fur. Brown paws/hands and brown paw feet. Wearing black military pants that stop just below her knees, a military vest, and a spiked collar) has her now slightly bloody fists on the table and is staring at the lieutenant officer in the face, baring her fangs. If Nomsa was not angry, her general face would be kind and sexy.
A silhouette of a half-man half-sheepdog arm can be seen sitting in a chair behind and to the left of Nomsa.

Nomsa: “Damn you!”

P4: close-up of the lieutenant standing still, not fazed, eyes pissed off, scoffing at Nomsa.

Page 2:
P1: United Front Police Captain Jackson is standing in a doorway behind Roy. Captain Jackson is a black man, dressed in a police officer captains uniform. Jackson has a tough demeanor and is fairly big.

Captain Jackson: “That’s enough!”

P2: A half-man, half-sheepdog named Koda Maki (6’3” tall, 280 lbs, built and toned. Black fur, white neck, white paws, white on top of snout and brown around top of eyes. Wearing black military pants that stop just below the knees, a white dress shirt, and a bulletproof military vest) is sitting down, eyes closed, calm. Nomsa’s fists still on the table can be seen in the panel.

Captain Jackson: “The two of you are acting like damn children!”

P3: Nomsa close-up, pissed off. Looks down.

P4: Lieutenant Roy, pissed off, has his eyes closed.

Page 3:
P1: Captain Jackson gestures into his office.

Captain Jackson: “Captain Maki, let’s talk in my office.”

P2: side view of cartoony Nomsa and cartoony lieutenant Roy butting heads over the table.

Captain Jackson: “And you two, play nice.”

P3: close-up of Koda eyes closed, concentrating, walking towards the office.

Koda: “Otto... keep an eye on Nomsa will you?”

P4: side/front view of Otto, Half-man, Half-bulldog (5’6” 250 lbs, heavier built, but looks strong, like a tank. Grey fur and droopy eyes. You can see his bottom fangs sticking up from his mouth. He has one bottom fang slightly longer than the other. His bottom jaw is further forward than his top jaw. He is wearing military grade black pants that go to his ankle. He is wearing a tight-fitting long sleeve black shirt turtle neck under his bulletproof vest. He also has spiked wrist bracelets.) leaning against the wall on what would be the left side of Koda. The eye above his long tooth is closed. It looks like he is snarling. He is staring in the direction of Nomsa.

Otto: “I’ll take care of her, boss.” “Hey Nomsa, let’s chill out, huh?”

P5: Nomsa is face to face with Lieutenant Roy again

Nomsa: “These cowards are about to send their men into a slaughter! And I’m supposed to chill out!?”

P6: The door to Captain Jackson’s office slams.

SFX: Slam

Page 4:
P1: Koda is in Captain Jackson’s office. They are about to have a conversation. Captain Jackson(CJ) is sitting down behind a desk. Koda is standing next to the door in front of the desk. POV is from above the room itself.

Captain Jackson: “Please sit down.”

P2: Koda and Jackson sitting down face to face. Koda is calm, but concerned. POV is over the shoulder of CJ and in the direction of Koda.

Captain Jackson: “What are you doing here, Koda?”

Koda: “Who gave the order to go after Matador? Why now? Why not include the K-9?”

P3: close up of CJ still looking at Koda. CJ has his elbows on the table, and his hands clasped in front of his mouth. Koda is getting more intense.

CJ: “I can’t give you that information… How did you find out about Matador?”

Koda: “Unless you show up with the entire United Front Police force, it will be impossible to bring him in.”

P4: Close up of CJ sighing and turning away from Koda.

P5: CJ grabs a cigar from his desk.

P6: CJ is standing up looking out the window, facing away from Koda. It is raining outside. CJ is lighting his cigar.

SFX: Click

Page 5:
P1: Picture from behind Koda looking at the back of CJ. A smoke cloud is next to CJ.

Koda: “Send us after him.”

P2: Close up of CJ’s mouth blowing smoke.

CJ: “This is not in your jurisdiction.”

P3: Close up of Koda now a little more intense looking.

Koda: “Bull *censored*! We are here to protect the United Front. Let us protect it.”

P4: CJ turns around to face Koda, angry. POV is from Koda’s perspective in the chair looking up at CJ.

CJ: “Not when the circumstances don’t require your assistance.”

P5: side view of CJ even more animated. Pointing his cigar angrily at Koda

CJ: “Despite what you “dogs” might think, the United Front Police Force is more than capable!”

P6: Phone ringing on the desk

SFX: Ringgg Ringgg

Page 6:
P1: CJ sighs as he puffs his cigar.

P2: View from behind Koda looking at the captain. The captain shrugs, not making eye contact with Koda.

CJ: “It’s out of my hands, Koda.”

SFX: Ringgg Ringgg

P3: CJ’s hand picks up the phone.

P4: Koda gets up from the chair. CJ is in the background watching Koda.

CJ: “Captain Jackson here…”

P5: Koda is just about to open the door in the foreground. Koda has a dark look on his face. CJ is in the background, behind the desk, holding the phone to his shoulder.

CJ: “Oh and Captain Maki.” “If I hear of you or anyone on your team being anywhere near our raid on Matador’s, I’ll have you thrown in prison.”

Page 7:
P1: Nomsa is pacing around. Otto is sitting down in the same chair Koda was earlier and is reading a magazine to the left of Nomsa.

P2: Koda enters the scene and is standing to the left of where Nomsa is facing and Otto is sitting down directly in front of Koda.

Koda: “Where is Lieutenant Roy?”

P3: Otta glances at Nomsa from his seat, Nomsa is in the background and looks away/pretends not to hear.

Otto: “Well, after Nomsa said some choice words… He left.”

P4: Close up of Otto facing forward, turning back to Koda.

Otto: “They went after Matador.”

P5: Close up of Nomsa. Nomsa is concerned/worried

Nomsa: “What are we gonna do, boss?”

P6: aerial view of all three talking. Nomsa is on edge. Otto is about to stand up.

Koda: “Nothing. We go back to headquarters.”

Nomsa: “And leave those men to die?”

Otto: “Here we go again…”

Page 8:
Wide panel of Koda facing Nomsa and Otto. Nomsa, is angry. You can see back of Koda’s head and the front of Nomsa and Otto.

Koda: “They are trained officers, Nomsa, they will do their job.”

Nomsa: “It’s not the same and you know it! If we do not help them, it will be the same as leaving them to die!”

P2: Close up of Nomsa turning away and closing her eyes/biting her tongue so to speak

P3: Close up of Koda.

Koda: *Nomsa may be right, but that doesn’t change the fact that we have our own orders to follow.

P4: They get in their car out in the rain and begin to drive back to headquarters.

Koda: *I have to believe the police stand a chance on their own!

Page 9:
P1: Halfway back to headquarters. Picture of the outside of the car at a stoplight.

Box: 15 minutes later…

P2: Picture of a radio in the car. Koda, Otto, and Nomsa hear a call over the police network radio.

Radio: “All available units to Third and Sixth. Reports of gunshots and an explosion. Officers on the scene are unresponsive.”

P3: Close up of Nomsa leaning forward from the back seat, yelling to Koda.

Nomsa: “Boss!”

P4: view of Koda turning to Otto in the front seat. Nomsa is in the middle of the backseat with a concerned look.

Koda: “Otto.”

Otto: “On it.”

P5: Otto spins the car and floors it in the direction of the call.

SFX: “Screeech”

Page 10:
P1: Close up of Nomsa, jaw clenched, angry.

Nomsa: “Those idiots! We knew this would happen. The Captain will lose his job for this.”

P2: Close up of Koda, thinking.

Koda: “You are probably right, but I don’t think Captain Jackson is the one pulling the strings.”

P3: View of all three in the inside of the car. Nomsa turns to the boss, shocked. Otto is just as speculative.

Otto: “What are you saying, boss? Somebody else is ordering the raid?”

Nomsa: “But Captain Jackson is the one in charge of the police force! Right? He gives his men the orders.”

P4: Close up of Koda. Explaining what he heard when talking to the captain earlier.

Koda: “There was something off in the pitch of his voice.”

P5: Picture of the car still speeding down the road, dodging traffic.

Page 11:
P1: Close up of Koda still explaining his thoughts.

Koda: “I’ve worked with the Jackson before. We never got along, but this is not a move he would make. He is too smart for this. Somebody is holding something over him or forcing him to cooperate. I don’t know what it is, but it’s enough to force him to send his men to a slaughter.”

P2: New angle of Koda thinking

Koda: *The only question is why?

P3: Close up of Otto, leaning forward, looking out the front window.

Otto: “Speak of the devil…”

P4: POV from inside the car looking out the front window. Otto is staring at the entrance to Matador’s barn/castle. Silhouette of Matador standing out in front of the barn in the rain. The front gate is blown apart. It’s raining.

Page 12:
P1: Big panel of front of Matador outside the front of his barn. He is breathing heavy but he looks like a bad ass. He has just killed off the last of the human intruders. It’s raining down on him. He has likely used up a lot of his rage and is now a lot calmer.

Matador: “What a refreshing turn of events.”

P2: Close up of the front of Matador turning his head.

Matador: “Do I hear reinforcements?”

P3: POV is from behind Matador, looking at the car driving towards him down the road. Steam comes out of Matador’s nostrils.

Matador: “Unfortunately… you are too late.”

Page 13:
P1: POV is in front of Matador who is running down a street full speed.  You can see the car behind him. Matador is fast for his size. Especially when he begins to gain momentum. Each step shakes the ground a little. You can see small indents from his previous steps and debris flying through the air.

SFX Crunch Crunch Crunch

P2: Close up of Koda pointing forward.

Koda: “Stay with him.”

P3: Close up of Otto, sweating, trying to concentrate. Both of Otto’s hands are clenched on the wheel.

Otto: “I’m trying boss, this rain is brutal.”

Page 14:
P1: Aerial view of Matador running down an alley. The car is behind him. There is also a busy intersection full of traffic up ahead.

P2: POV from behind Matador running through the middle of the busy street lowering his head and t-boning a car in his way.

SFX: Smash

P3: close up of Nomsa.

Nomsa: “Look out!”

P4: Close up of Otto concentrating and wincing and pulling back.

P5: Otto’s foot slamming the brakes.

SFX: Screeeech

P6: Sort of Aerial view of the car. Otto slams the brakes stopping just shy of the t-boned car. Matador can be seen taking off down the street and out of sight. Matador got away.

Page 15:
P1: View of Nomsa’s fist next to the window seeing Matador fade into alley.

Nomsa: “Dammit!”

P2: Picture Koda, and Otto are already out of the car. Standing up looking intently at the wrecked car. It’s raining.

P3: Picture of wrecked car. The driver side car is smashed in with horn marks torn through it. Both occupants are knocked unconscious and badly hurt. One is a Human mom around 40(black long hair, skinny, 5’7”). The other is a human child(high school age, short black hair, 5’6”).

P4: Koda and Otto run over and try to rip open the dented in doors.

P5: Nomsa steps out of the car too. She is staring in shock. Rain is coming down. POV is facing Nomsa.

Page 16:
P1: Koda and Otto are still trying to rip off the dented in doors on the car.

P2: close up of Koda trying to rip the door as he turns to Nomsa and barks at her.

Koda: “Give us a hand Nomsa!”

P3: Nomsa is looking in shock.

P4: Nomsa shakes it off with a little shiver.

P5: Nomsa runs over to help rip off the doors.

SFX: Creeeek

Page 17:
P1: Doors are ripped off on the ground.

P2: Koda and Nomsa are pulling the boy from the car. Otto is checking on the Mom.

P3: POV from behind Otto working on the Mom. She is bleeding badly and has a torn open stomach.

Otto: “They need medical attention. I don’t have the equipment in my car to handle this.”

P4: POV from the mom looking up at Otto. Otto rips part of a bandage with his teeth.

P5: Nomsa looking down at Koda checking on the boy. The boy is not bleeding. Only scratches and brusies.

Nomsa: “What are we gonna do with them?”

Koda: “Help Otto get the woman in the car.”

Page 18:
P1: Close up of Nomsa, confused

Nomsa: “Boss… and bring them back to headquarters?”

P2: Koda still checking on the boy

Koda: “The hospital is closed this time of night. Too many thieves on the street to leave it open after nightfall.” “Otto, is the woman ready to move?”

P3: Otto tying off the last of a bloody bandage.

Otto: “Ready. We gotta move quick.”

P4: Otto and Koda are picking up the human mom gently.

P5: Otto and Koda lay the mom in the back seat.

Page 19:
Close up of Nomsa standing in the street in the rain, bewildered.

Nomsa: “You can’t be serious?”

P2: Koda, Nomsa, and Otto standing in the street. POV is from behind Nomsa.

Koda: “Otto, you and Nomsa go ahead and bring that woman back to Quincy. I’ll wait here with the boy till you get back.”

P3: Otto gets in the car.

P4: Nomsa talking to Koda.

Nomsa: “Boss, you are willing to give up the location to our HQ? We don’t know these people!”

P5: Close up of Koda, his hand on the boy’s head.

Koda: “I’m not gonna let these people die. Not if we can do something about it.”

P6: Nomsa looking down at Koda.

Nomsa: “There has got to be another option. We can think of something else.”

Koda: “Nomsa, I gave you an order!”

Page 20:
P1: Koda turns but doesn’t fully look at Nomsa. Koda is sad.

Koda: “Please, Nomsa, get in the car.”

P2: Nomsa is surprised and sad with herself.

P3: Nomsa gets in the car.

P4: Otto puts the car in gear.

P5: The car drives off as Koda picks up the human. POV is from behind Koda watching them drive away.

SFX: Vrooooom
Ch. 3: Back into the ring. (2/4/20)
Chapter 3:
Page 1:
P1: Picture of the K-9 headquarters. Under a hill in the outskirts of the city. The hill is in the middle of an abandoned skyscraper.

Box: K-9 HQ

Page 2:
P1: Close-up of Chi (Half-man, Half-Chihuahua. 5’ tall 140 pounds. High strung. Light fur. Skinny, kinda toned)

Chi: “Think boss will let us keep him?”

P2: Corso (Half-man, Half Cane-Corso. All black fur. Strong. 6’1 tall 250 pounds.) is laying back on a bench, smiling, one leg hanging off the bench, one knee up on the bench. Chi is behind him pleading.

Corso: “He’s not a pet, Chi”

Chi: “I know but it gets so lonely sometimes when you guys are all off on missions. And I’d train him myself!”

P3: Close-up of Corso, smiling

Corso: “Again, not a pet, bro.”

Page 3:
P1: aerial wide panel view of the entire equipment room. Koda walks in. Chi is talking to Corso but Chi stops to look at Koda. Nomsa is taking her gear off.

Chi: “But what if we…”

SFX: gulp

P2: Close up of Corso laying on the bench in the foreground. Eyes closed. Pissed off now. Koda taking his gear off in the background at his station.

Corso: “You shouldn’t have brought them here.”

P3: close up of Chi as he turns to Corso. Chi is nervous and says something quick to Corso.

Chi: “Corso, be quiet…!”

P4: Corso sits up. Corso is angry.

Corso: “You should have called an ambulance! Matador is out running free and we are sitting here playing Doctor for two damn humans!”

Page 4:
P1: Koda continues to take his gear off.

P2: Otto walks into the room.

P3: Otto looks between Corso and Koda

P4: Otto looking at Corso

Otto: “Why in the world are you so wound up, big shot?”

Page 5:

P1: Corso pouts

P2: Corso lays back down on the bench, closing his eyes.

Corso: “They aren’t worth the fight.”

P3: Nomsa facing away from everyone in the room. POV is facing Nomsa, everyone else is behind her.

Nomsa: “Corso is right, boss. We should have called the police and let them handle it.”

P4: Corso is bolstered by Nomsa agreeing with him. Corso opens his eyes and sits up again and is more enthusiastic about what he is saying.

Corso: “We should bring them back. We can drop them at the station. If we drop them off before they wake up, we won’t have to worry about anyone knowing the location of our HQ.”

P5: Nomsa is now more enthusiastic because Corso is agreeing with her. Nomsa turns to the rest of the group.

Nomsa: “I agree, boss. We should bring them back.”

P6: a closer up view of Koda’s back as he is still facing away from the group. He is starting to get annoyed.

Corso: “I’ll go start the car!”

Page 6:
Koda turns around. Pissed off.

Koda: “Leave them to the police!? Bring them back to the street!? That woman won’t last another twenty minutes without our help.”

P2: Otto leans against the wall next to the doorway and lights a cigarette. He is looking down with his eyes closed the entire time.

Koda: “You want us to give up on her life, so you can feel more comfortable?”

P3: Nomsa is looking down, sad.

P4: Corso is still upset.

Corso: “Think about what we are doing here. We can’t have outsiders knowing where we live! It puts everyone at jeopardy!”

P5: Koda walks over to Corso. They stand face to face.

Koda: “Good question, Corso… What are we doing here?!”

Page 7:
Koda is exiting the room. Otto is leaning against the wall to the right of the door. Corso is to the left of the door, barking at Koda as Koda is out the door. Nomsa is at her station to the back right of the room near Corso. Chi is scared and at Koda’s station on the back left side of the room.

Corso: “They shouldn’t be here!”

P2: Nomsa close-up. She is sad and concerned.

Nomsa: “Otto, how are they doing?”

P3: Otto has his eyes closed, his head is down. His cigarette is in his mouth. He doesn’t say a word.

Page 8:
Koda walks into the hospital wing where the human mom is being held.

P2: Quincy (Half-human, half-poodle. 5’7” tall with all white fur, curly. It is not so puffy that it covers her eyes. Her long ears slick back. She is wearing a doctor’s coat.) pointing at Koda.

Quincy: “Scalpel”

P3: Koda handing Quincy the scalpel.

P4: The back of Quincy who appears to be operating on the mom.

P5: Koda watching on, concerned

Koda: “Will she make it?”

Page 9:
POV is from the hospital bed looking up at Quincy who is wiping the sweat from her head. Koda watching on behind Quincy and out of the panel.

Quincy: “To be honest… She could be better.” “Scissors.”

P2: Koda handing over scissors to Quincy.

P3: Quincy concentrating.

Quincy: “She is stable. For now. I’ve stopped her from losing any more blood. But…”

P4: View of the entire room. You can see the mom on the operating table. A lot of blood around. It doesn’t look good. You can see medical equipment around. Quincy and Koda can be seen in the panel.

Koda: “What is it?”

Quincy: “A lot of her body, it’s torn up from the crash.”

P5: close up of Quincy worried and turned to Koda.

Quincy: “If I can’t get her remedy, she is not going to make it.”

Page 10:
P1: close up of Koda his arms folded.

Koda: “If I get her remedy, you can help her live?”

P2: Quincy wiping sweat from her head with her elbow.

Quincy: “The remedy itself is like an accelerant for blood vessels. Lost blood is regenerated more quickly, and even damaged parts of the body are repaired.”

P3: Mom on the operating table.

Quincy: “If you get me some remedy, I can keep her alive.”

P4: A clock on the wall.

Quincy: “Only problem is that I estimate she has less than three hours. Maybe more depending on her willpower.”

Page 11:

P1: Big square panel of Otto, Nomsa, Corso, and Chi are all in the equipment room. Otto is relaxing in a reclining chair on the very left side when you enter the room, pretending to sleep. Nomsa is cleaning her pistol at her station. Corso is standing, talking to Nomsa.

Nomsa: “All I’m saying is that there is some shady *censored* going on in the United Front. Someone doesn’t like us chimeras being here.”

Corso: “Damn humans. We are always cleaning up their messes. This city would be in complete chaos if it wasn’t for us. They just can’t get over the fact that we WANT to help them.”

P2: Corso lays down on his bench. His mind wandering. He is not mad about the humans being at HQ anymore. His eyes are open.

Corso: “And now you and Otto tell me that somebody high up is pulling on the strings of police and orderin’ em around… Sounds to me like they are trying to make the rest of us chimeras look like the problem.”

P3: Same view of Corso on the bench only his eyes are closed.

Corso: “Things just keep getting’ more and more messed up.”

P4: Chi is freaking out.

Chi: “What are we gonna do? We can’t fight against the whole city.”

P5: Corso to Chi in a joking way.

Corso: “You don’t need to worry, Chi. Nobody is fighting anyone. Least of all a Chihuahua.”

P6: Otto, pretending to sleep, smiles.

Page 12:
P1: aerial view of equipment room, Koda enters the room where Otto, Nomsa, Chi, and Corso are waiting.

Nomsa: “How are they doing, boss?”

Koda: “The boy is gonna be alright. A few minor fractures and some cuts. He is still unconscious from the crash, but he should wake up soon.”

Corso: “Thank goodness. And the woman?”

P2: Koda looks down

Koda: “The woman is in critical condition… She has less than three hours to live.”

P3: Koda walks over to his equipment and starts putting on his vest.

Koda: “She needs remedy and some other supplies that we don’t have…”

P4: Koda putting his pistol and his small knife into holsters on his right and left side of his body respectfully. A few other of his weapons can be seen hanging on the wall in the background.

P5: Koda facing the group looking down. He is sad, but determined

Koda: “I have an idea of where to get it. I’m not going to force any of you to come with me. I already ask enough of you as it is. If we get caught, we will be branded an enemy of the state…”

P6: Koda looks up at the group

Koda: “I know this woman is not our responsibility. I can’t sit around and do nothing.”

Page 13:
P1: Otto, Nomsa, Corso and Chi standing next to each other. Geared up and ready to go. Chi is smiling, eyes closed, one-hand on back of head.

Otto: “You are going to need someone to drive you.”

Nomsa: “I’m with you, boss.”

Corso: “And If any fighting breaks out, you are going to need me.”

Chi: “I’ll stay here in case the boy wakes up.”

Page 14:
P1: A picture of a car speeding down a road. It is still raining. Otto, Nomsa, Corso, and Koda are in the car, but you don’t need to see them yet.

Nomsa: “Where are we headed, boss?”

Koda: “There is a good chance that we will find some remedy and some medical equipment at Matador’s barn.”

P2: Otto, Nomsa, Corso, and Koda in the car. Koda and Otto are in the front seat. Nomsa looking down at her gear.

Nomsa: “Back into the bull’s ring? Are you crazy? We could have brought more gear.”

Koda: “We saw Matador take off. He’s not going back. It’s too hot. The whole place will be under surveillance soon.”

P3: Koda looking at Otto.

Koda: “I’m guessing there is a good chance he took off before he could clean the place up.”

Otto: “That’s where we will find the remedy.”

Koda: “It’s risky, but it’s our best bet.”

P4: The car turning down a different road.

Page 15:
P1: Side view of Corso

Corso: “About this light resistance you mentioned. Who do you think we will be fighting?”

P2: Car still driving down the road to the palace. Different background.

Koda: “At the least, Matador will send some of his henchmen to collect his things before the police round everything up.”

P3: Close up of Koda

Koda: “In any case, I’m hoping that we can get there first.”

P4: Corso and Nomsa in the backseat. Corso is grinning and waving one of his pistols. Nomsa has her arms crossed and is irritated by Corso.

Corso: “Oh hell yeah. They won’t know what *censored*ing hit em!”

Nomsa: “Could you try not to celebrate? If we don’t make it back in time, that woman is going to die. Not to mention the fact that we are putting ourselves in danger too.”

Page 16:

P1: View of Corso in back seat. Corso makes a baby face and rests his head on his gun, “Kane”, as he talks to it.

Corso: “Hear that, Kane? It sounds like someone doesn’t know how to have any fun.”

P2: View of Nomsa in back seat. Nomsa barks at Corso.

Nomsa: “That has nothing to do with it! I just think you should be more serious.” “And what kind of name is Kane?”

P3: View of Corso looking bafflingly at Nomsa.

Corso: “You know, “Kane” as in “Warrior”. Plus, I’m part Cane Corso...” “Do I have to explain everything out for you?”

P4: wide view of Corso and Nomsa. Corso is sticking his tongue out at Nomsa and looking at her like she is dumb. Nomsa has a “whatever” look on her face.

Page 17:
P1: close up, Nomsa turns and talks to her own pistol.

Nomsa: “It’s ok “Ana”, don’t listen to the mean puppy.”

P2: View of Corso in back seat. Corso turns to face forward and scoffs again, this time with his eyes closed.

Corso: “You make fun of me for Kane? What the hell kind of name for a pistol is Ana?”

P3: Corso gets slapped.


P4: Close up of Nomsa, smiling. Corso looks speechless. There is a red hand print on Corso’s face.

Nomsa: “You want Anather?”

Page 18:
P1: Nomsa and Corso but heads in the back. You can see their fangs.


P2: close up of Otto leaning forward. Nomsa and Corso in the background still butting heads but cartoony version.

Otto: “We’re here.”

P3: Zoomed out view of Otto outside of the car looking up at Matador’s palace. You can see Koda, Nomsa and Corso out of the car too. All looking at the place. But you can’t see the place yet. POV is from the barn looking at the car. It’s raining.

Corso: “This is his hideout?”

Otto: “Was his hideout.”

Page 19:
Full page picture of the car parked outside of Matador’s palace. The four silhouettes of Nomsa, Otto, Corso, and Koda can be seen standing next to the car doors in the foreground. The door to Matador’s is blown in. No lights are on inside. It’s raining outside. Lightning. SFX from where lightning is striking far away.

Koda: “Corso, you take lead.”

Corso: “Ahhhh yeahhh!”

SFX: “Boooommmm”
Ch. 4 (posted below (2/11/20))
Ch. 5 (written/coming soon)
Ch. 6 (written/coming soon)
Ch. 7 (written/coming soon)

*I reserve all rights to any characters, locations, and ideas in the English Manga Manuscript (Nature of the Beast/The K-9/TBD) that was written by me, Nicholas Lovell Timmons, and posted to MangaRaiders. (1/31/2020)

I wrote this with hopes of submitting it to Viz Media Originals. I still plan on submitting, though I wanted the people at MangaRaiders to be able to read some of it first. In the event that my writing does not get noticed by Viz Media, I hope to find an artist or a publisher that does take interest in my writing. Any artists interested in collaborating with me, feel free to message me directly. I am interested in potentially turning this (among other ideas) into a web comic.

Please do not reply with any suggestions or ideas unless grammatical or regarding format.
Do feel free to let me know what you think.
I will continue to update with the more interest I get.

Thank you for taking the time to read my work. I hope you enjoy it.
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ch 3 added

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Ch. 4: J and G (2/11/20)
Chapter 4:
Page 1:
Corso, Koda, Nomsa, and Otto all next to each other. Corso, in front, holding a pistol and a knife: on top of the hand holding a knife, he is holding a pistol. The other three are only holding pistols, pointed down and ready to be used with both hands.

Page 2:
Close-up of Corso. Looking intense and excited.

Corso: “Man, I love having night vision.”

P2: Close-up of Otto. He is astonished at all the damage and blood.

Otto: “My god.”

P3: Aerial view of Corso, Otto, Nomsa, and Koda standing next to the crater Matador left in the palace from his hoof stomp. It’s massive, they are all on just one side of it. There is blood all around and bullet casings and clothes and some body parts.

Page 3:
Nomsa looking at Otto confused. Otto looking around.

Nomsa: “Where are the bodies?”

Otto: “Medical staff could have made it here first. Cleaned up the bodies.”

P2: Corso kicking a piece of skull (a jawbone).

Corso: “Not all of them.”

P3: Picture of an unknown boot behind the throne in the foreground. The four dogs can be seen in the background. They are far away and don’t notice boot.

SFX: “tap”

Page 4:
Wide view of all four pairs of ears perking up.

P2: Nomsa turning to Koda concerned. Koda is staring off towards where the sounds came from.

Nomsa: “Boss.”

Koda: “I heard it.”

P3: View of Corso’s back, facing the throne.

Corso: “Whatever it was…”

P4: Corso turning back to the group.

Corso: “It’s gone now.”

P5: Same view from behind corner, but no boot. Group is in the background.

Koda: “Stay alert. We aren’t alone.”

Page 5:
Wide view, slightly aerial, of the four “dogs” moving further down the entrance hall, each checking different direction. They are a little over halfway to the throne. They are in a V shape with Corso out front.

P2: Close up of Corso. He is sweaty and nervous. He is close to the throne.

P3: Corso turns around behind the throne and points his gun.

P4: First person view of behind throne. There is a bit of a gap and then stairs that lead to more darkness.

P5: View of Corso, slightly confused but sighs, relieved.

P6: Same view of Corso but two bullets hit the wall next to him. Corso ducks his head and closes his eyes, clenching up from the surprise. You can see the ricochet of the bullets.

SFX: “Bang Ping” “Bang Ping”

Page 6:
Nomsa pushes Otto as more bullets fly by.

Nomsa: “Watch out.”

P2: Corso is behind the throne now, peeking towards the entrance. Koda and Otto are pinned behind pillars near the throne. Silhouette of human men and women in the entrance.

P3: A few human men and women are in the entrance holding pistols and dressed in rags. They look like thieves. Two fire shots.

SFX: “Bang Bang”

P4: Out steps Calico (Half-human, half-calico cat, he is 6’2” 180 lbs, with white, orange, and black fur. He is wearing a trench coat and has on a bulletproof vest and military grade pants. He is skinny but strong. Not as built as a dog but toned) he is smiling from cheek to cheek.

Calico: “Would you look what the cat dragged in?”

Page 7:
Slight aerial view. The human child (Jameson/Jay/J) is in a small bedroom back at K-9 HQ. He is sleeping.

P2: Close up of Jameson (16 or 17 years old. Black hair, athletic build. 5’ 7”) sleeping. He is having a bad dream.

P3: In dream, he is holding hands with his mom (Upper 30’s, long black hair). She is smiling at him. She has one hand on the steering wheel. POV is from Jameson looking at his mom. They are parked at a stoplight.

P4: In dream, you can see a big dark silhouette of Matador just about to slam into the car.

P5: In dream, the mom turns in front of Jameson to shield him.

Mom: “Jameson!”

Page 8:
Jameson sits up, breathing heavy, sweating.

P2: Jameson grabs his head in pain. He has a massive headache.

Jameson: “Ahhh”

P3: Wide view of the room Jameson is in. Jameson is looking around.

Jameson: *Where am I?

P4: View from behind Jameson. To his right, Chi is peeking his head around the corner.

P5: Jameson with a blank face.

Page 9:
Chi steps into the middle of the doorway. Chi is waving and smiling

Chi: “Hi! My name is Chi!”

P2: close up of Jameson who doesn’t say anything

Jameson: “Uhhhh…”

P3: Chi keeps waving. Feels awkward. Starts to have a more nervous smile.

P4: Chi gets really close to Jameson. Chi is excited. Jameson is trying to pull back from Chi.

Chi: “Do you ever play games or anything? I know this fun one. Here, hold out your hands”

P5: Chi is holding his hands out in front of Jameson. He has hands/paws.

Chi: “You each start with five fingers, and you want to get the other players fingers down to 0”

P6: Chi looking confused now. Thinking.

Chi: “Or was it ten fingers? I swear I know this one.”

P7: Chi looking nervous like he might have messed up his first impression.

Chi: “Over it. Point is… Doesn’t matter. You ever play rock paper scissors?”

Page 10:
Jameson looks at Chi unable to speak and terrified.

P2: Chi’s face goes worried and mimics Jameson’s

P3: Chi pacing around.

Chi: “Oh no! I scared him! I for sure scared him. Boss is going to kill me!”

P4: Chi still pacing, grabs both his ears and pulls.

Chi: “I messed up bad. I messed up real bad!”

Page 11:
Gianna, a human girl (18 or 19, maybe a little older than Jameson, but not by much) with short blonde hair and glasses wearing jeans and a long black long sleeve shirt, walks in and looks from the boy to Chi. Gianna is blank faced as she looks at the two.

Chi: “Oh no oh no oh no oh no what am I going to do! I have to think of a better game!”

P2: close up Chi. He pauses and realizes something.

P3: aerial close up of Chi wailing up into the air.

Chi: “I don’t know any other games!”

Page 12:
wide view, Gianna moves closer to Chi and puts a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

Gianna: “Relax Chi, he clearly doesn’t know what’s going on and wants to know where he is.”

P2: wide view of Gianna and Chi. Gianna is facing forward smiling at Jameson, hands behind her back. Chi closes his eyes, looks down, defeated

Gianna: “Hey, I’m Gianna. What’s your name?”

P3: Jameson is sitting up in the bed. A lot more relaxed but still nervous. He is looking up at the two.

Jameson: “My name is Jameson.”

P4: Jameson sits up tall. Jameson is on high alert. His body tense. His eyes go wide.

Jameson: “Have you seen my mom?! I was with her. We got in a crash!”

P5: Close up of Gianna. She has a somewhat surprised look on her face, not sure what to say.

Gianna: “She is in a room down the hall. But listen…”

P6: Jameson jumps out of the bed, zooming by Gianna and Chi. Gianna and Chi’s clothes and hair raise up from the burst of air.

SFX: Zoom

Gianna: “Woah”

Page 13:
Jameson is in a long hallway looking at all the doorways. There is one doorway with a light on. POV is down the hall facing Jameson.

P2: Jameson in the doorway of the room his Mom is in. There is a terrified look on his face.

Jameson: “Mom?!”

P3: Jameson’s mom is asleep on a hospital bed. She is attached to a heart monitor and bandaged up. Quincy is standing next to her and turns to notice Jameson.

Quincy: “Oh, you are awake. My name is Quincy.”

P4: Close up of Jameson. His face is really scared.

Jameson: “Mom…?”

P5: POV is from behind Jameson, you can see Jameson’s back. Quincy is standing in front of Jameson.  Quincy is trying to act calm and smile, her hands are out in front of her.

Quincy: “You must have so many questions. If you want to sit down, there is a lot I need to explain to you.”

Jameson: “What are you doing to my mom?”

Page 14:
Jameson runs by Quincy. Panel shows Quincy standing in the same spot, startled. Jameson is behind her looking down at his mom on the bed.

Jameson: “Mom, its me!”

P2: close up of the mom laying on the bed asleep. Jameson’s hands are near her on the bed.

Jameson: “Mom, wake up!”

P3: close up of Quincy’s face

Quincy: “Your mom is in a coma.”

P4: Jameson is facing Quincy, but his head is down and he is crying.

Quincy: “I can explain everything.”

P5: Jameson runs out the door. Quincy is standing behind him in the panel.

Quincy: “Wait! Come back!”

Page 15:
Jameson runs into Gianna.

SFX: Thud

P2: Gianna and Jameson are on the ground. Gianna’s glasses are on the ground.

P3: Jameson takes off down the hall.

P4: Chi grabs Gianna’s glasses and holds out a hand to help Gianna up.

Chi: “Are you alright?”

P5: Gianna grabs Chi’s hand and is pissed off.

Gianna: “What the hell is his problem?”

P6: Quincy is standing in the door looking at Gianna and Chi. Gianna is cleaning her glasses with her shirt.

Quincy: “Chi, why don’t you go find the boy. We need to talk to him.”

Gianna: “Try not to freak him out this time.”

Page 16:
Quincy and Gianna are standing in the room with the mom. The entryway can be seen in between them. Chi is heard calling from the hallway. Gianna and Quincy are both looking in the direction of the doorway.

Chi: “Hey, Kid! I need to talk to you! I love hide and seek!”

P2: Quincy lets out a sigh, Gianna is looking up at Quincy.

Gianna: “Is everything ok, Quincy?”

P3: close up of Quincy. She is sad.

Quincy: “This is all wrong...”

P4: Quincy looking over at the mom on the bed.

Quincy: “these humans should have never been caught up in our business.”

Page 17:
close up of Gianna walking over to the bed.

Gianna: “The others will be back shortly. They will make sure this turns out right.”

P2: Quincy walks over to Gianna.

Quincy: “The United Front isn’t going to be happy. Members of the United Front Police Force were killed. They are going to look for someone to blame.”

P3: Jameson is sitting next to the entrance to the room, listening in on the conversation. Jameson’s face is in his knees.

Gianna: “But Matador was the one who did it! He was the one who killed all those people!”

Quincy: “That is not the way everyone sees it. Some people believe that chimeras are the reason the world has become so dangerous.”

P4: closer view of Gianna and Quincy

Gianna: “What will happen if the humans blame us for something we didn’t do?”

Quincy: “I’m not sure… Our only focus should be keeping this woman alive. And when the time comes, we will trust Koda will know what to do.”

Page 18:
Chi looks into one of the rooms/the lobby

Chi: “Hey Kid?”

P2: Chi looks into another one of the rooms/the armory

Chi: “Kid?”

P3: Chi looks into another one of the rooms/the training room.

Chi: “Kid, you in here?”

P4: Chi is walking through the hall. Scratching the back of his head. Chi is tired from looking and the stress.

Chi: *This kid is really good at hide and seek. I can’t hear him or sense him. This place is too dirty for me to sniff him out. And my nose isn’t the greatest to begin with.

P5: Small panel in bottom left. Close up of Chi’s face. Chi is surprised.

Chi: *Kid?

Page 19:
Jameson is sitting with his head in his knees in the hallway.

P2: Close up of Chi waving to him, excited.

Chi: “Hey kid! I found you!”

P3: wide view close up of Quincy and Gianna. They both turn their heads in surprise as they realize Jameson is right outside the door.

P4: Chi talking to Jameson.

Chi: “Is it ok if I hide next!? I got some great hiding spots I’ve been saving up. Plus, your spot wasn’t very good.”

P5: Gianna and Quincy are now in the doorway looking out. Chi, Jameson, Gianna and Quincy can all be seen in this shot.

Gianna: “How long have you been sitting there!?”

Quincy: *I didn’t hear Jameson approach at all. My ears aren't as good as Corso's, but I still should have heard something.

Page 20:
Close up of Quincy

Quincy: “Gianna, Chi, could you give us a minute?”

P2: Gianna looks up, concerned at Quincy. Chi smiling at Quincy

Gianna: “Alright.”

Chi: “Sure thing!”

P4: Gianna walking down the hallway looking annoyed. Chi is behind her.

Chi: “Hey Gianna, want to play a game? We can play hide and seek!”

P5: Gianna and Chi further down the hallway. Gianna still looks annoyed. Chi is trying to whisper something to Gianna but says it kind of loud.

Chi: “Between you and me, the kid wasn’t very good. I got some great spots saved up.”

P6: Close up of Gianna. She has an idea.

Page 21:
Gianna turns and starts talking to Chi very enthusiastically.

Gianna: “You know what? Let’s play hide and seek! You hide first, ok?”

Chi: “I’m going to hide so good! You will never be able to find me!”

P2: Gianna has a menacing look on her face. This is her inner thinking.

Gianna: *That’s the point


P3: Back to reality, Gianna smiling at Chi.

Gianna: “Ok, I’ll count to twenty.”

P4: Gianna closes her eyes but is peeking through one eye. Chi starts to run away.

Gianna: “One… Two... Three...”

P5: Quincy and Jameson. Quincy is smiling trying to cheer up Jameson. Jameson is still on the ground with his head in his knees.

Quincy: “Chi really is harmless. He is a great help. He just gets bored quickly and restless when the rest of the team is out. I thank you for putting up with him.”

Page 22:
Jameson mumbles something and Quincy looks quizzically at Jameson.

SFX: mumble

Quincy: “Huh?”

P2: Jameson is crying up at Quincy. Quincy is still looking startled at Jameson.

Jameson: “Is my mom going to be ok!?”

P3: Quincy gets down and hugs Jameson. You can see Jameson’s head buried in Quincy’s shoulder.

Quincy: “It’s gonna be ok.” *You poor thing. I’ll explain everything
Chapter 5 (written/coming soon)
Chapter 6 (written/coming soon)
Chapter 7 (written/coming soon)

I had hoped to keep all of the chapters near the top. I exceeded the character limit for the first post. Hopefully I will be able to post 3 chapters per post from now on. Not all at the same time of course.

Please let me know if you are reading this.
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