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Author Topic: Lucifer the Dark and Light bringer  (Read 1368 times)

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Lucifer the Dark and Light bringer
« on: March 26, 2019, 01:04:35 AM »
You all think Lucifer means light bringer. Well you're not wrong cause that's the meaning of the word. But what if I tell you that's not why Lucifer got his name. What if I tell you there's more to it. 

Many light years ago when Satan decided to teach the other Angels about the feelings he learned. A really ancient Angel who was also the oldest Gardian Angel general decided to become a maiden and see all Other worlds. As she was traveling all over the universe she she came across a jet black and purple planet that was giving off strange energy.

When she went to the planet she realized "Ah that was the planet Satan was talking about the Planet of the Dark Angels Yamiki. As she look around the planet she saw that there are Darkness everywhere and negative feelings. In that Darkness there are beauty that she never saw or knew about. Well that doesn't mean happiness don't excited there are happiness but not a great amount.

As she stroll around she encounters many Dark Angels all wondering what she is doing here as she was glowing like the sun. Then she meet the one who will be with her the rest of the life of eternity.
His wings where glowing in Dark purple and black reliance just like the planet was he had the most beautiful wings among all Dark angels. She didn't realize back then she just meet the Prince of Yamiki.

As he was the Prince you expect him to be cruel and dark in nature well his personality was dark. But he was kind hearted the most rarest of rare kind in all the Yamiki.

He asked the young woman who are you ?

She replied I am a Gardian Angel on a journey to see the universe.

He was amazed tell me more please as you can see I have never left my world but I know there's a really big universe. Someday I would also like to go on a journey to see the universe to find the answer what really is the purpose of life.

She was surprised cause she went on this journey with the Same purpose.

Then those two became friends and talked alot.

It didn't take long for the king of Yamiki to to know about the Prince and the Gardian Angel.
As they Where happily getting to know each other and talking about the adventures she had, a really large figure with enormous wings appear before them his eyes where shining like red jewels and his wings were giving off the shine of black diamond.

As he speaks to the Prince What's the meaning of this why are you so friendly with this Gardian Angel woman don't you know we don't get along well ?

The Prince: respectfully replied Father I know our history with them but she is different she is on a journey to find herself. As I desire to do one day.

The King: What nonsense what are you talking about you will be the next king of this planet you will rule over after me.

The Prince: (in kinda rebelling voice) No father I won't be the king I don't have much confidence about it.kinad soft voice I........ I wanna see the universe and find out what is the purpose of excitens.

The King: Are you planning on going with her you where always different then all of us Dark Angels. I didn't understand what was wrong with you. As I asked the Almighty said that have a kind heart. I didn't understand why and how as the woman I fall in love with was full of sadness and despair. So there wouldn't be any chance of you tho get a kind heart.

The Prince: don't you get it father you saved her from that by marring her and then she had me with the positive feelings so I am who I am and for that I thank you Father.

The Gardian Angel: oh king of Yamiki I am a curious Angel who traveling around the universe I have learned that positive feelings are not the only thing that excited in this universe there are negative feelings too thanks the our little general Satan He might be young in age but there are so many things I had learn from him.

The King: Did you say Satan ? That kid was a true genius. He adapted our way of life so quickly I was really surprised. Isee so he is the head of all Gardian Angels now well I am happy to hear his achievement. You can stay here as long as you want. Be sure to see me before you go.

And you (The prince) come to the castle  (with serious smiling face) we need to talk.

After that the Prince and the Gardian Angel went to the town to look for a place for her to stay. The King gave her the royal seal so she can get by for the time she is there. She and the the prince found the perfect Inn for her to stay in. After settling down the prince went back to the castle, then went to the throne room.

The prince: Father I have come as you wished for you to come.

The King: Hmm you may speak freely. answer my question. Only then you will be free to go(from this world)

The Prince:if that would satisfy you and let me be on my journey. I will try my best to answer all your questions.

The King: my what you're trying to do is step foot on an unknown open void with no way to go back there won't be any light there for light years after light years. So my question is do you intend to go after knowing this ? cause what I have told you I have experienced myself. That's right your father did go out of this planet as you wanting to do. So do you still intend to go ?

The prince: yes father I'd still wanna go no matter what, you knew about my dream and you never told me. I know you were trying to protect me but I am a all grown up now. I can take care of myself so I ask your permission to let me go.

The King: Hmm is your that your that obsessed I shall let you go but you have to cut ties with me with the royalty you have represent so far and become a traveling Dark Angel. Are you prepared to throw away your Identity ?
The Prince: Yes father, if that what it takes to let me go on the journey of my dreams then I shall become a nameless traveler.

The King: Then do do as you wish from now on you shall address me as King. I am giving you this royal seal it will be helpful when your searching for place to stay or it or even work.
What you do with it is totally up to you now go and spread your wings twords the universe.

Nameless traveler: Yes my king I shall be on my way thank you for all you aid you gave me and bid farewell.

Tear drops fell from the King's an Queen's eyes but they didn't let him see it cause they need to be strong.

The nameless traveler and the Gardian Angel started to live together they even made a house there. After sometime they decided to travel the universe so both of them went to the king to let him know.

Gardian Angel: I am here Oh king of Yamiki, to let you know that we are ready to travel again I am returning the seal you gave me.

Nameless traveler: Oh king here is mine thank you for all your help. We are really grateful for your help.

King:Hmm you may keep the royal seals. As I have heard you 2 have build a house here in Yamiki. So I Grant you permission to keep them you can come back here any time you want to.

Both (nameless traveler and Gardian Angel): thank you very much. We won't forget your kindness. Now we ask your permission to let us go on our journey.

King: Yes you have my permission you may go.

After that they left Yamiki and traveled together. He (Nameless traveler) was so amazed of how big and beautiful the universe was and she was traveling to explore the universe all alone.

As they have visited all of the universe and unrevealed many Mysteries they decided to to heaven the Gardian Angel's home. As they were closing in the Almighty stopped the.

Gardian Angel: Oh almighty why did you stop us ? Did we do something wrong ?

Almighty: my child I am sorry but Drak Angels can't enter heaven if they do balance of hell and heaven will crumble and both will fall.

Nameless traveler: Oh almighty I am grateful to finally meet you. I am in a journey of finding what I really excited for I have seen every inch of the universe except heaven and hell can't I visit even for a little time.

The Almighty: on some conditions I can let you enter

1st one is you always have to be with her you partner Gardian Angel so your dark angel Aura won't disturb the heavens pure energy flow.

2nd I want you to be one with one another it doesn't mean you have to consume one another no I will give you the knowledge of what it means to be one with one another.

3rd you have to give me the result of you being one there will be a special gift for you 2 after being one you have to give that gift to me.

The Nameless traveler knew what Almighty was talking about because in his world Drak angels are born like that but the Gardian Angel didn't what Almighty was talking about as she was pure and never done any of that (that's right even tho they were together he never touched her)

Nameless Traveler: Oh Almighty will you give us time it's a big decision and that will be our first time so I request you give us some time.

Almighty: Very well I am giving you time. It seems you have understand that I am talking about. Do try to response quick.

Nameless Traveler: yes I will (with worried look)

Almighty: On the other hand you can visit Hell whenever you want to even now.

Nameless Traveler: No thanks I am ok with visiting it later thanks for the offer.

After that they went to a planet where there was no life but can live there because of the of the pure Oxygen and trees they made a house there. After they settled down. The nameless Traveler start to explain what Almighty meant by becoming one and the gift that will give us. Her face grew red and and she was so embarrassed it was really cute.

The Gardian Angel: Are you ok if it's with me I don't mind doing it. But it's my first time and it will really be a brand new experience.

The Nameless Traveler: From the Moment I saw you I fell in love with you. I never told you cause I knew you still didn't know what that feelings is so I never touched you I didn't what you to be offended by that. So I will say it won't do if it's not. I too am inexperienced I never done it but I know about it. So shall ask you will you be my partner ?

The Gardian Angel: Yes I will. It won't do if it's not you. I..... I Love you.

The Nameless Traveler: (his face grew red and he was so embarrassed) where did you learn that? I love you too.

Both had swear to be together forever and lead a happy life. By doing so that they had accepted the conditions of the Almighty. Tho it's not because Almighty told them to it's because they really had feelings for each other. So they really forgotten about the conditions.

After sometime Lucifer was born. (that's right he was the 1st Angel to have a fixed gender. And was born from another Angel so he is special) So the 3 of them were living a Happy life. Lucifer was old enough to walk and fly on his own not soon after Almighty appears before them.

Almighty: hmm it seems you have accepted my conditions I shall taking Lucifer with me and you are permitted to enter Heaven now but remember you two have to be together all the time.

Both: Oh Almighty we forgot about your conditions and didn't even think about going to Heaven and He. What we did we did of our own will Lucifer is the fruit of your love please don't take him.

The Almighty explained to them why he asked them to do such tasks and why Lucifer needs to be separated from them.

The Almighty: I am sorry for the negative feelings your feeling now but it has to be done for the future of this universe. Your still welcome to visit Heaven and He.

Both: thank you for your kind offer but we have found what we were missing in life with Lucifer it was all complete but if it's for the good of universe we entrust our child to you.

So now you know Lucifer was not born in heaven. Actually it was an unknown planet there there are pure Oxygen and trees.

So that concludes the story of Lucifer's birth.

Now for the life he lived in heaven.

Obviously Satan was much older than Lucifer
So Almighty asked Satan to become Lucifer's friend and to do that he had to transform back to his little kid from and so he did it was really fun for him. As they become best friends Satan noticed Lucifer don't just use the pure Angels magic but he also can use the magic he is magic specialized in Black Magic.

Satan was amazed and became more interested in him.then the two who become bestest friend who were also like brothers did everything together Satan taught him many things about black magic. The Almighty taught him about pure Angels magic. As he was just a kid he forgets about his parents and start thinking of Almighty as his father figure. As the time and Lucifer becomes more mature he became the Gardian Angel of Gardian Angels the most powerful Angel of the universe and the leader of the Angels and Satan becomes the general.

Lucifer later finds out about Yamiki and visit the king. The King was in bad shape he didn't have much longer to live as a Guardian Angels can live forever as long as they have fate in there creator Dark Angels can't they have to return to hell one way or another. After seeing Lucifer he thought he was seeing his son as Lucifer had the same Aura as the Nameless Traveler. But he also felt the Aura of the Gardian Angel so he then understand what was going on.

The King: You what's your name.

The Gardian Angel: It's Lucifer Oh king of Yamiki.

The King: Lucifer!! I see. What is it you want.

Lucifer: it seems I am half Gardian Angel and half Dark Angel. I asked almighty but the Almighty won't answer me. I only know one other who is similar to me in heaven. He is my best friend. His name is Satan.

The King: it's been Ages since I heard that name. Tell you what you should visit a house in this planet there I believe you will find all your answers after your done be sure to lock up and come see me again.

Lucifer got the key to the house where his parents lived.

Lucifer: thank you your majesty. I will be on my way then.

The king: Hmm have a safe journey.

As Lucifer rooms around the planet he reached his destination. Field of different colored dark Crystal floor field with a beautiful Dark wood and Crystal house in the middle.

As he was about to open the locked door a voice tells him not to is was the voice of his mother (The Gardian Angel) the voice says " Lucifer now is not the right time to open it when the time comes all truth will be reveled.

As the voice fades away Lucifer noticed he he had tears in his eyes the voice he heard felt so nostalgic yet he can't remember who's it was. Lucifer returned to the king asking for a favor.

Lucifer: Your Majesty I have returned.

The King: did you find anything useful.

Lucifer: I couldn't open the door the moment I was going to a female voice warned me not to.

The King: I see (she doesn't want him to know yet I can't call him my grandson yet (sad face))so what are you going to do now ?

Lucifer: I will be going back to heaven if it's not time I am not going to look into it any further but I do have a favor to ask please grant it to me.

The King: Hmm what is it ?

Lucifer: I want a spare key of that house and permission to visit there freely.

The King: granted. If that's all you are free to go say hi to Satan for me will ya.
Lucifer the the key and permission to visit anytime.
Lucifer: Will do. I will be going now then.

Lucifer went back to heaven and tell Satan what happened.

As the time passed by Lucifer grows more powerful and wise.

His time on Earth was fun and frustrating it the same time. Why frustrating ? Eell all the happiness he ever wanted or got never last long as it's was the curse of the fallens. Yeap anyone who falls never be happy for long.

So Lucifer made his own world the spirit world (ps: spirit world does not excit in hell it excit within Earth). Before that he made his kingdom in Earth ruling of all Earthlings. The castle still excit on Earth but no one but ancient humans and the fallen can find it.

Why did Lucifer took the dinosaurs to the spirit world well the reason is simple for them they where like pets one of the dinosaur specice had personality closer to dogs and one spices where closer to cats so he couldn't just leave them behind to die. The ice age. After the meteorite send by the Almighty fell to Earth and almost all life on Earth where distroyed.

New life began to Rome around the earth this life fromes are what now we know an Animals. Of course planets have evolve them selfs too. But I would say it's a devolve cause the oxygen level on Earth dropped by 50%. The creatures who have survived the meteorites didn't last long cause of the lack of oxygen. Humans can survive in the current atmosphere so even is the creatures who lived longer then humans get extinct that wouldn't bother anyone. Except the fallens because they have seen there lifestyle and there struggle to live. 

Lucifer had a wife within the fallens as Lucifer was born from two Angel's Love he already had the thing called feelings in him. So how did they meet. Well of course they meet in heaven. But the feelings for each other develop in Earth.

First how they meet. It was a day like any other days in heaven. Lucifer was strolling around here and there, then he saw her bathing in the spring of guarden Eden. It was a sight like (ah yeah that's heaven for you). She saw him looking at her with looks she never knew possible. After bathing she walked up to the Lucifer and asked about the looks he was giving her.(she do know what  feelings are. But she never knew what they are for or how to use them). As Lucifer explained about this feelings she felt a little embarrassed.

Back to Earth. She was one of the 1st rebelling Angels who stood along side Lucifer and Satan why you ask well because she learned how to feel and about the human being experiment that only Satan and Lucifer supposed to know how did she know it well she happened to pass by the scene when it happened (nothing stays private in heaven I guess). So anyway slowly they devolop feelings for each other and became one. Lucifer had forgotten all the bad things that happened to him.

But as I said happiness never last's long for a fallen. She gave birth to beautiful a baby girl Fallen she had the same wings as Lucifer. After sometime passed and the baby grew up he mother was not in good shape she had a serious illness to cure that she have to stay away from her daughter and husband for the rest of her life. If she chooses to stay with them she will eventually vanish from excistense. Like she where Never even there. So Lucifer asked her to leave and go to Earth it was to save her putting a stone on his heart.

As he goes through like he forgets about the kye to that house and the voice that stopped him from opening the house.