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Author Topic: Ryugekyuu Connect - Teaser [Thriller]  (Read 405 times)

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Ryugekyuu Connect - Teaser [Thriller]
« on: May 16, 2019, 11:59:55 PM »
Hey all! Taking a quick intermission from Dragon Universe as I get some commission work done on the side. I came up with an idea for a story, I'd love some feedback on it if anyone would be interested in giving it a look through! The following is set up as a Novel - like recap of the story up to a certain point. Hope you enjoy!

Ryugekyuu Connect

Plot -
Modern day Japan, One Rainy afternoon. Ryugekyuu, an exchange student from a neighboring native island, is about to start her first day at highschool, a Junior, after a lifetime of homeschooling and sheltering from the outside world. She is pretty, tall, with nothing close to a flaw on her face. Light brown, long hair with playful bangs. She is bright spirited, hopeful. As she stands at the door, though, she shakes, her nerves getting the better of her. After contemplating running away, or simply waiting to fade away, she enters the room, and allows the teacher to introduce her to the class. The class is fairly normal, as run of the mill as they come. Several characters are of note, sticking out among the sea of faces. After a shaky intro, and some mummering among the students, she settles at an empty desk towards the back of the class. A girl is seated behind her, but they are remote compared to the rest of the class.
As Ryu sits back, gathering her nerves once more, the girl behind her pokes at her, getting her attention. She introduces herself. Tae Watanabe. She had straight black hair, and a skinny, hourglass like figure, similar to Ryu. She was a blunt girl.
   Ryo turns to face Tae.
   “Listen up, I’m going to give you a crash course of the students here. I’m only going to say it once.”
   Tae points to several students, explaining them one by one. First, she points to herself.
   “I’m Tae.”
   “Yeah, you said that in front of the class. That's a strange name, I take it your from some island off the coast not too far from here. Your definitely Japanese, but not quiet.”
   Tae points to the front of the class, towards a blonde female, sitting properly in her seat, her presence towering among the rest around her.
“That’s Chyioo. She’s the class rep, so don’t do anything stupid in front of her. In my opinion, she’s a stuck up bitch.”
   “Class… what now?”
   Tae points a few seats behind her, towards a smaller girl, messy, dark brown hair shrouds her face a bit. She has her nose deep in a notebook, she is scribbling something down.
   “That’s Nariko. She’s strange. I don’t really like talking with her, she’s socially impaired or something.”
   “Maybe she’s just shy?”
   Tae then points towards a boy in the back, across from her. He is kicked back, staring out the window, playing with a pencil in his hand. He has a fairly clean, straight forward teenage look to him. He has a stylish hoodie over his normal school uniform though, throwing off his entire flow.
   “And that’s Eiji. He’s my boyfriend. Kind Of an air head, but he’s a good listener when he needs to be. Plus he’s a total keeper.”
   Tae smiles slightly as she looks towards Ryu.
   “So, what brings you to this *censored*ty place?”
   The two talk for the rest of the day, Tae introducing Ryu to Eiji during their lunch break. Ryu also speaks with a few other girls from her class, including Chyioo, who comes off as very proper and elegant in her words. As Ryu goes about her day, she can’t help but notice that Nariko hasn’t spoken to her, but has caught her shooting glances on occasion.
   A few weeks pass, and Ryu has integrated into the class much faster then she could have imagined. The boys loved her, the girls thought she was a riot. She typically hung out with Tae and Eiji afterschool, following them on all sorts of crazy misadventures as the days rolled by. Whenever Ryu returned to her apartment, she would have dinner with her mother, and head into her room to study and text with Tae all night long. The two became close friends.
   About a month passes, Ryu is packing her things at the end of the day, in the classroom. Tae and Eiji have told her to meet them by the convenience store, as Ryu had to stay behind to gather some extra things. Ryu begins to leave the room when she notices that Nariko’s bag was still in it’s seat, but her signature notebook, and herself, missing. Ryu exits the classroom, the bag in her possession. She looks around the halls, outside the windows, looking for Nariko. Eventually, before returning to the class, she takes one final look to the girl’s bathroom. Right outside of it, Nariko is surrounded by several girls from the school. Ryu watches from behind a hall corner as the girls pick on Nariko, calling her names, edging her on. Eventually, Ryu recognizes one of them. Chiyoo, who is holding the reigns, pushes Nariko to the ground, and stomps on her, kicking her full force as the girls laugh. Nariko holds back tears as she tries to block the abuse.
   Ryu, acting on nothing but a whim, turns the corner, screaming in rage.
Girls scatter, with Chiyoo in shock, standing above Nariko, who has started to bleed a bit on the ground, past her bruises. As Chiyoo realizes what's going on, a teacher rushes down the hall, and grabs her by the wrist before she can get away. The teacher pulls her to his classroom, Chiyoo shooting a glance towards Ryu as she  is taken away.
   Ryu bends down, and helps Nariko to her feet. In the girls bathroom, Ryu helps to patch Nariko up, and gives her the bag she had left. For the first time, Nariko speaks to Ryu.
   “Thank… you.”
   Nariko blushes, holding back tears as Ryu brushes off her cheek.
   “I can’t believe Chiyoo, or any one of those girls would do that! What heartless…”
   “I’m used to it.”
   Ryu stares at Nariko. Nariko tries to wipe her tears, but more start to fall. Ryu, from this day forth, has made another friend in Nariko.
   In the classroom, the teacher chastises Chiyoo. Chiyoo wants none of it. She is seething at the thought of Ryu, or anyone, dare defying her. Her whole life was her’s to play with, if she was going to take out the frustration of a few bad grades on the class's resident punching bag, then why not? As she leaves after the teacher threatens to expel her, Chiyoo grinds her teeth. She wasn’t going down for this. Not something she got away with for years, after all, everyone else did it too. It was her. That new girl. She doesn't get the pecking order…
   A few more weeks pass. Ryu explains the situation to Tae and Eiji in this time, and the two learn to accept Nariko. The four hang out around the city, they mess around at arcades and eat lunch together on the weekends. Nariko reveals that she’s an artist, showing quite the impressive gallery to the three.
   “So that’s what you’ve been hiding this whole time. Never woulda guessed, Nari.”
   Nariko stares at Tae.
   “You cool with that name? Your name’s to long, like Ryuge… well whatever the hell her name was.”
   “My name is Ryugekyuu! I’m sorry your name’s three letters long!
The four laugh, Nariko finally feeling as if she had a place in the world. She had suffered from a broken household for years, and her serious depression and anxiety didn’t help her exactly reach out and make friends. The four were happy with life, feeling as if they were each a part of a special click.
One winter night, a week before winter break. Ryu is heading to the train station to meet up with Tae, who is leaving on vacation to the States. Eiji told her when to be there, but Ryu wanted to see her before the others got there. She had a gift for Tae, and didn’t want to chance missing her opportunity to give it to her. As Ryu waits at the tracks, the station is baren. The cold air stings Ryu’s face, but her warm smile is enough to fight it off. Then, from behind, she is pushed into the tracks. The tracks are concaved in, she would have to climb a steep slope to get out. As she tumbles down, her gift falls to the gravel to her side. She raises her head, to see Chiyoo, and several other girls, laughing like mad.
“That wasn’t funny, Chiyoo!”
“Your right, it wasn’t.”
Chiyoo spits in Ryu’s face from above. As Ryu tries to climb out, the girls stomp at her hands, and they kick her back into the tracks. This goes on for several minutes.
The ground starts to rumble.
“Let me out! This isn’t funny! The train is coming!”
Some of the girls back off.
“Shut up and grovel. You can come out when I tell you to!”
The train is in sight, the light in the distance shining brightly through falling snow.
“Let her up!”
Chiyoo looks at the girls behind her.
“I said when I SAY SO-!!!”
Chiyoo feels a tug from behind her, her ankle caves back a bit, and she tumbles as Ryu climbs her way out, desperately.
She didn’t mean to push Chiyoo down.
She wanted to grab the ground, Chiyoo had stepped back at the wrong time.
She didn’t want.
She didn’t want.
She didn’t-
 The train roars past, Ryu just barely avoiding it.
The wind flaps around Ryu, as a nearby crow perched high in a dead tree sounds off.
Ryu had a peculiar thought at this time.
“Aren't birds meant to fly South for the winter…?”
   Girls scream.
   Ryu looks down, seeing the splash of red around her.
   “Isn’t snow meant to be white...?”
   Girls run.
   Ryu’s eyes water, but she doesn't quiet get why.
   The gift she had bought for Tae crumbles to bits under the train’s wheels.
   So does Chiyoo.
   Ryu can’t bare to shift her head to see.
   She can hear.
   She can smell.
   She can think.
   Her mind, suddenly, blank. Radio Silence.
   Her mind hits the ground running at speeds faster then was comprehensible.
Ryu, acting on nothing but a whim, runs.
She runs.
   And runs.
   She manages to get home, slamming the door open.
   She forgets to close it.
   She rushes for her room.
   “Mother’s not home.”
   She thanks god.
   She did it.
   Ryu killed Chiyoo.
   Her mind raced again.
   Ryu pulls the blinds down, and slams the door shut now.
   She rushes for her room, and locks the door behind her.
   She doesn't take off any outerwear, and huddles in the corner, far from the door, far from the world, in her jacket and scarf.
   She breathes heavily.
   A migrain sets in.
   “Am I… going to die?”
   She takes a rapid breath. It’s the last thing she remembers clearly before she passes out.
   Chiyoo's blood stains her floor and wall as it flows from her jacket.
   Ryu wakes up?
   She looks around?
   What is here?
   Where are she?
   Who is there?
   When could them?
   It was clear to her that her thoughts were failing her. Her eyes were nearly bloodshot, staring down at nothingness. She was in an void.
   A flicker is heard on the opposite side of the void. Ryu stares intently…?
   A hand is extended.
   A hand?
   The hand is not a hand…
   It is a hand?
   Ryu holds her’s out as well.
   The two meet…
   Did they?
   A voice is heard as the hands meet.
   Virus. Welcome…
   It isn’t normal…?
   Will you be making a Connection?

Teaser FIN