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Author Topic: Collaboration Project: Beyond Realms Comic  (Read 276 times)

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Collaboration Project: Beyond Realms Comic
« on: March 29, 2019, 11:36:22 AM »
Hey guys! I'm looking for a collaboration crew consisting of a few inspiring writers who have some knowledge and skill in writing medieval fantasy based comics/novels.  This comic will be based on one of many histories in the MMORPG game "Beyond Realms" which is being developed.  I have a potential artist who is drawing out the characters I need so my next step is getting a team together to create the most engaging comic for the game.  If you are interested and want to see a summary of the idea please contact me asap.

I am in need of the following specific types of writers:
* Someone who is experienced in making readers fall out of their seats by creating hilarious moments and dialogue
* Someone who can influence readers and their need to find out what happens next through the use of unseen twists and turns in a storyline
* Someone who can capture the hearts of the readers with scenes that portray a relatable sense of sorrow, joy, anger, love, etc.
* Lastly, I need at least one writer, preferably female, who can perfectly portray how a female would act and what they would say depending on their personality for any female characters that may appear in the story.

This first comic will not have much of any split written assignments and its plot is already set and will mainly focus on one script but the second comic will have multiple scripts and it would be nice to have formed a cooperative team before that point.  This collaboration will not be paid but if it begins to bring in revenue you will get payment at that point. Let me know if you are interested.

So, to recap, I need a total of 3-5 individuals for a collaborative written comic script, who have experience in writing Medieval Fantasy based stories.