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Author Topic: model kit? gunpla?  (Read 1025 times)

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model kit? gunpla?
« on: November 03, 2019, 02:31:27 AM »
anyone here collects model kit specifically?

anyone knows the one with stands, good ones especially??

I think this one is good...especially since they come with stands

even tho the stands are on the feet only... it's like war prisoner

then there's figma...which also has stands but detachable hands and faces....it's like amputee and mutilations.

also nendoroid...the same kind of robbery in life.
but the stands are very creative...

there's assault kingdom of course but i make do by putting the extra hands on the stands...
like...down there...among the plugs and holes...

the closest on would be....evangelion metal build....
i think the hands are on the hanger??? not sure.
or do you have to eat the extra parts and regurgitate it for later use?

it's kinda like super hcm pro...
but you also have to eat the extra part and poop it out for later use

at least the rx78 version dont have weird detachable hands..

but then...the rest dont follow. wtf.
see? no extra hands! the stands should have flying things for the plane tho

otherwise where do you store it? you eat it?


pls let me know...complete set of model kits...with stands and creative placement of extra parts
otherwise kids will eat it and ill sue the model kit company
so they make model kits that stores the extra parts safely.