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Author Topic: A Tragic tale of Time Traveler(unfinished)  (Read 1176 times)

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A Tragic tale of Time Traveler(unfinished)
« on: March 24, 2019, 11:30:56 PM »
A happy family with 4 members husband wife there child and the husband's little brother. Motorcycle time excelerateor , betrayal of the wife, love between siblings.

About Miwa:

Once apon a time there was a called Miwa.
He lived a normal life normal kindergarten, normal high school, normal college everything about him was just normal. When he got a job and got married his boss suggested him to by a motorcycle so his transport problem would be solved because he lived in middle of nowhere. Well he did buy it but that was the 1st and last adventures mistake he did. That motorcycle he bought excelerates time. Meaning it's a time machine that can only move forward, it can only go to the future not the past.

And so Miwa's adventure begins. tho he lost his family because of this.

Let me introduce other characters of this story.

Miwa's wife:

she is a lovely woman name Shina. Now she was the same as Miwa except she was really popular among boys because of her beauty. She was never a attention seeker but everyone liked her anyway. She meet Miwa on a online dating site, yeah I know they don't work. But it worked for both of them. They fall in love then got married, even had a cute baby boy. She was really happy liveing with Miwa but then the dark day for her and her family came, then they got depressed. Miwa.... was missing and there was no sign of him anywhere not since he left with him new bike.

The little brother: Miwa's little brother Sora. Was opposite of him from childhood he was an extraordinary kid he was top at everything and was really peepe and social . Though he was rude to his big brother. When Miwa went missing he was still in University as usual top student of his class. So when Miwa went missing he started to have relationship with Shina. Of course she didn't want to at first but then loneliness got her and she agreed they had a kid too it was a girl. Shina lived in gult of what she had done, every time she see the baby girl.
And Sora was never married waiting for Shina to say yes to his proposal.

Miwa's son: he was the mixture of Shina and Miwa. His personality was of Miwa softhearted and just normal. One day Miwa stumbled apon a future seeing there was his house no changes in his neighborhood.

But everything changed around it. He couldn't wait longer. He ran like there was no tomorrow, he ran as he almost fall, then knock at the door. A middle aged young man answers the door. As soon as there eyes meet Miwa hugs that middle aged Man realizing it was his son standing in front of him all grown up. He was confused (his son)

 Middle aged Man : sir who are you ? He asked the man. Miwa replied : I used to live here many years ago with a lovely wife and my only son Kyo. (He then started crying)

Kyo:  DAD is that you Dad you.... You look as you looked back then how ??? Dad please come in. Miwa went in the house seeing an young girl cooking in the kitchen.

Miwa: Oh you got married son.

Kyo: No no it's not like that I can't do that even if I wanted to.

Miwa: What do you mean ? She is my sister my....... Blood sister. Miwa set down.

Miwa: I didn't do it with your mom back then I never had time to but to have a 2nd kid what's her name ?

Kyo: no dad your mistaken she is not your child she is Uncle sora and mom's child and name is Kiena.

Miwa: WHAT!!? hmm well I won't blame them after all I was the one who left.

Kyo: So dad tell me your story what happened why did you left and never come back.

Miwa: to put it in short that motorcycle I bought that that day and try using it for the 1st time turned out to be a time machine that can only go to the future not the past.

Kyo: What so you became a time traveler I see.

Miwa : where is your mom and my brother Sora ?

Kyo:................................. Dad mom died when Kiena was 5 years old and uncle died next year.

Kyo: kyo in thoughts (She did wait for you and never married uncle but I guess telling you that won't change anything will it)

Miwa: KYO you ok.

Kyo: Ah yes yes sorry I spaced out so dad will you stay ?

Miwa: You have become a fine young man. Kyo I don't think you need me in your life. I wasn't there when you needed me. but you don't need me now.

Kyo: ........dad.......

As for kyo's childhood I will show it in Kiena's profile.