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Author Topic: Gasha Character Bio for Astral Manga: SPOILERS!  (Read 429 times)

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Gasha Character Bio for Astral Manga: SPOILERS!
« on: June 26, 2019, 01:45:05 AM »
Hey guys! I’m OmniSylar, and I’m on the Astral Manga Team. Astral is a Shonen manga we’re all writing and I’m the editor. Below is a character description for a character we’ve been working on named Gasha - he’s the first major antagonist the group will encounter, and as such, we’ve put a LOT of work into him, his powers, and his backstory. We want you all to read it and give us some feedback if you wouldn’t mind! Give us ideas, what you think would be cooler, what you think should change, or what you really like! Any and all feedback is appreciated :) our writer is Tony Wyzen and he’s created a truly spectacular world that I think you’re all going to enjoy. Thank you in advance!
As this is a very in depth character bio, please remember that SPOILERS  are evident.


Name: Gasha

Function: Foil

Age: 13 at start, 17 by end

Goal: Prior to redemption - Live solely for himself, killing anyone he feels like and asserting his power by destroying anyone he believes to be a good challenge
After Redemption - Protect his Capital and his People and dispel the worlds fears of him

Physical Description

“Raven Hair, garb black as night, rings around the eyes… and blue flames. I know you. You’re Gasha of the Dark Blood, the Demon of Sera.” - Osmond of Reveria to Gasha

Gasha very closely resembles his mother in just about every way. He has fair skin, piercing blue eyes, and sharp, distinguished features. He has a very slightly rounded face as a child, which shapes and chisels as he grows into his teenage years. He also possesses his mothers Raven black hair, a trait(along with their eye color)synonymous with their lineage. Gasha possesses makeup-like black rings around his eyes which are speculated by Raiza and Durza to be the result of the energy Gasha’s eyes give off when he’s controlling his hellfire(evidenced by their blue glow), coupled with his chronic insomnia. It’s unknown as to which of these causes the rings as Gasha has never told anyone, and might not know himself; however, he has had them since birth, so the true nature of them is unknown.
Gasha has burns on both of his arms up to his elbow which are the result of years and years of training with and controlling his Hellfire. It’s also unknown as to what caused these, whether it was some sort of training accident, whether they resulted from overuse of his Hellfire, or whether using Hellfire has simply taken its toll over the years. Gasha typically covers these up with bandages - however, during intense battles, Gasha will remove the bandages(which appear to be fireproof to a degree, and slightly moderate the intensity of his fire attacks)to allow for more powerful attacks. Gasha appears to be insecure about these burns, as he becomes visibly aggravated and upset and, in some cases, even hostile when someone mentions them. The fact that he’s as sensitive about them as he is leads Raiza to speculate that they’re the result of forced overuse from his Mother during training.
Upon his first introduction, Gasha wears very casual attire - He wears a short sleeved, military style charcoal black tattered jacket with Sera’s insignia on the left sleeve that extends to his knees. Underneath, he wears an off-white open neck t-shirt-like Garb. For bottom attire, he wears charcoal black tattered pants and what appear to be standard Seran Hunters boots but with reinforced fronts, colored charcoal black. He wears open fingered gloves on his hands, on the top of which have metal plates, which, along with his bandages, suppress his Hellfire to a degree.  Gasha has several piercings, 2 loop cartilage piercings in his left ear, and 2 metal studs on his right nostril. All of Gasha’s clothing appears to be fireproof, as it doesn’t ignite; however, the tattered, worn down nature of it suggests it’s only fireproof to a certain degree and can burn away if he isn’t careful.

Psychological Description

“Sera wanted a monster. He never wanted to be one, but they made him one. They made him what he is. Gasha’s a creation in Sera, not a person. A monster without a master. He’s dangerous, and he needs to be stopped.” - Raiza to Artimas and the group, explaining Gasha’s backstory.

Gasha was consistently warm and kind to others during his early life and throughout most of his childhood. Everywhere he went, despite usually being treated very poorly, Gasha tried endlessly to connect with others and establish the ties and relationships he so fondly longed for. Due to the nature of his abilities though, and his inability to control them adequately as a child, Gasha would often inadvertently harm those around him with his Hellfire. This unintentional harm(despite Gasha always apologizing from the bottom of his heart)combined with his status as heir to the Dark Bloodline caused children and adults alike to fear Gasha. Not only this, but his status as Host to Citicus gave spirits the ability to involuntarily communicate with Gasha(and Citicus himself, who consistently tormented Gasha, tempting him to commit murders and other acts of violence). As a child, Gasha was unable to distinguish spirits from people, and would often be seen speaking with people that weren’t there, scaring those around him. Overtime, after years and years of this as well as psychological and emotional abuse from his mother, Gasha’s mental stability began to deteriorate. By the age of 10, he began to show little to no interest in interacting with others. When he did interact with another person, he was typically cold, aloof, stoic and uninterested, caring nothing for the feelings or well being of others. Instead of trying desperately to connect with others, Gasha instead become focused solely on himself. He doesn’t care at all for the safety of his fireteam or those around him unless their existence is otherwise beneficial to him.
After his redemption, Gasha’s personality changed to somewhere in between where he used to be as a child and where he was during his early pre-teen years. While still seemingly unemotional, and often still coming off as cold and uninterested during his interactions with others, his actions depict his change in nature. Amara Graves notices this change, as when Gasha is sent to help her defeat Osmond of Reveria, his personality appears to be the same, but she notices the difference in his eyes; where before she saw malice, pain and hatred within his eyes, she now saw determination and caring. Gasha begins to work on rebuilding his relationships, especially with his fireteam Raiza and Durza. This change can even be seen in the way Gasha begins to fight after his battle with Artimas - whereas before he fought with explosive intensity, not caring about friendly fire or those around him, he instead works tirelessly to gain more control over his hellfire to prevent harming those around him, even going so far as to forcibly restraining them to protect them. Overtime and throughout the series, Gasha’s mental stability greatly improves, and he becomes much warmer to be around as a result.

Evolution throughout the Story

Gasha is first introduced as an antagonist, serving as the primary antagonist of The Proving arc. He is the first major antagonist the Group encounters, and the first threat they must deal with all by themselves. Gasha also serves as the foil for protagonist Artimas Breyer, both of them coming from similar backgrounds as Astral Hosts but having two very different end results, and is the first major obstacle, both physically and characteristically, that Artimas must overcome. After his redemption however, Gasha becomes one of the series heavy supporting characters, serving major roles on the side of the protagonists in most of the arcs, including the Second Red War, becoming Sera’s new Guardian at just the age of 16. He helps pave the way for social reform within Sera, turning Seran ideals on their head and transforming the nation from a nation typically ostracized and feared to a nation of dependability and caring. By The end of the series, Gasha is no longer considered “The Demon of Sera” and is instead referred to as “The Soul of Sera”.


When Lady Anora’s first born child was found incompatible with Citicus, the Seran Hunters council deemed it necessary for her to continue having children until a compatible host was born, as recent declines in Sera’s military power caused them to seek powerful assets. An Astral Host with the powers of the Dark Bloodline was the given solution, as a Host within their Bloodline would be monumentally powerful, and the ultimate weapon for Sera. After 3 attempts and 2 miscarriages due to complications infusing the powerful Astral Spirit into the infants while they’re within the womb, the 4th child of Lady Anora, whom she named Gasha, was found compatible with the Spirit. Gasha was born solely for this purpose, and as such, he was raised as a weapon, not a child. Having had Citicus sealed within him upon birth, and as a carrier of the Dark Blood, Gasha was feared and ostracized by his fellow Serans. To make matters worse, he was raised in mostly isolation. Anora kept Gashas sister away from him, as well as any potential friendships, as she felt this would cause Gasha to become weak and instead wanting him to focus solely on his skills. She raised Gasha as a teacher and master and refused to show him any maternal affection. While his treatment from those around him caused Gasha great pain, he remained optimistic about his life, as he felt that he was born to be a hero and protector of his City, and that any hardships he endured were all worth it if it meant he could protect those he cared about.

Gasha was entered into the Hunters Academy at age 5, a year below average, and immediately began to show signs of prodigal talent. Even without his powers as a Host, Gasha had seemingly inherited all of his mothers talent and possibly more. When he wasn’t at the academy, she trained him at home, sacrificing his entire childhood and forcing him to train Day and night. By age 6, Gasha discovered that he was able to produce blue flames from his body, an ability he inherited from being Host to Citicus. However, unlike previous hosts to Citicus, Gasha’s Fire was different; whereas Citicus himself and previous hosts flames were spectral green, Gasha’s unique Magicka signatures from being kin of the Dark Bloodline has mutated the ability, and instead, Gasha’s flames were Blue. His mother dubbed this ability Hellfire. Along with his mutation, Dark Ward, Gasha very quickly became the rising focus of Sera’s military power.

The more powerful Gasha grew however, the more his fellow citizens feared him. Unable to fully control his Hellfire at first, Gasha would often accidentally harm those around him and cause fires within the Capital. As a result, A group of his classmates ambushed Gasha and attempted to harm him; but Gasha, unaware of how dangerous his abilities actually were to those around him(as his body was resistant to his own fire), accidentally killed them in self defense. Utterly horrified at what he had done, Gasha turned himself in to his Mother, but instead of punishment, he received praise. This confused Gasha immensely, and he demanded punishment for his actions, as anyone else would receive. Instead, his Mother forced him to kill the surviving child who had come to her to report his murders. When he refused, Anora killed the child in front of him, and made him stay in his room for one week with no human interaction.  This event sparked the awakening of Citicus within Gasha, as the Spirit had finally tasted Blood. Citicus, as well as other spirits began to speak to Gasha(involuntary on the latters part), tormenting him. Because of this, Gasha developed severe insomnia and schizophrenia. He was unable to distinguish spirits from actual people, so he would often converse with people who weren’t there, further scaring those around him, and even disturbing his family. When he was released from his isolation and let back into the academy, Gasha was attacked by citizens on the streets, who called him a monster, and wished death upon him. Gasha could not comprehend why he was treated as such and what he had done to deserve this, and began to slink into an isolationist personality, slowly becoming uninterested in his surroundings and choosing to stay away from people altogether.

Upon graduating from the Academy, Gasha met Raiza and Durza, twin brothers of the Zana Bloodline who took an immediate interest in Gasha and his abilities. They viewed Gasha as “cool” and idolized him. Gasha was surprised by their offers of friendship and, having never known the feeling before, excitedly accepted. For the first time in his life, Gasha felt love. His extreme introverted personality wore off for a time. However, this was to be short lived. Gashas Master, Unok, had been told by the Council to monitor Gasha and report any new information regarding his growth. Unok did so and, although she herself was happy for her son that he had finally made friends, Anora listened to her Council and instructed Raiza and Derza to cease showing Gasha any affection. Gasha couldn’t understand their sudden change in attitude, but remained optimistic. He snuck out of his room to bring Raiza and Durza their birthday presents – which his Mother had refused to let him give them. Upon giving the gifts to them, Raiza and Durza rejected them, shoving Gasha to the ground and reaffirming his existence as nothing but a Monster to those around him. Gasha was broken – he begged Raiza and Durza to come back, and pleaded with them to forgive him for whatever it was that he had done. When his pleas fell on deaf ears, Gasha sat in the street, sobbing. Wondering what the commotion was, the citizens began to gather around him, pointing and whispering as they watched. This final event pushed Gasha over the edge, as Citicus whispered temptations of violence into his head, that he needed to live solely for himself and love only himself, as only a monster can love a monster. Citicus himself had received similar treatment when he was alive and told Gasha that things would never change, no matter how much he wanted them to or how hard he tried to force them to. Gasha snapped, and began screaming at the citizens, began setting fire to the buildings around him, burning many people in the process. From this point forward, Gasha forsook all ties to any other being, and began to live for himself and himself only.

During these years Gasha had seemingly become the weapon Sera had so desperately wanted him to be – or so they thought. In reality, Gasha no longer felt any form of loyalty or obligations to his Capital City or Nation, and continued cooperating with his Fireteam solely to further his own goals, which is to scour the earth searching for the strongest of Hunters and subsequently kill them, in an effort to prove the value of his existence and challenge himself. During this time, Gasha becomes infamously known by several monikers, the most famous of which being Gasha of the Dark Blood, Gasha of the Blue Flame, and The Demon of Sera. When his Mother tells him about The Proving, Gasha views this as his ultimate chance to find the best of the best that the world has to offer, and agrees to represent Sera in the games. However, Gashas true goal is to use the event as a means to find the most powerful fighters there and murder them, proving to himself that there is no greater existence than his.

Powers and Abilities

“I don’t fall for the same tricks twice.” Gasha to Amara Graves during Gasha vs Amara: Not So Helpless!

Having been born for the sole purpose of becoming Sera’s most powerful military asset, Gasha is absurdly powerful for his age. Having been born into Sera’s infamous Dark Bloodline, a Bloodline of incredibly powerful hunters dating back hundreds and hundreds of years, Gasha possesses a natural affinity to the element of Darkness, an extremely rare trait and suffers no negative side effects from controlling the element. He has incredibly deep Mana reserves and being an Astral Host gives him even more energy to use. Being Host to Citicus also grants Gasha unique abilities; Gasha has the ability to create Hellfire from his body, a type of magical flames that don’t require a hunters insignia to cast. Unlike Citicus’s Necrofire, which cannot be extinguished and is colored a spectral green, Gasha’s Hellfire is unique to him(a result of his unique Mana signature from being kin to the Dark Blood), is colored bright blue, and although it can be extinguished, burns at nearly twice the intensity of ordinary magical fire spells, making it incredibly dangerous. As his Hellfire is a mutation of Citicus’s Necrofire, Gasha also retains the ability to manipulate it at will, and can change the manifestation of it, turning it from fire to a solid(such as spears and blades) as he pleases - although he doesn’t truly begin to master these elements of control until his later teenage years. Gasha can produce this fire from anywhere on his body, although he most often produces it from his hands and arms, and his eyes glow a bright blue hue(similar in color to his flames)whilst he’s controlling, producing, or about to produce Hellfire.

Gasha’s natural mutation is called Dark Ward. Gasha’s Mana signature is unique in that it is similar to a living creature; when he’s in danger, his mana will manifest outside of his body and creates a ward of Dark Magic, protecting him from harm. His Dark Ward will repel the attacker if possible, however Gasha can also simply produce a blast of Hellfire to expel the threat. This mutation is incredibly useful as it costs Gasha no mana to maintain, although Gasha can expend mana to  strengthen the Ward for more powerful threats. The Ward can be broken, however, and becomes weaker the more Mana Gasha uses during a battle. Gasha can manipulate his Dark Ward, using it to restrain enemies in place, allowing him to land devastating attacks, and if an opponent is able to get past his Dark Ward, Gasha can use it to create what he calls Dark Armor, a coating of hardened Mana he creates around his skin that acts as a shell of incredibly dense armor, protecting him from most attacks - the armor is weak however to piercing attacks and will crumble from continued assaults, and costs Gasha a significant amount of mana to maintain, unlike the independently operating Dark Ward.

Gasha is a long range fighter, using his Hellfire for devastating offensive capabilities and his Dark Ward and Dark Armor for incredible defense. During his first introduction and throughout the Proving Arc, Gasha utilizes his Hellfire in a very uncontrolled and explosive manner, typically producing large, intense blasts of Blue Flames that cover very large areas, hurling explosive fireballs, and using flamethrower like attacks. If an opponent gets up close, he produces shotgun-like bursts of Hellfire that produce noticeable recoil, and if he cannot turn around fast enough after his Dark Ward has blocked an attack, will simply produce fire from the part of his body that is being attacked(IE if an opponent goes for his back, he’ll produce a blast of Hellfire from his back instead of taking the time to turn around). He will also often try to set his environment ablaze and create walls of fire to trap his opponents, preventing excess mobility. After his redemption, Gasha’s fighting style changes - he puts more emphasis and training into controlling his flames, creating more concentrated and focused bursts, in an effort to avoid friendly fire(whereas before, he simply didn’t care most of the time). By Part II, he has incredible control over his Hellfire, and fights with much more finesse and agility than previously. Although rarely ever seen using any form of Dueling or Hunting, it’s evidenced that he is well versed in both, as his aim with Hellfire Spears is incredibly accurate and his agility and finesse in his movements whilst producing his Hellfire(at least in Part II)suggests he can fight well in hand to hand combat as well. More often than not and throughout the series, Gasha’s fighting style remains mostly the same; remain mostly stationary, use devastating ranged attacks that force the opponent to stay on the move, Isolate the target, and incinerate them.

While he at first appears rather cocky and arrogant during his first introduction, even going so far as to allow his opponents to attempt to harm him(as seen in his first couple battles, where he even goes so far as to sit down during his fight with Amara), this is mostly due to Gasha never having been truly challenged previously in his life, as the opponents he had fought previously fell easily to his overwhelming fighting style. After his fight with Amara though, and even during once he realizes she’s a threat, it’s shown from there on that Gasha actually possesses a ferociously tactile mind, quickly able to deduce the plans and tricks of his opponents and react accordingly. He often thinks steps ahead, and will often use attacks with the idea of using those attacks to lead into other attacks should his opponent avoid the previous assault. He’s very quick at forming strategies and deducing the weaknesses of his opponents, and has a very psychological approach to battles - he chooses to overwhelm his opponents in combat, using his incredible Mana reserves to his advantage and assaulting them with powerful attacks from the start. Doing this he goads his opponent into rapidly revealing their abilities, contemplating the right approach, and then isolating them and incinerating them once he’s thought of a way to finish the fight.

Gasha’s primary weakness is, ironically, his Hellfire itself. Not only does it consume Mana to use but it also takes a physical toll; while he has a natural resistance to it, both from being Host to Citicus and having been using it since childhood, even his own body has a difficult time coping with the ridiculous levels of heat his attacks give off and, if overused, can result in serious damage to himself(as evidenced by the severe burns on his arms). This damage is visible to his opponents, as his appendages(wherever he’s producing Hellfire from)will begin to smoke, and if serious enough, swell and turn red and purple. Because of this, Gasha is at a disadvantage against fast, agile opponents that are able to dodge or otherwise avoid his attacks and prolong the battle until his abilities begin to wear him out. Upon his first introduction, Gasha also seems to have fairly slow reaction time, as Amara is able to run laps around him using her superior speed - his reaction time and agility is very noticeably improved as he gets older, however. Regardless, fast agile opponents still pose a danger to him. He’s also highly susceptible to water based attacks, as seen during his fight with Amara - although slightly less so than other Pyromancers, as his Hellfire burns hotter than ordinary fire and is therefore harder to extinguish. To combat his weaknesses, Gasha wears fireproof clothing to protect his skin and prevent himself from easily over exerting, especially on his arms and hands, where he wears fireproof bandages(that also hide his terrible scarring)and gloves. His clothes are only fireproof to a certain degree it seems however, as his clothes have very distinguished burn-like patterns to them, such as the tears and tatters on his jacket and pants. These clothes also serve as an added weakness as well - as they prevent Gasha from using all of his power. This is evidenced by Gasha removing his bandages and gloves during high intensity battles, and often appearing more powerful afterward. While in Ascended Form, Gasha’s tolerance to his own heat goes up exponentially as does the intensity of his flames, his control over his Dark Ward and his control over his Hellfire; his durability and heat resistance goes up by a considerable amount, and once in True Ascension Form, he appears to be nearly impervious to any fire including his own, much like Citicus himself(although this can be debated as he deflects a fire attack from Aeon, but this may have simply been in an attempt to be “better safe than sorry”, as he had only recently achieved the form.


Gasha’s name is a shortening of Gashadokuro, a skeletal demon in Japanese folklore. This is because Gasha was originally slated to be a Necromancy based character - however this was changed after the artist of Astral determined drawing the high number of high detail skeletons was too difficult in the timeframe.
Gasha is Left Handed.
Gasha is heavily inspired by Pyro from The X-Men, combined with Princess Azula from Avatar
Gasha’s favorite food is well done beef
Gasha’s favorite hobby is playing RPG video games. This is most likely because of his childhood, and how he longed for a different one
Gasha suffers from Thalassophobia
Gasha is attracted to red haired women