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Author Topic: My Current Story  (Read 4103 times)

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My Current Story
« on: July 26, 2019, 03:23:25 PM »
I guess I'll just post stuff about Arcs I currently have and update along the way, My story is titled Nemesis and has a re-occuring theme I tend to use a lot throughout the story, which is revenge. some characters go through their own arcs, whether it be overcoming said theme or completing it and having to deal with the aftermath of it. alright, I'll just get right into it then.

The introduction to the story introduces the reader to the main character, Yuki Madota, a teen who is still going through the pain of losing his father in an accident. he goes through counseling in the very beginning of the intro and after that session, he finally decides to take his counselors advice and go outside for once. he doesn't live alone, he lives with his robotic companion, named Trivy. Yuki decides to pick up some food, as the signs of depression are shown through his current living situation. it is revealed that someone is following him on his way to the mini market aka corner store, and he, unaware of his surroundings, remains ignorant to this fact. That is, until he is approached by a Woman whom he's never seen before. She tells him that someone is following him in somewhat of a conflicting manner (covering his mouth and telling him not to alarm the person who is tailing him). He does just that though, and a chase seen begins, Yuki having no Idea why this is happening to him, especially on the first day he decides to leave his home, is sort of saved by this woman from the person who was tailing him. the Woman tells Yuki her name, Maria, and tells him that she works for the IJA, the International Justice Agency. Yuki has no idea what this is, which sort of surprises Maria that he isn't knowledgable on the world even though he's still in high school. they soon arrive to the HQ of the IJA after finishing off the stalker (not killing him just shooting out his tires). once they arrive there, Yuki and Maria are greeted by the Director of Operations at the IJA, Lynden Silverstein. he tells Maria she did a good job, and soon answers the many questions that Yuki has, such as why is this happening, who are you, where are we, etc. Lynden tells Yuki his theory as to why Yuki is being targeted and followed, he suspects that the accident that involved his father's death was no accident at all, and whomever was responsible may have been targeting you as well. Yuki is taken back by the realization that his Father's death wasn't an accident, and doesn't really know how to handle this news, when Lynden offers Yuki a proposition. Lynden offers Yuki a position in becoming an agent here at the IJA, and possibly an opportunity to seek Justice for his Father. Yuki blindly accepts this offer, and is soon submitted into a training program aimed to train youth into becoming successful agents within the agency, it is titled the Youth Program. Maria questions Lynden's proposition and Lynden says he has a feeling that Yuki will be a fine agent one day.
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