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Author Topic: Seeking artist for long term revenue split collab  (Read 1302 times)

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Seeking artist for long term revenue split collab
« on: September 13, 2019, 09:06:36 AM »
I'm looking for an artist to help me apply at the yaoi army, I've a webcomic project called Phantom Specters, the first two chapters of which are here:
I can whip more up on the fly, I am looking for an artist with an anime or manga inspired art style to help me, pm me for more details.

I am hoping to apply for full time which is 2 to 3 episodes a month with 70+ colored drawn panels,

You need a portfolio of

male illustrations, sketches and full rendered art work

webcomic and/or manga samples

consistent art style

we can work together to get that portfolio filled with my boys!

the yaoi army is offering:

minimum base salary per month if deadlines are met

generous profit sharing

a payment plan

creators have 3 revenue streams 1) base rate per episode 2) Merch Sales and 3) profit sharing

deadline to turn in the application is sept 30th!