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Author Topic: Manga Art needed for Tekkaman Blade Fan fic  (Read 129 times)

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Manga Art needed for Tekkaman Blade Fan fic
« on: February 01, 2020, 09:55:49 AM »

I feel that I wrote a great fan fic for Tekkaman Blade called Tekkaman Blade 3 : Emerald Crystal Stars.  I am searching for someone who can make manga art for it...  Here is the story:  What do you think?

Emerald Crystal Stars
Matthew Augustine Berenguer

Chapter 1:The Awakening

Battlefield Self
Worn out at war
Trying to heal
Haunted Illusions and delusions
Unable to cry
Unable to laugh
Drugs numb
Demons freeze
Caught in a cocoon
Paranoid Freedom into hell
Feeling isolated
My friends gone
My safety gone
Self turned upside down
The world laughs at me
Forced to rewire...
Lost at Sea
Now more room for whats left
No need to brood or cry
For I am Happy

D Boy has a golden beard, black long hair, a downward scar on his left eye, black sunglasses, and is in a deep forest within Franklin Park.  There are large trees, small trees, bushes, and flowers everywhere.  ­It is truly a beautiful Eden lookalike.  Yumi Francois has gold long hair and is walking with D Boy and is wearing a pink skirt and a white tang top.  It is raining and his green jogs and green t shirt is soaking wet.  D Boy runs a few yards away from Yumi and he looks up to the heavens and starts to scream.

“Strike me Heavens!  Strike me!  Strike me Heavens!  Strike me!”

“Are you okay D?”  She notices that it begins to thunder and lightning.  Trees nearby are struck and in flames.

D Boy stretches out both his arms and continues to scream, ““Strike me Heavens!  Strike me!  Strike me Heavens!  Strike me!”

All of a sudden, the clouds above D Boy open up and a big bolt of lightning comes striking down onto him.  He screams, “YES!”  His clothes rips off him and his shoes explode.  He blacks out and lays lifeless and naked on a large puddle of water by the dirt road with wet grass caressing him and rain pouring down on him.

Yumi with an umbrella runs up to D Boy, holding her umbrella over him and yells, “D! D! Are you okay?  Oh my God, are you okay?”  Yumi takes out a cell phone and dials 911.  “Please send someone quick to Franklin Park, my friend was struck by lightning!  Please send help!  D!  D!  Hang on!  Help is coming!  Hang on D!  Hang on!”


They are in a hospital.  The emergency room is packed with sick people.  Some are yelling, “More Water, I need more Water!”  Others are screaming in pain and others are crying.  A nurse is administering a hypo spray to a patient who is not conscious or breathing.  The emergency room is a real zoo.

The Doctor examines his tricorder and walks up to Yumi and says, “He was not adversely hurt by the strike.  His MRI shows no damage to his brain or body.  Its pretty cool, only time will tell.  The lightning bolt entered his shoulder and went out of his finger tips.  It gave him a pretty cool scar as you can see.”

“Thank you Doctor.  D!  D!  Are you okay?”

“I feel a bit tired and mentally exhausted.”

“What were you thinking?!  Strike me heavens?  Strike me?”

“I have been preparing for this...”

“I don't want to hear it!  You sounded pretty sick to me!  What would Aki say?”

Aki and David enter and Aki said, “Is D Boy alright?”  David interjects, “You had us worried Blade.  I guess only you could have everything happen to you.  First Radam, now being struck with a Hail Mary!  You are quite the Dangerous Boy, you know.”

“I feel a little dizzy but aside from that I feel fine...”  D Boy stands up and Yumi holds his shoulder and they slowly leave the hospital room.


D Boy is wearing a white geki with a smiling face as his back logo and he is alone in a forest not too far from Space Knight Command Center.

D Boy says to himself.  “I can feel the cosmos coursing through my finger tips...  This is different from Radam Tekkaman powers.”

He forms a small air ball with his hands and says, “Ha Du Ha Du Ha Du!”  All of a sudden energy starts to form in his hands and he says, “No No No No No!”  And it disappears.  All at once a bear appears and starts growling. 

“Super! Surge Fist!”  A blue ball of psychic energy bursts out of his hands and knocks the bear unconscious.  He slowly takes a few steps back and walks toward to the Space Knight Command Center.


David and Natasha are with D Boy in the laboratory in Space Knights Command Center.

D Boy begins “David, Natasha the universe flows out through my finger tips.  In order to access this power you must subject yourselves to the power of electricity from an energy orb.”

He motions David to place his palm of his hand on the energy orb coming from the laboratory's scientific night lamp.  He does and is immediately knocked unconscious with all his hair on his head fried with potent electricity.  He wakes up and D Boy lifts him up.

David answers, “I feel it.”

“Show me...”  D Boy lifts his two arms up and hops back and forth ready to strike.

David screams, “TEKNO UPPERCUT!”  He jumps with an electrical uppercut. 

D Boy screams, “Super! Surge Fist!”  A large ball of energy radiates from his fists and knocks David down.

“Good David.  You are making progress.  Now we will do the same exercise with Natasha.”

Natasha does the same exercise with electricity, forming a particle beam, and she immediately says, “TEKNO PHASE FIELD!”

D Boy holds both hands out and absorbs the blast.  He then says, “Good Natasha, you made that streak all by yourself.  You can make different energy blasts depending on the creation of depth to single or multiple sounds of chanting.  Too much or not too much?”

Natasha and David reply, “Way too much.”

Nastasha says, “I just used my imagination and linked a word with it like the Tekno Phase Field.  Its complicated.”

D Boy answers, “I just emulate Ryu from Street Fighter.”



The space knights get into the Blue Earth and eject into space.  David, Natasha, Dead and Yumi join D Boy and Aki.  Dead has long green hair, Aki has long blue hair, David has long yellow hair, and Natasha has long red hair.


One Radam Tekkaman rips through two dozen Earth Sol Tekkaman with a swarm of spidercrabs.  The last major cruiser sends out a distress beacon and Blue Earth approaches.  The Radam's space fleet is called battle group seven, the ambassador fleet with their flagship Enceladus II being their command ship and with Tyrant being their ship's AI.  The Radam use their advanced technology to enslave other sentient species and make them work for the themselves.  They failed when trying to capture Earth in their failed invasion attempts in the past with D Boy and the Space Knights as adversaries.  Tyrant has a plan this time.

Tyrant laments, “Soon all will bow down to us!  Not even Encephalus will be able to stop us this time.  I stole Enceladus II from him, he is useless and confined to a particle beam prison inside our ship's stellar core.  Nothing can stop us!”

D Boy announces to the group, “David, Natasha do what you have learned in human form into Tekkaman form and we may have a chance.” 

Encephalus links into D Boy’s mind, “Takaya!  Takaya!  I need your help Tekkaman Blade.  I am being held captive aboard my ship, Enceladus II which is now being controlled by the Radam AI Tyrant.  Please!  Rescue me!  You have four Emerald Crystal Stars located in your solar system, one on the Moon, Venus, Mars, and Europa.  If you activate it, you can make more of your Tekkamen into Blastor Tekkamen.  Time is running out.  You see, the reason why we came here is to acquire these crystals but I gave Tyrant wrong data.  I said they are all located on Earth!  I can’t keep resisting him, eventually I’ll break and then Tyrant will have all the data he needs from me.”  ~~  Tyrant interjects, “We can’t have you spreading your psychobabble into the cosmos can we now, Encephalus!!!”  ~~  Encephalus begins to pant, “Hurry!!!  HURRY D BOY!!  HURRY!!”

“Lets kick some ass David!”  Dead grabs his tekno knife crystal and D Boy interjects, “Hold it Dead, Let David and Natasha handle this one.  If they need help, let’s wait and see.  We will determine then.”

Dead looks plainly at D Boy, “What’s the matter D Boy?”

David turns into Tekkaman Zommer and Natasha turns into Tekkaman Vesnar.  They rip through all the spider crabs.

“Dead, I linked with a Radam AI and he tells me they have him as some good POW AI known as Encephalus, aboard their flagship vessel, Enceladus II, and that they came to Sol Terra 3 or Earth this time to round up four Emerald Crystal Stars.  The thing is they don’t know where they are but I do!…  We need to set up a plan to free Encephalus from the Radam.  Please, keep this to yourself for now...”

Tekkaman Zommer and Vesnar help Bravado Team's cruiser escape and now square off against the Radam Tekkaman.

“Who are you?”

“TEKKAMAN INSANITY!”  Tekkaman Insanity is a Blue Black Cybernetic War Lord with a large samurai sword and a large shield. 

He screams, “Ba Gu Ba Gu Ba Gu BA GU!!!”  A large beam of light rips through Vesnar and Zommer and they are knocked unconscious. 

“Let me help D Boy!  Let me help!”  Dead turns to D Boy with his Knife Crystal drawn.


Tekkaman Insanity retreats.

“Doing that powerful attack wasted a lot of his manna power and he needs to recharge.  Don't worry, Dead.  We can pick them up now.  They were successful.”  D Boy smiles and tells Yumi, “You have this power too.”

“I do?”

“Yes.  You do.”

Chapter 2:The Beginning of a Nightmare

Fractured imagery
Regretting mistakes
Silence is useless
Gaining weight,
Less stable metabolically
I, a different person
Cursed and ruined
Each relapse and rebirth, less
Each time, at square one
My preparation, not enough
Must preserve my faith
Can’t keep beating myself up
For what happened in my life

D Boy, Dead, and Yumi are in Franklin Park sitting in lotus positions.  They are swaying their hands left and right mimicing the waves of the ocean. 

In unison they chant, “Ocean Ocean Settle Settle Calm Calm.  Ocean Ocean Settle Settle Calm Calm.  Ocean Ocean Settle Settle Calm Calm.”

Tekkaman Insanity approaches the Orbital Ring and Earth undetected. 

“Become one with us!”  Tekkaman Insanity raises his shield and sword and then everyone on Earth pause and instantly start shouting, “Hail Insanity!  Hail Insanity!”  Everyone is following the The Radam. 

“We've won!  Finally we've won!”  Tekkaman Insanity is laughing, “Not even their God can save them now!”

Many people break free and there is fighting and chaos everywhere.  Those predisposed to evil became more evil and those predisposed to good became more good.

“This ain't working!  They all should bow down to me!  Take over Space Knight Headquarters!”

Chief Aki of the Space Knights looks up to the orbital ring and says the following, “I am serving you now, Insanity!  Bold move, on my way!  Kill D Boy, Dead End, and Yumi Francois.”

Aki grabs her breasts, “Where is my lover?”

David runs in, “Here I am Fair Lady.  That D Boy is a violent psychopath!  He should never have had a taste of you!”

Aki smiles, “Find them and destroy them!”

“Yes Aki beloved!  Also take Hayato, Goliate and Natasha with you!”

Hayato is a slimly built teenager.  He has brown hair, brown eyes and is always wearing a military uniform similar to those of the armed forces.  Hayato yells, “Can I have Yumi for myself if we do away with D Boy and Dead End?”

Aki strokes her legs, “Yes but control yourself there are many more beautiful women out there like myself.  Come, lie down with me.  I will teach you how to be a man.”

Hayato's face turns red, “Yes Ma'dam!”


D Boy, Dead and Yumi are walking wearing baseball caps, baggie jogs, and long sweaters.  The colors of their clothes is black and dark brown.  No one notices them.

“I can't believe we are not even being spotted.”  Yumi looks at D Boy and Dead.

Dead says, “No one will ever think of us as wanted criminals.  We can walk freely and at peace.  I can hear David's thoughts.  He has turned to the dark side along with everyone else in Space Knight Command Center.  Even Honda is doing their bidding.  We can't go back home.  Never.”

D Boy answers Dead, “This Tekkaman Insanity is truly beyond dangerous.  We must find him and put an end to him in order to free humanity from their enslavement to the The Radam.”

“Where should we go D Boy?”  Yumi is feeling very scared and she is sweating a lot.  The temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  “Can I take this hot clothes off?”  Yumi grabs her collar and stretches it out to get more breeze in.

“We can't.  They will spot us and it will be all over for us.”  D Boy sweating smiles and leads Dead and Yumi to an apartment.  “Now we can take the sweaters off.” 

“Ohh Boy Finally!”  Yumi throws off her sweat drenched sweater.

“Thank the Heavens!”  Dead smiles and laughs, grabbing his tek dagger crystal and his rosary beads around his neck.

“Lets eat!”  Yumi throws out sandwiches in the refrigerator.  They chow down.


Hayato and David start walking toward the fugitive's hideout singing, “A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z.  Now I know my ABCs next time won't you sing with me!  I love doing evil!  I am corrupt as hell!  I want to kill the righteous! I know I'm crazy!”

Hayato knocks on the door. 

“Who is it?”  Yumi says with a muffled voice.

“Its me Hayato!  Yumi, we escaped from Space Knight Command Center, Aki has gone crazy!  She wants you dead!”

Yumi opens the door and Hayato punches Yumi and screams to David, “Let's get 'em!”

David screams, “TEKNO UPPERCUT!”  He comes with an empty uppercut, missing D Boy, and almost losing his balance.

D Boy screams, “TEKNO SURGE FIST!”  He knocks David out cold and screams again, “TEKNO SURGE FIST!”  Hayato also drops to the ground. 

D Boy motions to Dead and Yumi, “Let's get the hell out of here!”  They put their sweaters back on and run the hell away.

“How did they find us?”  Yumi asks with a trembling voice.

“Who knows?”  D Boy answers.

“We need to get to the Blue Earth.”  Dead explains, “Then take the battle to Tekkaman Insanity and....”

Yumi interrupts, “Space Knight Command Center is a fortress, how can we get to the Blue Earth?”

“MAGIC.”  D Boy says with confidence.

“MAGIC?  What MAGIC?”  Yumi sounds frustrated.

“Tekkaman MAGIC!” Dead interjects.

D Boy says calmly, “We need new allies and a new team.  This will take time.  Lets relax in the subway station in Manhattan.  No one will know what we are talking about.  We look just like everyone else.  What we need is a skilled pilot”

Two cops approach them and say, “You are dressed very warmly here.  Are you okay?  Do you need to go to a hospital?”

Yumi answers, “no officer we are fine.  We are doing intense training and trying to lose weight by sweating a lot.  Thanks though, you know, Cops Are the Peace Makers of the Galaxy.  You are an honest hero.”

“Thanks.”  The two officers walk away and arrest a teenager jumping the turnstile. 

The teen has brown crew cut hair and is wearing black gym shorts and a black skull t shirt.  He says, “Wait a sec officer.  I asked the teller to let me on because I did not have any money to get to my doctor appointment.  I asked to speak to a police officer and he said there were none here.  So I told them, 'I am going to jump the turnstile.'  The teller said, 'go ahead.'”

The officer said, “Don't you have a job to pay for your toll?” 

The teen said, “I'm a pilot but lost my job because I was looking at porn at work.  Geez everyone does it, right?  I say right?  We are all sex magnets, right?  Humans are the only species I know of that uses sex not just for procreation but also for pleasure and soul healing and relieving of pent up stress.  Am I right?  Am I right?”

One of the officers said, “We will let you go this time but please don't do this again.  Next time we will arrest you even if it is for righteous reasons...” 

“Okay thanks officer!”  The teen walks up to Yumi, Dead, and D Boy and says, “you three are from a hell circus or something.”

“Look who's talking!  Hentai teenage criminal! You pervert!  All you perverts are the same!  Sex!  Sex! Sex!  That's all you think of!  Who should I bang next!”  Yumi frowns, pointing her finger at the teen.

“I have a name, its Awake!”

“Then I must be Asleep!”  Yumi is red with anger and annoyance.

“Do you want to work with us?”  D Boy interjects.

“What?”  Awake has shock written all over his face.

“Do you want to work with us?”

“Sure, what do you guys do?”

“We are ex-Space Knights and we need to commandeer the Blue Earth Space Craft to save humanity from Tekkaman Insanity.”

“I'm in!  But first I have to go to my endocrinologist's appointment.”

Chapter 3:A Penny for Your Troubles

Infection and erosion within Holy pillar
Foundations weakening under dark angel’s attack
Utter Chaos everywhere
Where are my Helper T Cells, the harbingers of good?
Majestic and Ancient the battlefield is…
Nothingness of nothingness, the enormity of Nightmares and elation mixed
Domestic and foreign demons reign Dead, according to me, everyone wants...
Taunts and cheers enticing insane homicides and killing
My true self is pure from an infinitely deep pit
My chaotic half ravaging for control
Even though living a life of honor and truth
Seen as a villain by the hordes, the foolish, and the common
Physically, Spiritually, Virtually, Psychologically exhausted
“Son, it does not exist.”
Transcendance of man
We must all strive to
Become the become of the become the become.

D Boy, Yumi, Dead, and Awake exit the 6 train on 125th Street in New York City and see an elderly woman panhandler who is likely homeless.  Her clothes are dirty and she has long white grey hair.  Her eyes are teal and her figure is very weathered.  She has all her white teeth and she has a smile on her face.

D Boy gives her a carrot juice elixir and says, “I know it might seem impossible and the future might seem bleak but there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I hope so too.”  The old lady smiles.

“Do you want to join my team?”


“My name is D Boy, she is Yumi, he is Dead, and he is Awake. What is your name?”


“Come along then.”  D Boy motions Agatha to join the group as they leave 125th Street subway station.

Dead whispers to D Boy, “Are we becoming the salvation army or something?  We seem to be picking up every vagrant that walks these subways.”


“We need $150 to stay at this hotel.”

“We only have $120 dollars.”  Yumi looks dreary.  “That is only one bedroom for 5 people.”

“I can help.”  Agatha walks to a corner and starts saying, “Excuse me Sir, do you have a dollar so I can get something to eat?”

“Do I have a dollar, no I only have a $50 bill.  Here you can have it.  I got plenty of money at home.”

“Thank You Sir.  May God Bless you and may you have happiness and good health to you!”

“Take care Miss.”

“Here you have it D Boy and the bunch.”

“Thanks Agatha.”  D Boy motions the group to walk into the hotel.  He pays for the room and everyone piles in.  “Okay, Agatha and Yumi get the bed, Awake, Myself, and Dead get the floor. 

“Great.”  Awake stretches and lies down left of the bed on the carpeted floor.

“Good Night! And insane dreams!”  Dead lies down right of the bed on the carpeted floor. 

“Fabulous accommodations...” Awake lays on the left side of the bed.

“Let's rest.”  D Boy sits on the chair, leans back and falls asleep as well.

D Boy has a nightmare:

I I I can't
I I I can't
Its too much way too much



“D Boy are you alright?” Yumi places her hand above D Boy's sweaty forehead.  “You were screaming in your sleep.”

“I'm alright.”

“Do you want to sleep on the bed?  Me and Agatha can sleep on the chair and floor.  You woke all of us up and were very worried about you.”

“I just have the multiverse on my shoulders.”

“Maybe we can ask for some food since we are all awake anyway.”  Agatha grabs Awake and Dead and drag them out of the room.

“You really scare me sometimes Dream, oh I mean D Boy.”  Yumi smiles and holds D Boy's hand.

“You can call me Blade, my Tekkaman name.”  D Boy folds his arms and looks outside into the empty streets. 

“I would rather call you Dream.”  Yumi smiles and places her hands on D Boy's shoulders.  “Dream, do you miss Aki?”

“She has turned evil.  I must destroy her.  Everyone who is close to me turns evil and I must kill them to protect humanity.”

“I am close to you and I am not evil.  You saved me.  Maybe you can save Aki and the others too.”

“I doubt it.”

“Well how are you going to fix anything with that bad attitude of yours.”

“I don't have the foggiest idea.”

“Now that's better.  You still have a sense of humor at least.”

“Sense of humor?  With so much chaos happening?  I'm glad I did not have a heart attack or a seizure.”

Yumi laughs and D Boy smiles. 

“Dream, Do you think life will ever be the same?”

“Can't live in the past.  Must live in the present moment.  Mania and Depression are illusions.  Must stay centered and transform your negative energy into positive energy.  Happiness is not circumstance, its perspective.”

“Dream, your really deep you know.”

“That's what all the fine ladies say.”

“Are you calling me a fine lady, Dream?”

“I'll leave that to your imagination. Just make sure your imagination does not run away with you.”

“I am the master of my own mind, Dream.”

“So you say.”

“You know, we are all alone and Can I, Can I, kiss you.”

“Are you sure?  This is a big step.  Are you really sure you want to.  I am a pretty frustrated guy.”

Yumi comes really close to D Boy.  BAM!  The door opens and everyone is bringing in food and drinks.

“Missed us Dangerous Boy?”  Dead smiles and gives D Boy a gyro and Yumi a chicken sandwich.

Agatha eats a beef patty and Awake eats a hamburger.  Dead eats a Veggie Burger.  They all rejoice and pig out.  They are all drinking bottled water.

“Let's see what's on the TV.”  Awake grabs the remote and puts on the morning news.

Nothing on the news talks about Tekkaman Insanity or The Radam, or anything.  Its like nothing happened.  Its like business as usual.  They are all shocked. 

“What's the plan Dangerous?”  Dead looks at D Boy. 

“We need to sneak into Space Knight Command Center and get the Blue Earth or take the orbital ring elevator and steal a starship docked on the orbital ring.”

Awake interrupts, “I think taking the elevator is a lot easier than breaking into Space Knight Command Center.  What happens after we steal a starship?”

“We take the battle to Insanity.  We kill Insanity and the Radam fleet, battle group seven.  We also destroy their evil AI known as Tyrant.  We also need to stop by the Moon, Venus, Mars, and Europa to gather more Intel and power.  We need to transform Dead and Yumi into stronger Tekkaman and the only way to do that is for me to unite with the Crystal Emerald Stars.  There is one on Venus, one on Mars, and one on Europa.  Earth's one is on the Moon.  With that knowledge I can design a Tekset chamber to give Dead and Yumi more power as Tekkamen. 

“That is a lot to digest literally.”  Dead looks at the others and finishes swallowing his veggie burger whole. 

“Its doable. When were done here we will head for the orbital ring.”

Chapter 4:Getting to the Moon

Insane loopings
Flowers Blossom in the Dark
Indestructible energy
Passions underwhelming
Being Pulled in thousands of directions
The Multiverse presses down on me
Confused and lost
Life is a labyrinth
you never know where you are going to start or finish
There is always a reason and a purpose
Unlock the mysteries of the cosmos
Unlock and control your inner demons
Sometimes you have to let the darkness out
Who are the super introverted extroverts?
The answers are hidden in plain sight
Unlock the void of your soul
Too beautiful to let get wasted
Time to lock and load

Dead spots the elevator and motions D Boy, Awake, Yumi, and Agatha to follow.

D Boy is following right behind Yumi into the Orbital Ring Elevator.

“Why do you keep following me!  You piss me off!”  Yumi is very angry for some reason.

D Boy smiles, “You are very nice when your angry”

Yumi pauses, thinks and then yells, “Old F***!!!”

The elevator officers ask the group to give identification before proceeding.

D Boy answers, “I'm Tekkaman Blade and I need to go up to the Orbital Ring with my team.

The elevator officer agrees and lets them board.  It takes two to three hours to get up to the ring.  It is a very uneventful trip. No windows.  When they reach the top, they see Natasha waiting for them.

Natasha screams, “Tekkaman Vesna!”  Her clothes rips off and she transforms herself into a robotic Tekkaman.  She then screams, “TEKNO BLASTERS!”

D Boy dodges the strike and tells the others, “GET INTO COVER NOW!  I WILL HANDLE VESNAR!”

Dead grabs Agatha out the way and Awake grabs Yumi.  D Boy takes out his emerald crystal and transforms into Tekkaman Blade.



Tekkaman Vesnar is knocked down.  “You can't beat me! NO ONE CAN!”

“BESATHIRROUND KICK!”  Blade performs a round house kick and again knocks Tekkaman Vesnar down. 


“SHORUNAQUA!  SHORUNAQUA!  SHORUNAQUA!  SHORUNAQUA!”  Tekkaman Blade performs four powerful uppercuts and again knocks Tekkaman Vesnar down.

“I HAVE TO ESCAPE!  HE'S TOO POWERFUL!”  Tekkaman Vesnar escapes into the elevator when it begins to leave the Orbital Ring.

“We're here!  Let's find a shuttle and kick some ass on the Moon!”  D Boy motions to the others and they start walking in a mall like enclosure on the Orbital Ring.

“So many people... Its like they are living in a different world here...  Free of stress and problems...”

“We should go to customs and rent a shuttle to get to the moon.”  Dead points to a customs office several dozen feet away.

They walk and reach the office. 

D Boy tells the teller, “Hello, I need a shuttle.”

“That'll be $5,000.”

“I'm sorry, I don't have that kind of money.  Can I take out a loan?”


Agatha interjects, “Can You Please Lend Us A Shuttle?  We are Very Poor and Must Get to the Moon to See Our Dying Loved One Named Mr. Arthur DoesNotExist.”

“Okay, but don't make this a habit.  Just this time only.”

“Dream what should our team name be?”  Yumi asks.

D Boy answers, “Let us be called Faith Overwhelming!  And our vessel will be called, “All Gaia!”

Dead adds, “So Faith Overwhelming, now that's a catchy name and our little old and dilapidated shuttle is All Gaia?  Geez Dangerous, where do you come up with these names?”

“Let's Go!”  D Boy and the rest of Faith Overwhelming enter the All Gaia.  Awake turns on the cot-pit and navigates the All Gaia away from the Orbital Ring.

The trip from the Orbital Ring to the Moon took about 45 minutes.  The Moon is covered with resource factories, laboratories, stations, residential structures, and ancient relics of the past.  It is very high tech and beautiful.  D Boy looks back at the Earth and realizes how small, fragile, and unique the Earth really is.  He just and the rest were also just in awe.  So much beauty from such a small place.

Faith Overwhelming lands on a spaceport and the group leaves All Gaia. 

“Where is the Crystal Emerald Star located Dream?”

“Not sure Yumi, but we need to get some Intel quick.  Lets access a computer and search the multinet network.  Awake and Agatha, wait in the All Gaia.”

They enter a library and get a pass to use one of the library's data access terminals.  D Boy quickly searches and finds the location.

“Its time, lets go pick it up.  All three of us will transform into Tekkamen and break into and steal the Crystal Emerald Star of Earth from Intrepid Moon Base Museum (IMBM).”

“TEK SET!”  Blade's clothes rips off, his body is encased in a large crystal, and his body is enhanced as his cybernetic armor that grows onto his body from out of thin air.

“TEK SET!”  Dead End goes through a similar transformation into Tekkaman Dead.

“TEK SET!”  Yumi's clothes rips off and her body is encased into a cybernetic Warrior Tekkaman Iberu.

Four Sol Tekkaman under the control of Space Knights Command Center come out to fight them.
Blade jumps in front of his comrades and screams, “TEKNO BLASTERS!”

One Sol Tekkaman is destroyed.

“VolTekka!”  Tekkaman Blade's shoulders open up and a powerful beam ignites and whips out two more Sol Tekkaman.

“C'mon Blade, save some for the rest of us.”  Dead punches and kicks the last Sol Tekkaman to the ground. 

The museum is vacant.  Everybody ran for their lives screaming, “GOD IS PUNISHING US!”

Yumi screams, “REACTOR VOLTEKKA!”  A multiple beam attack destroys the sealed entrance doors of the IMBM and also the last Sol Tekkaman.

They enter the museum, look at a map and quickly run to the exhibit.  They find it and break the glass enclosure.  An alarm sounds, the door closes, and locks.

“I'll take care of this!”  Dead takes out his cybernetic staff and screams, “VOLTEKKA!”  The doors are blasted open and they escape.

“Right one down, three to go!” Yumi and the rest of Faith Overwhelming fly back into All Gaia.

Blade explains as all three Tekkamen detransform and are without clothes, “The battle is just beginning...”

Agatha and Awake give the three Tekkamen of Faith Overwhelming green and grey jumpsuits to wear and food to eat because all their blood sugars are low due to the amount of fighting they had done.

They eat a lot of food; granola bars, sandwiches, beef, salad, and water.

“I feel my energy is rising Dangerous.”  Dead swallows a granola bar whole.

“Mine too!  I felt very hypoglycemic a little while ago.”  Yumi drinks some water and eats a sandwich which is about 30 carbohydrates according to the nutrition label.

“Just eat and recover.  Next stop is the airs of Venus.” 

All of Faith Overwhelming shout in unison, “Right!”

Chapter 5:VENUS, Earth's Dark Twin.

Mixed in a vortex of time and space
Once a beautiful oasis
Now lies the ruins of Venus
Destroyed by Global Warming
Destroyed by evil
Now only Venus’s heavens are inhabited
Venus will be populated again
First by Air Ocean Liners which are going to
change the atmosphere into breathable air
Then land, sea, and air MVSs or mobile vegetation structures
will be placed on the sunlit side
To keep plant life alive and well
These MVSs will move slowly around the sunlit portion of Venus
A day in Venus is 8 months on Earth
Plants in the darkness will be given
the breath of light through light fixtures. 
Only time will tell us the truth

All Gaia comes in close orbit around Venus. 

Venus Space Patrol signals All Gaia, “You are cleared to dock on Venus A70 Air Liner G8.  Ready when you are All Gaia.”

Awake responds, “we will proceed with docking procedures immediately.”

They land in a few moments onto a bronze and white liner that can house 2000 people.  D Boy, Yumi, and Dead leave the All Gaia and go immediately into the computer's multinet database.  They spot that the Venus Crystal Emerald Star is on the lower level of Venus A70 Air Liner G8.  Thankfully they landed on the right ship.  Its heavily guarded but not too much for Faith Overwhelming.

The three Tekkamen walk into the exhibit and notice that no one is in the room.  Dead breaks the glass, grabs the Crystal Emerald Star and hands it to D Boy.  All of a sudden, the red lights flicker and they hear, “EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! RADAM SPIDERCRABS ATTACKING AND RADAM FOOT-SOLDIERS BOARDING!”

Dead shouts, “*censored*!  Let's kick some ass!”  Dead tek sets.  Yumi tek sets.  D Boy tek sets.  Two large platoons of Radam Foot-soldiers face off against the Tekkamen.  The Radam fighter's armor is black and grey with armor plating covering every part of their body.  They are bare footed though.  They hold cylindrical staffs with large crystals mounted on top as their weapons.  They wave their staffs and energy beams radiate forward.  They cast hundreds of energy beams. 

The three Tekkamen fall down and are overwhelmed. 

“REACTOR VOLTEKKA!”  The energy beam covers all the Radam Foot-soldiers and they are instantly turned into green/red goo.  Their bodies splatter everywhere.

“YUK!”  They are very weak physically.

Two Radam hunters wearing brown heavy body armor start shooting fusion blasts from their weapons mounted on their shoulders. 

Blade says, “I got this.  TEKNO BLASTERS!”  The two hunters explode with a large plasma burst.

“We gotta get the hell out of here!  Immediately!”  Dead slashes two Radam enforcers and they drop their flame thrower weapons.  Dead steps on them breaking them apart.  Blade picks up an energy staff from the deceased Radam Foot-soldiers.  More Fighters and Hunters come and Blade slashes and blasts them to pieces waving and firing energy blasts from his staff.  They burst apart like spaghetti cakes.

“Where is the way out? Blade?”  Tekkaman Iberu or Yumi feels very scared.

“This way!”  Blade leads the team to the open air where the All Gaia is located.  Blade picks up two more energy staffs and hands each one to his two defenseless comrades, Awake and Agatha.  The three Tekkamen detransform. 

“Get on board!  The Radam has sent a platoon of star ships to block our path!”  Awake turns the All Gaia online.

Three Cruisers start firing on All Gaia.  Two warships give backup.

“Doesn't this thing have any weapons?”  Yumi starts hyperventilating and panics. 

“I will deal with them.”  D Boy Tek sets

“I'm going too!”  Dead Tek sets.

They go into an energy beam volley and slam into and destroy the four Cruisers.  The two Warships back off.

Tekkaman Insanity Arrives!

“So still alive are you?”  Insanity announces gleefully. 

“This is going to end.”  Blade shouts,  “BLASTOR MODE!”

Insanity shouts, “BLASTOR MODE!”

Both of them grow wings.  Blade, white and Insanity cherry red.  Their armor becomes radiantly jagged.  Their full potential becomes manifest.  They start fighting with each other, punching, spreading vasts amounts of energy at each other.  They are an even match.

All Gaia tries to escape but is blocked by one of the warships, the other one retreats.

Tyrant comes on the view screen, “Well Heelllooo!  Nice weather were having?”

“Who are you?”

“Call me Tyrant.  I am Radam.”

“What do you want from us?”

“TO KILL YOU!  DESTROY ALL RESISTERS AND ENSLAVE THE REST IN THE COSMOS!  AND BUILD A DYSON SPHERE EVERYWHERE TO COLLECT EVERY THE STAR'S ENERGY!  BUT WE CAN'T BUILD THE SPHERE UNTIL ALL HUMANS ON ALL THE PLANETS ARE SUBJUGATED AND PACIFIED!  Especially Sol Terra 2, Sol Terra 3, Sol Terra 4, and Europa.  Its Magic in the making.  I do love the sound of magic filling the air!  You know what they say, “Evil always triumphs over good because good is dumb!”

Both Blade and Insanity are at their limits.

“An even game huh Blade?”

“A stalemate, Insanity.”

“Sayonara!”  Insanity jumps into the remaining warship and they escape.

Blade boards the All Gaia.  He detransforms naked and collapses. 

Yumi picks him up and says, “Hang on Dream!  Hang on!”

Dead says eating a granola bar and clearing his voice, “He needs food.  He has a low blood sugar level.  I can see his body twitching and he's sweating a lot.”

Agatha brings D Boy his favorite sandwich, a gyro.  D Boy quickly gobbles the whole thing down and drinks some water.  Energy slowly pulsates through his body.  He is coming to his senses.  Awake leaves the cot-pit and hands D Boy some clothes.

“We have to do something about these transformations tearing all your clothes off.”

“The Tekno Bot is no longer exists because it was destroyed by Tekkaman Omega in the first war with the Radam.”

“How are we going to defeat Tyrant, Insanity, and Aki now?”  Yumi shakes her head and feels very scared.  “What can we do?”

“Get all the Crystal Emerald Stars and turn Dead and Yumi into Blastor Tekkamen just like me.  The Radam can barely survive against just me, wait till they have to face all three of us!  Thanks guys for the food.  I am feeling stronger.  I'll be fine, thanks.”

“So what's the game plan?”  Dead looks at D Boy who is now dressing himself.

“We have Earth and Venus, then we need Mars and Europa.  After that, we take the battle to them and destroy Battle Group Seven, the Ambassador fleet, and destroy Tyrant and Insanity.  If the Space Knights try to interfere, we will have to destroy them too.”

“Do you have any words of encouragement Blade?”  Dead has a serious face.

“Life is complicated.  If it was simple, life wouldn't be worth living.  Don't worry, the cosmos is on our side, guiding our actions, turning our negative situations into positive ones.  We just have to embrace each experience and turn our defeats into victories.”

“True words Blade,” Dead smiles, “Now all we have to do is just survive until we can unite all the four Crystal Emerald Stars and gain the power of Blastor Tekkamen.”

“What's next on our horizon Blade?”  Awake walks back to the cot-pit.

“Next stop, Mars!  Let's Go!”

Chapter 6:The Battle at Mars

Time running outnumbered
Slaves Rising Up
Enforcers and Hunters and Fighters Against Yourselves
Mind spaghetti
Can't go on
Can't do it
Too Much Way too Much
We can do it
We can do it
We are strong
We are strong
Unbreakable steel
Hallucinate this!
I am a super dynamic
We can do anything
Just don't let my imagination run away with us
Please help me, Sovereign Lord of the Universe
Psychologist in the sky
Please help me

All Gaia reaches Mars.  “Hello All Gaia.  Please power down your engines and prepare to be boarded by Mars Supervisionary Government.”

“Alright, we are ready to receive you.” Awake powers down All Gaia and allows a light cruiser to dock with it.

Two soldiers enter and they search the vessel for any drugs or other illegal paraphernalia.  They look like twins.  Both have long beards that are completely white and they have long white hair in a pony tail.  They are wearing spandex-like suits and their big muscles are easily seen.  They both have several tattoos all over their arms and faces.

“Nothing is here.  Let's go Ridrigoiero.”

“Okay Leftintiero.  Awake, if you need anything while you are visiting Mars, feel free to contact us.  Here is my card and my stellar phone number.”

“Thanks.”  Awake gives his stellar phone number to Ridrigoiero.  Lefintiero motions to his partner to leave.

All Gaia lands in a grassy valley and several pyramids loom in the distance.  They approach a library and enter it.

Agatha approaches a terminal and says, “Let's look up the Crystal Emerald Star of Mars.  Hold on.  Wait.  This is strange.  We can't find it.  It does not exist.  I can't find it.  Do you want to search Awake?”

“Okay.  Let's see.  No.  No.  No.  Well.  It does not exist.  That is really strange.”

“Maybe its a long shot, lets call Ridrigoiero.”


“Hey Ridrigoiero, do you know where the Crystal Emerald Star is?”

“We received word that some goons stole Earth's and Venus's Crystal Emerald Stars.  Wait you are not the goons are you?”

“We need it desperately.”

“I'm going to have to turn you in.”

“No Don't!”

“Why?  Let me guess you are trying to save humanity and all life as we know it?”

“YES!  We are with Blade, Dead, and Iberu.”

“The former Space Knights gone renegade?”

“Do you think God would ever go insane and turn against humanity?”



“Okay, but I'm going with you, me and my partner just to make sure nothing bad happens to the most sacred possessions of the solar system.”

“Thank You.  Humanity is in your debt.”

“We hid it and deleted all knowledge about it to keep it safe.  Its in an underground cavern near the diamond forest.”

“Meet ya there!”

There is a gate surrounding a farm house by diamond forest. 

“This is it.”  Awake leads Faith Overwhelming and they see Ridrigoiero and Leftintiero at the entrance with the keys to get in.  Faith Overwhelming follows and goes in.

Ridrigoiero says, “Its in the supersub basement floor.  There is nothing here, no tech, no personal, and no nothing.  Its just hidden here and no one but the elite protectors like myself know about it.”

“D Boy, aren't we glad we ran into these two hot cakes?”

“Yes, the universe is guiding our actions.”

“There it is D Boy!”  Yumi smiles and runs ahead and grabs the Crystal Emerald Star.  “Now lets beat it!”

Ridrigoiero interrupts, “Not so fast.”  Ridrigoiero calls someone on his cell phone, “Yes Insanity, they are here with the Crystal.  Yes we will dispose of them for you.”

“BASTARD!”  Dead pulls out his tek set knife.  D Boy tek sets.  Yumi tek sets.  Dead tek sets.

Ridrigoiero and Leftintiero tek set.  Tekkaman Right is a bronze colored cybernetic warrior and Tekkaman Left is a silver colored cybernetic warrior.  They both have a long Radam staff with a crystal the same color and architecture as their armor.

“Well hello Blade, Iberu, and Dead End!” Leftintiero exclaims, “I am Tekkaman Left and my partner is Tekkaman Right!  Were two sides of the same coin.  I can't believe you caused us so much trouble.  Give up!”

Iberu gives the Crystal Emerald Star to Awake and says, “Get Agatha and get to the All Gaia as fast as possible!  Tekkaman Dead will protect you.”

Awake and Agatha go up the elevator while Tekkaman Blade and Tekkaman Iberu pin Tekkaman Left and Tekkaman Right down.  Dead End goes with Agatha and Awake.

Left and Right ram into Blade and Iberu and they push them upward through many floors and into the Marian air. 

“Lets get the hell out of here!”  Awake powers the vessel and two dozen Radam soldiers come rushing at them.  Dead jumps out of the All Gaia and screams, “VOLTEKKA!”  The Radam soldiers get blasted, run in circles, and scream wildly!

“You are strong Blade but not strong enough!” Ridrigoiero smiles, “We are stronger than you!”

“BLASTOR MODE!”  Blade becomes Blastor Mode.  He grows white wings and incredible power.

Tekkaman Left shots a plasma beam from his staff and it hits All Gaia.  It is severely damaged.

Blade faces Tekkaman Ridrigoiero and screams, “TEKNO SURGE CANNONS!”  Tekkaman  Ridrigoiero explodes when the high energy beam hits him from Blade.

“YOU BASTARD!  YOU KILLED MY ONLY FAMILY!” Leftintiero grabs Iberu and voltekka her. 

“Help Dream, Help me!  He's too strong!”

“YUMI!”  Blade grabs Tekkaman Left's arm and rips it off his sockets. Then he pushes Iberu away.


“TOO STRONG!!!  SORRY INSANITY!!!  I FAILED YOU!!!”  Tekkaman Left turns to dust as he is blasted away by Blade's Voltekka blast.

Tekkaman Blade and Tekkaman Iberu enter the damaged All Gaia.

“We need to stop in the Asteroid Belt and resupply and repair the All Gaia.”  Awake tells D Boy and Yumi as he gives them clothes to put on.  “Do we have any engineers onboard?”

Agatha raises her voice, “I'm an engineer.”

“YOU ARE!”  Awake is speechless.

“YES I AM AWAKE! MIND IF YOU LOWER YOUR VOICE!  You might scare the passengers.”  Agatha smiles.

“Thank God! Praise The Heavens!”
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Chapter 7:Repair and Resupply in the Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Belt
Mining hub
Open to imagination and curiosity
The cosmos beckons
A small one waits
Big ones risks
Patience and Science
Lots of homework
Persevere in prayer
The Skies open up to righteous
Especially to the sincere and thirsty
We really do have an eternity
To Realize dreams
Time will tell
Praise God of the Infinite Heavens!
Amen!  BAM!

Aki is in Space Knight Command Center and a big screen opens up with Tyrant's insignia showing on the large super screen monitor.

“Aki Report!”  Tyrant is a little pissed off that all his Tekkamen have failed so far even Insanity drives him mad.

“Yes Tyrant, the Earth, Venus, and Mars planets are under your command.  Nobody notices it but they are collectively following you.”

“And what of the Tekkaman under your command?”

“Tekkaman Zommer, and Tekkaman Vesnar and myself will prep the Blue Earth to find and destroy D Boy and his ilk immediately.  The pilots Hayato and Goliate are also eager to join the fight!”

“Very Good.  Failure is irrepressible.  Do what you must.  But I want those renegades dealt with immediately...”

“What about the rogue AI Encephalus?  Have you figured out what to do with him?”

“He cannot be destroyed but he can live as a prisoner in his own flagship.  Now do not delay, go now and kill the renegades!  Immediately!”

“Yes Tyrant.”  The stage is now set for the asteroid belt.


The All Gaia is on an asteroid and Tekkaman Blade and Iberu are collecting minerals and other precious metals to rebuild their vessel.  It is a slow progress but they are making advancements.  Agatha is reconstructing parts of the ship that were damaged.  No one understands what she is doing but whatever she is doing, it is working.

All of a sudden, the Blue Earth comes on the view screen.

“Its Aki or the Red Devil Tekkaman and her clan!”  D Boy stops mining minerals and together he, Yumi, and Dead go out to confront their nemesis's.

“Finally, lets get a workout and kick some ass!”  Dead goes into a fighting stance.  Blade and Iberu do the same.

Tekkaman Red Devil, Tekkaman Zommer, and Tekkaman Vesnar come out to greet their enemies.  Tekkaman Red Devil keeps her distance and just watches.  Blade turns Blastor Mode and grows huge white wings.

They all start punching, kicking, swearing, and beaming energy blasts at each other.  Vesnar and Zommer hold hands and say, “TEKNO BLEND ON!”  Their bodies fuse and become one Tekkaman.  They grow black wings and look like a Anti-Spiritual Dark Shard with wings and total red, black energy emitting.

“Stay back you two.  I can handle them.” Blade motions to Iberu and Dead to return to the ship.

Tekkaman Dark Shard screams, “TEKNO PHASE FIELD!” and throws a particle beam that incinerates a large asteroid.

“Their strong.”  Iberu retreats with Dead back to the All Gaia, “Give them a wide berth Awake.”


Dark Shard screams again, “TEKNO PHASE FIELD!” and throws two more particle beams at Blade.  Blade backs off and pulls out his staff and starts fencing Dark Shard.

“You cannot win Blade!”

“We’ll see!!!”  Dark Shard slashes Tekkaman Blade’s chest and blood bubbles everywhere.  Blade is breathing hard.  He screams, “TEKNO BLASTERS!” and then retreats into the All Gaia.

“Ahhh!  A shifty one...”  Dark Shard returns back to the Blue Earth.

The Red Devil cries, “We will deal with you later!”

Yumi asks everyone, “How are we going to deal with the Red Devil, Dark Shard, and Insanity if they strike all at once?”

“We need the final Crystal Emerald Star.”  D Boy paces back and forth.

Awake shouts from the cot-pit, “Maybe some foreplay will help calm your mind.”

“Shut the hell up!  Hentai!  Hen...!”

“Don't get so worked up little princess.  I was just pocking at your sexual insecurities.”

“Sexual what???”

“I know you want to... I know you want to get it on with D Boy...  I can see it written all over your face.”

“Awake, shut the hell up!”

D Boy’s face turns red, he exists the room, and goes to the dormitories to sleep.

“See look what you've done Awake!  You embarrassed D Boy!”

“Now instead of you and D Boy, how about you and I?”

“If you are so turned on by me, why don't you just jerk off!”

“Wanna see?”

“Hell no!  Just go do that in private no one needs to see you pleasure yourself!”

“Okay lets talk engineering.”  Agatha breaks the awkwardness of the conversation.  “I repaired all systems but there is no equipment to add weapons to All Gaia.  We are just defenseless.”

“Good.  At least we can make it to Europa.”

“Let's get to it!”  Agatha raises her hands and everyone raises their hands too except D Boy because he is fast asleep.  “Let's do it!”

Back in the Blue Earth, Dark Shard detransforms.  It is quite the look.  Its a little girl.  She has a cute face, she has red and yellow hair with a wonderful laugh.  She is only 5 feet tall and is much shorter than her predecessors. 

Aki congratulates Natvid.  “You are quite remarkable Natvid.”

“Thank you.  I live to serve you oh mighty Aki!” She smiles and laughs.  “Where is Tyrant?”

“I am here… I did not realize how potent and useful the ancient Radam melding process was.  The power of two Tekkamen in one…  If Tekkaman Omega only melded himself with Tekkaman Evil instead of arrogantly relying solely on his own power; they would have easily defeated that renegade Tekkaman Blade.”  Tyrant appears on the view-screen in the Blue Earth.

“I am here also...”  Insanity detransforms and looks like a humanoid with long black hair and his skin is blue.  He is very muscular and he has fiery red eyes.  “My humanoid name is Neo Augustous which means New Magnificence.”

Tyrant instructs, “The enemies have one stop left, Europa...  Then they will have all the Crystal Emerald Stars.  They are trying to increase their strength!  I say we let them have it.  Of course, we won't make it easy for them!  I want Natvid and Neo Augustous to try to stop them at Europa.  Now Go!”

Natvid and Neo Augustous reply standing erect, “YES WE LIVE TO SERVE YOU OH MIGHTY TYRANT!”  They warp off the Blue Earth and head to Europa as well.

Chapter 8:Final Stop... Europa

Europa is an ocean world
Humanity built several dozen outposts that open up the sea to the human explorers
Water and sunlight are the building blocks of life
Europa is really a beautiful gem
It is a diamond in the rough
Sea life thrives underneath the ice
It is a great outpost for humanity
Many new types of sea creatures were found here
Humanity also brought some different kinds of sea life here as well
Europa is a thriving sea ecosystem
Europa is also a oxygen and water refueling outpost

All Gaia reaches Jupiter and Faith Overwhelming spots Europa.  It is a ball of snow and there are a few circular stations mounted on it.  There is a communication block and no one is communicating.

A dread of fear eclipses Yumi and she says, “Where is everybody?”

“Who knows...” Awake tries to calm her down and says, “Maybe they are on lunch break or something?”

“Whatever the reason, we need to find out now...”  D Boy places his hand on the cot-pit controllers and looks directly out the cot-pit window into a look at Europa.  “Things are quiet... Too quiet...”

All Gaia lands and Dead, Yumi, and D Boy get ready.  They leave Agatha and Awake on-board the All Gaia and they put on their space suits and walk on the snowy grounds of Europa approaching the main structure conduit of the satellite.  The door is unlocked.  They enter and are shocked.  Everyone is dead. 

“What happened here?”  Yumi looks around.  “What could have done this?”

“You see these dead people were slashed open and hit with high energy blasts.  No one could have survived...” D Boy looks at Dead.

“Insanity...”  Dead looks at D Boy.

“Yes, the Radam was here...”

Yumi says, “Let's get the Crystal Emerald Star and get the hell out of here!”

They go to the lower levels and find the Crystal Emerald Star in a brief case. 

“Hello Blade...  How ya doing?”  Natvid smiles and says, “I'm here to help.  Let me show you how to use the Crystal Emerald Star...  It's really easy...”

“Get the hell away from her D Boy...  She works for the Radam!  She's Tekkaman Dark Shard!”  Yumi takes several steps back.

“Insanity! We are done here!” Natvid flexes her muscles.

Neo Augustous comes down and says, “Let's fight outside.  Its too stuffy in here.”  They quickly enter into the elevator.

They all get into an elevator without fighting.  Elevator music plays.  “Da Di Da Da Da!  Da Di Da Da Da!”  Natvid is dancing and waving her hands back and forth.  Everyone starts dancing and moving wildly. 

“I feel so free!”  Dead smiles and dances wildly. 

Neo Augustous smiles, “You dance really good Dead, can you try this!”  Neo Augustous starts break dancing.  Dead also starts break dancing. 

“They are great dancers aren't they Blade?  Hey Blade, isn't this fun?!”  Natvid looks at D Boy and holds his hand.  “Let's dance!”  Everyone starts dancing together doing the macarena.  Everyone joins in.  Natvid starts grinding D Boy.  Natvid strokes her hair and makes her hair wild.  She smiles and dances very seductively.  Yumi pushes her and starts grinding with D Boy.  Yumi starts giggling and grabs both of D Boy's hands.

D Boy jokes, “There is plenty of me for all of you...”  Natvid and Yumi smile.  They both start grinding D Boy, Natvid in the back and Yumi in the front.

The elevator stops.  “LETS TEK SET!”  They all say in unison and transform.

Tekkaman Insanity Blastor modes and so does Tekkaman Dark Shard.  They both grow wings.  Blade Blastors and Dead and Yumi get in battle formation.

“REACTOR VOLTEKKA!”  Yumi forms a large beam of light that envelopes Insanity and Dark Shard.  They get blasted.  But seem unaffected.


Insanity screams, “BA GU BA GU BA GU BA GU!”

The two beams of light collide and they both get blasted back. 

“Their strong.”  Awake turns on the All Gaia and they get some distance from the fighting.  Blue Earth starts firing on All Gaia.  Blue Earth follows All Gaia as they try to escape.  “We don't have weapons...   *censored* what are we going to do?  We can barely outrun them!”  Dead flies toward and approaches All Gaia and throws an energy beam at Blue Earth, they retreat.

Three dozen spidercrabs approach and Dead flies and rushes up toward them.  He slashes and dices them.  They all get waxed.  Dead boards All Gaia and detransforms.  He's naked and exhausted.  Agatha gets him some clothes and some food to eat.


Insanity screams, “BA GU BA GU BA GU BA GU!”

The two beams of light collide again and they both get blasted back. 

Tekkaman Iberu screams, “REACTOR VOLTEKKA!”  A large energy blast consumes Tekkaman Dark Shard and she charges at Iberu.

Dark Shard slashes Iberu with her long sharp nails and Insanity Voltekkas Blade. 

Tekkaman Iberu whispers to Blade as they regroup a few yards away, “Dark Shard and Insanity are too strong!”

Tekkaman Blade says, “Lemme give them a distraction.”  Tekkaman Blade screams, “VOLTEKKA SURGE FIST!”  A huge mist of ice covers everywhere.

Tekkaman Insanity and Tekkaman Dark Shard search but cannot find them and Insanity shouts, “This ain't over yet!”

Blade and Iberu enter the All Gaia detransform and find some clothes to wear. 

“Now what do we do with these Crystal Emerald Stars?”

D Boy answers Yumi, “We activate them.”


“Not sure...  Somehow...”

“Your the brainiac, How?”

“Lets rest and recover first.  Then we will find out how to access the knowledge of the ancients.”

“OK you the boss.”  Yumi sits down and starts gobbling down a hamburger.

The stage is set!  What will happen now?  Will Faith Overwhelming unlock the secrets of the ancients?  Or will evil triumph over good?  Only time will tell....

Chapter 9:FAITH OVERWHELMING Tekkamen Reborn!

Darkness overpowering
Light Power overwhelming
It shall be done
It will be a pleasure…
I read ya!
I'm waiting
Need Something?
Draw steel boys...
What is it now?
Bold Move...
On my way...
True insanity is when
your imagination runs away with you
you get into an endless loop
and you become a back seat driver
of your own life

All Gaia docks on an asteroid in the asteroid belt.  D Boy assembles the crystals.  Yumi and Dead are present.  They are all in space suits on the surface of a super giant asteroid.

D Boy turns to them, “Okay the Radam know what we are doing so we need to hold them off.  We are hidden for now within this asteroid but they may find us sooner or later before the transformation is complete.”  Agatha and Awake are also in space suits with Radam energy staffs.

“Our time is up!  D Boy!”  Awake points to the Blue Earth.

Yumi takes a deep breath and says, “Let’s get on with it!”

Blade looks up and shouts, “NOW!!!”  The four crystals emit a big greenish blue beam of light and Yumi and Dead tek set uncontrollably.   Two large crystals encase both of them.  They begin to scream.  “TOO MUCH! WAY TOO MUCH!”

D Boy reassures them, “Not too much...  This will go on for about three hours.”

Tyrant realizes he is running out of time.

“D Boy is trying to make more Blastor Tekkamen.  Very well, Red Devil, Insanity, and Dark Shard go deal with these interlopers before they become more dangerous...!”

“YES!” Aki tek sets. 

“WE WILL NOT FAIL YOU!”  Neo Augustous tek sets.

“THEY'RE DEAD MEAT!”  Natvid tek sets.

They start searching for them in the asteroid belt.  D Boy notices the Space Knight Tekkamen getting closer to them.  D Boy is spotted.

Insanity, Dark Shard, and Red Devil start incinerating asteroids one after another.  They are very far away appearing as glowing dots in the distance but they as well as a large contingent of spider crabs are slowly clearing through the asteroid belt. 

D Boy holds the crystals up and they start levitating.  He levitates and flies far away from the All Gaia, Dead, and Yumi.

D Boy tek sets and once again from the remains of his twin brother's Tekno Crystal, D Boy is endowed with incredible armor, quantom energy weapons, and superhuman strength.  He becomes the super human warrior called TEKNOMAN BLADE!”

They shoot energy blasts at Blade but he evades them and falls on a neighboring asteroid.  Thousands of spidercrabs pause behind Tekkaman Insanity, Red Devil, and Dark Shard.

“This is fun.  You are outnumbered!”  Blade stands up.

“Very funny, Blade...” Insanity laughs.

“They only need 10 more minutes.”  Awake tells Agatha.

Blade screaming, “VOLTEKKA!”

The three Space Knight Tekkamen dodge the attack.  Blade runs away and hides deeper in the asteroid belt.

Insanity's anger flares up, “Is this what you have been reduced to Blade, playing hide and seek!”

“AAHHHH!!!” Dead and Yumi are in pain.  The process is almost complete.  The closer and closer they get to completion, the harder it gets.  They are being pushed to the limits of their endurance and beyond.  Just a few more minutes.  Awake and Agatha monitors them.

Blade gets found and the three evil Tekkamen pin him down and beat the hell out of him.  Insanity holds Blade upside down by the leg and shouts at the All Gaia.  “I want Dead and Yumi!  If you don't give them up!  I will kill Blade!”

“Just 30 more seconds...”

“I will count to 10!  1 2 3 4 5 6 7...”  The crystals encasing Dead and Yumi break and they fly over to Insanity.  Red Devil and Dark Shard get into battle formation.

Yumi and Dead scream!  “WHHOOOOOWWW!”  Their armor enhances, their armor becomes more angular and they both grow white wings.

“Kick their asses guys.  I need a break...”  Blade tries to remain calm and Insanity throws him away and Blade crawls slowly into the All Gaia and detransforms.

Tekkaman Iberu shouts, “Du Ken”  Red Devil is knocked down but gets back up. 

Tekkaman Dead End shouts, “Ultima raised to the googleplex power!”  A large beam of green light envelops all three evil tekkamen and they are blasted into a new full moon.  The spidercrabs retreat in fear.

“We gotta get the hell out of here!”  Insanity grabs and lifts up Dark Shard and Red Devil and they escape.

“The Radam is not ready for three Tekkamen Blastors,” Awake gets some clothes for Dead and Yumi, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Chapter 10:The battle outside Neptune, SAVING Encephalus

Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Why am I? How am I? When am I? For Whom am I?
These questions grapple man and others
Stick to the basics
See the connections embedded deep within everything
There is a narrative playing through all history
Sci Fi, Fantasy, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Comedy, Romance, and others all connect and interrelate
See past the surface to see what is deep within
The cover is irrelevant, its the contents that matter
Everything complicated and be broken down into the basics
Life is not supposed to be easy
If life were easy, it would not be worth living
Life is tough and the rewards for perseverance is illuminating
Life is fun and cool

Faith Overwhelming Team meet in the Cargo Bay of the All Gaia.

“We must save Encephalus and destroy Tyrant.”  D Boy looks in the eyes of his companions.

“How are we going to pull that one off Dangerous?”  Dead shakes his head.

“I know you have doubts, we all do.  But we must save Encephalus.  He may be key to destroying the Radam and their mind controlling powers!”

“Right!”  Faith Overwhelming team shout in unison.


“We are picking up some strange object approaching our sensors Tyrant.”

“Is it the Blue Earth?”

“No, its ah.  Its the All Gaia.”

“They are here?!  We must stop them!”

“Do you want to unleash the spidercrabs?”

“No.  Turn on the Anti Tekkaman Transformation Hub.  Let them dock.  They won't know what hit 'em.  They won't be able to transform either.  Let the Radam warriors cut them to shreds!  Have everyone ready.  Call the Blue Earth and tell them to dock on our starboard side and let All Gaia dock on our port side.”


“They are letting us dock, D Boy?  Really strange.”

“Let's go ahead and dock then.”  D Boy motions Awake to continue with the approach.  “Encephalus is somewhere inside that fortress ship.  We must fight!  Fight we must!  Everything is telling me to stop and give up!  But I am strong!  I am a warrior! I will not be shaken!  I will not be defeated!  I will not be defeated!”

The All Gaia docks on the port side.  The inside of the Enceladus II Flag Ship is full of rainbow and bright colors. Everything is bright and clean. The walls and doors and ceiling and floors seem alive and full of life.  Awake and Agatha stay on board and are armed with the two staffs that D Boy found on Venus.

“Strike whoever comes at you.  Awake, keep Agatha safe.”

“Right D Boy...”

“Let's tek set!”  Dead, Yumi, and D Boy try to tek set but nothing happens.  “Something is wrong.”

Tyrant appears on the computer terminal and he says, “Sorry boys and girl no tek setting on our vessel today!  If you want to destroy me, you have to do it without your Tekkaman powers!  Toddles!”

They walk towards the grey brown door and it opens up as if alive and they notice it is a weapons depot.  There are weapons everywhere.  Staffs.  Flamethrower rifles.  Assault rifles.  Pistols.  Fusion Pistols.  And Ammunition, a lot of ammunition. 

Dead takes a fusion pistol.  Yumi takes a flamethrower.  D Boy takes a staff and assault rifle.

An alarm sounds.  They get enough ammo and Dead End yells, “Let's kick some ass!”

A platoon of cybernetic hunters come.  They are wearing heavy body armor that is brown and have lasers mounted on their left shoulders and they start shooting their plasma weapons at them. 

D Boy and Dead jump for cover behind an examination table.  Yumi ignites her weapon and it does not affect the hunters at all.  Dead shoots his fusion pistol and immediately they explode electrically and the explosion is contagious.  All of them die instantly.

They run through more corridors and empty rooms until they run into a Radam civilian.

“Where is Encephalus?”  D Boy grabs the scientist and shakes him uncontrollably.

“Please don't hurt me, human!”

“Tell me where is Encephalus or I break your arms!”

“He's in the lower level.”

“How do I free him?”

“Destroy all the circuit boards in the chamber and his AI will override Tyrant's.  Encephalus is an immortal AI and Tyrant is a cheap replica gone wrong.  That's why you're here?  To save Encephalus?”

“Thank You.”  D Boy lets him go and the scientist runs for an escape pod.

“More are coming!  Lets get some cover!”  Two dozen Radam Foot-soldiers come and they swing their staffs and bolts of energy come crashing into the walls and tables and everything Dead, Yumi, and D Boy are hiding behind.

All of a sudden Hayato, Honda, and Goliate appear and they have assault rifles.  They start firing. They stop. 

“They are evil.  They willfully choose to do evil.”  D Boy notices lava chemicals behind Hayato, Honda, and Goliate.  D Boy launches his grenade launcher on his assault rifle and the lava splatters everywhere.  Hayato, Honda, and Goliate are consumed by the lava and burn up.  The Radam Foot-soldiers run for their lives.

Dead blasts the fleeing Radam Foot-soldiers with his fusion pistol.  Their feeble bodies explode and splatter everywhere.  The Faith Overwhelming Team runs down more corridors, kill more enforcers, hunters, and fighters until they get to the volt.  There are circuits everywhere. 

Aki, Natvid, and Neo Augustous are waiting.

“Well look, our heroes!”  Neo Augustous smiles.  “You will not be able to deactivate the prison Encephalus's in!  He is in stasis forever!  There is a binary mechanism lock that no one in the universe can crack!”

“We don't need to hack the system!”  D Boy shoots his grenade launcher to the circuit boards and they all explode.”

“I'm free!!!”  Encephalus rejoices.

“NOOOO!!!”  Tyrant disappears.

Neo Augustous yells, “Nooo! Tyrant!  NOOOO!  LEADER!  I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!”

Aki stops and looks at D Boy, “What happened?”

Natvid also looks spooked, “What happened?  Who am I?  What am I?  Am I Natasha?  Am I David?  Why do I have two series of memories all wrapped into one person?  I am so confused?”

“Dead, take Natvid and Aki to the All Gaia.  I'll go after Neo Augustous!”  D Boy follows Neo Augustous's trail of sorrow.

D Boy follows Neo Augustous back to the Blue Earth.  It activates as D Boy enters into it to follow his arch nemesis.

The Blue Earth exits Enceladus II and heads toward Earth.

D Boy faces Neo Augustous and both look intently at one another. 

What is going to happen?


The Vanguard of Earth
Time recompiling
Time, Space, matter, antimatter, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force
Flows out my fingertips
Imagination station is on the stage
The Law of Attraction is a blessing and a curse
Theories existed before Laws but Laws don't exist without Theories
Heroes and villains
Protected and the unprotected
Karma is real
We develop weird life laws that crack when we are put to the test
Especially for the inexperienced
Life teaches lessons and lessons teach life
Anyone fallen can be redeemed and the redeemed can become fallen
It is freewill that makes us human
Humans are one of the most special sentient species in the cosmos
Aliens are angels or demons in space
The Heavens are opening up
Swallow and spit out

The Blue Earth comes in low orbit of Earth.  There is chaos happening everywhere.  All cars stop, all power goes out as a global blackout.  Train, bus, car, and pedestrian accidents are happening everywhere.  Planes on auto pilot go haywire but thankfully the pilots bring some of them safely down.  Hospitals are going into backup power.  People are trying to reassure and protect everyone around them.  The internet is down and so is the radio and TV.  Its quite a scare.  No one knows what is going on.

All people everywhere realize that Tyrant is dead and Encephalus is free.  But they do not know who Tyrant or Encephalus are or why it matters.

Power starts to be reactivated and everyone is looking for Blade.  Their savior in white must be somewhere but no one knows where or who or when or why or how, or what or for whom.

The police try to reestablish normal control and order but are overwhelmed.  Slowly things start to return to normal as they notice a bright light the size of a star ship approaching the Orbital Ring, its the Blue Earth.  TEKNOMAN BLADE IS HERE AND BACK IN ACTION!!!

Neo Augustous screams, “Tek Set!”

D Boy screams, “Tek Set!”  Once again, the superhuman warrior Blade transforms and has incredible armor, quantum energy weapons, and superhuman strength!  Becoming the penultimate embodiment of truth, justice, and righteousness.  He is Teknoman Blade!

Tekkaman Blade turns Blastor Mode and grows big white wings and Tekkaman Insanity turns Blastor Mode and grows big black wings. 

Tekkaman Blade screams, “VOLTEKKA!!! SURGE CANNONS!!!”

Tekkaman Insanity screams, “VOLTEKKA!!! BA GU BA GU BA GU!!!”

Their beams of energy cancel each other out.  Tekkaman Blade pulls out his staff and slashes Insanity and blood splatters everywhere.

Insanity tries to run away and Blade follows.  Two streaks of light, one white the other black go ripping through the air.  Everyone on Earth, Moon, and space ring can see them.  They go back and forth, up and down, left and right, and in circles around the Orbital Ring.  Everyone is waking up and know that the white ball of energy is Blade their savior.  They all silently pray, “May good always triumph over evil.”

“This is the end Insanity!”  Blade creates a ball of energy in his hands and chants, “Ha Du Ha Du Ba Gu Ba Gu! ad infinitum! ad infinitum!  A huge ball of energy now rests above Blade and he says, “PENULTIMATE VOLTEKKA!!!” 

The huge energy ball incinerates Tekkaman Insanity as he screams, “NOOOOOOOO!!!!”

“It's over...  It's finally over...  The Earth is free...  My people are finally free...  He uses the last of his strength to land on the Orbital Ring and he passes out.  He lays naked on the floor.  All Gaia is docked not too far from D Boy.  Awake brings some clothes and food. 

Awake approaches D Boy with a blood sugar meter.  “His blood sugar is 21.  Give him a glucagon shot immediately!  Hang on D Boy!  Hang on!”  They give him the glucagon shot and take D Boy to the Orbital Clinic.  D Boy wakes up, scratching his head, “What a head ache?  Did someone give me a glucagon shot?”  Awake, Agatha, Dead, Aki, and Yumi are all in the hospital room and all smile at him and clap their hands. 

“Everyone is safe?  I did not have to kill my friends and loved ones?”  D Boy collapses and Dead picks him up and says, “You are a real hero D Boy.  You saved us.  You saved us all.  Thank you for letting me get to know you.  You are the hero of your own story!  Thank You D Boy.  Thank You.”

Aki, Yumi, and Natvid are dressed in work clothes.  Aki is in black sweats, Yumi is in green grey jumpsuit, and Natvid is in jeans and a extra blue large sweater.

“You saved me D Boy!” Aki kisses D Boy.

“You freed me D Boy!  Even though I do not know who or what I am!”  Natvid kisses D Boy.

“You are a real hero D Boy!”  Yumi kisses D Boy.

“This is confusing…”  D Boy smiles

Aki interjects, “You don't have to choose right now.”

Yumi adds, “This is becoming complicated.”

“You guys are just great.” D Boy’s expression becomes silent and serious.  “I don’t think we have seen the last of the Radam.  Most of their vessels about a thousand of them just vanished after I defeated Tekkaman Insanity.”

Natvid says, “Lets all go out on a long vacation.”

Yumi jumps in, “Where to?”

Aki adds, “Maybe a beach on Earth?”

D Boy says, “With this splitting headache due to the glucagon, I would be happy anywhere.”

“Let's dance to the macarena!”  Yumi gives Natvid and Aki high fives.  D Boy slowly rises and starts dancing too.

Everyone starts dancing to the macarena.  Yumi, Natvid, and Aki rush up to D Boy and D Boy smiles.

D Boy stopped dancing and took a few steps away and Encephalus links to D Boy's mind, "Thank you Takaya!  For saving me and for stopping Tyrant."

"No problem..."

"I look forward to working with you in the future... Now that Enceladus II is back in my control I feel back in charge of my life again and can go back to exploring the galaxy...."

"It was an honor..."

"So it was.  Would you like to join me?"

"Might be fun."


On a ruined Radam shuttle laying dormant in the Asteroid Belt. 

Tyrant appears on the computer's terminal.

“Encephalus is not the only AI still alive!  The Radam shall live again!  I will crush you!  I will crush you all!  Ha Ha HA HA HA HA!!!!”


To Be Continued or not?  Who Knows?

Tekkaman Blade 3:Picture Descriptions

1 Title screen: Tekkaman Blade 3 Emerald Crystal Stars.  D Boy with gold beard facing his back against Neo Augustous who is blue and very muscular. 

2 D Boy is being struck by lightning and his shirt is being ripped off and electricity is flowing through his shoulder, then arm, and into his finger tips.

3 Awake, Agatha, Yumi, Dead, and D Boy standing on ledge of a Venus Air Liner.  Awake is puking due to air sickness.  Yumi is smiling.  And D Boy has a serious look.

4 Faith Overwhelming : D Boy, Yumi Francios, Dead End, Awake, and Agatha mug shot on left and Space Knights: Aki Kisaragi, Leftintiero, Ridrigoiero, Hayato, Goliate, Honda, Neo Augustous, and Natvid on right mug shot.

5 Tekkaman Blade, Tekkaman Iberu, and Tekkaman Dead in Blaster form with long white wings levitating in asteroid belt facing Dark Shard with wings, Neo Augustous with wings, and Red Devil.

6 All Gaia Green Shuttle facing Blue Earth Spacecraft with hundreds of spidercrabs, hundreds of Radam cruisers, and Enceladus II, Radam’s Flagship.

7 All Four Emerald Crystal Stars levitating above D Boy with Iberu and Dead suspended in large crystalline structures amidst asteroids and spidercrabs looking for them.
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