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Author Topic: Decay Manga Project  (Read 807 times)

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Decay Manga Project
« on: December 26, 2019, 06:58:04 PM »
Decay Summary

Genre: Seinen, Fantasy, Fighting, Supernatural

In the chaotic world of Archipelago (group of islands), justice has surprisingly triumphed for many generations, but evil has lay dormant in this world of peace. Archipelago has been ruled by the Kingdom of Pandoras, who keeps peace by their own rules which have started to become corrupted. A cursed evil woman, Saliria Tombs who has been living in secret her entire life, soon emerges to execute her own mission and to show this world can never be truly peaceful.
World of Archipelago (13 Islands)

    Isiria - Island full of exotic life and coexistence with nature.
    Verta - Island of deserts.
    Altera - Birthplace of fighting styles, ancient civilizations.
    Tora - Land of technology and the future of humanity.
    Capitory - Mountainous; peaceful; citizens come here for peace
    Asura - Futal japan like; wars; forests
    Sierra - Underground city
    Lutora - Island of pleasure, riches, and sin
    Tsuna - Four islands connected to giant Atlantis like city.
    Scarpa - Island of volcanoes and descelant living and ash walkers (monsters capable of living in extremly hot tempatures)
    Varrown - Island of fog and mystery.
    Kushua - Island of alcohol and capital trade
    The Unknown Land - Birthplace of monsters and unknown regions.



Saliria Tombs - Born under an eclipse and hidden in the dark forests of Isira, Saliria Tombs was trained by her father to overcome any situation. Her motive is to show there is no peace in the world, and it might as well be done with.


Alastair - One of strongest knights currently in the Kingdom Pandoras and world of Archipelago. He is a Raizer in the Knight Order.


Knight Order in Pandoras

Class Systems
Highest Class (King, Pope)
Higher Class (Priests, Nobles, Knights)
Middle Class (Blacksmiths, Carpenters, Commoners, Craftsmen)
Lower Class (Pirates, Merchants)
Peasants, Servants, Serfs