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Author Topic: Dragon Universe [Reworked]  (Read 4884 times)

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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
« Reply #15 on: May 24, 2019, 10:38:34 PM »
Chapter 14 is up!

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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
« Reply #16 on: June 17, 2019, 08:39:13 PM »
[Chapter 15 Post]
Chapter 15 “Painful Silence"


Chapter 15 - Painful Silence -

(The chapter opens right where it left off, with the tension in Salem's office only getting heavier. Fukagawa is still speechless at the Request. Salem is still smiling, and slides back into his seat, satisfied. Blue sighs and looks at his briefcase.)

Blue: To think… I was carrying something so important in here… And we were never informed of any murder...

(Fukagawa looks over at Blue for a second, and then fixes his glasses, regaining his composure.)

Fukagawa: I… Alright. Fine, we will handle this case. But my team will be taking the credit, not the company.

(Salem plays Fukagawa's comment off as if it wasn't a demand. Salem seems slightly offended, but still smiles politely.)

Salem: Never even thought of it. Now, why don't you take Mr.Blue here, and the four of you get going?

(Fukagawa motions for his team, clearly relived the talk is over. The four [including Blue] are leaving, but before Fukagawa places his hand on the handle of the door, Salem makes a comment.)

Salem: Oh, and by the way, Rei…

(Fukagawa stops. Yun looks over to Salem, knowing full well what's to come. He seems upset by Salem's decision.)

Salem: You know, I mentioned him earlier, but Sage is in town. He's been in the building since yester-

(Suddenly, without holding back, Fukagawa turns around and blasts a bolt of lightning at his father. Fukagawa's book is open, the pages flapping wildly. Taro jumps out of the way, and Lillian does the same, with Blue in tow. Yun seems to have expected this outcome, but doesn't move. Before the blast reaches Salem, Salem moves his hand ever so slightly, creating a magic circle in front of his desk. The circle takes the full force of the attack, and absorbs it. As the attack is absorbed, stray sparks fly off in all directions, scorching some of the walls. After the attack finishes it, the room settles again, with an awkward silence. Fukagawa does not flinch, eyeing Salem with killer intent. Salem only grows more amused.)

Salem: Don't worry, he's only here because his team is taking a break from Requests. I had no intention of using them.

(Fukagawa slams his books shut with his free hand, and turns to open the door again. Salem decides to poke at him one last time.)

Salem: Still need that book, huh?

(Fukagawa hesitates for a moment, but continues forward.)

Fukagawa: Don't you ever talk about Sage in front of me again. EVER.

(The four finally walk outside the office. After the doors close, Blue falls to his knees, in shock. Lillian seems upset, and Taro does not comment. Fukagawa fixes his glasses, attaching his book to his side again.)

Fukagawa: I'm sorry you had to witness that…

(Fukagawa looks up towards the reader, his emotions are suddenly drained. He seems almost sad.)

Fukagawa: We will pay my brother a visit before we head out.

(The scene transitions to Yuki, sitting on the steps of the Chief's cottage. She is holding her side, inspecting an object in her hand. Behind her, Jess is leaning against the wall next to the door. Yuki flips the object around, curious. Jess is smiling softly, her arms crossed. The item is revealed to be Yuki's personal C.R.O.W.)

Jess: You like it?

(Yuki doesn't take her eyes off of it, memorized by it.)

Yuki: It's interesting, that's for sure. I can't believe something like this exists…

(Jess raises an eyebrow, about to break out into laughter.)

Jess: Yuki… you haven't turned it on yet. Do you not know how?

(Yuki blushes, agitated by her own lack of knowledge.)

Yuki: I… don't…

(Jess walks over to her, and sits next to her. She taps the side of the device, and it flickers on. Yuki watches in awe as the initials "D.U." flash on screen. Then, it goes into a login screen. The camera pans back as Jess helps Yuki go through the device's set up. Yuki smiles awkwardly as she tries to learn how to navigate the system herself. After a few panels of the two going back and forth like this, Yuki looks up at Jess, curious.)

Yuki: Oh yeah, Jess. What does C.R.O.W stand for?

Jess: Hm?

(Yuki patiently waits for her answer. Jess thinks to herself for a moment, and then snaps.)

Jess: Ah, Citizen Requests On Wireless!

(Jess is proud of her memory, but Yuki seems disappointed.)

Yuki: What? That seems kind of forced…

Jess: I think the inventors just wanted a cool acronym.

(Jess taps the screen a few times, and it suddenly shows a screen reading "Calling Bryan")

Jess: Why don't you try calling your pal? You haven't said "Thank you" yet, right?

(Yuki blushes again. She looks over to the side, trying to hide it.)

Yuki: O-Oh. Um no, I haven't yet…

(The screen flashes, now showing Bryan. He appears to be at the flower fields. He is surprised to see Yuki. Yuki prepares to speak to him, somewhat flustered.)

Yuki: Oh! Bryan… Hey! I uh, got a C.R.O.W thing now. I, um, was calling to say-

(Bryan begins to freak out suddenly as he notices something next to him.)

Bryan: Oh, crap! Sorry Yuki, now's not really the best time! I'll talk with you when I get back, see yah!

(And just as soon as the call starts, it ends. Yuki doesn't know how to react, still blushing, staring at a blank screen. Jess seems confused, and as she looks at Yuki's face, she becomes concerned very quickly. Yuki looks as if she's about to cry, and then throws the C.R.O.W to the ground, violently. It's still intact, but she goes to destroy it in a fit of rage. Jess holds her back, and Yuki flails around wildly. She is still blushing, but is clearly pissed.)

Yuki: That damn jerk!!! I'll double, no, TRIPLE his debt! Screw that, I'll kill him! How could he just hang up on me like that!?

(Jess seems flustered as well, but smiling as she holds Yuki back.)

Jess: C- Calm down! I'm sure he was just busy!

(One more visual of Yuki's mixed emotions is shown, before the camera pans to above the forest.)


(The scene transitions back to Fukagawa's group. They are now in a new hallway, much more normal looking, but in the same building. They are standing outside of a room, Blue and Taro are missing. Lillian rubs her arm awkwardly as Fukagawa hesitates to knock. Then, he gets the courage. After a few seconds of waiting, a voice is heard from inside the room.)

???: Come in.

(Fukagawa takes a deep breath, and enters the room with Lillian. The room is fairly casual, with only a sofa, a small table, bed, and some smaller furniture and decorations. There is a window at the end of the room, a view of the city. The sofa is facing a wide screen tv, but it's been turned off. Three people are in the room, a tall, female butler,  a muscular, male bodyguard, and Sage.

Descriptions -
Jun: Female, 30s. She is dressed in the same fashion as Yun, her brother. Her suit is a dark blue , and her outer suit coat is undone. Her hair has a few bangs poking out in front, instead of a braid. Her hair is also black, not silver like Yun's. She is about the same height as well.
Devol: Male, late 20's. He is wearing a white tank top, with dress pants on similar to the butlers. He has light dark skin, and several tribal tattoos riding up his right face, and down onto His chest. His hair is non existent, being basically bald.
Sage: Male, late 20's. It is clear that him and Reihei are related. He is taller than Fukagawa, and he doesn't have glasses, but his facial features seem like a more mature Reihei. His hair is different though, black, faded on the side, and then parted to the other side. He is wearing the same suit as the others, but he isn't wearing an overcoat, so just the white, button up shirt, with a loose, haphazardly done tie.

Sage is looking out the window, leaning back on the Sofa. Devol is messing with some papers on the bed. Jun is the one who answers the door, somewhat surprised to see Fukagawa. Jun steps out of the way, as Fukagawa and Lillian enter the room. Lillian waves to Jun, and Jun responds with a nod and soft smile. Devol looks up for a moment, and then back down to the papers.)

Devol: Damn, Reihei. Long time no see, huh?

(Fukagawa, for the first time, smiles since he entered the building.)

Fukagawa: You could say that…

(Sage still doesn't look at Fukagawa, he appears to be in deep thought. Jun seems annoyed by Sage's arrogance.)

Jun: Are you planning on greeting your brother anytime soon?

(No one In the room sees it, but Sage seems upset about something. He turns to face Fukagawa though, a big grin spreading across his face. He leans forward as Fukagawa stops in front of him. Lillian is right behind, smiling as well.)

Fukagawa: Well…

(Sage seems surprised, but then grabs his brother, messing up his hair, playfully. Fukagawa tries to pull back, embarrassed. The rest of the people in the room can't help but laugh as the two mess around. Sage let's Fukagawa go, and looks as if he is laughing.
Fukagawa's eyes reflect a deep pain, but he puts his feelings away. Sage regains his composure, and seems serious. He holds out his palm and points to it.)

Fukagawa: Huh? What is it?

(Sage seems a bit frustrated, and then gets an idea. He pretends to flip a few pages in his hand. Fukagawa then gets the message.)

Fukagawa: Oh! Heh, yeah, I still have your book.

(Fukagawa pulls the book from his side, and shows it to Sage. Sage seems pleased, giving Fukagawa another smile. Lillian jumps up from behind Fukagawa, a cat like grin on her face.)

Lillian: Oh, Oh! Sage, want to hear what your little bro has been up to?

(Fukagawa seems flustered and annoyed, shoving her back.)

Fukagawa: No! Lilly, cut that out!

(Sage playfully places his hand to his ear, as if he is waiting to listen. Fukagawa sighs, as Lillian jumps up again in joy.)

Lillian: Yay! Oh boy, our last few assignments have been pretty crazy!

(The scene goes on for a bit, images of Yuki, Bryan, Hitachi, and the bandits are all shown as Lillian tells Sage about their time in the forest. Several panels go like this, with Sage invested in every word. Jun and Devol smile to one another, as Fukagawa crosses his arms, cheeks puffed out.)

Lillian: -Besides being hostages, it was exciting! I think you'd like those new kids a lot!

(Sage nods in excitement. After a few panels of the group catching up with one another, the scene finally begins to move towards closing. The sun seems to be setting outside the window as Fukagawa and Lillian wave, heading for the door.)

Jun: We'll be in town for about a month. We are taking time off so Devol can recover his reserves. You know how his Talent affects him.

(Devol looks over at Jun, annoyed.)

Devol: Hey! This break was all your idea!

Fukagawa: We'll be around as well, we have several assignments to complete here in the city.

Lillian: I hope we can work together sometime!

(Sage nods, smiling confidently. The two go to leave, opening the door. Fukagawa looks back at Sage, smiling shyly.)

Fukagawa: I… Love ya, bro.

(The two leave the room, the door about to shut. Sage goes to respond, but he is reminded of something, and bites his lip. The door closes, and the three left in the room sit in silence. Sage is now clearly frustrated and upset, and punches himself in the head. Jun and Devol are worried for him. Outside of the room, Fukagawa walks to the opposite wall, and slams his head against it, gently. Lillian looks down at the floor. Fukagawa looks as if he is about to cry, a completely new side to him than his cocky attitude.)

Fukagawa: What I wouldn't do… to hear his voice again…

(The scene switches back to Yuki, tapping her foot impatiently outside the cottage. It is getting later outside, and the boys still haven't arrived yet. Jess is organizing the Chief's clothes on a clothes line.)

Yuki: Ugh… they better not have tried to run away from me. I'll hunt them down and make them pay me back by force if I have to!

Jess: I doubt that. But it is odd that they haven't come back yet. Maybe we should-

(Then, as if on queue, Hitachi and Bryan turn the corner to the cottage. Yuki and Jess are surprised by this, staring at them. Hitachi looks back at them, Bryan not noticing, but something by his side is hidden from the reader.)

Hitachi: …?

Yuki: …

(Hitachi becomes uneasy.)

Hitachi: What's up?

(Yuki seems pissed as all hell, walking over to the boys. Bryan looks up and notices.)

Yuki: Where the hell did you go all day!?

Hitachi: Um…

(Hitachi is becoming aware of the bomb he is about to set off, and he slowly backs away. Bryan smiles, clearly oblivious to the nuke.)

Bryan: Oh, sup Yuki!

Hitachi: L-listen Yuki. I think you should settle down a bit-

Yuki: You expect me to settle down!? You jerks haven't said a damn thing to me since I've gotten up again!

(Bryan pulls out from his side a bundle of flowers, handing them to Yuki. Yuki takes them, without even realizing what they are, still pissed. Hitachi seems confused, looking over to Bryan.)

Hitachi: < Was now the best time…? >

Yuki: I can't believe you, and to hang up on me!? I'll be increasing your debts tenfold, you kn-

(Yuki looks at what's I'm her hands, and her heart skips a beat. Her face becomes overly blushed and flustered, and then turns around before the boys can see her reaction. Her demeanour becomes much more timid. Hitachi looks over at Bryan, who is proud of his ability to defuse the situation. Hitachi seems a bit relieved, but skeptical.)

Hitachi: < I can't believe that worked…>

(The scene moves forward a bit, the three gathered inside the cottage, in front of Jess. Jess has the original Request papers by her side. Yuki still seems a bit flustered. Hitachi is inspecting his own C.R.O.W. Bryan seems eager to hear what Jess has to say.)

Jess: So, I take it you guys are ready to move on from here?

Hitachi: If Yuki's all better, than yeah. I did what I wanted to do this morning, so I'm ready.

(Bryan looks over at a few bags by the wall.)

Bryan: We have everything we need, so I guess there's no point in staying here. I even replenished my medicinal supplies.

(Yuki holds her side, but tries not to show she is still a bit messed up.)

Yuki: I'm ready to go, I want to get as many points as possible, as soon as possible.

(Jess nods, and then hands Hitachi the papers. Hitachi inspects the folder, and then puts it by his side.)

Jess: Alright, let's see here.

(Jess takes out her C.R.O.W, and taps a few times. Then, simultaneously, the three receive notifications. Yuki looks at her C.R.O.W, seeing the words "10000 Points Received!" Yuki is taken aback by the number, and she notices the others are just as shocked.)

Yuki: Whoa… Um, I'm not sure how much the points are worth, but this seems like a lot… you already helped us so much Jess.

Jess: Each point translates to a dollar. And don't worry about it, like I said, I don't need it and you deserve it.

(The three are in complete shock now their mouths open wide.)

All three: YOU GAVE US $3000!?

Jess: Not including the supplies and C.R.O.Ws. But yeah, essentially.

(Yuki's eyes turn to money signs, as Bryan and Hitachi look at her, concerned.)

Yuki: Do you have anything else you need help with, Miss?

(Jess giggles to herself, and points to the Request in Hitachi's hand.)

Jess: That right there.

(Yuki turns to Hitachi, all reason now clearly missing from her mind.)

Yuki: Lets get too it. We'll have it done for you right away!

(Hitachi smiles awkwardly.)

Hitachi: Um… It's pretty much night out now. Maybe we should wait until morning before we head out.

Bryan: Agreed. It's cold out! I don't want to have to sleep outside tonight.

(Yuki sighs, giving in.)

Yuki: Ugh, fine.

(Jess tilts her head a bit, confused.)

Jess: "Sleep outside"? Why would you do that?

(The three look to her, confuses at her question.)

Bryan: Uh, the city is a good few days away. I can't think of anywhere else to sleep beside along the trail…

Jess: I'm taking you there. By car. Did you forget I had one of those?

(The three sit there in silence, and then Hitachi and Yuki seem as if a huge load had been taken off their shoulders. Bryan seems disappointed.)

Yuki: Oh, yeah… thanks for that.

Hitachi: I'm so sick of camping… and carrying all that stuff around.

Bryan: Aw, I was hoping to get some training done over the next few days…

(Yuki slugs Bryan without looking, causing Bryan to flinch. The camera pulls out to the group leaving the cottage, along with Jess. The crew is now dresses in their usual outfits, Yuki is carrying Korace, and Hitachi has the supplies and his sword. As they walk to the gate of the village, heading for the car, they notice someone waiting by the entrance. When they get closer, they see Draker, arms crossed, looking back at them. The group stops by him, at the entrance. Bryan turns to him, a serious expression on his face. Draker also stares down Bryan.)

Bryan: What's up with you?

Draker: Figured this was your last day here… guess I was right.

(Hitachi and Yuki are on guard, and Jess seems oblivious to the tension.)

Bryan: So what…?

(Draker looks to his side, tapping his fingers on his arm.)

Draker: I… came to see you off. Dumbass.

(The group is surprised.)

Bryan: Huh?

Draker: Listen, don't get the wrong idea. I… just owe you guys. If it wasn't for you, me and the others would still be working under the mafia.

Bryan: So you came to say "Thanks"? Haha, you could thank me with a sparring match some time!

(Hitachi sighs.)

Hitachi: Instead of bumming around the last few days, you could have been training with me.

Draker: I'll pass. Instead, I'm going to return the favor with a warning.

(The air becomes tense once again. Yuki, Hitachi, and Bryan are listening intently as Draker explains his warning. As Draker talks, An image of Sither, the head of the mafia, is shown in a distorted, grim reaper style, not human at all but seeming as if she was death itself.)

Draker: You three are too gungho, I can already see it getting you killed. In Taoru, the head of the mafia, Grim Reaper, makes the rules. Make sure, no matter what, you steer clear of any members of the mafia, especially Grim. Me and the guys were only small fries compared to the rest of the group.

(Bryan smiles a bit, eager. Hitachi seems concerned, and Yuki looks at Bryan, annoyed.)

Bryan: Yeah, I already know about that! I live in the city anyways, well, kinda.

(Bryan throws up a fist in excitement.)

Bryan: I want to meet this Grim Reaper guy! I'd definitely kick his ass for the trouble he's put the city through!

(Draker sighs, and heads back to the village center.)

Draker: Whatever, why am I not surprised by how stupid you are?

(Bryan smiles softly, as the others look towards Draker with him.)

Bryan: I appreciate the concern though! Hey, next time we meet, let's have a clean fight, just the two of us! Say bye to the others for us!

(Draker doesn't looks back. With one hand in his pocket, he raises his hand, waving.

Draker: Will do. Don't get yourself killed before our next match.

( The group turns towards the forest, the car parked next to the entrance. The group seems eager for what lies ahead, as they all move forward with confidence. Yuki, gripping Korace, looks towards the sky as the others get in the car.)

Yuki: < Grim Reaper, huh? Hope we don't have to get mixed up in all that… at least not before my house is back. >

(The scene changes one last time, now to the lobby area of Fukagawa's building. Blue and Taro are waiting patiently, as Fukagawa and Lillian exit the elevator. The four head off towards the front door, facing the reader. The three kids are confident now, their composure restored. Fukagawa tosses his cape back, Taro fixes his scarf, and Lillian seems to be happy again. Blue is still a bit timid, following close behind.)

Fukagawa: Alright. Let's handle this S-Tier request before our guests arrive.


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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
« Reply #17 on: June 18, 2019, 10:36:56 PM »
[Chapter 16 Post]
Chapter 16 "Reaper's Family"


Chapter 16 - Reaper's Family -

(The chapter opens up on the outside of a shoddy bar. It is about nighttime now, the same day as the previous chapter. The sign outside reads "Grim", and a slim, tall man in a suit seems to be the bar’s guard. Inside the bar, it is surprisingly calm. Several groups at tables are chatting amongst themselves, some are a bit rowdy, but overall the mood of the bar is somewhat comforting. The people in the groups are dressed somewhat casually, they are enjoying drinks and food with the others at their tables. At the main bar table at the center back wall of the bar, a woman, dressed as a barista, is preparing a drink for a slumped over Fields, who is leaning on his empty hands. The barista speaks after a few moments of preparing the drink.
Barista/ Mist Description - Female, late 20s. She is average height, and seemingly athletic. She has light purple hair, cut short, bobbed. Her outfit is a typical barista uniform, at least for this chapter. )

Barista: How was the trip?

Fields: Huh?

Barista: The one mom sent you on. I heard you took sis out. She cause any trouble?

Fields: Ah. It was alright. Rachel was a bit of a handful, but nothing I couldn't handle.

Barista: She likes you, you know. There's not many people she doesn't try to kill the second they meet.

Fields: That may be, but she sure as hell works me to death! How does your mother even deal with her?

Barista: No clue. Hey, if you don't mind me asking…

(Fields looks up questioningly.)

Barista: What made you join the family?

(Fields laughed to himself at this, surprising the barista.)

Barista: Huh? Did I say something funny?

Fields: Kind of late to be asking something like that, don’t you think? What brought this on?

(The barista looks down at a glass she is cleaning, speaking in deep thought.)

Barista: Just answer the damn question.

Fields: Well, if you must know, I didn't choose to join the family. Your mother damn near dragged me into it.

(Fields leans back and reminisces to himself.)

Fields: She was the only woman to ever beat me in a fight. She's on a whole other level…

(The barista keeps on an emotionless expression.)

Barista: Gross.

(Fields leans over to give her the stink eye.)

Fields: I don't mean romantically. She's honestly the strongest person I've ever faced off against I'm a duel.

Barista: I'm sure there's stronger out there. You're just weak. And old.

(Fields taps the bar table, impatient.)

Fields: Respect your elders, damn brat.

(Another figure joins them. He rushes in from behind Fields, and bows his hat towards the barista.)

Lyall: Mist, my love! It's been far too long.

(The barista grimaces and sighs. [Barista = Mist] )

Mist: Honestly, it hasn't been long enough…

(Lyall eyes Fields, his hostility is clear.)

Lyall: and… Fields.

Fields: Lyall. Finish your rounds as well?

(Lyall cocks his head up slightly, letting his hat rest on the back of his head. He shrugs cockily, not taking his eyes off of Fields as he smirks.)

Lyall: Naturally. I actually finished much earlier than you, just an FYI. I’ve been in the city a few days now.

(Mist hands Fields his glass, rolling her eyes.)

Mist: No one cares.

(Lyall's mood totally changes.)

Lyall: Of course, beautiful!

(Fields places his hand on the glass, his eyes closed.)

Fields: Did you have a reason for interrupting us?

Lyall: Actually, yeah, I did.

(Mist and Fields seem interested. Lyall leans back on the bar table, his attitude finally getting serious.)

Lyall: The big boss wants us to gather.

(The other two suddenly seem concerned. Their previous demeanour fades as the tension among the three rises. Lyall places his hat into a firm position, as Mist tries to read him. Before she can get a word in, Fields loses his composure.)

Fields: What? What in the hell for!?

Lyall: There's something she wants to discuss. I guess she wanted all of us higher ups present for some announcement. She needs us to meet within the month.

Fields: “All of us”? That doesn’t mean…

(Lyall sighs, tipping his hat a bit.)

Lyall: It does. Feilio and his groupies are on their way as we speak.

(Mist seems confused, crossing her arms.)

Mist: Why is that such a big deal? Isn't one of his guys stationed here in Taoru?

(Fields rubs the back of his neck, uneasy.)

Fields: Yeah, there is one nearby… I’d rather he’d be as far away as possible, though.

Mist: I don’t get it. Aren't you two ranked higher than Feilio and his men? Why are you so scared of them?

Lyall: Sure, we’re ranked higher. Much more important, and probably stronger too. The problem is…

(Mist seems lost and annoyed that they’re dodging the question.)

Fields: Those guys are “Wild Cards.”

Mist: …“Wild Cards?”

(A silhouette of Feilio, with three other silhouettes in front of him, are displayed. The middle of the three silhouettes is Chain, the one to the left is Sinbad, and the one to the right is Utapi. [For reference, Chain is the man in the red Hoodie with chained knives, Sinbad is the Bounty Hunter that appears during the Fantasia Arc. Utapi is one of Feilio’s top goons, he molds his aura into saws made out of light attached to his hands to fight. He is a psychopath who gets off at the sight of blood.])

Fields: Feilio and his men were given free reign to do whatever they please by the Boss. Even though they answer to your mother, they can come and go as they please, and don’t have to take any kind of responsibility for their actions. I have no idea what the Boss was thinking, but those four are dangerous. I’d say even more so than Lyall.

Lyall: I’m standing right here, Grandpa.

Fields: And I was sitting right here, until you ruined the atmosphere, Pretty Boy.

Lyall: Say that again, I dare you!

(Lyall and Fields butt heads, and Mist thinks to herself.)

Mist: < “Dangerous”, huh? I know exactly what mother was thinking… >

(Now, an image of Sither, with her mask and cloak on, leaning in towards the reader and the previous image of Feilio’s group is shown. Her presence casts a shadow over them, and the rest of the panel.)

Mist: < She believes that having Feilio and the others around would be fun... Worst comes to worst, she’d just reel them back in if they cross the line. >

( Mist sighs to herself, as she begins to exit from behind the bar table. She pats Fields on the back as she begins to head for the exit. The two guys look at her as she leaves, confused.)

Fields: Oh? What’s the matter?

( Mist waves without turning around. )

Mist: I’m going to go clear my head. I leave the Bar in your oh so capable hands. And make sure Lyall doesn’t touch anything.

(Lyall pokes the Bar table out of spite, as Fields watches Mist exit the Bar, concerned. After Mist exits, she takes in a deep breath. She looks up to the night sky, thinking deeply about something, before being interrupted by the guard. )

Guard: Something up, Ms. Mist?

(Mist sighs, and continues ahead without looking in the Guard’s direction. She then pulls out a wine glass that she took from the bar, and starts twirling it around in one hand as she walks casually. Only her back is shown to the reader as she comments. )

Mist: Don’t worry about it, I’m just going to head out for a bit.

(The scene changes to a well lit city street. It is actually quite busy, despite the time of night. Fukagawa, Lillian, Taro, and Blue are walking together in a group. Taro and Fukagawa are holding documents, discussing them amongst themselves. They are taking the information on the documents seriously.)

Fukagawa: So the victim's code name was Swan. She was in her early 20's... she was around the same age as Blue here.

Taro: It would help if we had her real name, we could have looked up her profile on the C.R.O.Ws Citizen Network…

(Blue chimes in from behind.)

Blue: E- Even when researchers pass, it's usually protocol to withhold as much information about them as possible. Again, to prevent any information leaks…

(Fukagawa looks around the area.)

Fukagawa: Even though her body was discovered, the location and details of her death aren't available to the police. The only people that know where the crime scene is would be us and the higher ups at Regold Labs.

(Taro raises his scarf a bit, the papers to his side.)

Taro: Tsk… I'd be willing to bet the girl's family hasn't even been notified yet.

(Lillian seems upset by Taro's comment. Seeing this, Blue feels the need to comment.)

Blue: Actually, once you are sworn in, a researcher has to cut all ties to their family… I had to do the same. If a researcher’s family was to leak, they could be taken as hostages, or worse.

(Taro looks over at Blue, concerned and even a bit sympathetic.)

Blue: I do agree that some of the rules at the Lab are quite strict, but it's all for the safety of the public. If our research made it into the wrong hands, we'd be putting a lot of people at risk. At least, that's what I think.

(Fukagawa pushes his glasses into place, still looking over the documents.)

Fukagawa: < I'm sure it's more about corporate competition than public safety… >

(The four turn into a street that's devoid of any people, lined with apartment buildings. They walk a few more steps, and then turn to face one of the apartments.)

Fukagawa: The crime scene is in there.

(Fukagawa tucks the documents away, and opens his spellbook. He flips to a certain page that's bookmarked. He creates a magic seal, and Lillian's circular blade appears around her, to her surprise. Taro's knives are restocked around his belt as well, but it doesn't catch him off guard.)

Lillian: What's up? Why do we need our weapons?

(Fukagawa closes his book, but keeps it ready to use.)

Fukagawa: It's entirely possible the murderer could come back to the scene of the crime. We should be prepared, just in case.

(The four make their way up the status of the apartment, and to the door of the researcher. Blue steps forward with a key, and unlocks the door. Taro becomes suspicious, and Blue notices. He shyly explains himself.)

Blue: T-The key was in the briefcase…

(The four walk into the apartment. It is fairly small and compact, the four barely fitting together in the entrance hall. It is nearly kept, until they make it into the main room, where the furniture is overturned, with shattered glass and pottery laying about. The outline of the body is sketched to have been leaning against the wall. Along the walls are several deep slash marks, with plenty of blood splatter accompanying them. Blue holds his mouth in horror, but the other three begin to investigate. Fukagawa makes his way to the outline, and looks at the surrounding area.)

Fukagawa: Looks like the higher ups we were just talking about already cleaned up the corpse. Saves us the trouble.

(Lillian is looking through overturned draws and furniture. She seems upset as she skids through some papers and photos.)

Lillian: What an awful sight… I can't believe someone could be this cruel to another human being…

(Taro is inspecting the blood and gashes in the walls. He seems to be studying them.)

Taro: I've never seen a weapon that can cut like this. It's the most likely scenario that the assailant used their Talent to commit the crime. In which case…

(Fukagawa sighs, holding his head in frustration.)

Fukagawa: In which case there's no point in looking for any kind of murder weapon. Ugh, this just keeps getting better. How the hell are we going to investigate further without any kind of lead or motive? Taro, search for any trace elements in the wall, I’ll see if-

(Blue begins to help the group look around, he stumbles into the bathroom to investigate, but immediately falls on his ass, and begins to back up, mortified and gagging. The crew seems concerned.)

Fukagawa: What is it?

(Blue only stares into the bathroom with disbelief. Taro and Fukagawa nod to one another, and slowly make their way to the bathroom. As they enter, the two also share horrified expressions. The bathroom is drenched in blood, with the tub being practically filled with it. Lillian begins to make her way over, but Fukagawa holds her back before she has a chance to witness the gore. He brings her back into the main room as Taro investigates. Taro looks around the bathroom for clues.)

Taro: Well, I think we found our "motive"...

(Fukagawa, in the other room, is trying hard not to gag, as Blue tries to recover from his discovery in the background.)

Fukagawa: It was clearly a passion crime. The poor girl was probably hunted down, and... then slaughtered….

(Lillian is concerned by what could be in the bathroom to make the boys react in such a way. The next shot shows Mist walking through the streets, alone. From behind her, by a street corner, someone is watching her. The figure grins maliciously as Taro speaks to his group.)

Taro: We need to catch this psychopath before he finds his next target.

(Mist walks through the streets, thinking to herself.)

Mist: < … A meeting with all of the upper ranked members of the family. It's been a long while since we've had one of those. I can't begin to imagine what mother has in mind. >

(The stalker approaches from behind, silently, at a good distance away.)

Mist: < It can't be about funding, we just received a lot from Field's last trip. And the heist isn't until a few months from now… >

(The scene shows Fukagawa's team searching the streets in a hurry. Fukagawa, Lillian, and Blue are looking through alleyways, while Taro is jumping from rooftop to rooftop, searching for the killer. Mist continues to twirl the glass in her hand.)

Mist: < Perhaps- Do we have a new member to the family? If so, it's hard to justify calling an entire meeting. If this is the case, this member would have to be one hell of a game changer. >

(The scene shows Blue and Lillian then searching in an alleyway. Lillian seems to be worried about something.)

Lillian: Hey, Blue…

(Blue looks over as he puts some trash down.)

Blue: Hmm?

Lillian: The Lab seems pretty uptight, from what you told us... Shouldn’t you and the Lab be concerned that a researcher was even tracked down to begin with?

(Blue sighs, and thinks to himself.)

Blue: I think that's why the assignment you guys are on is rated as an S-Tier. Although, after seeing that apartment, I’m sure Swan was just picked at random. There was no sign of anything being taken, at least not from what I was told to retrieve.

Lillian: “Retrieve”?

(Blue seems lost for a second, and then smiles awkwardly as he notices his slip up.)

Blue: Oh! Haha, yeah, I wasn’t supposed to mention it, but I came along to gather the files Swan had left in the apartment. All of them were accounted for.

(Lillian seems a bit skeptical, but she continues to look around. The scene switches back to Mist. She sighs, and suddenly stops twirling the glass. Mist looks behind her, seeing the stalker. She is not stunned, but the sudden turn around catches the stalker off guard. )

Mist: Is there something I can help you with?

Stalker: ...huh?

Mist: You've been behind me since I left the Bar. It's honestly kind of getting on my nerves. What did you think I walked down this random ass street for?

(The stalker stands there, in the open, exposed. He thinks to himself, but then laughs hysterically.
Utapi Description - Male, Mid 30's. He is darker skinned, and he is tall, but is in average shape. His hair is jet black, cut into a wild Mohawk with the rest of his hair faded around it. He has two feathers for earrings. Several scars line his arms and face. He is wearing a faded bomber jacket, unzipped, with no undershirt, and ripped jeans.
Stalker = Utapi )

Utapi: Hahahaha~! Oh man, I totally got played! Here I thought I had hid myself pretty damn well! Pffft- Hahaha! You came here so you could talk, ain’t that sweet!?

(Mist narrows her eyes, but rolls them as she turns to continue on her way. Utapi licks his lip, and whistles to her as she walks.)

Utapi: Hey! Wait up!

Mist: What?

Utapi: I never told ya what I wanted with ya~!

Mist: I lost interest. You're not my type. Creep.

(Utpai laughs even more as she doesn't bother to stop or play along.)

Utapi: HAHAHAHAHA! I Like you chick, Feilio was right, you're quite the woman!

(Mist stops. She looks back, an eyebrow raised. Utapi licks his lips again, and looks back at her.)

Utpai: Ah, did my boss's name ring a bell?

Mist: You could say that. Alright, I'll bite. What is it you want with me?

(Utapi begins to close the gap between the two. He shrugs as he gets closer, rambling on.)

Utapi: Well, I figured I've never met the Reaper's closest family before! Might as well get to know them before the big meeting…

Mist: Careful how you throw that name around, we can't let people know who we-

(Utapi, now face to face with Mist, grins creepily. He steps forward, leaning and bracing himself to lunge at Mist. Mist is caught off guard, and prepares to dodge. Utapi seems to have completely ignored her last comment.)

Utapi: I want to get to know you sooooo well~!

(Utpai's right sleeve bursts, leaving his bare arm. It is suddenly surrounded by a light blue aura, that begins to spark and cycle, like a saw blade. He slashes at Mist, but she manages to narrowly backstep out of the way. She seems pissed, blood streaming down from her cheek.)

Mist: What the hell is the meaning of this!? You dare raise your hand to your superior!?

(Utapi seems lost in euphoria, as blood rolls down his fingers. He moves his fingers around, enjoying every second of the moment.)

Utapi: Oh, yours is soooo pretty~! You've got to show me more…

Mist: Tch…!

( Mist prepares the glass in her hand, but is surprised by Utpai's speed. He is already in her face again before she realises, with no time to evade the next attack. Her eyes meet Utpai's, as he prepares to strike. His face only covered in an absolute bliss.)

Utapi: Let me see you bleed~!!!

(Before Utapi makes contact, a gust of wind bursts between the two, knocking both away. Utapi is shocked, and he stumbles to regain balance. He looks around for the source, and notices Fukagawa, alone, from the direction he came in. Mist sees Fukagawa, trying to catch her breath. Utpai's eyes shake furiously towards Fukagawa.)

Fukagawa: Sorry, but I'm going to personally see to it that you never spill another drop of blood.

(Fukagawa smiles cockilly as he positions his glasses with his free hand.)

Fukagawa: That's a promise made to you by the great Fukagawa. Don't take it for granted.

(Utapi turns completely to Fukagawa. He is extremely pissed off, but his creepy demeanour is gone.)

Utapi: Kid, I suggest you *censored* off.

(Fukagawa flips to a new page in his book, and stares at Utapi.)

Fukagawa: Funny, I was gonna say the same to you.

(Utapi starts to walk over to Fukagawa, his arm saw sparking. Once Utapi is a good distance from Mist, Fukagawa smirks. A flash is seen in front of him, and then a bolt of lightning strikes down from above Utpai. Utpai looks up at the strike before it makes contact, but the panel zooms out to show the impact of the strike before it reaches him. Fukagawa's cape flutters from the force of the strike. Utpai wipes the side of his face, behind a cloud of dust. There is a cut left by the lightning bolt, implying he moved out of the way in the last second. Before the dust can settle, Utpai is already dashing towards Fukagawa, in a frenzy.)

Utpai: Alright dumbass! Prepare to die!!!

(Fukagawa doesn't move an inch, and before Utapi can lunge at him, a knife is thrown from off screen. It slashes Utapi's chest, shocking him and making him stop in his tracks. He looks in the direction of the attack, to see Taro on a nearby rooftop. Taro has several knives at the ready. Fukagawa flips to another page, and Utpai looks back to him, annoyed.)

Utapi: So much for a fair fight…

Fukagawa: And now…!

(A blast of fire is then hurled in his direction from another angle. Utapi dodges this one, but only to get knocked off his feet by a pillar of wind summoned by Fukagawa. Lillian is seen by a nearby house, Blue by her side, cheering her on. Taro launches several knives at Utapi, some of them scratching him as he tries to regain his balance. Fukagawa walks towards Utapi, preparing another spell.)

Fukagawa: Don't let up! We have him surrounded!

Utpai: Tsk! Don't push your luck! I swear I’ll-

(Utpai notices Lillian, and stops what he’s doing. Fukagawa waits patiently, before a creepy smile spreads across Utapi’s face.)

Utpai: Ah~! If I can persevere through this, I’ll get TWO new toys~!

(Fukagawa follows Utapi’s gaze, and confirms he’s eyeing Lillian. Lillian seems disgusted, charging another blast. Fukagawa smirks again, something coming together for him.)

Fukagawa: Bingo. We have the killer’s objective!

(Utpai turns back to Fukagawa, annoyed.)

Utpai: The hell did you say!?

(Fukagawa points to Utapi, getting more comfortable in his stance.)

Fukagawa: Your targeting girls, you creep. If you were killing indiscriminately, you would have reacted the same to me or Taro.

(Utapi thinks about it, but then grins wickedly, before preparing his arms.)

Utapi: So what if I am? What are ya going to do about it, small fry?!

(Utapi’s left sleeve bursts now, creating a second aura saw. He combines his two hands to create a massive beam of aura, and slashes it in front of himself. The attack reaches Fukagawa, who needs to use his next spell to launch himself into the air to avoid it.)

Fukagawa: Damn! Quick, move in guys!

(Taro and Lillian both move to counter Utpai as he separates his arms. Taro slashes at Utapi with a throwing knife, while Lillian slashes with her circular blade. Utpai blocks both, each with a different arm, and pushes them away. As they are pushed back, scratches and dents are made in Taro’s and Lillian’s weapons. Utapi looks at Lillian, licking his lips as she grimaces in horror. Blue runs out into the fight to catch Fukagawa as he falls. He does so, and let's him down as he seems happy he made it in time.)

Fukagawa: Thanks… guess you aren't a complete fool.

Blue: Heh, I try my best-

(Suddenly, Utapi charges at Blue. Lillian and Taro are still recovering, and Fukagawa hasn't started to charge a spell. Blue is in shock, unable to move. Utpai's face consumes the next panel, lost in madness.)


(Fukagawa grits his teeth, his face covered in shadow. As Utapi readies his aura saws, Fukagawa steps in front of Blue, ready to take the blow. Lillian and Taro shout, desperate.)

Lillian: Fukie, get out of there!

Taro: Run Rei, you moron!

(Just then, Mist takes a single step towards the action. She drops her glass, and it shatters on the pavement of the street. The glass, instead of settling on the ground, begins to change and morph, creating a small spiral around Mist.)

Mist: I could care less if mother is keeping you around for some sick laugh-

(Suddenly, the morphing, liquid glass swirling around Mist shoots out ahead of her at light speed, forming a spear. It reaches Utapi, piercing his back effortlessly, and raising him up into the sky. The glass solidifies, leaving Utapi raised as his blood splatters onto the ground below, and spills down the glass spike. He coughs up more blood, his face in utter shock. His whole body shakes, and he kicks feebly I'm the air, trying to free himself. Fukagawa and the others stare in disbelief at the new development. Mist swipes her hair back a bit as she continues to move towards Fukagawa and the others.)

Mist: If you thought tonight would end in any other way-

(Mist stops in front of Utpai, looking up at the helpless mess. Her eyes narrow.)

Mist: Than your hopeless. Utter human trash who doesn't get his place in the pecking order.

(Blue falls to his knees as Fukagawa regains his composure, although his breathing isn't steady. Mist and Utapi eye each other, both deadly serious. Utapi screams with what little strength he has left.)

Utapi: Y- You…*Cough* Reaper is going to kill you! She’ll tear you to pieces! *Cough*

Mist: We’ll see about that. Tell the fellas at Saint’s I said “Hi.”

(Utapi’s face contorts, becoming filled with a burning rage.)

Utapi: Even if you get off easy with Reaper, *Cough* Feilio will hunt you down!!! Do you not realise what you’ve done!? He’ll *Cough* start a war!!!

(As Fukagawa and the others watch the two bicker, Mist sighs and turns her attention to Fukgawa.)

Mist: Sorry about that. You alright, kid?

(Fukagawa is confused, but answers.)

Fukagawa: T- Thanks, lady.

(Taro and Lillian are running over to the group in the background.)

Mist: Don't worry about it. You playing "hero" saved me earlier, so we'll call it even.

(Fukagawa blushes a bit, as the other two make it over. Lillian walks over, and slaps Fukagawa, stunning him. She grabs him by the cape, furious.)

Lillian: You moron!!! You almost got yourself killed!

(She tries not to cry, but she's obviously about to begin bawling her eyes out. Taro sighs, stretching his scarf out a bit. Blue looks up as Fukagawa seems flustered.)

Lillian: Don't scare us like that!

Fukagawa: Y- Yeah…

(Fukagawa looks back to Mist, who is already walking away. Lillian let's him go, and the group looks to her as she bends down to touch the start of the glass spear.)

Fukagawa: Hey, lady! I never caught your name!

( Mist touches the glass, and it suddenly shatters into thousands of pieces. Utapi, now unconscious from blood loss, falls to the ground with a loud "Thud!" Mist looks back with a soft smile, before leaving into the night.)

Mist: I don't really have a name anymore. Not like it matters, we won’t be seeing each other around anyways.
Fukagawa: You need to at least wait for the police to arrive! We need you to-

(Mist simply waves, and continues walking away. Taro goes to catch up to her, but he stands down.)

Taro: Damn it… She’s not going to listen to us.

Fukagawa: Yeah, I have a funny feeling I know why...

(Left alone, the group collects their barings, with Fukagawa lost in thought. He looks down to Utapi, concerned. Taro notices, and decides to pry a little.)

Taro: You alright?

Fukagawa: Yeah…

(As the others begin to contact authorities and clean up, Fukagawa looks off into the distance, where Mist went.)

Fukagawa: < … I heard that man say something about "The Reaper"... was this linked to the mafia…? That woman, she seemed to know what he was talking about… We got our killer, but what the hell did we just get ourselves mixed up in...? >

(The chapter closes with Lillian poking Fukagawa in the face, snapping him out of his deep thought. He seems annoyed as she smiles back at him. The two turn to help the others clean up, as the panel reads " 10 Days remain until ____…")


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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[ Quick Update! ]
The project now has a Kickstarter live to help fund the artists! I won't post the link here, as my intention isn't really advertising, just an update on our team's progress! If you are interested though, you can reach the page through our Facebook (Which is linked in the first post)
[Kickstarter Didn't work out, we were only about $50 off our goal >_< We'll try again in the future ;) ]
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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[Chapter 17 Post]

Chapter 17 "Eye for an Eye"


Chapter 17 -Eye for an Eye-

(The chapter opens on Yuki’s mansion, in perfect condition. Some shots of the halls are displayed, again devoid of any people. A shot of Yuki’s boots climbing up the steps of her basement are seen, and a shot of Korace in her strangely small hands are shown. Then, as she opens the front door, it is revealed that this is a flashback, as Yuki is a considerable amount younger, around 9 or 10 years old. She covers her eyes from the sun.)

Korace: Come on now, we don’t have all day.

Yuki: Do we have to, Master? Why can’t I just sleepin today…?

Korace: Because I let you do that yesterday, child...

(A scene of Yuki doing her log training is shown, she throws the log into the air, and attempts to hit it, but misses completely, swinging with her eyes closed, with both hands on Korace.)

Korace: Come on, how are you going to hit it if you’re not trying!

Yuki: I am trying! This is hard you know!

Korace: Please, you just want to sit around all day again! No breaks until you can snap that log in two.

(Yuki looks devastated.)

Yuki: What!? That's not fair!

(Korace yells back comedically.)

Korace: Yeah, well life's not fair! Now get to work!

(Yuki drops Korace, turns around, sits down, and starts to sob.)

Yuki: This is stupid! I’ve been doing this for a year, and I’m not getting any better! I wanna quit!

Korace: Quit!?  Come now, You’ve only just begun!

Yuki: What's the point in all this anyways!? You keep telling me that I need to get stronger and stronger to protect myself, but no one’s even out here!

(Yuki’s sobs carry over the trees, as the panel shows a wider shot of the forest.)

Korace: Now Yuki… That's not true. What if someone tries to harm you when you go out to the city? You’ll need to be able to defend yourself.

(There is silence, as Yuki looks down at the ground, her back still turned. She begins to sob a bit.)

Korace: I know it’s hard, but it's just you now. You need to understand that if you can’t handle yourself properly, then you won’t make it very far in life. It’s harsh, I know, but that’s the reality of it… Hey, are you alright?

(Yuki turns her head slowly towards Korace and the reader.)

Yuki: That place... The city…

(Yuki seems comedically terrified, some tears still in her eyes.)

Yuki : It's real big, and scary...

Korace: You… didn’t listen to a thing I just said…

(The scene changes to tires gliding across a dirt path. The shot pans out, showing Jess’s car, with Jess at the wheel. Bryan and Hitachi are in the back, and Yuki is sitting in the passenger seat, staring out the window. Yuki seems nervous, rubbing her arm. Jess notices, but doesn’t make a comment. The group travels down the path, Taoru now only a few minutes away. The scene skips ahead, and now the car is arriving in Taoru. They appear to be on a main road, Jess sticking her head out the window to look past traffic. Bryan looks out the window in wonder, and Hitachi curiously scans the citizens walking about. People on the sidewalks appear to be from all walks of life, some old, some young, all on their way to their next destination. The cars on the road are similar to Jess’s, but seem more advanced. Hitachi looks up towards the towering buildings, in awe. He then notices a railway, suspended in mid air, wrapping around several buildings, heading off into the distance. Hitachi whistles, impressed.)

Hitachi: I knew this city was known for being really tech heavy, but this place is crazy. What in the world are those tracks even for?

(Bryan turns to Hitachi, pumped up and excited at the opportunity to geek out. Hitachi smiles as Bryan explains.)

Bryan: That’s the Freeway! Regold Labs invented and built it up a few years back, and now it’s the fastest way to travel around the city! Think of it like a really, really fast train. Oh, and they are even working on tracks that span over to other cities!

Hitachi: I see. “Regold” sounds familiar, I think they did a bit of work in my home country.

(Bryan nods, pointing to a building towering above all others in the distance. Fukagawa’s building can also be seen, but it isn’t as high tech or impressive as the building Bryan points out.)

Bryan: Regold Labs’s HQ is stationed here in the big city! They focus a lot of their efforts locally, but they work all around Japan to improve life for everyone!

(Hitachi nods, and notices Yuki isn’t joining the conversation. He leans forward.)

Hitachi: Hey, Yuki. Are you sleeping? We’re here, you know.

(Yuki doesn’t turn around, her back is faced to the rest of the people in the car.)

Yuki: Y-Yeah… Trust me I know…

(Hitachi and Bryan look at each other, and then back at Yuki. Bryan seems uneasy.)

Bryan: You alright? Is your injury bothering you again? I have some supplies on me if you need it checked...

Yuki: No, it’s not that…

(The next panel shows Yuki’s face for the first time since they entered the city. She seems terrified, her coat zipped all the way up, as she watches the people outside.)

Yuki: I forgot… how much I hate the city…

(Hitachi raises an eyebrow.)

Hitachi: You “hate the city?” Is there a reason? Why didn’t you tell us beforehand?

(Yuki curls up into a ball, rocking back and forth in her seat. Bryan and Hitachi’s eyes twitch as she talks.)

Yuki: I… Don’t like people. Like, I really, really don’t like people…

(Bryan points to himself.)

Bryan: I mean, I know you complain about me a lot, but you seem fine around Hitachi and Jess. Hell, you were even alright around Taro and his pals. What’s different now?

(Yuki stares out the window, squeezing herself more.)

Yuki: That was back in the forest. I grew up there, it’s safer and I know where to hide if I need to… plus everything happened so quickly that… Well I really didn’t have time to think about it that much. Here, there's nowhere to go… I get all claustrophobic and scared… thinking about all the bad things that can go wrong here just...

(Yuki hugs her knees tight as Jess giggles to herself.)

Jess: Well, that’s no good. You’re gonna have to break out of that shell of yours if you’re going to make it out here in the big city.

(Yuki tucks her head into her coat more)

Yuki: Please don’t say “Big city”...

(Hitachi laughs a bit to himself as well.)

Hitachi: Who would have guessed, Yuki’s actually kind of shy! Who am I gonna bash on Bryan with if you can’t pull yourself together?

(Bryan turns to Hitachi with this face -> T_T )

Bryan: I’m right here man…

(Hitachi looks back to Bryan.)

Hitachi: It’s fun though! Stop doing stupid *censored*, ya knucklehead.

(Yuki giggles a bit from inside her coat, making the whole car brighten up, including Bryan.)

Bryan: Well, I guess I don’t really mind it that much… Oh, yeah!

(Bryan pulls out his C.R.O.W, and begins to punch in some things. Hitachi looks over, curious.)

Hitachi: What’s up?

Bryan: I’m going to call up Taro’s pal with the glasses, Fuka… whatever the hell his name was!

Hitachi: Oh right, I almost forgot we came here on business. Jess, mind passing back the files?

(Jess reaches into the glove box, and passes documents over to Hitachi. He scans over them as Yuki looks back, trying to look as well. She still seems uneasy, but she’s making an effort to pull herself together.)

Hitachi: Right, our target is on Gilman Street… it says we need to investigate some individuals?

(Hitachi looks over the documents, and Yuki timidly points something out.)

Yuki: Look, i- it says our targets are affiliated with the mafia…

(Hitachi looks concerned, thinking back to Draker.)

Hitachi: So much for our warning…

Jess: Don't worry too much about it. From what I looked into myself, your targets aren't high enough in the ranks to get close to Grim Reaper. Just focus on gathering information on any illegal activity there, and you should be fine. You shouldn’t have to apprehend anybody unless absolutely necessary.

(Bryan pouts a bit.)

Bryan: Darn, I really wanted to kick some asses…

Hitachi: Remember what I just said about you doing stupid *censored*?

(Bryan's C.R.O.W connects to Fukagawa's, and Fukagawa appears on the video call. He appears to be in a room within his building. Bryan looks down and notices, waving.)

Bryan: Oh, hey! We made it to Taoru!

(Fukagawa sighs, pushing his glasses into place.)

Fukagawa: Took you long enough. Are you still on the road?

(Bryan nods.)

Fukagawa: Alright. See the tall, black building towards the South end? Meet me there, and we’ll help you guys get situated. Do you have any papers from Jess about Gilman St. ?

(Hitachi leans over, waving the documents.)

Hitachi: Don’t worry, got them right here. I’m looking through them as we speak.

(Fukagawa seems relieved.)

Fukagawa: Good, so then we should have no more setbacks. I’ll speak with you when you arrive.

(The screen fades back to the main menu of the C.R.O.W., and Bryan looks out of the window. He eyes the towering black building in the distance, and then turns to Jess.)

Bryan: Hey, Jess. Mind if we make a quick pit stop?

(Yuki and Hitachi seem confused, and Jess seems a bit frustrated.)

Jess: I’m not a cab driver, you know. But… ugh, where to?

(Bryan leans over to her, motioning her to take the next left.)

Bryan: Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take long. Here, follow this road.

(Yuki tugs at Bryan’s hair, causing Bryan to freak out a bit, tearing up.)

Yuki: What did Fukagawa just say about “setbacks”? Why don't you wait until we finish up?

(Yuki lets Bryan go. Bryan rubs his head as he replies, still a bit teary eyed.)

Bryan: Ugh… alright, alright! We can do it after.

(Yuki sighs, and curls herself back into a ball. Hitachi continues to look over some of the documents by himself.)

Hitachi: < Gilman St…. It says to “investigate these suspicious individuals”, but all we have are some pretty crappy pictures… Wait… >

(The panel looks over Hitachi’s shoulder, looking at the documents. Several blurry photos line one of the papers, but one in particular is clear, standing out from the rest. It is a mugshot of Chain.)

Hitachi: < This guy… is giving me the creeps… Why is he standing out so well…? >

(The scene switches to a shady looking street, lined with several abandoned and condemned buildings. Some sort of cube-like robots are patrolling around the street, but they do not enter it. A sign reading “Gilman St.”  can be seen. The camera goes forward a bit, following the buildings along the road. Some unfortunate looking individuals, homeless, druggies, and alcoholics alike, line the street and steps of the buildings. One building in particular, one that looks as though it had been going through renovations but was then abandoned, is focused on. Inside this building, several thugs are roaming around. Some of them are dressed as if they were a part of a gang, and others seem dressed more casually. By one of the back corners, in a room above the first floor, a torn, weathered red sofa is located, with a small, wooden coffee table in front of it. Sitting alone on the couch is Chain, his feet kicked up onto the table. His hood is pulled over his head, but his face is visible. One of his arms is hanging off of the armrests of the sofa, while his other is twirling one of his chained knives around in front of him, casually. Chain seems bored, as five thugs walk into the room, discussing amongst themselves. Chain eavesdrops on their conversation.)

Thug 1: Well, not like it matters anyways…

Thug 2: All I’m saying is it’s possible to change your Talent man! Listen, my teach said all we had to do was “Visualize”, or some crap like that!

Thug 1: You’re just mad that all you can do is fold paper!

(The other thugs laugh, as thug 2 rips a newspaper out of one of the thugs hands, and folds it into a knife, rather threateningly.)

Thug 2: Don’t knock my talent, asshole! I could cut you up right now!

Thug 3: Pfft! Yeah, sure, everyone watchout! He’ll give you a papercut!
(The others laugh as thug 2 sulks, tossing the knife to the ground. It lands by Chain, and unfolds. Chain looks down curiously at the paper. His eyes slowly widens as he makes out what is displayed on the front page. It reads "Local Serial Killer "Red Lotus” Finally Stopped! Fukagawa Corp. Works Miracles Yet Again!" The picture accompanied by it shows a shot of a sprawled, defeated Utapi, his wounds censored for paper. However, through the censorship, several shards of glass can be seen embedded into Utapi’s chest, around the area of his fatal wound. The next panel looks up at Chain from the ground, his face hidden now as it stares down at the paper. Chain then plants his feet onto the ground, sitting upright. He proceeds to pull out a rather dingy looking C.R.O.W, and begins to start a video call. After a few moments, the call goes through. The image on the screen is blurry, as the screen is old and cracked, but an older man’s silhouette can be made out on the other end. Chain’s deadpan, serious glare can be seen looking down at the screen. The man on the C.R.O.W snaps his fingers, greeting Chain with a large, toothy smile.)

Man on C.R.O.W: Hey there, champ! What’s up? Must be pretty urgent to warrant calling the emergency number.

Chain: Boss, you see the papers today?

MoC (Man on C.R.O.W): Not for today, no. I typically hate the press, not my cup of tea. Although I did hear there was quite a ruckus in the forest recently. Man, that gang hideout was a sight for sore eyes! That’s what happens when you leave a branch of the business in the hands of some fresh bloods, I suppose.

Chain: I could care less for some worthless side jobs. Look, ain’t this more interesting?

(Chain leans out of view to grab the newspaper off the ground, and then shows the camera on the C.R.O.W the front page of the paper to patch it through to the other man. Several thugs in the room notice Chain picking the newspaper up. The man on the C.R.O.W is confused, but sighs, reading the page fully. The scene cuts to the man’s end of the call, his appearance isn’t fully visible, but his hand, and the rose in it, are shown. The man seems to be talking through a computer, in a run down factory, rather than a C.R.O.W.. He is rolling the rose between his fingers.)

MoC: Ugh… Utapi *censored*ed up? Again?

Chain: Yeah, looks like it.

(The man grits his teeth, and abruptly stops rolling the rose. His appearance is more apparent to the reader now, but it’s still covered in a light shadow, showing that the factory isn’t lit very well.

Feilio’s Bio: Male, late 20’s. He has light, pale skin, and is slightly taller than other men his age. His body build is somewhat fit, but on the slim side. His hair is blonde, mostly straight and long, with the front slicked back save for a few long, stray strands. The back of his hair, reaching a good way down the back of his neck, is much more frizzy and spikey than the rest. His outfit consists of a long sleeve, beige suit [With several strips going horizontally along the sleeves], with a dark orange vest thrown over it. He has on dress pants, with several vines of thorns wrapped around it, as if they were chains meant to compliment the aesthetic. His face is calming, and young, a quintessential pretty boy.

The rose within the man’s hand begins to wilt, as the man leans in a bit.)

Feilio: Alright. Well now… this is a problem. I had a job for him this upcoming week, but I guess you’ll just have to-

Chain: It’s not that. Look at Utapi’s wounds. You telling me some punks at Fukagawa Inc. managed that?

(Feilio’s eyes move to exactly what Chain mentions, the reflection of glass in Utapi shown in his eyes.)

Feilio: I already put two and two together… So you think She did it, hm?

(Chain tightens one of his fists around one of his knives.)

Chain: Of course that bar bitch did it! Who else do you know uses a Talent like that!?

(Feilio rubs his chin, in deep thought.)

Feilio: Damn. And so close to that meeting too…

Chain: Listen.

(Feilio seems curious, as Chain gets up on his end.)

Chain: I want your permission.

(Feilio straightens up, and smiles from ear to ear, as if waiting for that line.)

Feilio: Ah~! I get it! So, what do you plan on doing about this recent development?

(The scene changes to the other end of the call, it shows Chain eyeing the other thugs in the room, who are now unsettled, and on guard.)

Chain: I want a little payback. Reckon “100” will cover the damages?

(Feilio laughs from the C.R.O.W, sadistically relaxed. The thugs begin to tremble a bit.)

Feilio: That might be overkill, for a dunce such as Utapi. How about “50”?

Chain: Tch. Fine.

(Feilio smiles, satisfied.)

Feilio: Oh, and don’t screw up like our friend “Lotus”. Last thing I need is to bust two of my men out of Saint’s.

Chain: Don’t worry…

(Chain starts to twirl his knives around himself. A malicious aura begins to surround him as he starts to walk towards the group ahead of him.)

Chain: I’ll make it look like an accident.

(The call cuts there, the scene now staying with Feilio. He is still holding onto the dead rose, his arms resting on his legs, his head on top of his folded hands, contemplating the situation. From behind him, in a dimly lit doorway, a man in a lab coat is seen.

Unknown Scientist: He is seemingly young, maybe a bit older than Blue, he would be Blue’s senior. He has black, scruffy hair, parted into two bangs neatly in the front, and it comes down a little bit past his neck. He is wearing a black, pull over sweater, with a dirty, rough white lab coat haphazardly thrown over it. His pants are simple, grey slightly loose joggers with the usual boots. His face has seen better days, he has heavy bags under his eyes, and a bit of scruff growing in (It’s clear he hasn’t shaved in a few days.)

The man looks over at Feilio, not showing too much concern.)

Unknown Scientist: Oh? Feilio, sounds like they got one of your pups.

(Feilio sighs, cracking his knuckles as he returns to a proper sitting position. He spins around to face his guest, one leg propped on top of the other, arms spread wide. Some of the vines around his legs drape down, swinging around as he shows a kindly grin.)

Feilio: My friend, didn’t think you’d be back so soon! Don’t concern yourself with the trials and tribulations of riffraff!

(The scientist seems unamused.)

Unknown Scientist: You know, I’m starting to question this little... “alliance”... we have going on here. To think, I could leave my troubles in the hands of some mangy dogs.

(Feilio leans over a bit, pointing energetically to the man, not moving much from his pose.)

Feilio: What did I just say~? Relax, man! This was your idea, remember?

(Feilio places both his hands on his legs now, putting both legs firmly on the ground, and raising himself up in an exaggerated manner.)

Feilio: And you, my little devil, are the greatest mastermind I know! Why, to question this partnership would be to question your very brilliance!

(The scientist scoffs, amused.)

Unknown Scientist: Well, when you put it like that, I guess I have nothing to worry about.

(Feilio applauds, as the Scientist starts to rummage for something in his pocket.)

Unknown Scientist: Although, “in-fighting” isn’t exactly something I’m keen on. If your guard dog starts a war with the rest of the mafia, I’m out.

(Feilio stops, and sighs, losing some of his energy, and turning towards the computer, hands on his hips.)

Feilio: Yeah, well preventing something like that would be the best outcome.

(Feilio closes his eyes, thinking of the image of Utapi.)

Feilio: Those injuries… the glass… it’s all pointing to Reaper’s damn brat.

(Feilio looks concerned for a moment.)

Feilio: < Sadly, I’m sure Utapi was the one who instigated it… Why couldn’t he have just followed his orders? >

(The Unknown Scientist pulls out a vial, tossing it to Feilio. Feilio snaps out of his thought while catching the vial, that contains dark purple liquid. )

Feilio: Oh? Don’t tell me this is…

(The Scientist’s lips widen almost past their natural limit, and his face contorts as he lifts his vial up to show both the reader and Feilio.)

Unknown Scientist: The first working prototype! The real deal, Feilio! One drop of that…

(The scientist over extends his body towards the sky, looking up towards the ceiling in some kind of twisted bliss.)

Unknown Scientist: And a host’s entire respiratory system will cease to function! I’ve done it! The ultimate virus! No man would dare to create something so wicked, but so powerful!!! No Talent can cure it, no medicine can sedate it!!!

(Feilio examines the vial, curious, and impressed.)

Feilio: I see… How long does it take to produce this much?

(The scientist begins to come back to earth, irritated at something.)

Unknown Scientist: That’s the thing… that’s all I’ve been able to make. Sadly, the antidote is much easier to yield positive results, and there shouldn’t BE an antidote.

Feilio: Hmm.

(Feilio looks at the vial a bit, and then decides to pop off the cap. The scientist is stunned, as Feilio goes to down the contents.)

Feilio: Bottoms up!

(The scientist is about to stop him, but then wickedly grins again, letting the man drink the vial. Right before the first drop reaches Feilio’s mouth, he lowers the vial, and smiles.)

Feilio: Just Joking~! So it is the real deal.

(The scientist seems confused and disappointed.)

Unknown Scientist: Damn, I thought you’d actually down it. I haven't had many live test subjects yet.

Feilio: Well, If you had tried to stop me, I would have been suspicious. I was just making sure you didn’t just put in some fake stuff to fool me.

(Feilio tosses the vial back, with the scientist fumbling to secure it.)

Feilio: Keep up the good work, Doctor. I’ll make sure to keep my end of the deal.

(Feilio turns as the scientist walks out of the room, laughing a bit to himself. Feilio tries to click a few keys on his keyboard, a look of concern comes across his face.)

Feilio: < That damn creep is actually getting close to the drug. I better make sure I don’t start slacking off on my end of the bargain. Now, I believe that guard dog should be around, hm, number 28 right about now? >

(Feilio sighs, kicking himself up and relaxing his legs on the computer desk. He looks up towards the ceiling, and begins to hum to himself. His humming carries over to the next scene, returning to Chain ripping his knives out of the chest of a younger looking thug. Chain’s face on shows bloodlust as he begins to whip around to face more opponents, the room flooding in with more unsuspecting gangsters.)

Chain: Number 29, done.

Thug: G- get him! He won’t get away with-

(Chain then begins his assault. Not holding back, with zero remorse for the poor souls who found themselves in his wake, Chain unleashed his endless chains onto the residents of the room. His two knives whip about, shooting and zipping in all sorts of ways, slashing and cutting his prey open, killing them all in single attempts. Chain’s face becomes covered in blood, a hint of rage can be seen in his eyes. More indiscriminate screaming can be heard coming from the building as several police and Students [ A lot of them appear older, more professional] being to arrive outside, waiting to go in. Chain darts downstairs, and begins attacking the rest of the building’s inhabitants.)

Chain: Don’t take it personally, fellas. This is that bitch, Mist’s, fault. After all…

(Chain continues to slash around viciously, blood splattering across the building walls and ceiling. He stares at the reader with the same killer intent as the chapter closes, some of the blood splattering on his own face.)

Chain: An eye for an eye, right?


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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[Chapter 18 Post]

Chapter 18 "Reassignment"


Chapter 18 - Reassignment -

(The chapter opens up with Jess’s car finally pulling up to Fukagawa’s building. The crew looks up in awe at the skyscraper, with Yuki looking nervous. From the main entrance, Taro can be seen, leaning against the building, waiting. Bryan exits the car, waving to Jess, and Yuki slowly proceeds to inch her way out as well.

Bryan: Thanks again, Jess! It’s been fun!

Yuki: T- thank you. For everything.

(Jess smiles gently as the two begin to make their way to the building. Hitachi hesitates for a moment, to the others’ surprise. Bryan tilts his head, looking at Hitachi from outside of the car. In the background, as people come and go, Taro seems confused as to what the hold up is [He sees the group.])

Bryan: Hey, You alright Hitachi? What are you waiting for?

(Hitachi seems to be contemplating something, and then puts his hand up to reassure Bryan. He then hands the documents over to him, Bryan raising an eyebrow.)

Hitachi: Could you guys go on ahead? I kind of want to ask Jess something before she goes, if that’s alright.

(Jess looks back, confused. Bryan seems concerned, but then smiles and shrugs.)

Bryan: Sure, don’t take long, though! The others are probably tired of waitin, don’t want to piss off “Four-eyes” either, hehe!

(Yuki seems concerned as well, but Bryan motions for her to follow. Yuki timidly makes her way to the sidewalk, with her coat zipped up and hiding her face. The two get their things [ The supplies and Korace] and head over to Taro, while the scene stays with Hitachi and Jess. Jess gets comfortable, angled back so she is looking at Hitachi from the front seat. Hitachi sighs, and seems to be relieved.)

Hitachi: Glad he didn't make a big deal out of that…

Jess: …? What’s up?

(Hitachi holds his hands together tightly, he is clearly uncomfortable and stressed about something.)

Hitachi: Um… I wanted to ask for awhile now, but you were always around Yuki or Bryan, and Bryan asked me not to bring it up… but…

(Jess shifts uncomfortably in her seat, waiting for the question.)

Hitachi: But… back at the hideout, in the forest. You did something to Bryan, right? When he fought Draker? What was that all about?

(Jess’s expression is at first unchanged, but then she cracks a slight smile and giggles.)

Jess: Oh, that? Now why would Bryan ask you not to mention it?

(Hitachi looks down at his feet, still completely serious.)

Hitachi: He didn’t want me to worry about why you were unconscious, but…

(Hitachi’s grip tightens, as his voice shakes a bit.)

Hitachi: I just feel awful.

(Scenes from the fight with Draker fill Hitachi’s mind, from his wrist being badly injured, to him being tossed around like a ragdoll.)

Hitachi: I… I couldn’t do a damn thing against him at the time… and you guys suffered for it…

(Shots of Bryan falling back after beating Draker and Jess unconscious replace the old images as Hitachi shuts his eyes tight.)

Jess: …

Hitachi: I thought if I got strong enough to defend myself, that I wouldn't worry as much… but still…

(Hitachi looks Jess in the eyes, as if he's ready to sob.)

Hitachi: I… still feel awful! Everytime I think back to that pain, trying to push myself in training, it only makes me imagine how much worse the pain must have felt for you two…!

(Jess leans over, placing her hand on Hitachi’s head, to his surprise. She speaks softly to him.)

Jess: Listen, if anything, we are the ones who should feel that way. You fought hard enough, and long enough, for us to even bring Draker down. You should only feel pride, not regret or strife.

(Hitachi sinks in his seat a bit.)

Jess: And, as to the reason I was unconscious…

(Jess releases Hitachi’s shoulder, and places her finger a few inches away from her forehead. Then, a few small sparks shoot out, connecting to the top of the finger from her head. Hitachi is taken aback slightly.)

Jess: It’s a part of my Talent, Battle Grid. I can transfer my Talent’s game plan and foresight abilities to someone for a brief period. Think of it as manipulating someone’s brain waves so that it makes their body act and produce the same abilities as my own. Impressive, sure, but It completely drains me. I get all light headed, and konk right out.

(Hitachi is in disbelief, but he rubs his chin and seems to calm down a bit.)

Hitachi: O- Oh… Well, I guess that explains how Bryan was able to dodge and counter Draker the way that he did.

(Jess’s smile spreads wide, and she messes up Hitachi’s hair for fun.)

Jess: I appreciate the concern, but trust me, you and Bryan deserve all the credit.

(Hitachi rubs the back of his head, smiling again. He nods, and begins to leave the car.)

Hitachi: Thanks, Jess. I appreciate it, really. We’ll come by the village sometime to visit, I’m sure.

(Jess seems a bit nervous.)

Jess: Well, you lot are quite the handful… we’ll see.

(She smiles lightly as she places her hands on the wheel again, Hitachi grabbing his sword and heading towards the building.)

Jess: But, I do admit I’ll miss you guys. Don’t do anything stupid, damn rookies.

(Jess drives off, back into the traffic and busyness of the city. The scene follows Hitachi as he enters the main lobby of the Fukagawa Building. He looks around, and sees Lillian, swinging her legs on a bench, waiting for him. She spots him, and waves.)

Lillian: Oh, ‘Tachi! Come on, the others are already discussing the next Assignment!

(Hitachi seems flustered for a second, then smiles awkwardly as he makes his way over. Lillian begins to get up to join him.)

Hitachi: Where did you hear anybody ever call me “‘Tachi”?

(The two head for the elevator, Lillian grinning brightly, holding her hands behind her back.)

Lillian: Came up with it myself! Consider nicknames my second Talent~!

(The scene switches to a more professional looking room in the Fukagawa Building, it appears to be some kind of conference room. Bryan, Yuki, and Taro are seated along a long, black oval table, while Fukagawa is manning a projector at the head of the table, standing and pointing to something on the documents for the Gilman Street assignment. The document is being projected onto the room’s wall. Lillian and Hitachi walk into the room, interrupting Fukagawa.)

Lillian: Found the other one, Fukie!

(Hitachi seems embarrassed, but smiling nonetheless. Fukagawa sighs and continues.)

Fukagawa: Take a seat, you two. Finally, we can begin actually planning this damn thing.

(Bryan motions for Hitachi to sit next to him, which Hitachi does, and Lillian plops into the nearest seat to Fukagawa. The gang pays attention as Fukagawa begins to formulate a plan of action.)

Fukagawa: Alright, so this assignment is asking for intel on the following criminals.

(The projection shows the same list Hitachi looked at before, including the mugshot of Chain. Hitachi stares the image down as Fukagawa explains.)

Fukagawa: We don’t need to engage or apprehend anybody, all it says to do is to simply find out simple things, such as to what they might up to, and where they frequent. This is so that the authorities or other Students can capture them easily, if need be.

(Taro folds his arms, raising an eyebrow.)

Taro: I don’t mean this in a rude way, but was it really necessary to make something like this a joint operation?

(Fukagawa fixes his glasses, and Yuki chimes in.)

Yuki: I- I agree. It would make more sense if only a few people tried to scout these people out. Less of a chance at being caught spying on them…

Fukagawa: Usually, yes, I’d agree 100%. But there's a lot of people to cover here, and it makes more sense for us to each agree to follow one or two targets at a time.

(Bryan nods, grinning as if he’s satisfied with something.)

Bryan: Ah, “dividing and conquering”! A classic military strategy, I like it!

(Hitachi coughs into his hand.)

Hitachi: *Cough* Nerd.

(Bryan gives Hitachi a look as Fukagawa continues.)

Fukagawa: So, we need to decide on who is going to invesi-

(Suddenly, several C.R.O.Ws in the room go off. Bryan, and all of team Fukagawa check their devices simultaneously.)

Taro: Huh? We all got an Alert? Must be some kind of news flash…

(Fukagawa’s eyes nearly pop out of his head. Everyone gets up, feeling uneasy.)

Fukagawa: Whoa, wait. Is this some kind of a joke…!?

Yuki: What is it?

(Bryan is the first to read the Alert aloud. Yuki and Hitachi look at one another, confused.)

Bryan: It’s about Gilman St…

Taro: It says… that over 50 people were just slaughtered there…!

(The tension in the room rises, and everyone gathers closer. Fukagawa looks back at the list of targets, and seems flustered.)

Fukagawa: Of all the…! Why now!?

(Lillian looks to the list as well, and points towards the picture of Chain.)

Lillian: Look! That red-head guy, he’s on the front page of the Alert.

(Yuki goes over to Bryan, and Hitachi and he look over his shoulder to see that Lillian was telling the truth. The Alert is flashing on screen, showing a picture of Chain being arrested in front of a bloody, run down building, heavily censored.)

Hitachi: Talk about bad timing.

Yuki: … What now?

(Fukagawa leans forward onto the table, stressed by the new development.)

Fukagawa: No idea, but if any of our targets were one of those 50 plus victims… We can kiss this Assignment goodbye.

(Bryan’s C.R.O.W goes off now, Showing that Jess is trying to contact him. The group seems flustered, as Bryan answers the video call.)

Bryan: Jess…?

(Jess is still in traffic, she seems pissed.)

Jess: I assume at least Fukagawa’s team got the news?

(The Students look at one another, and nod. Bryan seems a bit stressed himself.)

Bryan: What now? Should we head over there?

Jess: Well, that was going to be my first solution, but I just got a call from my higher-up.

Bryan: … huh?

(Hitachi and Yuki look at one another, still confused. Fukagawa walks over to join the conversation, looking over Bryan’s shoulder.)

Fukagawa: You mean a Teacher got in contact with you, just now?

Yuki: “Teacher”?

(Bryan sighs and looks over to her.)

Bryan: I’ll explain in a bit.

(Bryan looks back at Jess.)

Bryan: So-

Fukagawa: What’s the deal?

(Bryan seems annoyed at being cut off, but Jess goes on.)

Jess: Yeah, she said to Reassign the six of you.

(Fukagawa crosses his arms.)

Fukagawa: Well, this is a bit inconvenient. Mind explaining?

Jess: I need some of you to go and help clean up the damages… That part is easy enough, although I feel bad making you do something so gruesome…

(Taro, Lillian, and Fukagawa lock eyes, collectively thinking back to Utapi.)

Fukagawa: My team can handle that. Sadly, it’s nothing new.

(Jess is speechless for a moment, but then coughs awkwardly and continues.)

Jess: W- Well, what I’m not a fan of is what my Teacher wants the other three to do.

(Bryan points to himself proudly.)

Bryan: Don’t worry, we can handle anything~!

(Yuki slugs him over the head comedically as Hitachi sighs, shaking his head.)

Yuki: Don’t speak for the three of us, you knucklehead!

(Jess tries not to laugh, but then becomes uneasy when she begins to explain their role.)

Jess: Teach said the ride to the prison, Saint’s Fall, needs an escort, because the culprit is being considered too dangerous for the usual procedure. And because you guys were already assigned to watch him, my Teacher wanted it to be your problem, rather than asking around for available Students.

(Hitachi now joins in the conversation.)

Hitachi: Are they taking him by car?

Jess: A van, yes. He is already cuffed, waiting in the back of it, waiting at the site of the crime.

(Hitachi turns to Yuki and Bryan.)

Hitachi: That shouldn’t be too difficult, then. All we’d have to do is go along for the ride, right?

(Jess still seems unsure, but she bites her lip and nods.)

Jess: Yes, that is the gist of it. But because of your actions back in the forest, your skill levels are being evaluated much more critically than any average rookies.

(Yuki seems uneasy, rubbing her stomach, her wound from the fight.)

Yuki: Well, we managed that, so we should be alright...

Jess: I know you're capable, but I’m worried. This man isn’t your average criminal, Heaven forbid something were to happen… And…

(Jess finally reveals what's truly worring her.)

 Jess: This mission is something someone in my ranks would be tasked with.

(Bryan grins, and pumps his free fist.)

Bryan: No worries, we’ll get it done, Jess! Tell that “Teach” of yours that we’ve got it under control!

(Yuki and Hitachi look over at him, beads of sweat run down their foreheads.)

Yuki and Hitachi: < This kid is going to be the death of us…>

(Yuki sighs and then responds to Jess.)

Yuki: Fine… I guess it’s easier than taking on an entire gang… It’s just one man, after all.

(Jess thinks about it for a moment, and then swallows her uncertainty. She seems less uneasy.)

Jess: Well... alright. You guys are sure about this? Hitachi, what about you?
(Hitachi messes with his hair a bit, thinking about it.)

Hitachi: Well, like you said, all we have to do is go for the ride and make sure he gets to the prison. Shouldn’t be too much trouble...

(Jess tries to hold a small smile, but her eyes still reflect some amount of worry.)

Jess: Then, don’t do anything stupid. Make sure to call me if anything goes wrong!

(Bryan laughs a bit.)

Bryan: What are you, our mom? We’ve got this! See ya, Jess!

(The call cuts out, leaving the six standing around, speechless. Bryan pockets his C.R.O.W, and places his hands on his hip. His uneasiness begins to show.)

Bryan: … Well, that was eventful.

(Fukagawa shuts the projector off, sighing. He then begins to leave the room with Lillian and Taro, and motions for the others.)

Fukagawa: Ugh, what a pain. Alright, come on, we’ll give you a lift there since we are going to the same place anyways.

(The scene switches to the crew walking back out of the building, to see Yun waiting to drive the group to their destination [The car looks like a limo]. He sees Yuki, Hitachi, and Bryan, and bows politely. Fukagawa gets into the passanger side, speaking to Yun as he gets situated.)

Fukagawa: Those three are the newbies I was mentioning. Treat them like you'd treat Lilly and Taro.

(Yun lifts himself up, presently. The group greet him as Taro and Lillian get in.)

Yun: Hello, young masters. You may reffer to me as Yun. What may I call the three of you by?

(Bryan grins stupidly.)

Bryan: Bryan, Nice to meet ya!

(Hitachi waves politely.)

Hitachi: Hitachi Justice, just Hitachi is fine.

(Yun turns to Yuki, who is still hiding in her coat.)

Yun: And you, miss?

(Yuki pulls her collar down a bit.)

Yuki: Yuki. Yuki Versai. You can just say Yuki though.

(At Yuki's words, both Fukagawa and Yun seem to flinch at something. Yun scratches his chin, and then opens the back doors for the three.)

Yun: Right this way, Miss Versai.

(Yuki seems confused, but follows Bryan and Hitachi into the vehicle.)

Yuki: J… Just Yuki, please. It's kind of weird, being so formal…

Yun: Of course. My apologies, Miss Yuki it is.

(Fukagawa eyes Yuki as she gets in, and then turns to face the front, deep in thought. After a few moments, Yun gets into the limo, and drives the crew off to the crime scene. The scene changes to the limo pulling up to the crime scene. The kids hop out together, and make their way towards the building where Chain had attacked, now barred off extensively with police tape. Several older Students are patrolling the area, and questioning the nearby thugs and homeless for clues. Yun joins the group as they arrive at the tape. There are a few things going on. Some police officers are investigating the building itself, some appear to be using high tech Forensic scanners, while others are using Talents such as Flight to get different angles of the scene, photographing the crime scene. Behind the tape where the group is, on the building's side, is seemingly a small boy, dressed in a decorated police uniform.

A-Vast [Small police boy] Description: Age 12, Male. A-Vast is a code name given to the boy, and he has become attached to it because he can't remember his actual name. He has short, excessively spiky dark orange hair. His eyes are always open wide, alert to every little detail, almost so much so that it's creepy. He wears a small black trench coat, always kept open, that's a bit too large on him, it drags along the ground wherever he goes, and under it he has a police chief's uniform.

The boy turns to look at the group waiting by the tape. His gaze and demeanor are dead serious, but his outfit and stature seem off for this situation.)

Small Boy: Sorry, this is officially in the hands of the Taoru Police Department. If you're looking for some way to earn extra brownie points, I suggest trying to pick up some leads for us.

(Fukagawa clears his throat, fixing his glasses as Yuki, Hitachi, and Bryan seem dumbfounded by the boy’s speech and attire. Lillian seems in love with his outfit, while Taro is unphased.)

Fukagawa: Sir, we were the Students recently assigned to observe some of the victims of this recent case. I assume you are already aware of that Assignment?

(The boy, his grating stare unchanging, smirks, tilting his head in a mocking manner.)

Small Boy: Ah, so you're the poor saps. Follow me.

(The crew is now walking to another side of the building, where the van is waiting. The boy talks as they walk over to it. Lillian walks around the boy, taking pictures of him as they walk [Which doesn't seem to phase the boy])

Small Boy: I notice a few new faces, so I'll do a brief introduction, I suppose. My name is A-Vast, I'm the current head of the police department. Please, refer to me as Chief.

(Bryan chimes in, while the others are still too stunned to talk.)

Bryan: Um… I heard rumours that the head of the police here was a bit unorthodox, but… aren't you just a kid?

(A-Vast looks over his shoulders, his stare piercing Bryan's soul to its core. His stare is clearly contrasting with his childish voice.)

A-Vast: Ah, no worries. I get that a lot. Try not to think too hard about it.

(A-Vast glances over at Fukagawa and Yun, who are eyeing Yuki from behind, without her noticing. A-Vast turns to face forward as he strides ahead.)

A-Vast: I'm really keen, you see. Real good with the little details. So good, in fact, that I surpassed the old head of the PD in a test of wits. And now here I am.

(Bryan still seems a bit lost, but Lillian cuts them off, pulling on A-Vast's cheek as they walk.)

Lillian: Aw, who cares what his job is! Look, ain't he just adorable?!

(Fukagawa pulls his attention away from his inner thoughts, distraught by Lillian's behavior.)

Fukagawa: L-Lilly! Cut that out, must you do this every time you see the Chief!?

(A-Vast responds in her defense, his cheek still being tugged.)

A-Vast: Actually, this happens way more than people questioning my position, so I'm used to this too.

(The group makes it to the van, with A-Vast turning to face the group. He points to the back doors of the van.)

A-Vast: Right. Well, with the pleasantries aside…

(A-Vast narrows his eyes, his next words sending chills down the group's spines.)

A-Vast: The culprit, Chain. He's waiting in there.

(Bryan gulps, and Yuki and Hitachi seem uneasy. Fukagawa and the others seem uncertain, after seeing their reaction.)

Fukagawa: If you think this is too much to handle, my squad can take care of this. Don't feel like you have to do this.

(Hitachi takes a deep breath, regaining his composure.)

Hitachi:hi: It’s a bit worrying to know this is the kind of work they expect out of Jess’s level of Students… But, I think we’ll be fine.

(Bryan turns to Hitachi, excited.)

Bryan: Just think, if we manage to knock this easy task out, we’ll be rising stars!

(A-Vast’s face is hidden, as he chuckles eerily. This catches the group's attention.)

A-Vast: “Rising Stars” is one way to put it. I’d say “Unfortunate Souls”.

(Yuki begins to doubt their resolve, or what little of it they had.)

Yuki: W- What do you mean?

(A-Vast smiles wide, his stare sending chills through Yuki and the others.)

A-Vast: Your on the rise, sure. But rookies are still rookies. If you manage to make it through this Assignment, it’s only a matter of time until you get assigned a task from a Teacher who only sees you for your Evaluated Score, and not from your actual experience.

(A-Vast looks over at the van, his expression unchanging, besides his smile growing wider and cockier.)

A-Vast: Your lucky, that's all. And that luck is eventually gonna run dry.

(Bryan walks over to A-Vast, surprising everyone, including A-Vast himself. Bryan leans forward, without bending down, and gets on A-Vast’s level.)

Bryan: We aren't lucky! Even pros started out as rookies, right!?

(A-Vast blankly stares at Bryan for a moment, and then scoffs, shrugging.)

A-Vast: I’d have no idea, tough guy. I’ve been at the top of my game for as long as I can remember. In my world, the strong stay strong, and the weak stay weak.

(Bryan seems ticked off by the boy, but Hitachi steps in, and pulls Bryan back upright.)

Hitachi: That’s enough. Listen, Chief, I think what he’s trying to say is “Don’t Underestimate us.”

(Yuki steps up to join the boys, and the three stand together in front of the police officer. A-Vast looks at the three intensely, and then closes his eyes, walking past them towards Fukagawa’s group.)

A-Vast: Then prove me wrong, Rookies.

(The others follow A-Vast back to the front of the building, Fukagawa and Taro looking back at the three by the van.)

Fukagawa: Give us a call when you're all set. I still have to get you three settled in.

Taro: Don’t take what the Chief said too harshly, but don’t take it lightly either.

(They wave, and disappear from view. The three are left, alone, by the van. Yuki slugs Bryan, and Hitachi sighs.)

Yuki: Can you control that temper of yours, at least when it involves the rest of us!?

Bryan: Ow! Fine, jeez I’m sorry! That little brat was really getting under my skin though…

(Hitachi is thinking to himself, about what A-Vast said. In his mind, he’s thinking about when May had used her cloud to surprise attack Wisp, and when Jess arrived at the hideout, shooting Draker away from him.)

Hitachi: < … “Lucky”... it sucks, but he isn’t wrong. We need to sit down and figure some kinks out, the next time we have some down time. But, for now… >

(Hitachi makes his way to the van, while Yuki and Bryan bicker. He eyes it, in deep thought. He notices the back has two small windows, and as he peers in from a distance, he realizes that Chain is sitting inside, eyeing them from his seat, in handcuffs. Uneasy, Hitachi stumbles back a bit. Then, the front and passenger doors of the van open up. This also gets Yuki’s and Bryan’s attention. To their surprise, two new cops show up, in some kind of prison guard attire. One of them is a bit chubby, the passenger one [Butch], and the driver side one is tall and skinny, a bit cowerdly [Wedge]. The tall one speaks up first, rubbing his neck awkwardly.)
[ Artist Note: Feel free to go crazy on the officer’s designs. ]

Wedge: Yo. Looks like our escorts have arrived.

(Butch laughs a bit, struggling to waddle up next to his companion.)

Butch: Seems like it, Haha! Y’all are pretty young, too! This your first escort?

(Yuki hides in her coat, while Hitachi seems unimpressed. Bryan greets the newcomers.)

Bryan: Yeah, we’re the escorts! And, uh, yeah, it’s our first time. What do you need us to do?

(Wedge sighs, sluggishly returning to the vehicle.)

Wedge: Get in. The longer you sit here yapping, the later I get home after my shift ends.

(Butch laughs at this, too. He motions for the three to follow him. The three look at one another, all nodding. The camera pans out a bit, showing the backs of the group heading for the van, closing the chapter out.)


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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[Second Rework Update]

For anyone who doesn't want to read the wall of text below, here's the speed notes for this update:
  • Posts for Chapters 12 - 18 will be edited, replacing the old chapters with new ones (They are completely different, so anyone who is caught up will have to start back at 12)
  • Chapters 19 - 22 will be posted within the next week, while work on 23 and 24 is underway!

Woo! Hey MR, I'm back :)
After almost a YEAR of being silent on the forum, I have returned to continue posting chapters for Dragon Universe! While I may have been inactive on the site, I've gotten a lot of work done regarding the manga, including character designing, actual pages being drawn, and the chapter scripts.

Honestly, the main reason I stopped posting is because I couldn't log into my MR account, for whatever reason. No idea why, and no idea why it works again now, but it does T.T;

Anyways, while I was gone, a friend and I (Thanks Ty ^-^) looked over where the story was heading, and the general vibe of Volume 2, and we both agreed it wasn't really ideal for where I wanted to take the story next. So what did I, PichuDX, do? I flipping scrapped every chapter from 12 to 18 (COMPLETELY), because rewriting and indecisiveness are god damn staples of my online persona at this point, and simply making edits to the existing chapters is, apparently, just not the Pichu way! (Send help) :'D

So what does all this mean to anyone who has been reading the chapter scripts? Well, as I mentioned in my mini rant, I've scrapped the old chapters 12 through 18, so forget everything from those (It's been so long since I've posted, I'm sure that won't be too much of a challenge.)

Because I can't delete my previous posts (if there is a way to, I can't figure it out :l), and because I don't want to make a 3rd thread for Dragon Universe, I will be modifying the posts for chapters 12 through 18, removing the old chapters and replacing them with the new ones. Essentially, anyone wanting to get caught up on the new chapters should start from chapter 12, and then enter the new volume 2 (13 - 18.)
I wanted to spread the release of these new chapters out more, but changing the older posts one at a time would probably confuse a lot of people, so to anyone looking for a good binge read, your welcome.

I have up until Chapter 22 written, with Volume 2 planned to end at Chapter 24. Expect chapters 19 through 22 to be posted throughout the next week, while I work on wrapping the volume up :)

Again sorry for both the delay and the rewrite! Hopefully you like the new direction for volume 2 as much as I do!
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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[Chapter 19 Post]

Chapter 19 "Reality"


Chapter 19 - Reality -

(The chapter opens up with Yuki, Bryan, and Hitachi, all together in the backseats of the van. [The back of the van for them is a bit spacious, they are facing one another, Yuki and Hitachi are on one side, Bryan on another.] Behind them, it is walled off, with a small glass window, showing Chain’s silhouette. Infront of them, Wedge gets into the driver’s seat, while Butch fumbles into the passenger side. Korace and Hitachi’s sword are kind of jutting out from in front of themselves, awkwardly. As Wedge waits for Butch to eventually manage to put his seatbelt on, he turns to the three kids.)

Wedge: Just get comfortable, the rides about an hour there, an hour back.

(Butch comments, trying to get comfertable himself.)

Butch: Hope you brought some form of entertainment with yah!

(Butch pulls out a small device with earbuds, and inserts them into his ears. He begins to listen to music as Wedge sighs, starting the van.)

Wedge: Just don’t make too much noise.

(The panel shows the van pulling off from the outside, Chain staring at the reader as it goes. The scene changes back to Fukagawa and company as they follow A-Vast to the front of the building. Yun taps Fukagawa’s shoulder, and beckons him to fall behind the others. The two talk amongst themselves so that the others can’t hear.)

Yun: Did you hear what I heard? From earlier?

(Fukagawa sighs, fixing his cape’s collar.)

Fukagawa: Unfortunately. That was the first time I heard Yuki say her last name. As much as I want to ignore it… I have a lot of questions now.

(Yun strokes his chin again, concerned.)

Yun: This is a very odd development, indeed. Should I notify your fath-

(Fukagawa shoots Yun a strict glance.)

Fukagawa: Not a word to that bastard. I’ll investigate this situation and come to my own conclusions, thank you. If you want to help, Yun, then I suggest looking into our family's business records. Make sure we both know what we’re talking about before we confront her.

(The two continue to walk in silence for a moment. Fukagawa looks at the ground, somewhat frustrated.)

Fukagawa: Although… there’s no need to look into any records. I’m positive the Versai family was wiped out a long time ago.

(Yun closes his eyes, puzzled.)

Yun: Her very existence is quite the enigma…

(The group reaches the front of the building again, and A-Vast points to the front door.)

A-Vast: Most of the gore has been cleaned up, or at least to the best of our experts’ abilities. See if you can help finish up, and if you can find any clues as to the motive, I’d appreciate it.

(Fukagawa sighs, as Taro and Lillian head in ahead of him.)

Fukagawa: We’ll do our best, sir.

(Yun walks back to the limo, and gets into the driver’s seat, alone. He leans back, waiting for the crew to do their work.)

Yun: . . .

(He begins to ponder to himself, aloud. His eyes are closed, and he’s in a fairly relaxed state, contrast to his usually formal behavior.)

Yun: Versai… Versai… It’s been so long. I almost completely forgot about them.

(Yun looks out the window, staring up at the sky.)

Yun: Although, I suppose that was the point.

(The scene changes back to the van, the three are having a discussion amongst themselves while Wedge and Butch mind their own buisness. Bryan seems to be finishing up a topic.)

Bryan: - All I’m saying is the headband ain’t just for show!

(Yuki pokes Bryan in the head, Bryan’s eye twitching.)

Yuki: Then why is it there, “Meat for Brains”?

(Hitachi laughs to himself a bit before responding to Yuki.)

Hitachi: My guess is because his hair is a nightmare. Take off the headband and show us!

(Bryan rolls his eyes, and undoes the band, letting his hair flow out. It’s clearly a scruffy mess. Yuki and Hitachi laugh uncontrollably. Wedge looks back, grinding his teeth.)

Wedge: Keep it do- … Pfft!

(Wedge can barely contain himself at the sight of Bryan.)

Bryan: Oh yeah!?

(Bryan grabs and pulls off Hitachi’s hair tie, showing his long, slightly neater hair.)

Bryan: I’m not the only one! “Snowflake” over here is just as bad!

(Hitachi snatches the tie back, scoffing as Yuki is losing her *censored*.)

Hitachi: “Snowflake”, huh? I’m being called all sorts of things today…

(Bryan fumes.)


(Hitachi and Bryan fix their hair, and look over at Yuki, who is recovering from her laughing fit.)

Hitachi: And what about you?

Yuki: . . . Huh?

(Hitachi pokes at Yuki’s little spikes, on the side of her hair, and she blushes and tries to swat him off.)

Hitachi: What’s up with these things?

Yuki: B-Back off before I deck you like I deck Bryan!

(Bryan points to himself, confused.)

Bryan: Why does he get a warning!? You usually just hit me straight up!

(Wedge leans back in his seat, listening to the banter. He nudges Butch, who takes out his ear buds.)

Wedge: These guys are a real kick, you should hear ‘em.

Butch: You don’t say?

(Butch looks back, Bryan and Hitachi trying to move Yuki’s bangs to look at her eyepatch.)

Yuki: That’s enough! Personal Space! PERSONAL SPACE!!!

Hitachi: Aw, comeon, you’ve never let us really get a good look at it though, you're always hiding it with your hair.

(Bryan’s eyes sparkle with excitement.)

Bryan: I bet she has some super sick scar underneath it! Comeon Yuki, tell us! Or better yet, show us!

(Yuki grabs them both by the collar and starts to shake them, violently.)

Yuki: I said enough, you damn jerks! Keep pissing me off and I’ll work you both into the ground, and thensome!

(Korace begins to chuckle too. Yuki kicks her sword, without saying a word to it, making it seem like an accident as she tosses the other two back in their seats.)

Korace: Ow! Come on, nothing wrong with a little banter!

(Yuki eyes the sword angrily, as Hitachi and Bryan regain their composure. Bryan begins the conversation again, Yuki back in her seat, arms crossed.)

Bryan: In all honesty though, you really should tell us about that.

(Yuki stares at Bryan, annoyed.)

Yuki: What?

Bryan: Your eye! You’ve never really explained the patch before. I just figured it was for show.

(Hitachi leans back, relaxing a bit.)

Hitachi: Can’t say I’m not curious as well.

(Yuki sighs, and looks at Korace for a moment. Then she looks down at her feet.)

Yuki: It’s not that interesting. I just hurt my eye, and now I have to wear this eyepatch.

(Bryan pouts a bit.)

Bryan: Tell us how you hurt it. Come on, don’t be lame!

(Hitachi chuckles a bit.)

Yuki: It… happened a while back. When I was really young.

(The mood changes a bit, and Hitachi sits up. Bryan tilts his head, as the two listen.)

Yuki: I don’t really remember it that well, but… I do recall it happened when I lost my mansion for the first time.

(Bryan and Hitachi look at each other, concerned. Hitachi looks back at Yuki.)

Hitachi: “First” time? Your home was destroyed once, before Bryan and I showed up?

(Yuki nods silently.)

Bryan: Whoa, talk about the jackpot. We about to get a Yuki History Lesson?

(Yuki grits her teeth, tugging at her cost and tossing her head.)

Yuki: Don't push your luck!

(She sighs, and returns to her story.)

Yuki: Yeah, my mansion was destroyed before. A long time ago, I couldn't have been older than 10 at the time, there was a huge fire. It pretty much took everything with it…

(Yuki nudges Korace.)

Yuki: Well, aside from my sword and myself.

(Hitachi seems to be taking this much more seriously now, while Bryan is just interested in the story.)

Hitachi: It took everything? Does that mean…

(Yuki smiles softly, rubbing her arm. She doesn't look at the others.)

Yuki: Yeah. My family went up in flames, along with the mansion. Or, so I was told, after the fact.

(Bryan leans forward a bit, completely invested I'm her tale.)

Bryan: Jeez, that's rough… what happened after the fire? Was your eye already injured?

Yuki: Afterword, I had to stay at a friend's place for a bit. When I woke up, the first thing I remember is how odd my eye felt. It was covered in bandages, and it stung like hell.

Hitachi: What about the mansion? How is it still… er, how was it still standing when we showed up?

(Yuki tries to recall her childhood from after the fire.)

Yuki: Hmm… I remember I asked my friend's family to help fix my home. I gave them a bit of money out of what was left of my family's fortune, and rebuilt the mansion from the ground up. It took about a year or two, I think.

Bryan: Oh… wow that makes a lot more sense now.

(Yuki and Hitachi look at Bryan, curious. Bryan tilts his head, trying to think hard about his previous thoughts on Yuki.)

Bryan: I'll admit, I thought it was strange that you had that entire mansion to yourself. But now it makes sense, if your family passed away during the fire, then I guess what was left by them would technically belong to you.

(Yuki nods. Hitachi adds in a few questions of his own.)

Hitachi: Do you know what started the fire?

(Yuki is about to answer, but she has a flash to her recurring dreams. An image from the prologue, showing specifically the man surrounded by flames, is shown in the back of her mind. Yuki hesitates, and then looks down once more.)

Yuki: I… have no idea what caused it.

(Hitachi picks up on her reaction, but decides to leave it be.)

Hitachi: And you have no idea what happened to your eye?

Yuki: Not a clue. Like I said, I woke up, and my eye was like this.

(Wedge and Butch look at one another, but remain silent. Bryan let's out a deep breath, and points to Yuki.)

Bryan: You're a strange one.

(Yuki sighs.)

Yuki: Like you're one to talk.

(Hitachu smiles, and pats Yuki on the back.)

Hitachi: You're both strange.

(Bryan seems peeved.)

Bryan:: the nomad!

Hitachi: I prefer "Wandering Traveler".

(Yuki smiles, and giggles a bit. Hitachi and Bryan seem happy, having taken her mind off of her past. From behind them, Chain is sitting, in silence, staring at the road as it passes by outside. The Van is now on some sort of highway. Chain looks down at his handcuffs, smirking a bit to himself. He then turns to look through the small window separating him and the crew. He ponders something for a moment, and then begins to stand up. Hitachi hears his chains rattling in the back, and looks over to see the source of the noise. Chain is standing in the middle of his small section of the van, a bit hunched over due to the van being cramped. Only his upper portion is visible from the window.)

Hitachi: Hey, what the-

(Chain suddenly raises his right arm, showing Hitachi that his handcuff’s chain links had disappeared. Hitachi watches in stunned horror. Realising the severity of the situation, he grabs his sword, yelling to the others.)

Hitachi: Brace yourselves, he’s free!

(Yuki and Bryan are too caught up in the moment, confused by Hitachi’s movements to guard himself. Wedge and Butch turn slightly to look back at the commotion, only to find themselves in Chain’s crosshairs. Chain, from his end, lets a grin crack, right before sending two rapid chain links through the metal walls that were separating him from the others. The chains shoot out, knives on the ends, and wizz past Hitachi. Bryan and Yuki are too stunned to move, barely able to raise from their seats before the knives pass them as well. The kives scratch both the faces of Wedge and Butch, before shooting through the front glass of the van. Too shocked to regain control, the crew tries to comprehend what just happened. The van then spins out of control. Hitachi braces himself, as Yuki and Bryan grab Wedge and Butch to protect them. The van flips over itself dramatically, and it lands on its side, sliding for a few feet as glass and metal scrape the road. Several cars behind them swerve to a stop, and several people get out and look to see the damage. Just as some civilians get close, Chain bursts out of the side, wildly cutting his way through the metal. The onlookers run back to their cars to hide, as Chain lands next to the van, seemingly unscathed from the event. He looks back at the wreck, satisfied with his work.)

Chain: I’ll admit, that went better than I thought. Now then…

(Chain looks around the highway, to get an idea of where he is. He thinks to himself, and then looks back at the van. He notices a symbol on the side, indicating “Saint’s Fall”. He grimaces.)

Chain: Oh… wait. I should have just waited until we got there, I forgot I had to get Utapi.

(Chain grabs his forehead, as if he has a headache.)

Chain: Damn, what the hell was I thinking… now this is gonna be a whole process. And I have to walk for no damn reason…

(He sighs, and turns to look at the onlookers. He scoffs, and begins to walk along the highway. One person who is watching from their car stands out. A young man, around his early 20’s, seems to be watching Chain walk away.
[ Note: The man’s identity is obscured for the reader, at least his face, but the man is Cerkio. ]
Cerkio goes to grab something from his car, but both him and Chain stop in their tracks as a newcomer appears. As Chain walks past the van, Bryan is seen bursting out of the front of the van, as if he simply punched his way out. He skids out, and then blocks Chain’s path. From the opening he made, Yuki and Hitachi are pulling Wedge and Butch out of the crash. Wedge is conscious, but distraught, while Butch is uncouncious. Chain stares at Bryan, as Bryan holds up his fists, ready to fight.)

Bryan: Sorry pal, but I don’t think this is your stop.

(Chain cracks his neck, his knives dangling from his arms.)

Chain: You can say that again. Guess I gotta get that trigger finger of mine in check.

(Bryan raises an eyebrow, but doesn’t seem phased. Hitachi lays Butch down by Yuki, who is trying to calm Wedge down. They are by the van, crouched out of view.)

Yuki: Hey, what the hell do we do now?

(Hitachi tries to scope the scene out from their position. Chain and Bryan are staring each other down, while the onlookers are watching a safe distance away.)

Hitachi: W- Well… This is our problem now, so we have to detain this guy somehow.

(Chain stands perfectly still, now both arms by his side. Bryan is still ready to fight. Chain takes a step forward, and Bryan gets ready, as if Chain were going to charge at him. Chain simply stops again, and scoffs.)

Chain: You don’t seriously…

(Chain eyes Bryan, who has a grin on his face.)

Bryan: I’ve been itching to fight ever since our last assignment. So when they told us that all we were doing was babysitting you, I was honestly pretty bummed…

(Bryan’s fists tighten, and he smiles whole heartedly.)

Bryan: But I’ve gotta thank ya, now I get to kick your ass!

(Chain remains in his position. He stares at Bryan for a moment, and then he smirks. Bryan’s spirit wavers a bit.)

Bryan: W… What are you waiting for?

Chain: I’ll let you in on a little secret.

(Hitachi and Yuki are watching from the sidelines. Hitachi prepares to join Bryan, and as Yuki gets up as well, he hesitates, and turns to her.)

Hitachi: Yuki, stay put for now.

Yuki: Huh?

(Hitachi looks back at the other two, and then back to Yuki.)

Hitachi: Do you remember the deal we made?

Yuki: Deal…?

Hitachi: When we formed the team, we agreed when you said that you wouldn’t do any serious work. And I agreed to doubling my debt, in exchange for a place in your mansion, when all's said and done.

(Yuki blushes a bit, but then seems more concerned.)

YukI: Y-Yes, I remember, but-

(Hitachi looks over at Chain, and then speaks to Yuki, not looking at her. In the back of his mind, all he can picture is how seriously she got injured during their last mission.)

Hitachi: Despite what you said… you still ended up working just as hard, maybe even harder than the rest of us. I don’t want you getting involved anymore. I intend to uphold my end of the deal, and you getting hurt means I’m not doing my job. I’m sure Bryan feels the same way.

(Yuki seems surprised, and then upset, looking down at the road. She slowly sits back down.)

Yuki: Yeah… Your right…

(Hitachi looks back, smiling.)

Hitachi: We’ll deal with this in no time. Hell, I’m sure after a few more Assignments, we’ll have you place all sorted out. So just sit tight. I’ll-

(Hitachi and Yuki stop when they overhear Chain.)

Chain: The crime I just got arrested for. I was allowed to kill no more than 50 people.

(Yuki and Hitachi turn to look at Chain, suddenly remembering how dangerous their opponent was. Bryan’s demeanor changes, he is much more serious now.)

Bryan: You killed… 50 people? You're a sick bastard! Those people-

(The shot only shows the lower half of Chain’s face, as he bluntly cuts Bryan off.)

Chain: I slaughtered 51 people. Out of spite.

(A moment of dread suddenly pierces the area. Yuki and Hitachi seem mortified by his words, and Bryan’s posture wavers a bit. While he holds his battle pose, his face is almost purely displaying his fear.)

Bryan: W- What… Did you say… "Allowed"...?

(Chain suddenly begins emitting an aura around him of pure, savage killer intent. From the ground directly in front of him, a chain link bursts out, and wraps itself around, in a sphere shape, around Chain. Several more shootout, covering him like a small shield or dome, until they are moving around in rapid succession, magnifying his presence.)

Chain: You get it now? So how’s about you-

(Suddenly, from the mess of rapidly turning and spinning chains, one of Chain’s knives shoots out, still attached to a chain, and cuts past Bryan’s arm. Too shocked to react, the knife flys back now, and twirls itself around Bryan.)


( Bryan screams out in pain as he gets lifted into the air, and before he  knows it, he’s being whipped across the highway, and high up into the sky at a terrifying speed. He flies into a nearby billboard, the billboard displaying an ad for some kind of Pop Idol. Bryan sticks to it for a moment, in a small crater made smack dab in the center, but he then begins to fall from that height, already unconscious. He crashes violently into the pavement. Chain’s chainlinks flail out violently, expanding and flying all around him (They aren’t attacking anyone, just orbiting around Chain.) Onlookers begin to panic, and Yuki and Hitachi are even more mortified than before.)

Chain: I can’t stand people like YOU.

(One chain shoots out, and picks Bryan up. It lifts him into the air, for the whole highway to see clearly. Chain tucks his arms down, and opens both hands, like claws, in rage.)

Chain: You live everyday, like you're in some kind of dream! Well, sorry to tell you kid, but reality ain’t some kind of pleasant daydream!

(The final shot of the chapter splits in two, showing both Chain’s enraged, screaming face, and Bryan’s own defeated, near lifeless body.)

Chain: LIFE IS A *censored*ING NIGHTMARE.


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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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Welcome back Pichu! I'm sorry to hear the main reason was you couldn't log in! If it happens to you again, reach out on the facebook group or make a burner account and shoot Hasith a PM. Usually if you can't log in it will be down to MR itself acting up (as it is want to do on occasion).

Only mods and admins can delete posts, and we generally don't unless it's because of an infraction. In this case I would either edit your posts as you outlined, or just modify the posts to say something like "content removed".

Anyway, glad to have you back around. I hope to see you posting and reviewing with gusto!

Will review stories upon request. My latest arc: http://goo.gl/KYgsfF

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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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Thanks Coryn, if I ever have issues logging in again ill deffinitly reach out next time!
It's good to be back ^-^

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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[Chapter 20 Post]

Chapter 20 - Chains


Chapter 20 - Chains -

(The chapter opens on a shot of several horrified onlookers, staring at the carnage unfolding in front of them. Chain is constantly pulling Bryan’s beaten body close toward him, and punching it away, rinsing and repeating the process, endlessly. As this happens, one person in the crowd of onlookers, a newscaster, begins to record with a camera. The brutal onslaught can be seen reflecting in the camera's lense before the scene switches to Hitachi and Yuki, watching in agony. Hitachi grits his teeth, and Yuki is beyond concerned at this point.)

Yuki: Hitachi-! He’s going to kill him if you don’t-

Hitachi: I know, I know! I’m just- I’m waiting for an opening...!

(Chainlinks are still orbiting all around Chain, making him virtually untouchable, unless one would want to get tangled in the mess. Hitachi grips the hilt of his sword and then suddenly raises to his feet.)

Hitachi: I don’t know how strong those things are… but we need some kind of surprise factor if we want to win!

(Confused, Yuki watches as Hitachi begins to pull his sword back like a javelin, a hint of desperation can be seen on his face. He steps out from behind the van, out of view from Chain, and whips his sword like a spear towards him. It clashes the chainlinks, creating a loud and harsh impact. Chain turns his head around, not showing the reader what happened. Hitachi seems to have fallen into despair, seeing his sword being entangled by the chainlinks, held in place in the air. Chain slams Bryan into the ground, and turns his attention to Hitachi.)

Chain: Damn, figured I scared you off.

(Chain narrows his eyes, staring Hitachi down, as Hitachi attempts to regain his composure. Hitachi’s sword falls to the ground, creating a loud “Thud!” as it does.)

Chain: Tch. You're the bastard that ruined my escape.

(Hitachi seems confused by his words, so Chain elaborates.)

Hitachi: H-huh?

Chain: Thanks to you, those two are still breathing.

(Hitachi thinks for a moment, and then something occurs to him. He thinks back to when he warned the guards about Chain, and how they were slashed in the face when they looked back.)

HItachi: …! The guards…?! You were aiming to…!

(Chain reels his two main chainlinks back in, gripping his knives in his hands. He points one knife at Hitachi, making Hitachi take a step back.)

Chain: I hope you consider their lives above your own. Because you just made a trade you can’t go back on!

(Chain shoots the pointed knife at Hitachi from his hand, launching it at near lighting speed. Hitachi prepares to dodge it, but he is caught off guard by another chainlink, bursting out of the ground beneath him. The knife Chain threw stops suddenly a foot away as Hitachi begins to trip over himself, clearly frustrated after falling for that trick. He goes to recover, but he’s too late. Chain runs up to Hitachi, catching up to his thrown knife. He grabs it out of the air, and uppercuts Hitachi with a clenched fist. Before Hitachi can even comprehend what's happening to him, Chain slashes Hitachi’s chest, cutting into his coat and undershirt. The wound is deep, but not fatal, as Hitachi screams out in pain and falls on his back, in front of Chain.)

Hitachi: GHAAAAAA-!

(Chain stomps on Hitachi, ruthlessly, causing him to cough abruptly. Yuki watches from the sidelines, feeling hopeless. She has moved to a side away from Wedge and Butch. She grips Korace, shaking.)

Yuki: D- Damn it… I want to help them-!

Korace: . . . Then why don’t you?

(Yuki looks down to the ground, which is now becoming distorted. Her vision is all over the place, and her breathing is off. On top of being nervous, she's basically about to faint.)

Yuki: I… I just can’t…

(Yuki looks over to the onlookers, who havent noticed her. She trembles as she speaks, her hands shaking on Korace, pulling the blade close to her chest.)

Yuki: Th- There's too many of them…!

Korace: You're referring to the crowd?

(Yuki nods, slowly.)

Korace: Well, then simply sit back and watch. It makes no difference to me.

(Yuki seems taken aback by Korace’s cold response.)

Yuki: M- Master?

Korace: Listen, child, those two are no good anyway!

(Korace seems strangely upset, as Yuki stares in disbelief. She looks towards Hitachi, who is now being repeatedly stomped on by Chain, viciously.)

Korace: Ever since they’ve shown up, you’ve become homeless, and you were nearly killed, on multiple occasions mind you!

(Yuki seems to become more frustrated, with herself, as she speaks back to Korace.)

Yuki: I… that's true, but- !

(Yuki begins to think back to all the times the three had goofed off together, in their short time in the forest. In the back of her mind, images of Bryan protecting her back at her mansion from the Clay thug and Hitachi rallying the group after the original thugs had beaten them begin to gather.)

Korace: "But" what? You can't possibly deny those facts! This whole Student business is becoming beyond ridiculous. A lady of your status shouldn't be-

(Yuki grips Korace tightly, shutting her eyes as she offers her retaliation.)

Yuki: That's not it!!!

Korace: …!

(Yuki forces a weak smile, as she does a poor job of showing how emotionally conflicted she is.)

Yuki: I… I know. I'm not cut out for this kind of work.

Korace: Then why do you-?

Yuki: Because I owe them just as much as they owe me!

( During the commotion, Bryan can be seen lying on the ground. His hand twitches after Yuki speaks, as if he heard her over the fighting. Yuki thinks back to a new scene, of her staring up at the sky, sitting on her mansion's porch, alone.)

Yuki: Before they showed up… I had barely ever spoken to another human being! Don't you think that's awful!? No one to talk to, besides a damn sword!? No one to laugh with, to eat with, to share with… I was alone!

(A shot of the three of them on the night they had made it to the village, eating around the table after capturing the first few thugs.)

Korace: . . . Yuki.

Yuki: They… they agreed to pay me back for what they did to the mansion. They fought alongside me, even when they were outmatched! Hell, they even agreed to helping a poor, sick girl, for no Points or gain because I wanted to!

(A huge shot of multiple events of the hideout raid are shown. Yuki being impaled by the ninja thug, Bryan treating her wounds on the spot, Lillian running with her through the woods, and her in her room, recovering, with flowers from May, Higs, and Bryan by the bedside.)

Yuki: Master- They saved my life!!!

(There is a long pause, the silence seems to pierce both Korace and Yuki like a sharp knife. Yuki bites her lips, still trembling.)

Yuki: S- So…! I want to… I will-!

Korace: Tch.

(Yuki pauses, still shaking from letting her true feelings flow so openly.)

Korace: I swear, that resolve of yours reminds me of your-...

(Yuki seems confused, as Korace catches themselves. Just then, a loud sound can be heard back at the fight. Yuki directs her attention towards Hitachi and Chain, and to her surprise, Hitachi has stopped Chain's stomping by catching his boot with his bare hand. Hitachi is still on the ground, and even though Chain is trying to pull his leg back, Hitachi's firm grasp never breaks.)

Chain: What's this? Decide you didn't want to become a part of the pavement?

(Hitachi's face is hidden for a single panel, but is directly followed by a sharp smirk. Chain takes notice, but continues to try and force his foot down, his demeanour in unnaturally relaxed.)

Hitachi: You know what? Yeah, I don't think I want to become a part of this filthy road, but thanks for the offer.

(Chain raises an eyebrow, as Hitachi begins to push back on his assailant.)

Hitachi: How would it look to those who can't defend themselves, if the good guys lost so pathetically!?

(Hitachi eyes the onlookers, and so does Chain.)

Chain: I see. So you got some kind of hero-complex, then?

(Hitachi puts more strength into his pushing, he is now beginning to get back up as Chain seems annoyed.)

Hitachi: It doesn't have anything to do with being a hero. I could care less. What I do care about…

(Hitachi tightens his grip even further, his eyes piercing the reader.)

Hitachi: Is justice!!! How am I supposed to sit back and let you show these people that the word "Justice" has no meaning!? How can I lay here, and let a murderer get away with such awful acts, when I can show the world that we won't tolerate it!?!?

(Chain seems displeased with Hitachi's new found strength. He rips his foot back, to Hitachi's surprise. Hitachi is halfway back on his feet when Chain whips around to the crowd of bystanders.)

Hitachi: What are you-!?

(Chain's bloodlust-filled aura fills the panel as he sends every single chainlink in his control towards the crowd, aside from the ones around His arms. His eyes are mere swirls of anger and madness as he declares his attack.)

Chain: There ain't a single thing that your "justice" can do about this!!!

(From the sidelines, a shot of Yuki, in front of a blackened background, is shown. A spike of shock and adrenaline can be seen striking her [like a dash going through her head, something clicking within her] as she stares at the attack. Snapping out of it, she impulsively grasps Korace, and dashes out from cover. She aims Korace in the direction of the onlookers, and shouts from the top of her lungs.)

Yuki: KORACE! NOW!!!

Korace: !!!

(A harsh, rapid wave of blue and white light rushes from out of the blade, blinding Yuki, Hitachi, the Onlookers, and even Chain. A seemingly endless wave of Ice shoots out, catching the chains in the knick of time. The chains are carried high in the sky, as the ice continues to flow out. The Ice blocks the Onlookers' view of the action, but it also completely protects them from Chain, as a giant Iceberg now separates the two groups. The iceberg flows over the highway, sending spikes of Ice down into the city and dirt below, wedging itself into it. The iceberg reaches toward the clouds, with the chains stuck into it, dangling and protruding from all angles, mainly on the side of Chain and the gang. Chain's mouth is open wide, a shower of disbelief is hitting him hard. Hitachi is staring in awe at the massive behemoth of Ice that had appeared before them, and then looks toward Yuki. An entire page is dedicated to an image of Yuki, breathing heavily, trembling, her sword still aimed toward the ice, as figurative chains, visible to the reader, shatter around her into a million pieces. Beads of sweat drop from her head, and her hands shake so much that she drops Korace. She falls to her knees, and struggles to catch her breath. Hitachi is at a loss for words before looking as if he's going to reprimand her.)

Hitachi: Yuki, what the hell did I-!?

(Hitachi is caught off guard by laughing. He looks over at Chain, but he does not appear to be the source. Wide eyed, both Chain and Hitachi look toward Bryan, who hasn't budged an inch since he was whipped out. He is sprawled out on his back, his arms out wide. He's laughing wildly, as if someone had told him the greatest joke of all time. Yuki looks over now, weakly, as Hitachi speaks.)

Hitachi: Wh- Bryan…?

(Chain's eye twitches as he shouts, nervous and clearly still shaken up by the sudden change of pace.)

Chain: What the hell do you find so funny, huh? You want me to fling you around like a rag doll again!?

(Bryan can barely lift his head, as he shoots Chain a toothy, cocky grin. He turns his attention to Yuki, who's hair and clothes are a complete mess. She is gripping herself tightly.)

Bryan: It's been a bit since I've seen Yuki pull that one out! I didn't think Hitachi and I could have protected all those people from an attack like that. Hey, Yuki, thanks!

(Bryan seems more determined than ever, his eyes staring right up at the sky as he falls back flat on the ground, shouting as loud as he can to match the energy Yuki had just outputted.)

Bryan: WE OWE YOU ONE!!!

(Bryan smiles wide, because he knows, without even looking, that Yuki is crying. She tries to cover her mouth, but as she kneels down on the ground, she can't help but sob wildly. Hitachi watches as Yuki breaks down, and then he smiles as well.)

Korace: … I see. So this is what you wanted, is it? I can't blame you…

(Yuki is balling her eyes out, as she stares down at the pavement. A final shot of the iceberg is shown, piercing the sky, before the chapter closes )

Korace: You wanted friends.


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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[Chapter 21 Post]

Chapter 21 - Soulstealer


Chapter 21 - Soulstealer -

(The chapter opens up on a shot of the current situation. Chain is standing near Hitachi, gripping his knives, connected to his last two usable chainlinks, which are wrapped around his arms. Hitachi raises to his feet, and puts some distance between himself and the murderer. Yuki is still recovering from her breakdown, but she places her hand on Korace, and looks in the direction of the action from the ground. Bryan painstakingly rolls on his stomach, and manages to push himself up. He holds his back as he gets up, eyeing the billboard that he had been thrown into.)

Bryan: Man, that one's gonna take some explaining…

(He looks over at the tense stand off between Chain and Hitachi. He then eyes that Hitachi's sword is nearby.)

Bryan: < I'm going to have to get that back to Hitachi somehow… if he makes a move, he's gonna be defenseless. >

(He now looks toward Yuki, who is still recovering.)

Bryan: < I can't expect that Yuki will be able to make any moves anytime soon, so this is up to me. Just hold him off long enough for us to get our bearings, Snowhead! >

(From the other end of the Iceberg, the Onlookers are in just as much awe as the main crew. Cerkio seems to be impressed, whistling to himself. He looks to his side, and notices that the news reporter is still filming.)

Cerkio: Yo, I'm not a professional or anything, but I think that's as much of a scoop as you're gonna get on this one.

(The news reporter, trembling, looks over at Cerkio. Their flustered and stressed reaction concerns Cerkio.)

News Reporter: I… I would stop but…-

(Cerkio becomes more serious.)

News Reporter: But this is live.

(The surprise catches Cerkio off guard, as the next panel reveals that the entire event had been live, on a giant TV, in the middle of the city. Tons of people are gathered, watching the event in wonder. One person in particular stands out within the crowd, and as the panel focuses on them, it is revealed to be Feilio. He doesn't look different from what he did when he was in the factory. He is watching the event unfold, intently. He has a hint of curiosity and amusement on his face, as the screen displays Cerkio's bewilderment.)

Cerkio: P-point that away from me!

(Cerkio pushes the camera aside, the scene now following him and the news reporter again. He leans in and whispers to the reporter.)

Cerkio: Keep this between you and me, but I'm with Regold Inc.. I can't be seen on television like that, see?

(The news reporter nods.)

News Reporter: Right. Sorry about that.

(Cerkio looks up towards the iceberg again, and then seems to get an idea.)

Cerkio: I hope those kids can hold out a little bit longer…

(Cerkio turns to his car, and fishes out what he was going for in the first place, before Bryan had burst out of the van. He pulls out a large, metal cylinder. Cerkio winks to the reporter, who is filming the rest of the onlookers, and presses a button on the cylinder. A long, metal rod bursts out, turning the cylinder into a sturdy hammer, surprising the reporter.)

News Reporter: That some kind of new weapon…?

(Cerkio snickers, snatches the camera from the reporter [to much surprise,] and heads for the ice.)

Cerkio: Its a personal DIY project of mine.

(Meanwhile, on the other side of the iceberg, Chain begins to step towards Hitachi. Hitachi puts his hands up, similar to Bryan, but much more firm.)

Hitachi: Hand to Hand isn't really my forte, but let's see what I can do.

(Chain darts for Hitachi, his knives still in his hands. He throws several punches at Hitachi, who dodges around them, trying to stall for time. He dances around Chain, pressing one of Chain's blows downward with his palm, as he notices Bryan making a dash for his sword. Hitachi nods in Bryan's direction, and struggles to hold back Chain's counter attack. Hitachi skids across the pavement after Chain pushes him away. Chain, without turning, sends the chain and knife on his right arm toward Bryan. Although Bryan is caught off guard, to Chain's surprise, a blast of Ice sends the knife off course, sending it crashing to the ground. Yuki is struggling to get to her feet, but has her sword trained on Chain. Bryan shoots her a quick thumbs up as he manages to get to Hitachi's sword. Chain seems disgusted by their cooperation, but his attention is redirected to Hitachi as he narrowly escapes a roundhouse kick. Hitachi spins and recovers from his missed sneak attack, and proceeds to tackle Chain with his shoulder. Chain pushes back on Hitachi with all his might, just barely staying up.)

Chain: Damn persistent punk!

(Chain grabs Hitachi and whips him past his side, Hitachi losing his balance. Yuki rushes toward Chain to provide support. Yuki shoots multiple blasts of Ice at Chain, somewhat spuratricly. Chain has trouble dodging them all, and is hit by one blast in the shoulder after he flinches. He shoots his left knife in retaliation, but Yuki creates a small wall of Ice as a barrier. The knife wedges itself into the ice, and Chain is stuck trying to tear it out. While he is trying to keep his cool, Chain is clearly becoming overwhelmed.)

Chain: Ugh, this is so annoying! Just let go already!

(Suddenly, from behind him, Bryan reaches Hitachi's sword.)

Bryan: Hitachi, catch!

(Bryan goes low to the ground as he continues to sprint, and punches Hitachi's sword into the air. Hitachi sees it coming and goes to reach out for it. Chain notices that he's cornered, so he retracts the first knife that had been used to attack Bryan, and whips it towards Hitachi.)

Chain: Don't even try it!

(Hitachi's blade spins in the air, and when it finally makes contact, Hitachi grips the handle firmly. Chain's knife manages to cut Hitachi's arm, but Hitachi is unphased as he pivots towards Chain. In a moment of desperation, Chain takes the hand that he was using to control the knife, and outstretched it above himself. Hitachi brings down his sword on him, with all the momentum of Bryan's punch and Hitachi's pivot, but to their shock, Chain manages to catch it. Within his palm, Chain had wrapped around the chainlink, which provides him some kind of reinforcement. The ground beneath him begins to crack, and Chain is pushed into the ground from the attack. His arm is shaking from the force, and he is gritting his teeth as he is trying to both pull back his knife from Yuki and hold back Hitachi's strike. Eventually, Chain undoes the chainlinks Yuki has from his arm, and now uses his bare hand to punch Hitachi's sword off course. Hitachi comes crashing down with the sword, in shock, as he sees Chain writhing in pain from the amount of adrenaline he had just been through. Chain's left fist is bleeding, it's tattered and battered from punching away Hitachi's sword so forcefully.)

Chain: Damn, this ain't good. You guys are a hell of a lot more trouble than I originally bargained for.

(Yuku leaves the Ice intact, holding his chainlink in place, limp on the ground. She begins to run over to Hitachi.)

Yuki: Hitachi, are you-

(Chain eyes his opportunity viciously. The chain that Yuki had ripped away from him becomes alive and jolts up. It wraps around Yuki's neck, and pulls her back to the Ice wall she had created, strangling her. Hitachi quickly regains his composure, and runs over to help.)

Hitachi: *censored*, Yuki-!

(As Hitachi runs by Chain, Chain punches Hitachi in the gut. Having the wind knocked out of him, Chain takes his bloody hand and grabs Hitachi's face, pinning him to the ground. Bryan runs over now, but is cut off by Chain's other knife, which is now whipping back and forth around Bryan, trying to cut him. Bryan becomes immobile, dodging the knife but never really getting any closer to the action.)

Brayn: Damn, what the hell!?

(Satisfied, Chain focuses on Hitachi. His blood smears and pours onto Hitachi's face, and he holds him down with brutal force. Chain releases his chainlink on his right hand, letting it seemingly autopilot itself while attacking Bryan. He cracks his free right hand, and speaks down to Hitachi menacingly.)

Chain: You and your fake ass "justice" really piss me off. Who are you to decide what the hell is justified!?

(Hitachi winces at this remark, a sudden and subtle flash to the jail cell flashback from the 4th chapter is shown. Clearly, he feels some kind of irony. He attempts to speak through Chain's hand, but Chain cuts him off.)

Chain: I was more than justified in my actions! My closest mate got thrown in the slammer, and my team was treated like trash! Those 51 fool's were just collateral!

(His grip on Hitachi worsens as he reels his fist back.)

Chain: Just wait! I'm going to single handedly tear down that crappy mafia system, and Boss will reign over this *censored*ty city!

(Hitachi's eyes widen, as Chain is about to knock him unconscious. Then, suddenly, from the top of the iceberg, a roar of an engine is heard. A panel of clenched fists revving an engine, resembling Cerkio' s hammer, is shown. Cerkio is revealed to be standing on top, standing in front of the sun. Chain looks back, but in the time it takes him to do that, Cerkio is blasting his way down the iceberg at mach speeds. A blast of fire is seen coming from two rockets on the back of his hammer, as he slides down the Ice, only picking up more and more momentum. He flies past Yuki, and directly to Chain. Before Chain can so much as blink, a loud CRASH is heard, as Cerkio smashes into Chain's head with the large, metal hammer. Chain let's go of Hitachi, and goes flying with Cerkio' s momentum. The two skid across the highway for a moment, until Cerkio whips Chain down onto the ground, creating a large, obnoxious crater. As the dust settles, the chains attacking Yuki and Bryan become useless, falling to the ground. Yuki gasps for air, and Bryan turns to look at what the hell just happened. Lifting the hammer up, Chain is shown to be completely out for the count, blood pouring down his head and a small pool of saliva and blood spilling from his mouth. The camera looks up towards Cerkio, who is grinning wildly as the sunlight glares spectacularly on his goggles. His grin is that of a demon, and his entire body is being shined upon by the sun overhead. He lifts his goggles, and turns to look at the kids. Hitachi sits up, looking back at what just happened as well, as Yuki runs to his side. Cerkio looks up, making sure his plan worked. He smiles, seeing that the camera was still recording as intended, from the top of the iceberg.)

Cerkio: Well, I did say that I can't be caught  on camera, but that was way too cool of an opportunity to pass up!

(From the center of the city, people are cheering and applauding the efforts of the Students. On screen, Cerkio is seen in the far distance, waving, as the main crew is gathering and getting their bearings straight. Feilio has begun to walk away from the scene. The camera follows him for a bit, as he speaks to himself.)

Feilio: Well, that didn't go quite as expected, but what can one do? Guess I'll just have to tighten that leash after all-

(Feilio looks up suddenly, concerned. He notices several shadows hopping across rooftops nearby. His eyes pull back, as if he had critically miscalculated something. He looks back at the screen, and grinds his teeth.)

Feilio: Damn it, news probably already reached her then?

(Feilio waves his hands around, awkwardly, thinking to himself. He taps his foot impatiently, as something strange happens. The vines on his waist begin to wilt, but then spring to life, and continue the cycle repeatedly for a moment. Then, as if he snapped, he calms down almost on a dime. The vines return to normal, and he simply smiles, and places his hands on his hips as he continues walking into the distance. The scene stays on him for one more panel, showing only his back as he walks away.)

Feilio: There is no reason to panic. I'll just have to move onto plan C. Better inform that brat.

(The scene switches back to the main group. Hitachi is attempting to wipe the blood from his face, as Yuki and Bryan are checking if he's alright. Cerkio walks over to the group, a child-like wonder emanating from his face.)

Cerkio: You three put on quite the show! I'll admit, you had me and the viewers on the edge of our seats!

(Bryan messes with his hair with a big grin. Hitachi seems confused as to who this guy even is, and Yuki looks back to the iceberg. She notices that the Onlookers are still on the other side.)

Hitachi: Thank you… um…

(Cerkio salutes as his tattered lab coat flutters in the wind.)

Cerkio: Names Cerkio Regold! Pleasures all mine!

(Bryan seems to think about something for a moment, before running over and geeking out about what he was just told.)

Bryan: Woah! WOAH WOAH WOAH THE Regold? No way! Why are you in a place like this? Who cares, what in the world was that awesome jet boost you just used!?

Cerkio: Huh? Wait, slow down, I'm not who you-

(Hitachi backs away slightly, and notices Yuki pointing Korace in the direction of the iceberg.)

Hitachi: You gonna take that down?

Yuki: No point in it being up anymore. I'm willing to bet that guy we were just fighting was just put in a coma thanks to that hammer dude.

(Cerkio looks over at Yuki, trying to hear what she said.)

Cerkio: Wha-?

(Korace glows again, and the Iceberg suddenly begins to retract into the sword, rapidly. Hitachi whistles, but Cerkio seems mortified.)


(As the iceberg vanishes, leaving only bits of frost in its place, the reporter's camera comes crashing down onto the ground, along with the chainlinks, shattering into bits. The tv in the square cuts out, to the surprise of the crowd. Cerkio is wide mouthed, all color fading from him as the news reporter runs over to cry over their potentially lost job. Yuki cringes, as Hitachi seems confused.)

Yuki: Whoa… was that my fault?

(Hitachi looks up, as if the iceberg was still there.)

Hitachi: Looks like it came from the sky. Maybe someone threw it?

(Cerkio sulks over, his head hanging low, as Bryan clings to his back, with stars in his eyes.)

Cerkio: That's… my bad.

(Yuki and Hitachi watch as Bryan is dragged along with Cerkio, until something catches all of their attention. They turn to the crater where Chain had been lying. Yuki and Hitachi watch in horror, as Chain begins to claw his way back to his feet, and up the side of the crater. His hair is much more messy now, dropping over his face. Blood is the main thing on his face, still fresh and dripping, as he wobbles menacingly towards the group of people. Bryan let's go of Cerkio, and the two run over to Yuki and Hitachi to protect the bystanders. The clouds overhead begin to cover the sun, as if it were about to downpour. Chain eyes Cerkio and the crew, and his usual killer intent magnifies, manifesting itself into a crimson red aura that envelopes the highway, piercing the sky. Yuki trembles again, her eyes fill with fear as his aura washes over her and the crew. Chain takes one more forceful step, before making his declaration. He shouts from his very soul, while never taking his eyes off his prey.)


(Suddenly, from nearby buildings, several figures fly onto the highway. Chain is shocked, and the crew and onlookers take a step back as the unknown newcomers fly onto the scene one by one. The first to be revealed is Fields, twirling his cane. Bryan and Yuki lock their eyes onto him, before looking at each other. They recognize him. Then, several others make their appearances. Lyall is with them, holding his hat down as if it were going to blow off. Mist is in much more serious clothing, a fur coat thrown over it. A few new faces show up as well. A boy around his early 20's, with a dark red Mohawk. An older woman, with long, beautiful blonde hair. A tall, behemoth of a man, covered in a tight black coat and face muzzle, as if he was being restrained, leaves several cracks when he lands in. Some generic thugs accompany each member of the mafia, until the final ones arrive. The members of the mafia appear to have made a circle around Chain, and in front of him, two new figures appear. They fly in simultaneously, in sync. A tall, almost inhuman man, with dark, mangy and tangled black hair, in a dark suit arrives. His skin is almost disgustingly pale, as if he was albino. Beside him, with their hair flying in the wind, looking directly at Chain, is Grim Reaper. Her scythe is by her side, Grim Reaper turns to face him properly. The other members of the mafia are in some kind of formation, making sure no one enters the area. Bryan takes a step toward them, but Cerkio immediately grabs him and begins to run into the crowd of onlookers.)

Cerkio: We need to book it! NOW!

(Still in a bit of shock, Yuki and Hitachi nod, and run to catch up with the others. The onlookers flee the area, leaving their belongings and vehicles behind. Yuki and Hitachi watch up with Cerkio, in the crowd, and pant for air.)

Hitachi: Who the hell were those people!?

Yuki: Were they Students?

(Cerkio seems distraught, and as he tells them the truth, a wave of dangerous realization hits the three kids.)

Cerkio: Those people weren't Students, that's for sure. That was the Mafia.

(The scene switches back to the deserted highway, save for the members of the mafia and Chain. Grim stares at him for a moment, as the air then grows cold and harsh. The clouds overhead begin to pour heavy rain onto the city. Chain's blood runs from his hair and head, and pours onto the ground around him.)

Chain: What… The hell… is this…?

(He can barely breath, but his furious tone can still be discerned through his ragged breath. Grim stares at him for a moment, before pointing her scythe toward him.)

Grim Reaper: You've got balls. Speaking to your Mother in that manner.

(Chain grits his teeth, and then spits at her feet. A small pool of blood spreads in the pool of rain at her feet. She looks down at it, and then back at Chain.)

Chain: You ain't my Mother. Your just a stupid bitch Who doesn't know when to mind her own business!

(Chain closes his fists tight. So tight, in fact, that his nails dig into his palms, and cause even more bleeding.)

Chain: Just wait till Feilio hears about this! You and your band of fools will come crashing down!

(He screams at the top of his lungs.)


(Grim makes a slight motion. Then, before even her own companions notice, she is slightly past Chain. She makes a single, clean sweep with her Scythe, and slashes Chain in two. Everyone watching is shocked, including Chain. Instead of blood pouring out of his stomach, a light blue beam is running from his chest to the tip of the scythe. He looks back, his eyes shaking in fear.)

Chain: Wh- What the hell are you doing to-

(Suddenly, his eyes fade harshly,  and he falls to his knees. The light blue light flings to the tip of the Scythe, forming a small, blue swirling ball of light. Grim pulls it toward herself, and grabs it gently off the tip. She turns to the now lifeless Chain.)

Grim Reaper: You are fired, Mr. Dennis.

(She walks over to his corpse, her Scythe fading away when the tall pale man snaps his fingers. Her hair waves in the rain as she walks. She kneels down next to Chain, and places the light next to him, just inches apart. Now, as if in unison, every member of the Mafia presses their hands together, as if praying. Grim bends down, her eye barely showing through her mask. A hint of sadness can be seen as she whispers to him.)

Grim Reaper: I pray that you become a better person. Hopefully your time in jail will make you realise the error of your ways.

( She raises to her feet, and looks at the tall pale man. He nods, and motions to the rest of the members. One by one, they all flee the scene, in different and sporadic directions. The only ones who stay are Fields and the blonde woman, who walk over to Chain's corpse. Fields pulls out a C.R.O.W as the blonde lady looks around the wrecked highway.)

Lady: Talk about a mess. Kids these days have no class.

Fields: Well, they do have spunk, I'll give them that.

(He pockets the C.R.O.W after clicking a few times.)

Fields: The police should be arriving any moment now. Shall we depart, Malady?

(The blonde woman nods, the two giving Chain one final look over. From the corner of her eye, the lady eyes Wedge and Butch, still watching from the van. They tuck away, hoping that they weren't seen. The lady scoffs, reaching for something in her pocket. Fields sighs, and as the camera pans away from the shot, the rain hits the ground hard. The view of the city in the final panel is shown, drenched with harsh rain, with two gunshots ringing out over the skyline.)


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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[Chapter 22 Post]

Chapter 22 - Cursed


Chapter 22 - Cursed -

(The chapter opens on a few shots of the city streets, lit up brightly in the middle of the night. A small box notes that this is the same day as the previous chapter, stating [“ A few hours later…”] although it’s night, and the rain hasn’t stopped, several people can be seen bustling about, stepping in and out of shining puddles lining the sidewalk. The camera focuses on a single individual as he passes by the Fukagawa building. He’s walking in the rain with a damp, brown cloak thrown over himself, hiding his face within the hood. Two strange, cone-like shapes can be made out lifting the cloak's hood from the top of the individual's head. The individual looks at the building as he passes by. He notices, from the outside looking in through the first floor windows, that Yuki, Hitachi, Bryan, and Cerkio are standing around in the lobby. Fukagawa and Lillian are at the front counter, talking with the receptionist. The individual doesn’t really react, they keep on walking past the building, into the night. The scene now follows Yuki and company, as they stand around. Bryan seems to be stretching out a bit, while Hitachi is dusting himself off from the rain. Yuki looks down at Korace for a moment, something on her mind. Cerkio is typing something out on a much more advanced looking C.R.O.W., in one hand, while he twirls his retracted hammer around in the other. Fukagawa and Lillian finish up what they are doing, and walk over to the others. Fukagawa motions for the elevator.)

Fukagawa: All set. Follow us, we’ll take you to your rooms.

(Cerkio puts his C.R.O.W away, and smiles as he watches the kids leave for the elevator. The scene cuts back to when Yuki's team and himself had been rushing back from the sudden Mafia attack. They appear to be back in the main city, as they all attempt to catch their breath against a small shop. Cerkio is the first to regain himself somewhat.)

Cerkio: We… should be good now.

(Yuki leans up against the wall of the store, and slides to her ass, Korace by her side. Hitachi and Bryan are leaning on one another's shoulders, catching their breath. Yuki looks up at Cerkio, wiping some sweat away.)

Yuki: So that was the Mafia…?

(Cerkio nods, looking back in the direction they had come from.)

Cerkio: Yeah, no doubt about it. Whatever you guys got yourselves wrapped up in, it's out of the public's hand now.

(Bryan looks riled up, despite his injuries. Hitachi looks over at him, concerned, as Bryan expresses himself.)

Bryan: "Out of the public's hand"? What does that even mean!? Damn it, things were just getting good!

(Hitachi closes his eyes, letting his hair fall over his face as he sighs.)

Hitachi: Bryan… you're going to be the death of us…

(Cerkio chuckles at Bryan's comment, and then attempts to get serious by clearing his throat.)

Cerkio: As much as I share your enthusiasm kid, I don't think messing in the Underground's affairs is a smart call. That's a job for a higher rank of law enforcement, or at the very least more skilled Students than yourselves.

(The crew looks at one another, a hint of regret fills their faces. Yuki grips Korace, looking down at the wet sidewalk beneath her.)

Yuki: Damn… I guess we're still just "rookies" after all.

(Hitachi looks over at her, a slight smile manages to form.)

Hitachi: Look at you, Yuki. Little miss "You two do all the work" really seems to be getting into this whole Student gig.

(Yuki blushes as she smacks Hitachi with Korace [Sheathed], without getting up. Brayn laughs a bit, before Cerkio interrupts.)

Cerkio: I don't know if "Rookie" is the right term...

(The three look over as Cerkio tries to think to himself.)

Cerkio: Perhaps a bit inexperienced, but based on what I just saw, you three make one hell of a team.

(Hitachi moves a bit away from Bryan now, resting his sword by his side as he begins to question Cerkio.)

Hitachi: What you "saw"?

(Cerkio grins childishly, making stupid comic sounds and hitting the air, as he explains himself.)

Cerkio: You guys were all over that guy! And pretty in sync too, like when the Blondie went to shoot an icicle to save the headband kid, and then that other time when the Albino one went up and went one on one with that psycho! Man, y'all were nuts!

(Two reactions can be seen in the minds of Yuki and Hitachi as Bryan laughs along with Cerkio. This is done on the same panel.)

Yuki: ( "Blondie"? )

Hitachi: ( "Albino"? )

(Cerkio settles, crossing his arms and shooting the group a confident smirk.)

Cerkio: What I'm sayin is that you three are good. Ain't no need to call yourselves "rookies".

(The three seem to be cheered up by their saviour, as the sun begins to set in the background. The scene switches back to the group, in the present, walking down a hall within the building. They stop in front of a room, and after they exchange a few words, Hitachi nods and enters alone. The same is done a few rooms down for Yuki. Before Yuki enters, she turns to Bryan.)

Yuki: Are you really going to be ok…?

(Bryan stretches his arm a bit, wincing. He then shoots her a smile.)

Bryan: Don’t worry. Compared to what you and Tachi went through in the forest, this is nothing!

Yuki: ...You sure you can make it back to your place on your own?

Bryan: Well, of course! Though, I'll probably be tagging along with Cerkio for part of the way.

(Bryan shoots Cerkio a smile, and Cerkio shoots him a snarky thumbs up. Yuki raises an eyebrow, before she's interrupted by Bryan.)

Bryan: Wait, are you worried about me?

(Lillian giggles in the background, with Fukagawa impatiently tapping his feet. Yuki blushes, and blurts out an excuse.)

Yuki: Huh!? Ugh, whatever! Just get going, it's late...

(Yuki seems concerned for a moment, but then sighs and waves, shutting the door to the others. She enters a room similar to the one Fukagawa’s brother, Sage, had been staying in. This one is empty, leaving her and Korace alone within the room. Yuki takes off her coat, tossing it to the floor, and throws her back down on a bed in the room. She tosses Korace on the bed, beside her. She lets out a long sigh, closing her eyes as she gets lost in thought. She looks out the window, without getting up, and watches the rain. After a few moments, she speaks to herself.)

Yuki: Now that I’m away from those two… maybe I should take a shower or something.

(The scene switches to Fukagawa, Lillian, Bryan, and Cerkio walking through the halls. Before heading back to the elevator, Fukagawa motions for Cerkio and Bryan to follow himself and Lillian. Fukagawa leads them to the conference room, and the four enter. Bryan slides into a chair, painfully, and undoes his headband, letting his hair flail around as he rests his head on the table. Cerkio stands by him as Fukagawa seats himself across from Bryan. Lillian hops onto the table, and sits down next to Fukagawa, ignoring the seat beside her. Fukagawa seems a bit annoyed by her action, but let’s it go as he clears his throat.)

Fukagawa: Alright. Sorry to keep you, Bryan. I wanted to get the others settled in before we spoke.

(Bryan lifts his head weakly, but still manages to shoot Fukagawa a grin.)

Bryan: Don’t sweat it! You’re providing my team with a place to stay, I’m the one who should be apologizing!

(Cerkio smiles as he stands by Bryan’s side. Bryan manages to sit up, wrapping his headband around his sleeve as he does so.)

Bryan: So, I’m assuming you wanted to talk about what happened during the escort mission?

(Fukagawa closes his eyes for a moment, thinking of how to respond. Lillian notices, and seems a bit curious.)

Fukagawa: Actually, the team and I were watching, for the most part.

(A flashback to Fukagawa and the others watching the broadcast of the fight is shown as Fukagawa speaks. They appear to be watching off of their C.R.O.W.s while at the original crime scene.)

Fukagawa: Someone had been capturing the whole event live. I’m honestly impressed. Even if the skill gap was clear, you three held your own fairly well. I wouldn’t be surprised if your troupe started to pull in some private Requests from the publicity alone.

(Bryan blushes a bit, trying to hold back some excitement.)

Bryan: Whoa, talk about a lucky break! I had no idea!

(Bryan then tilts his head, a bit confused.)

Bryan: But… hmm. If you didn’t want to talk about the escort, then what did you want to discuss?

(Bryan perks up, comedically placing his fist in an open palm, as if he's had a brilliant idea.)

Bryan: Oh! I know! You plan on hiring us for one of those Private Requests!

(Fukagawa pushes his glasses into place, clearing his throat. Bryan seems to get the idea, and settles down. Fukagawa lets out a sigh. He stares at Bryan, as if studying his next reaction.)

Fukagawa: Bryan, what do you know about Yuki Versai?

(Bryan becomes a bit more serious, unsure on how to answer such a loaded question. Cerkio seems curious, he leans his back up against the conference room wall.)

Bryan: What… do you mean?

(Fukagawa realizes the tension he’s created, and treds patiently. Lillian seems confused, not really understanding what Fukagawa might be getting at.)

Fukagawa: How long have you known her?

(Bryan crosses his arms. He tries to think for a moment.)

Bryan: Um… maybe a few weeks?

(Fukagawa taps the table, thinking to himself.)

Fukagawa: Only a few weeks. So you wouldn’t happen to know any details about her past?

(Bryan now becomes defensive. He stares Fukagawa down, annoyed at this sudden line of questioning.)

Bryan: Actually, yeah, I do. She told Hitachi and I a lot about her situation. Is there a reason why you’re suddenly so interested in her? Did she do something wrong?

(Fukagawa looks out a window in the conference room, watching the rain fall.)

Fukagawa: Yuki, as far as I know, hasn’t done anything wrong. However, the name “Versai” is very unique.

Lillian: Her last name?

Fukagawa: The Fukagawa and Vesai families were once acquainted.

(His eyes narrow, as the rain becomes heavier.)

Fukagawa: Around 10 years ago now. That was the last time their family’s name was spoken of in earnest.

(Bryan gulps, gripping his fists underneath the table.)

Bryan: Yeah, that would make sense. Yuki told us that she lost her family in a fire a long time ago.

(Fukagawa looks back at Bryan, fully intending on pressing the subject.)

Fukagawa: Bryan. Did Yuki bother to mention the cause of the fire?

(Cerkio and Bryan become a bit uncomfortable. Lillian is trying to still read Fukagawa’s angle.)

Fukagawa: Not that I can blame her. After what her family did, I’d be sure to make sure the truth of that day burnt down with the rest of the Versais. I bet that poor girl wishes the fire took her with the rest of them.

(Bryan gets up. His face is pissed, startling both Lillian and Cerkio. Fukagawa and Bryan stare one another down from across the table.)

Bryan: Watch what you say, four-eyes! Yuki has been through hell because of that day!

(Bryan looks down for a moment, gripping his fists tighter.)

Bryan: Sure, I haven’t known her for that long… but even a "meathead" like myself can tell that much.

(Fukagawa gets up as well, much more relaxed then how Bryan had jolted to his feet.)

Fukagawa: Tch.

(He places his hands on his sides. The two seem to still be locked onto one another.)

Fukagawa: Even so. I still feel like I owe you three for saving my team back in the forest, so  consider this a warning.

(Fukagawa’s eyes narrow.)

Fukagawa: That girl will burn both you and Hitachi down, just like the rest of her family. She carries a curse heavier than death itself, it would be in the best interest of all three of you to go separate ways-

(Lillian gets up, and roughly punches Fukagawa in the arm, without saying a word. Bryan and Cerkio are stunned, as Fukagawa adjusts his glasses again. This is the most furious Lillian has ever been toward Fukagawa, and it shows through Fukagawa's awkward and nervous reaction.)

Fukagawa: . . .

Bryan: Listen, Fukagawa.

(Bryan smiles again, surprising the other three in the room.)

Bryan: I couldn’t give a damn if she was the devil itself! She’s my teammate, and I ain’t planning on abandoning her over something as stupid as her family’s history.

(Bryan then scratches the back of his head, avoiding eye contact with the others. [Comedically])

Bryan: Not to mention, I still owe her a hell of a lot of money...

(Fukagawa considers what Bryan says. He sighs, and then takes his glasses off. He folds them, and turns to leave, placing them in his pocket.)

Fukagawa: Can’t say I didn’t try. Do as you please.

(Fukagawa leaves the room without saying another word, leaving the other three in silence. After awhile, Lillian tries to lighten the mood.)

Lillian: I’m not sure where all that nonsense about Yuki came from all of a sudden… but I’m sure Fukie meant well! … I think?

(Bryan sighs, loosening up from the tense conversation.)

Bryan: Well, I may not agree with him, but he has his reasons. Best not to think too hard about it!

(Bryan looks at his C.R.O.W for the time, and then seems a bit distraught.)

Bryan: Man, we really should be going…

(The scene closes on Lillian leading the two out of the building, before switching to Fukagawa walking down one of the many halls of the building, alone. In the silence, he thinks to himself. Fukagawa is loosening his cape, taking it off as he walks.)

Fukagawa: (... of course that didn’t work. If someone had come up to me and told me sticking with Lilly would get me killed, I’d have beaten the crap out of them.)

(Images flash in the back of his mind of newspaper articles, apparently detailing the fire at the Versai Estate. Fukagawa throws his cape over his shoulder, walking with his hands in his pockets. He stands in the center of the panel, as his thoughts float around him.)

Fukagawa: (The fire that took the lives of the ENTIRE Versai family… Clearly that wasn’t the whole truth if Yuki is alive and well. If this news were to break out, a new report would have to be opened looking into the Versai incident again. And if the new investigation turned up the original report… my family would be in shambles.)

(The scene jumps to a scene in the past, to a Study room in the building, where a young Reihei (Around 8 years of age) is sitting beside a young Sage, studying at a fancy desk. While they study, Rei overhears a younger Yun and Jun speaking about the events of the fire. Jun is preparing some paperwork while Yun seems to be preparing tea.)

Jun: The master won’t be pleased with this report…

Yun: How so? I believe I did my due diligence in detailing the specifics. In great detail, might I add.

(Jun smacks the papers, waving them around furious.)

Jun: Brother, do you have any idea what the implications are for the Fukagawa family being associated with such criminals!? It could tarnish the master’s reputation!

Yun: Then shame on the master for not foreseeing such an outcome.

Jun: You are unbelievable!

(Suddenly, from the doorway of the study, an older man accompanied by Salem, who is in his late 20’s, appears. A title card is shown at the bottom of the panel saying “Merlin Fukagawa, Previous head of the Fukagawa family” and another card pointing out “Salem”. Salem seems to have a sly demeanor, standing hunched beside his father.)

Merlin description: Male, late 70’s. Merlin dawns a similar attire to Salem in the present. He has a long, ragged grey beard, and rough, stringy hair, which contains mostly grey streaks among a naturally black set of hair.

Merlin: What is this about my “reputation”?

(Rei and Sage perk up at the sight of Merlin, but quickly settle back down when they read the situation. Salem moves ahead of Merlin, snatching the papers away from Jun before she can make a protest. Salem shoots Jun a *censored* eating smirk, before skimming over the report. After half assing his read through, he tosses the papers roughly at Jun, unamused. The papers flutter to the ground.)

Salem: Is this some kind of joke? Who wrote this, answer me!

(Merlin lets the situation play out, as Yun steps forward.)

Yun: I did, young master.

(Salem grabs Yun by the collar, and pulls him down to his level. He eyes his servant fiercely.)

Salem: Why the hell would you even dare mention that the Versai’s had dealings with the Devil’s Kind? What the hell are you trying to pull!?!?

Yun: I was simply reporting the facts. After investigating the wreckage, we were able to piece together that the Versai’s built their fortune through illegal means. The Devil’s Kind isn’t the only group they did business with, though I’d agree they are the most troublesome. I also listed in the report that it was most likely the Devil’s Kind who started the fire.

(Salem scoffs, tightening his grip. The two are now butting foreheads. Yun is unwillingly being pulled in by Salem.)

Salem: I, personally, don’t give a *censored*. But if the public or, god forbid, the Union were to hear about this, the Fukagawa’s would not only be ridiculed, but put on every god forsaken blacklist known to man for backing such a corrupt group!

(Merlin strokes his beard, shaking his head.)

Merlin: This is truly a shame. I was quite fond of that Versai couple, quite a unique pairing. But Salem is right. If it were to come out that we funded and supported them, we would be in some deep trouble with the powers that be.

(Salem shoves Yun away, pointing to the papers now sprawled across the floor, at their feet.)

Salem: You are to strike any illegal activity from this report. On top of that, I want you to come up with another cause of that fire. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!?

(Jun places her hand on Yun’s shoulder, as Yun solemnly, but obediently, responds.)

Yun: . . . Yes, young master. Crystal clear. I shall revoke any information detailing the illegal actions of the Versais, on top of forging the cause of the fire.

(Salem seems annoyed by his tone, but then grins cockily.)

Salem: Damn straight you will. And while you're at it, butter up the part where my squad and I went to their rescue, tragically arriving too late to salvage anything or anyone. Make us sound real heroic.

(Salem laughs to himself as he pushes past his father, exiting the study. Merlin shakes his head at Salem’s behavior, but sighs.)

Merlin: That boy needs work…

(Yun and Jun pick up the scattered papers, as Merlin turns to follow Salem. Rei’s attention is now caught by Sage, who seems pissed off at the recent event. Sage taps Rei on the shoulder, and leans in to speak to him.)

Sage: I can’t stand father sometimes, all of this shadiness is gonna come back and nip him in the butt some day, I swear.

Reihei: Father is father. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.

(Sage sighs, and goes back to writing in his studies.)

Sage: You’ll see someday, Rei, but I guess you're a bit too young to understand these kinds of things.

(The scene switches back to the present, a glasses-less and capeless Fukagawa is standing outside Yuki’s room. He takes a moment, lost in thought, before knocking. It takes a moment, but a response is heard from the inside.)

Yuki: One moment!

(Yuki rushes over to the door, drying her hair with a cloth as she opens the door. She is dressed in much more casual clothes, similar to what she wore back at the start of the manga (Black sweatpants, a simple white t-shirt.) Yuki seems surprised to see it’s Fukagawa waiting for her at the door.)

Yuki: Oh, it’s you Reihei. What’s up, did something happen with Bryan or Hitachi?

(Fukagawa smiles, somewhat pitifully. He is clearly torn about something.)

Fukagawa: Ms. Yuki, would you care to join me for dinner? I figured you must be pretty hungry after all that’s transpired. I was just about to head down to eat myself.

(Yuki blushes, not expecting the invitation.)

Yuki: Oh- Um, sure…

Fukagawa: Take your time, I’ll be here to take you to the dining hall when you're all set.

Yuki: Ok, give me a minute.

(Yuki enters her room again, flustered. The door closes, showing a shot of the two being seperated by it.)

Yuki: (What… the hell was that about…?)

(From the other end of the door, Fukagawa looks up at the ceiling, contemplating something.)

Fukagawa: (I owe you, Ms. Yuki. That much is true, no matter what happens tonight.)

(Fukagawa grips his fists tight, as he focuses on a new resolve.)

Fukagawa: (That being said, letting you go off on your own into the world may very well lead to the downfall of my family. So you have one chance…)

(From a room a few spaces down the hall, Hitachi can be seen, shirtless [He has clearly been training] leaning and listening against the door. The chapter closes on a three-way split shot of Yuki
feeling nervous, as if she has a bed feeling, Hitachi
listening curiously, and Fukagawa
, staring up at the ceiling [Reader], filled with determination.)

Fukagawa: (Yuki Versai, prove your innocence to me! Prove that you are no threat to the Fukagawa Family!)


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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[Chapter 23 Post]

Chapter 23 "Present's Past"


Chapter 23 - Present's Past - Start

(The chapter opens on a shot of the hooded individual, who appeared at the start of the previous chapter, turning into an alleyway, away from the busy street. His face and motive hidden, he walks further into the dark alley, until he reaches two more individuals. These two appear to be two generic thug figures, a boy and girl, and they seem to be pleased by the arrival of the hooded person. Thug 1 is tapping his foot, his arms crossed. Thug 2 seems to be carrying a beaten up briefcase, as she shoots a smirk towards the hooded individual. The hooded individual stops a few feet from the Thugs, and the Thugs greet them.)

Thug 1: Hey, looks like you're right on time!

(Thug 2 lifts the briefcase up a bit, to show it more clearly to the hooded figure.)

Thug 2: Say, let's make this quick. We can't be caught with this kinda *censored*, but I guess that's a given.

(The hooded figure nods, and pulls out a considerably large bag from underneath their cloak. He tosses it to the ground with a loud thud, and Thug 1 walks over to check it out. They crouch down, opening it to check the contents. Both Thugs grin at the sight of considerably old C.R.O.Ws.)

Thug 2: Damn, Fields wasn't kidding. You lot really are the hook up!

(The hooded figure shrugs.)

Hooded: We don't really have any use for them. For our party, this deal is more of a steal than it is for you guys. Now, do you have the explosives the boss ordered?

(Thug 2 walks over, and places the briefcase on the ground. Thug 1 picks up the bag of devices, and the two turn to leave. Thug 1 waves without looking back.)

Thug 2: Your rewards are in the case, enjoy~!

(The Hooded figure doesn't hesitate to walk over to the case. They lean over to pick it up, casually. When they begin to lift it up, something feels off to them.)

Hooded: Um… why is this case so light-?

(Immediately, to the hooded figure's shock, Thug 2 smashes the back of their head in with a wooden bat. The hooded figure manages to fumble back a bit, but they fall on their ass, facing the two thugs. The hooded individual holds the back of their head in pain. Thug 1 laughs, as Thug 2 taps the bat against the alley wall.)

Thug 2: Sorry kid, but this is the last of the gear we'll be needing from your little group.

Thug 1: Haha! We were told to "cut ties" with ya!

(The hooded one tries to stand back up, but Thug 2 kicks the empty briefcase, which flies through the air and smacks the hooded figure in the face. This causes their hood to fly off, revealing, for the first time in full view for the reader, a panicked Shake. He falls on his ass again, and begins to shuffle back as the two Thugs seem dumbfounded by something. A panel focuses on Shake's cat-like ears, and the Thugs are clearly staring at them.)

Thug 2: Woah, now that ain't something you see everyday… Hey Ki, you don't think that's actually a...

(Thug 1 walks over to Shake, lifting them off the ground by their cloak's collar. He seems to be excited by this discovery.)

Thug 1: Hold the phone…-

(Thug 1 tugs at Shake's ears a bit. Shake shouts out in pain, which causes his tail, which was hidden in the cloak, to begin to uncurl and wave around, frantically. The two Thugs stare in awe.)

Thug 1: Talk about a catch!!! What the hell, why would that old fart tell us to kill off somethin' so rare!?

(Thug 1 roughly tosses Shake onto the pavement, and places his foot on Shake's back to hold him down.)

Thug 1: Look Lue, I caught us a real keeper! A real, living, genuine Catmen! Selling his ass to some collectors might net us a fortune!

Thug 2: Hell, we bring this to the police or some kind of lab, and we'll be famous!

(Thug 2 crouches down, mocking Shake. Shake seems to be scared *censored*less, as Thug 2 prods at him with their bat.)

Thug 2: Hey kid, you just gave us the golden ticket we needed! Screw the Mafia, we're gonna be set for life after this!!!

(Shake closes his eyes, and seems to be attempting to focus on something. The thugs seem concerned, as a single, frail looking shadow emerges from Shake's cloak. It flails around, and it manages to hit Thug 1. Shake looks up at the attacker as best he can, but is shocked to see Thug 1 just laughing and swatting the shadow away.)

Thug 1: Man, we really did catch a weird one! What kinda *censored*ty Talent is that!?

(Thug 2 looks up as well, shrugging with a condescending smirk.)

Thug 2: Maybe all Catmen have *censored*ty Talents. Could be linked-

(Thug 2 flicks one of Shake's ears violently, causing Shake to flinch.)

Thug 2: To these weird ass deformities.

(Shake can't help but tense up, resting his head face down on the pavement.)

Shake: < D- damn it all!!! Why can't it just work? I need it now, more than ever! If the guy's find out about this...>

(The assailants become alert at a sudden sound, from the entrance of the alley, where Shake had entered from. Thug 2 stands up and takes a step back. Thug 1 turns to see what made the sound.)

Thug 2: Quick, grab the freak and let's get out of here.

(Thug 1 turns back and nods, grabbing Shake off of the ground, putting him in an arm lock and pushing him towards the other end. Before the two Thugs get very far, they stop suddenly at a loud, booming voice.)

???: Hey, you punks.

(The Thugs turn to see a much larger, cloaked figure, standing in the alley with them. Thug 2 tries to motion for Thug 1 not to engage, but Thug 1 tosses Shake to Thug 2, placing his own hands on his sides, staring the newcomer down.)

Thug 1: What the hell? Don't tell me this "thing" brought backup!

(Something clicks in Thug 1's brain, and he turns to Thug 2, grinning, tapping his forehead to show he has an idea.)

Thug 1: Wait, maybe this one's a freak too!

(Thug 2 seems unsure, but she waits patiently, holding onto Shake. Shake eyes the newcomer as well, surprised.)

Shake: What…? Gali!? When did you-?

(The new figure takes off his hood, revealing Galivent for the first time to the reader. He stands, brooding and tall, in a full page panel.)

Galivent: Don't act so surprised. You think I'd really let you go and handle something so dangerous on your own?

(Shake seems to be on the verge of tears. He tries to struggle free, but Thug 2 holds her ground. Shake shuts his eyes, holding his head low.)

Shake: I'm so sorry bro, they got the best of me…

(Galivent chuckles a bit.)

Galivent: Yeah, I can see that.

(Thug 1 walks over to Galivent, looking up at him as he cockilly struts over. He stands a foot away from him.)

Thug 1: Listen Kitty Cat, why don't you just come with us? We wouldn't want anyone else getting hurt, would we?

(Thug 1 pulls out a switchblade, licking his lips. Galivent simply lifts an eyebrow.)

Galivent: "Kitty Cat", huh? That's pretty bold of you, pipsqueak.

(Thug 1 scoffs, and then attempts to slash at Galivent's chest. Thug 2 laughs, as Shake watches. Thug 2 notices that Shake's reaction seems too casual now, despite the situation, and looks closer at Thug 1 and Galivent. Thug 1 is horrified, as his switchblade is smashed to pieces from clashing with Galivent. Galivent hasn't even flinched, still standing perfectly still. There is only a slash in his cloak where the knife had cut. Thug 1 takes a step back, dropping his broken weapon in a panic.)

Thug 1: What the hell!? What kinda armor are you wearing under that thing!?

(Galivent tilts his head, confused by the thug's strange remark.)

Galivent: Now you're going on about "armor"...? Come on, give me some credit here.

(Galivent rips off his now slashed Cloak, throwing it behind himself, revealing his usual outfit. He isn't wearing any kind of protection whatsoever. His hair and pants wave in the night, as the Thug's jaws drop [Two panels, one for Thug 1, and another for Thug 2, showing Shake watch in awe.])

Thug 1: WHAT!? What kind of Talent...

(Galivent places his right hand on his neck, cracking it and smirking, looking down at his new prey.)

Galivent: Your little toy snapping had nothing to do with any Talent. Stop making assumptions.

(Thug 1 begins to tremble, finding it hard to take a step back. Galivent takes a step forward, closing the gap. He looks down at the thug, a casual smile on his face.)

Galivent: Your knife breaking to pieces was a result of you being weak as hell. It's that simple.

(Before the thug can turn and run completely, Thug 2 watches in horror as Galivent picks Thug 1 up by their head, with ease. Thug 1 screams, flailing around in agony, as Thug 2 and Shake watch from the sidelines.)

Galivent: Here, let me teach you a lesson, kid.

(Galivent lifts Thug 1 up into the air like a ragdoll, effortlessly, and chucks him into the pavement in front of them. The sheer force of the action creates a shockwave, pushing Thug 2 off of Shake, and onto her ass. Shake braces himself a bit, managing to stay standing. Thug 1 lays face first in a small crater on the ground, pretty much lifeless. Thug 2 shakes in fear, as Galivent continues to torment the thug. He goes back into a casual position, placing his hands crossed behind him. He begins to raise his right foot, above Thug 1.)

Galivent: If you don't want something bad to happen to ya-

(Now, with somehow even more speed and force then before, Galivent stomps on Thug 1's back, enlarging the crater further. Dust and debris fly into the air from the impact, and the ground shakes. Galivent doesn't lift his foot as the dust settles, instead he leaves it embedded in the Thug. A panel is shown, displaying his lifeless, jaw dropped expression. An evil, almost feral expression creeps onto Galivent's face, causing him to grin wickedly, enjoying the action. Galivent straightens up, his face returning to it's casual demeanor.)

Galivent: Don't go doing those things to others!

(Galivent looks down at his defeated opponent, annoyed.)

Galivent: Tch. Figures. All these mice go around picking fights, and they can't even go a few seconds without tapping out!

(Galivent looks towards Thug 2 now, who is clearly ready to beg for their life.)

Galivent: As for you, I believe I owe you a crack over the head with that bat of yours, right?

(Thug 2 screams in horror, and as they get to their feet, they snap and toss the bat ahead of themselves [away from Galivent and Shake.] She begins to run in the opposite direction, but their escape is cut short by the empty briefcase, flying through the air like a bullet, cracking them in the back of the head. As they fall, unconscious, Galivent can be seen with one leg up in the air, hinting at the fact that he had kicked it at her. Galivent becomes casual again, heading over to Shake. Shake walks over to Thug 2, and picks up the bag of C.R.O.Ws from her body. He turns to Galivent, confused.)

Shake: So… that deal was a bust. What should we do with-

(Galivent casually takes the bag of C.R.O.Ws from Shake, inspecting it. He seems to think about the situation for a moment.)

Galivent: Well, we have no use for these bricks, unlike the Reaper's goons. So why don't we do this…

(Galivent winds up the bag, as if it were a baseball, and Shake watches in awe as Galivent chucks it high into the night sky, at neck-break speeds. The force of the pitch causes both of the cat's hair and clothes to flutter wildly. Shake whistles in wonder, as Galivent dusts his hands off, impressed with himself.)

Galivent: Those antiques won't survive a throw like that.

(Shake seems to still be unsure about something.)

Shake: It's good that they won't be able to get their hands on those things… but what are we gonna do about their end of the deal? Won't this set us back a few days?

(Galivent scoffs, and pats Shake on the head.)

Galivent: Oh, Shake. You should have more faith in your big bros. Teddy and I are more than capable of filling the role of those explosives. They were a luxury, not a necessity.

(Shake lifts an eyebrow, questioning Galivent logic.)

Shake: Whatever you say…

(The two begin walking out of the alley, as Shake fixes and dusts off his cloak. Shake notices, before they exit the alley, that Galivent doesn't have his Cloak anymore, and stops him.)

Shake: Galivent! Wait! You can't go out in the street with your "you know what" exposed!

(Galivent turns, confused. He looks down at his clothes, and then seems even more confused.)

Galivent: Um, I don't think I'll get in trouble for not wearing a shirt. Plus my pants are on, well, on "enough", so what the hell are you on about?

(Shake stares at Galivent, blankly. Then he slaps his forehead and points to his own ears and waves his tail out from the cloak, a mix of frustration and disbelief washing over his face.)

Shake: You can't let them see your features! How do you even forget something like that!?

(Galivent looks up, smacking one fist into an open palm [mirroring Bryan's gag from last chapter.])

Galivent: Oh! Right, I forgot.

(Shake slumps, annoyed.)

Shake: Your awesome big bro, but sometimes I feel like that head of yours is gonna get us all caught one day…

(Galivent thinks to himself for a moment, looking back at his torn [now wet and laying in a puddle] cloak. He then turns to Shake.)

Galivent: Well, I don't want to wear that mess again… mind carrying me?

(Shake's eye twitches, and after a moment, A hooded Shake exits back into the busy streets, holding a purple haired cat in his arms. Galivent, the cat, seems content, as Shake is clearly annoyed. The scene ends with two heading off into the night, towards the busy, crowded city streets. The scene switches to Yuki now, who is much more properly dressed than her usual battle or casual outfits. She is wearing some kind of simple, black and red dress [matching the decor of the Fukagawa Tower.] She is standing in front of a mirror, a bit annoyed with her new look. She is trying to fix herself up, with Korace leaning against the mirror.)

Yuki: … I hate this.

Korace: < There was no way in hell that I was about to let you go with Reihei while you were dressed for bed! >

(Yuki puffs her cheek. Within the next moment, as Fukagawa is waiting patiently by her door, Yuki exits her room. She has Korace by her side, as she blushes and avoids eye contact. Fukagawa seems confused, he tilts his head before addressing her.)

Fukagawa: I see… you tried out the wardrobe we provided you.

Yuki: Shut it. Let's just go.

(Fukagawa nods, and leads the way as the head towards the dining room. Fukagawa seems to still be deeply considering how he should approach Yuki. He then notices Korace by her side as they walk, and he becomes curious, wanting to take his mind off of the past.)

Fukagawa: You brought your sword?

(Yuki still seems a bit upset about her clothes, but replies earnestly.)

Yuki: Well, with the way things have been going the last few days, you can't be too safe. That's why you have that book with you, right?

(Fukagawa notices he still has his tomb around his waist, and sighs, upset with himself.)

Fukagawa: Ugh, damn, I forgot to put it away… I like to take care of it as best as I can, so I try to only carry it when I need to.

(Yuki chuckles a bit, shyly.)

Yuki: no worries, I understand. I treat my blade the same way.

(Fukagawa smiles, as he pats his tomb a bit.)

Fukagawa: Just out of curiosity, but why do you want to take care of your blade?

(Yuki seems surprised by the question.)

Yuki: "Why"?

(Fukagawa looks ahead as the two talk.)

Fukagawa: My Tomb, er, "book", used to belong to my brother, Sage. He passed it along to me because he trusted I'd make better use out of it. I want to live up to his expectations, so I make sure to keep it safe.

(Yuki grips Korace, but not in a hostile way. She looks down at her blade, smiling softly.)

Yuki: That's really sweet. I have a similar reason. My blade was the last thing my parents left for me, so I want to make sure I cherish it.

(Yuki thinks to herself, adding a note to that statement.)

Yuki: < Not to mention it's my mentor, but I'm sure that would only confuse Fukagawa. Besides, I don't fully understand how Korace can communicate myself… >

(Korace remains silent after making a passing comment.)

Korace: < … Cherish me, huh? >

(Fukagawa seems conflicted by Yuki's story, and remains silent. Yuki notices something doesn't sit right, so she tries to change the subject.)

Yuki: A- anyways… don't worry about me! I guess if you want to talk, mind explaining to me where you got these clothes from?

(Fukagawa looks back at Yuki again, still walking towards their destination.)

Fukagawa: Oh, the dress? Lillian stays overnight often, so we have a wardrobe set aside for her. I hope you don't mind borrowing it.

(Yuki prods at her dress, thinking of how well it would look on Lillian.)

Yuki: Well, it's not really my style, but I really do appreciate her letting me use it.

(Fukagawa laughs a bit, and the two continue to chat as they head for the dining room. The scene lingers behind them, and it's revealed that, a few feet behind them, watching from a turn in the hall, Hitachi has been following them. Hitachi is wearing a button up, black shirt, and his usual pants. His coat isn't on, and he left his Sword in his room. He seems to be listening in on their conversation, following just out of their field of view. He seems on edge, concerned with the situation.)

Hitachi: <... What the hell is "Four Eyes" up too? I better keep an eye on them. Bryan will kill me if anything happens to Yuki while he's gone.>

(As Hitachi follows, he continues to think to himself. He thinks back to his conversation with Yuki, where he had told her to let the two boys do all the work. He then thinks back to when she saved the crowd, and cried her heart out when Bryan had thanked her. A hint of genuine concern can be seen on Hitachi's face.)

Hitachi: < I… I owe Yuki. I didn't give her enough credit back then. I swear, from now on, we act as a team! >

(The scene catches up to Fukagawa and Yuki, who have arrived at the front door of the dining hall. Yun is standing by, waiting for their arrival. He goes to bow as they arrive.)

Yun: Young Master, and Miss… Yuki. It's a pleasure to see you again so soon. I take it you've found our humble establishment to your liking?

(Yuki blushes at Yun's gesture.)

Yuki: Yes, I- It's honestly breathtaking.

(Yuki looks around the hall for a moment, and Fukagawa nods in approval.)

Yuki: This place is really something else.

(Yun rises, and shoots her a smile.)

Yun: If you enjoy the decor, you'll absolutely fall in love with our cooking. My sister, Jun, and myself, have prepared tonight's meal. Please, let us know if you find it to your liking.

(Yun opens the door, and Fukagawa and Yuki enter. The room is large and extravagant, decor lining the walls. Several chairs line a long dining table, and plenty of food adorns the display. Yuki seems breathless, while Fukagawa looks at her, lost in thought. He sighs, and motions for her to take her seat. He attempts to smile, trying to savor the moment as best as he can.)

Fukagawa: Have as much as you'd like.

(Yuki rushes over to the table, fawning over the choices.)

Yuki: Oh my god, it's been ages since I've had a real meal!!! Thank you Reihei, I won't forget this!

(Yuki begins to rapidly make her plate, as her words have clearly stung Fukagawa.)

Fukagawa: < . . . Can I really do this?>

(Before Fukagawa joins her, Yun taps him on the shoulder. He leans down, and speaks to him in a low whisper.)

Yun: Young Master, I trust your judgement. However you choose to approach this, I will support you without question.

(Fukagawa doesn't move, but eyes Yun, upset. Yun takes a deep breath, and finally says what's on his mind.)

Yun: If I may, though… unlike your father, my honest belief is that the truth is the most important thing. How you choose to accept, alter, or dispose of it… that is something only you and you alone can decide.

(Fukagawa, caught off guard by this, turns to Yun. Yun pats him on the back, and smiles softly.)

Yun: See you in a bit, Young Master.

(Yun leaves the room, shutting the door behind them. Fukagawa is left standing there, completely unsure of how he should handle the situation. He grips his fists tightly, thinking of how his father might react to Yuki's identity. He looks over to the young girl, indulging in the gift laid in front of her, and Fukagawa's lip trembles. He walks over to her, slowly, and sits across from her, the two are a few feet across from one another. All composure that he had built up, the confident, cocky, great Fukagawa, was now a scared young boy, with too much power in his hands. Yuki doesn't notice, and Fukagawa takes a second to think to himself. As Yuki eats her heart out, Fukagawa stares at an empty plate. From outside of the dining room door, Yun is staring someone down.)

Yun: Well, this is unexpected.

(The person in front of him is revealed. Hitachi stands confident, prepared for anything. He stares daggers into Yun.)

Hitachi: What the hell are you guys planning…?

(Yun stands guard at the door, patiently handling Hitachi's interrogation.)

Yun: Whatever do you mean, Master Justice?

(Hitachi, unlike Yun, grows impatient.)

Hitachi: I know something is up.

(Hitachi pulls out his C.R.O.W, showing Yun that Bryan had been messaging him.)

Hitachi: Bryan told me all about Fukagawa's concern about Yuki. He better not lay a finger on her, or I swear…

(Hitachi scowls at Yun, who is still patiently listening.)

Hitachi: I will raise hell.

(Yun simply chuckles a bit, not budging.)

Yun: I'm glad to see that you three are very close knit. However, I can't allow you to enter and check in on them until the Young Master makes his decision.

Hitachi: His "decision"?

(Yun stands tall, looking back at the door he is protecting.)

Yun: His decision will determine whether or not we should consider her a friend, or…

(His eyes narrow as he looks back to Hitachi.)

Yun: A serious threat.

(The scene switches back to the dining room. Yuki finally notices how uncomfortable Fukagawa is, and begins to grow concerned. Korace is placed on a seat beside her.)

Korace: < Yuki…>

(Yuki stops eating, and sits up properly. She takes a deep breath, but remains proper.)

Yuki: Reihei.

(Fukagawa stares at her, finally regaining composure and gaining the courage to tackle the situation.)

Yuki: There's a reason why you wanted to meet like this, isn't there?

(Fukagawa crosses his arms, and sighs. He finally breaks the ice.)

Fukagawa: Yuki Versai… I want you to set a record straight.

(The tension in the room grows to a climax, as he makes his demand.)

Fukagawa: Tell me what happened the day your family manor burned to the ground. Tell me nothing short of the absolute truth.

(Both Yuki and Korace are taken aback by this.)

Yuki and Korace: < !!! >

(Yuki becomes more uneasy, rubbing her arm and she tries to figure out his angle.)

Yuki: Wha… how do you know about the fire?

Korace: < . . . >

(Before pursuing his questions further, Fukagawa clears his throat.)

Fukagawa: Before the Versai family was wiped out, the Fukagawas were, for a time, well acquainted with them. If specifics help, I believe your parents were business partners with my Father, Salem, and Grandfather, Merlin.

Korace: < . . . >

(Yuki sits in silence, eyeing her plate, upset with the turn of events.)

Fukagawa: I don't want to be the one to pry into something so personal… but our records tell us that every single Versai had been wiped out that day. That includes you.

(He takes a moment to allow his words to sink in.)

Fukagawa: If you're alive, then what was reported that day would be false. On top of that… it was discovered that your family had "other" business partners. Unsavory ones, if you catch my drift.

Yuki: I… I don't…

Fukagawa: When we, the Fukagawas, reported that incident, we covered up your family's illegal dealings. But now that you're in the picture, the case will undoubtedly be reopened. If the fact that we covered up for your family comes out, our family will be in hot water… you do see the situation you've put me in, right?

(Fukagawa sighs, and then tries to be a bit less uptight and more sincere.)

Fukagawa: Listen, even I don't care about all that though... I owe you and your team for what you did for us in the forest. But before we can move forward, we need to clear this snag from the past up first. If you could just clarify what really went down that day, maybe I can find a way to excuse you from being investigated… Plus, your team deserves to know whether or not they're safe remaining with you...

(Yuki looks up, to Fukagawa's surprise. Her face is filled with sadness, rather than anger.)

Yuki: Um… I- I want to tell you, but… I was very young when the fire happened.

(Fukagawa seems upset as well.)

Fukagawa: Are you positive you don't remember anything? I don't want to have to be the bad guy… not like…

(Salem comes to Fukagawa's mind, which makes Fukagawa grip his crossed arms tighter.)

Yuki: I… do remember one thing…

(A scene of a younger Yuki, resembling the opening to the manga, is shown. However, in this flashback, the scene isn't a dream. A young Yuki is picking flowers, when she suddenly realizes that her home has gone up in flames.)

Yuki: I was the only one outside of my manor… when the fire happened. I don't know about my family's business deals or history with other families, I wasn't old enough to pay attention, I guess…

(An image of the man who had burned her home down is shown, in the same fashion as the opening. He isn't a drawing, but a distorted figure within the flames as he reaches up to the sky.)

Yuki: I only remember that a man that I had never seen before was the last thing I saw… standing among the flames.

(Images of Yuki's distorted, blurred family are shown in scattered shots. Nothing can really be made out, because not even Yuki remembers what they look like.)

Yuki: That day… was the last time I had seen any of them. I was so young, I can't even recall my own parent's faces.

(Fukagawa grimaces, sympathetically, as he listens to her tale.)

Yuki: I was told that my relatives had taken care of me until my manor was restored… and even that is a blur to me. Hell, I don't even know if they really were my relatives. I haven't spoken to any of them in years.

(Fukagawa sighs, finally entering the conversation again.)

Fukagawa: So you don't know what had caused the fire?

Yuki: . . . I don't.

(Fukagawa looks at her, contemplating what he had been told. He grits his teeth, and rests his head in his hands, leaning on the table.)

Fukagawa: I… I don't even know where to go next… If I could have gotten a motive, or some proof you weren't related to the events that day…

(Fukagawa looks her in the eyes, becoming as serious as he can manage.)

Fukagawa: You being here… puts yourself and your team at risk. If you don't tell me what happened, and who did it, then I can't help find a solution.

(Yuki gathers herself, and begins her own line of questioning. She grips her dress under the table, trying to remain level headed.)

Yuki: Well, no offense, but what happened that day was not my fault! I've had to live with the results of the fire my whole life, why the hell should it matter who my family is?

(Fukagawa looks up at her, as if what she said had sparked something in him.)

Fukagawa: Huh? What are you on about? Of course it matters who your family is!

(Yuki places her fist in front of her chest, a new determination to defend herself has formed.)

Yuki: Reihei, I'm saying I don't give a damn about the past! As far as I'm concerned, I've only ever been allowed to live in the present!

Korace: < . . . Yuki! What are you-? >

(Yuki slams the table, shouting at Fukagawa with everything she has.)

Yuki: I don't care about my family anymore, I've moved on! What gives you, or anyone, any kind of right to care about it more than I do!?

(Fukagawa and Yuki both stand at the same time, the tensions building again.)

Fukagawa: What the hell, what kind of logic is that!? You can't just pretend the past never happened! If my Father ever finds out your identity, he'll kill you to cover his own tracks, and he's basing those actions on what happened all those years ago!!!

Yuki: So what? I'll deal with it when it happens! What's done is done! I had nothing to do with it, so why am I the one being punished!?

(From the opposite end of the door, both Yun and Hitachi listen, shocked at the sudden outbursts. The scene returns to the two going at it.)

Fukagawa: Yuki, you don't understand! If you don't leave your team, you'll get caught eventually! Even if my dad forgives you, your past will catch up to you, and you'll drag them down with you! You need to let them go-

(Yuki reaches her breaking point. She begins to choke up.)


(This outburst shuts Fukagawa up. He seems to be in shock, as Yuki falls to the ground, on the verge of tears. As he watches Yuki, Fukagawa begins to have a flashback of his own. He is standing in a black void, about the same age he was in his last flashback. He can see Sage, sitting on the ground, much like Yuki. Fukagawa begins to walk over to him, and when he reaches him, Sage looks up with uncontrollable tears rolling down his face.)

Fukagawa: Sage… what's…

(Fukagawa's eyes begin to pull back, as he notices that, in the flashback, A giant magic circle has been placed around them. On the ground, the Tomb his brother gave him is flipping through pages wildly.)

Fukagawa: S-Sage… What happened? T… Tell-

(Sage opens his mouth, but no words come out. The shock of the moment is powerful enough to cut Fukagawa off. He falls to his knees in front of his brother, grabbing his shoulders. Fukagawa begins to shout, but all Sage can do is sob silently, bashing his own head in with his fists.)


(Fukagawa shakes his brother, trying to get his words out. From behind them, a younger Salem watches the two struggle. Fukagawa looks behind him, noticing his dad.)

Fukagawa: Dad, help… It's Sage, he- He's hurt and-

(Fukagawa receives another traumatic shock, when he sees Salem's indifferent expression. Salem looks over at Sage, who is still beating himself up, attempting to shout, but to no avail. Sage begins to bleed from the forehead, from sheer self inflicted beatings and frustration. Salem scoffs, placing a hand on his side. He stares down Sage, the only emotion emerging being disgust.)

Salem: How could you *censored* up a spell that simple?

Fukagawa: H...Help…

(Salem turns his back to the boys.)

Salem: Don't ever call yourself my son, Sage. You're a failure of a magician.

Fukagawa: Help… anyone…

(Sage rests his beaten head into his younger brother's side, still sobbing and trying to shout. Fukagawa is broken, calling out for something that obviously wouldn't come. Salem exits the scene, leaving the two boys in a hot mess on the floor.)

Fukagawa: It… I… Sage…. Save him… please… Sage… say… something...

(Sage grips Fukagawa's side, and pulls himself up. A completely out of it Reihei turns to face him, and the two boys gently butt heads. The scene fades as the two sit there, in forced silence. The scene returns to the present, where Yuki is crying on the floor. Fukagawa is still in shock, and as he comes to, he begins to come to an answer. He walks over to Yuki, and sits down, in front of her, on the floor.)

Fukagawa: Y- Yeah…

(Yuki slows her crying down, lifting her head to look at Fukagawa.)

Yuki: What…?

Fukagawa: Yeah. I know how it feels… to have something taken away. Maybe not to the same extent… but… it only makes me realise how much worse it must have been for you.

(Yuki sits up, proper. She begins wiping her tears, as Fukagawa bows.)

Fukagawa: Yuki Versai… I am an awful person. Please forgive me.

(Yuki has no idea how to react to his sudden resolve.)

Yuki: Rei… what are you…?

Fukagawa: You're right. The past has no place in the present. All I've achieved in all of my nonsense is causing you to suffer… I'm ashamed of my actions…

(Now, it's Fukagawa's turn to begin sobbing. He speaks clearly as tears roll onto the ground, not budging from his bowed position.)

Fukagawa: I… Lost my Brother's voice, a long time ago. He is a mute, because of some stupid mistake I made. My father blamed him, but I'm the one who *censored*ed up the spell that stole his voice! The effects of that day have ruined my family… so, I understand! I have no right to judge you, or tell you how to handle your new life! I have no right to push you away from your friends!

(Fukagawa finished his speech by slamming his head into the floor, still bowing while sitting in front of a dumbfounded Yuki. He shouts his eyes, still crying his heart out. He shouts with everything he has, the panel displaying this taking up the entire page. Around him, images flood his mind of his brief interactions with his father and brother from earlier on in the volume.)

Fukagawa: You've moved on from the past! I'm the fool who still lives in it! Please, help me! Teach me how to move on!!!

(Fukagawa grips at the floor, not daring to open his eyes or lift his head. Yuki stares at him, thinking about what he said. Not hearing a response, he begins to choke up, his words much weaker and barely understandable through his sobbing.)

Fukagawa: Just… please… Yuki… help me…

(Yuki reaches her hand out to Fukagawa, and lightly taps him over the head with her fist.)

Yuku: The first step is to be honest with yourself.

(Fukagawa raises his head, still a mess as he looks at her. Yuki smiles softly, but is also a mess from her crying.)

Yuki: I don't think "The Great Fukagawa" would be caught dead crying like a little brat, would he?

(Fukagawa takes a second to scoff, and wipes his face.)

Fukagawa: Of… course not! Not in a million years!

(From outside of the dining hall, Yun finally seems content.)

Yun: Looks like our decision has been reached.

(Yun smiles, and looks at the ceiling.)

Yun: That's the second time you've saved the Young Master, Miss Yuki. We really are in your debt, aren't we?

(Hitachi has already begun making his way back to his room. He is content as well, thinking deeply as he goes.)

Hitachi: < Living in the present. That's something we all struggle with, "Four Eyes"... maybe I could learn a thing or two from you. >

(The scene ends with a shot of Hitachi's back to the reader. A new scene starts up, showing a now cleaned up Yuki and Fukagawa, finishing their dinner. Yun is now with them in the room, helping to clean up. Yuki dusts her dress off, and bows to Fukagawa.)

Yuki: Thanks for the food, Rei. I appreciate it.

Fukagawa: Please, I'm the one who should be thanking you. And just so we're clear, not a word of this to ANYONE. Got it?

(Yuki chuckles and waves, heading back to her room with Korace. Fukagawa watches as she leaves, and is left alone with Yun. Yun laughs a bit, causing Fukagawa to turn to him, annoyed.)

Fukagawa: What? Did I say something funny?

Yun: Of course not, Young Master. You said the truth. That's all there is to it.

(Fukagawa places his hand over his Tomb, still by his side. He closes his eyes, a slight smiling creeping up on his face.)

Fukagawa: The truth is that we need to start getting their equipment ready. I did promise them that I'd help them succeed in being Students, I intend to keep my word.

(The scene now follows Yuki and Korace. They are alone walking in the halls back to their room.)

Korace: < . . . Yuki. I'm proud of you. >

(Yuki smiles, and pats Korace.)

Yuki: It's whatever. I'm too tired to talk about it.

Korace: < I can't blame you… but… >

Yuki: Hmm? What is it, Master?

Korace: < I owe you an explanation. Tomorrow, after you've rested. I'll tell you everything. >

(Yuki seems lost.)

Yuki: What… are you talking about-?

(The panel focuses on Korace, as Yuki stares down in shock.)

Korace: < I will tell you what happened that day. When you lost everything... >


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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[Chapter 24 Post + End of Vol.2!]

Chapter 24 "Loose Ends"


Chapter 24 "Loose Ends" Start

(The chapter opens on a shot of Bryan, during the same night as the previous chapter, walking along the well lit city streets. Bryan seems to be pondering something furiously, as if he can't grasp some sort of concept. Cerkio is revealed to be beside him, and his expression is a mix of exhausted, but patient.)

Bryan: Hmm… I still don't really get it… you're Regold, but you're not the Regold?

(Cerkio stops for a second and smacks the top of his forehead. He takes a deep breath before explaining a concept for the hundredth time.)

Cerkio: Kid, it ain't that difficult. I'm Mr.Regold's son. My name is Cerkio Regold, not Kimichi Regold! Kimichi is the one who founded Regold Inc., not me!

(Bryan also stops, allowing time for all the pieces to fit into place. A lightbulb appears above Bryan's head, but it almost immediately bursts, with Bryan seemingly less impressed with his new friend. He makes it clear to Cerkio that he lost interest in him by shooting him an unimpressed glare.)

Bryan: … Oh.

(Cerkio loses his cool.)

Cerkio: I'm still cool, dammit!!!

(Bryan continues on for a few blocks, with a more annoyed Cerkio tailing behind. The two finally arrive at the entrance of some seemingly random back alley. Bryan heads down, casually, while Cerkio follows, a bit more skeptical.)

Cerkio: Hey, kid. You sure we're in the right place?

(Bryan shoots Cerkio a thumbs up without turning around. Cerkio is clearly more concerned then before. Eventually. They reach a rusted door, at the back of the alley. Bryan is back to his usual happy demeanor, pulling a rusty key out of his pocket and inserting it into the door. There is a pause, where Cerkio looks back to make sure he isn't about to be ambushed or jumped by some thugs, and then the door unlocks. Bryan motions Cerkio to follow, and the two head into the strange building. Cerkio cautiously steps through, his hand secretly ready to unleash his stored away hammer in case of emergency. Bryan casually waltzes in, and the two walk through a narrow hall, before coming to a rather cluttered room. The small office space the two had just entered is a complete and utter wreck. Notes and files are scattered everywhere. There is a single bed tucked away in the corner, near a blinded window, but the bed is barely “kept”. There is a desk on another wall, with even more stacks of notes and medical tools scattered about. In another corner, close to the bed, is a pile of clothes in some haphazardly kept baskets, and a more than well worn punching bag. There is a more secure, high tech door [still a bit rusty] at the far end of the room. Mechanical roars can be heard from behind the closed door. The room, aside from the two boys, is empty. Cerkio looks around, not really disgusted, but more concerned for Bryan’s health.)

Cerkio: So… this is…?

(Bryan, undoing his headband again and placing it on the desk, answers before Cerkio can finish, in a somewhat proud fashion.)

Bryan: This ain’t the Doc’s room, this pad is mine!

(Cerkio sweats a bit, trying not to be awkward.)

Cerkio: <That’s… what I was worried about.>

(Bryan begins to head over to the other, high tech door.)

Bryan: The Doc should be working in the lab, I’ll let him know you're here.

(As Bryan heads over to the door, Cerkio walks over to the desk, curious about the mess. He picks up a few notes, and is almost immediately stunned to see extremely detailed medical notes, studying all sorts of diseases and herbs.)

Cerkio: < Whoa… is this Bryan’s? This is some high level stuff… even for me.>

(He looks at the other papers on the desk, and notices one of them is a rough sketch, buried under other papers. He looks over to make sure Byran is distracted. Bryan is knocking on the door, but getting no response through the obnoxious noises coming from the other end. Cerkio turns his attention back to the drawing. He pushes his way through the notes on top to get to it, and he holds it a bit closer once he has it, to get a clear look. The image is meant to be Bryan [It’s clear it's Bryan due to the chibi’s headband and hair, but it’s drawn kinda bad], flexing in victory, with two figures to his sides, one on each end. The two figures appear to be other chibis, but they are nearly impossible to make out. They have been “crossed out” and erased so many times that it would be more proper for one to assume they were just mistakes on the paper. Cerkio eyes the image for a moment, trying to piece together what he’s looking at.)

Cerkio: < That’s definitely Bryan right there… but what the hell is going on with this picture? >

(Cerkio has his attention drawn away when the noises finally stop coming from the high tech door. Cerkio quickly places the image back on the desk, before turning to see if they were let in. Bryan seems pleased, waiting for the door to open. It takes an uncomfortably long time though, and the two are left a bit confused. Byran is about to knock again, but the door suddenly flies open, much to both of their surprise. Bryan’s cheerful attitude is immediately swapped out for a face of utter fear as soon as he realizes what's waiting for him behind the door. Cerkio is about to question Bryan, but just as quick as Bryan had changed his tune, a wrench goes flying a million miles an hour at his forehead. Cerkio’s jaw drops, watching as Bryan goes flying into the opposite wall. Hearing footsteps approaching from the direction the wrench came from, Cerkio, cautiously, turns his head in disbelief. Standing in the high tech doorway now is a man dressed in a rather *censored*ty lab coat, clearly disheveled and furious at Bryan.)

???: What the hell did I tell you ‘bout interrupting me while I’m working, boy!?!? You want to end up with your head up your ass!? HUH!?

(A barely conscious Bryan manages to mutter a response, unable to recover from a blow of that magnitude. He simply answers from the dirty floor, his eyes spinning.)

Bryan: S- Sorry Doc… I… brought a visitor… though-

(Bryan suddenly actually loses consciousness, as if he had just received a concussion.)

??? (Doc): Tsk-! Damn brat, bringing strangers into our work place. Instead of worrying about that, how's 'bout you work on your dodging?!

(The Doc goes to pull out a cigarette from his coat pocket, and looks over at Cerkio.)

???: (Doc): The hell do you want? You come wanting to buy some kind of medicine? Well, most of our supply is beginning to go out of season, so I suggest-

(Before lighting the cigarette, something seems to click in the Doc. He stares at Cerkio casually for a moment, before putting something together.)

??? (Doc): Hey, wait a sec. Have we met before?

(Cerkio smiles shyly, still a bit off put by his aggressive behaviour with Bryan.)

Cerkio: I’m surprised. It’s definitely been awhile, Professor Nomuri.

(The scene moves forward a bit, with Cerkio and a bandage-headed Bryan sitting at a table, in Nomuri’s lab. Nomuri is preparing some kind of meal for the two at a stove nearby. [For reference, all of this kitchen-esk furniture and equipment is thrown haphazardly in the back of Nomuri’s lab, as if he couldn’t actually afford another space for the kitchen to go into.] Around them, plenty of half finished gadgets and machines are strewn about, as well as loose wires and tools. Cerkio’s lab coat is now off, and thrown on the back of the chair he’s sitting in. Cerkio looks around, somewhat impressed, but then looking back at the small kitchen area, and ends up feeling a bit embarrassed.)

Dr.Nomuri: Sorry about the mess. We don’t get that many visitors, so we don’t really bother keeping things together.

Cerkio: That’s alright, I’m used to “Science Clutter” hehe… But I do have to ask... what’s up with the dinner table being in the way of your workspace?

(Nomuri answers, not bothering to turn around. Bryan blushes at the answer, scratching his cheek and pretending not to hear Nomuri’s response.)

Dr.Nomuri: You can thank that freeloader over there. His room was the kitchen, and, frankly, I don’t have the budget to be wasting on installing a new room to this *censored*ty apartment.

(Cerkio seems lost for words.)


(Nomuri changes the subject.)

Dr.Nomuri: I’ll be honest… I didn’t think, in a million years, that I’d be treating Kimichi’s kid to dinner one day. World works in strange ways I guess.

(Nomuri brings over a few plates, and places them in front of the two boys, then places his hands in his coat pockets. Cerkio, still a bit uncomfortable, bows politely. Bryan looks over at Nomuri, with a stupid grin.)

Bryan: So you two already know each other? Man, I had no idea!

(Bryan begins to dig into the food, but is immediately interrupted when Nomuri furiously strikes him upside the head with a hard knuckle. Bryan also immediately [and violently] spits out his food at the force of the blow.)

Dr.Nomuri: Thank me for the food, you good-for-nothing punk!!!

(Cerkio is stunned for a moment, but can’t help but laugh a bit.)

Cerkio: < … I’ll just let myself think that he must be used to this sort of treatment by now. >

(Cerkio goes to take a bit of the food himself. As Bryan recovers, Nomuri looks down at him, an eyebrow raised. Finally, Bryan’s wounds from the previous fight with Chain are addressed.)

Dr.Nomuri: Wait, when the hell you get all beat up like that? What the hell happened when you were gone?

(Cerkio is immediately put on edge again, spitting out his own food in utter shock.)


(Another chunk of time passes. Now, the two are a good way through the meal, with Nomuri enjoying a cup of coffee. Nomuri is stroking his chin, looking at Bryan.)

Dr.Nomuri: I see. So, this Chain creep really did a number on you guys… and right after your team had just recovered from your forest trip too.

(Nomuri turns his attention to Cerkio now.)

Dr.Nomuri: Thanks by the way. You helped the brat out of a tight spot, so I guess I owe you one.

(Cerkio shakes his head modestly.)

Cerkio: D- Don’t worry about it professor! The meal was more than enough!

(Nomuri sighs, and looks down at his coffee, somehow in a much more calmer state. He isn’t really reminiscing or anything, he’s simply stating a fact to Cerkio when he responds.)

Dr.Nomuri: You don’t have to call me “Professor” anymore you know. It’s been years since I worked at Regold Inc. … Speaking of, how’s the old man? Still as uptight and stingy as ever, I take it?

(Cerkio scratches the back of his head, trying to think of an answer that won’t result in a wrench to the head.)

Cerkio: W- Well, You know Mr.Regold! He does have to manage the company as a whole, so I’m sure that’s why he’s always so… you know… “stingy”...?

(the doctor simply chuckles a bit.)

Dr.Nomuri: No worries kid, I know he ain’t really that bad a guy. I’m the unreasonable one, hell, I left on my own terms, not because I got fired like your peers believe.

(Cerkio seems more interested in the conversation now, sitting up in his chair a bit.)

Cerkio: Whoa, no kidding? Why did you leave the Lab?

(Nomuri pulls a “Bryan”, looking away from Cerkio as he answers.)

Dr.Nomuri: W-Well, the company just didn’t have the budget I was looking for… so I decided to go more “Indie”.

(Cerkio dawns a “T_T” face.)

Cerkio: < … The world’s richest lab didn’t have a big enough budget, huh? >

(Nomuri tries to change the subject once more, this time clearing his throat.)

Dr.Nomuri: Anyways, speaking of your old man, It’s pretty late. He’s probably wondering where you are right about now.

Cerkio: Huh? Well, I guess. He’s probably too busy to notice though.

(Nomuri picks up the boy’s now empty plates, and turns around to place them by a makeshift sink before answering.)

Dr.Nomuri: Trust me, great minds think alike. If I had a boy out in the city at this time of the night, I’d be pretty worried myself.

(Cerkio thinks about what Nomuri said for a moment, and then cracks a quiet smile.)

Cerkio: < Well, his parenting could use some work… but you're not half bad Nomuri. Not bad at all. >

(The scene transitions to Cerkio preparing to head out. He is standing in the middle of Bryan’s room, getting his coat back on. Bryan and Nomuri are seeing him out.)

Cerkio: Well, I’ll be going now. Thanks for the meal Prof- er, Doc.

(Nomuri cracks a cocky smile.)

Dr.Nomuri: I’ll cook for ya anytime, as long as it keeps that old geezer of yours jealous.

(Cerkio turns to Bryan, ignoring the end bit of Nomuri’s statement. Cerkio pulls out a fancy business card, handing it to it’s eager receiver.)

Cerkio: Hey, Bryan. I want you to put the number on here into your C.R.O.W. If you ever need me in the future, make sure to get in touch! And hey, maybe I’ll be the one contacting you!

(Cerkio looks over at the desk full of papers.)

Cerkio: Those notes over there are some pretty top notch stuff! I can see you scoring a place in Regold Inc. pretty easily in the near future.

(Bryan seems pretty pumped about the idea.)

Bryan: WOAH~! No way! Your kidding!?

(Cerkio laughs a bit, and turns to leave. He almost makes it out the door, but before he can, he overhears Dr. Nomuri making a comment. Nomuri is looking over Bryan’s notes, and picked up the drawing that Cerkio had noticed when he first arrived. )

Dr.Nomuri: Hey, brat. I think you can finally finish this sketch of yours. You do have a couple of references to go off of now, I bet it beats just using your imagination.

(Without hearing Bryan’s embarrassed response, Cerkio smiles, leaving the “apartment”, and heading back out into the city night, his lab coat waving behind him. The Scene fades out into the night, and begins to come back again shortly after. It is now early morning, and a shot of the Freeway from a distance, focusing on a bullet train on it's way into the city, can be seen. The sun is just beginning to come up over the city’s skyline. The scene enters the train, and onto two individuals who are sitting across from one another. One man has a suitcase beside him, and the other is tapping a familiar looking cane, resting on his lap. The scene is now looking at the two from outside of the window of the train. The man with the cane, Fields, is visible to the reader. He seems calm and content, tapping his cane patiently. The other has a cap on, so the upper portion of his face is hidden in shadow. He has long, blonde hair, and he is wearing casual clothes, with a light raincoat on over it. The scene cuts back inside the train, as Field's looks out into the city.)

Fields: Isn't it breathtaking? I swear, I've lived here my entire life, yet the city never ceases to impress.

(The other man looks out the window, only one eye visible through the shadow of his cap. He stays silent, crossing his arms. Field continues to look into the city.)

Fields: Unlike me, I take it this is your first time visiting Taoru, correct?

(The other man looks back at Fields, still remaining somewhat stoic, despite his somewhat unbelievable response.)

Strange Man: Yes, this is my first time. In fact, this is the first time I've ever been to Japan.

(This comment visibly shocks Fields. He collects himself, chuckling a bit.)

Fields: Well now, that's news to me. I was just told you were an "Outsider", but this certainly changes things.

(The man sighs, and continues to look out the window.)

Strange Man: I will admit, this country is a far cry compared to where I'm from.

(Fields, much more interested in the individual, leans in a bit.)

Fields: Where are you from, newbie?

(The man looks back out the window, before giving his answer.)

Strange Man: It doesn't matter. Where I came from isn't important, not to mention it's practically a No Man's Land.

(Fields whistles, impressed.)

Fields: Well now, you're a real mysterious fellow. You must also be quite impressive to boot. It's not very often Grim hand picks new members. At least, not these days.

Strange Man: No clue what you people saw in me, but anything beats my old life.

(Fields seems to ponder something to himself, and then begins to ask another question.)

Fields: Now here's a thought. York, since you aren't from Japan, do you have- ?

(York leans back a bit, letting his long hair fall over his right shoulder. He shrugs the question off.)

York: A Talent? Who knows. Guess we'll find out soon enough.

(Fields studies York for a moment, and then bursts into laughter.)

Fields: At least you're honest, if nothing else.

(York shrugs. The scene ends with a shot of the train zooming by from the outside, towards the center of the city. A new scene begins, still early in the morning, with a shot of the Fukagawa Tower from the outside. It transitions to Yuki, who is sitting on the side of her bed, in casual attire, just waking up. She takes a moment to stretch her arms, and then looks over at Korace, who is placed against the wall across from the bed. She thinks to herself for a moment, before sliding over to the end of the bed, sitting criss cross and facing Korace. After a shot of the two across from one another, Korace speaks up.)

Korace: <So you're that eager…>

(Yuki nods. She tries to calm her nerves, but she grips the sheets of the bed tightly, as she waits for Korace to begin.)

Yuki: I know I said I didn't care last night to Fukagawa… but…

Korace: < It's not wrong to be curious Yuki. Now then… I'll start from the beginning, the story of the Versai. >

[The following description of Yuki's past is drawn in the same style of Yuki's prologue dream.]

Korace: < A long time ago, there was a Stray, and a Samurai. >

[The Stray: female, with dark green hair, similar to Yuki's style, but it is much more wild and unkempt. She is wearing old, torn clothes.]

[The Samurai: male, with light blonde hair, kept short, with similar bangs to Yuki sprouting on the sides. He is wearing a traditional, light red kimono, with his right hand resting on its fold (It's kept hidden inside his kimono)]

(The panel shows The Stray huddled by a tree, with a sad look on their face. They appear to be in a forest.)

Korace: < The Stray lived alone in the forest, cast out from her family. She could barely make it on her own, but somehow, she managed. >

(The next panel shows the Stray hiding behind the tree as the Samurai wanders by, whistling to himself. He has a blade similar to Korace in his left hand, while his right is concealed.)

Korace: < After a few months living this way, the Stray began to notice the Samurai. She watched from afar, as he began visiting the forest regularly, and everyday, he would repeat the same routine. >

(The Samurai stands in a clearing, swinging his katana in place with his left hand. The Stray watches from the sidelines, hidden away.)

Korace: < He would enter the forest, and head for a clearing, hidden deep within. Then, he would stand there, for countless hours, practicing his swordsmanship on nothing but the air around him. >

(The Samurai is now sitting, unpacking his lunch.)

Korace: < After what seemed like an eternity, he would set his blade down, and take a break. He would always bring a boxed lunch, and eat it right in that spot. >

(The next shot shows the Samurai leaving, with the box left behind. The Stray watches as the Samurai leaves.)

Korace: < And, without fail, everyday the Samurai would leave their half eaten lunch behind. >

(A shot of the Stray enjoying the leftovers is shown, they are scarfing it down with a smile and tears in their eyes.)

Korace: < They didn't understand why the Samurai left food in the middle of the woods, but the Stray more than graciously accepted the meal. When she was finished, the Stray would leave the box back where she had found it. This routine went on for a few more months. >

(The next shot shows the Samurai, sleeping peacefully in the clearing. The boxed lunch and katana are resting by his side. The Stray is watching, as per usual.)

Korace: < One day, the Samurai decided to take a nap in the clearing, leaving his food and blade unguarded. >

(The Stray holds her stomach, hungry but waiting patiently for the Samurai to leave.)

Korace: < The Stray waited for hours, but the Samurai did not budge. He kept laying there, fast asleep. The Stray, who had become reliant on the leftover meals, began to grow impatient. >

(The Stray sneaks over to the boxed lunch, while the Samurai sleeps.)

Korace: < The Stray, unable to bare the wait any longer, snuck over to the unguarded meal. >

(The Stray begins to dig in, but to her surprise, the Samurai opens his eyes, looking right at her.)

Korace: < Of course, the Samurai had already accounted for her impatience. He had not be sleeping at all, rather, he had been waiting to see who had been eating his food. >

(The Stray, weak and defenseless, takes a step back, in fear of what the Samurai might try and do. The Samurai sits up, and, scaring the Stray a bit, he begins to laugh.)

Korace: < Instead of questioning the Stray, or trying to do them harm, the Samurai gently laughed. >

(The Samurai and the Stray sit across from one another, while they talk, right in the clearing.)

Korace: < The Stray, not fully understanding the situation, questioned the Samurai. What was he doing in the woods? Why had he been leaving food in the woods? Why had he been waiting for her? The Samurai simply replied: >

( A panel shows the soft smile of the Samurai, with a genuine expression on his face. )

Samurai: < I sensed a lost soul in need. >

(The story ends abruptly. Yuki is understandably confused, as Korace remains silent for a moment.)

Korace: < Does something bother you child? >

(Yuki messes with her hair a bit before answering.)

Yuki: Um… I'm sorry, I just don't get where the story is going. Who are these people you're talking about? What do they have to do with…

(Yuki falls silent, trying to think of what to say, without sounding rude. Korace fills in her blank.)

Korace: < … with your family? >

(Yuki nods.)

Korace: < The two in the story, child, were your mother and father. >

(Yuki perks up a bit, more interested in the tale.)

Yuki: Whoa… really?

(Korace continues their story, but the art style is substitutes for the usual art style. The Stray’s and the Samurai’s faces are never explicitly shown to the reader.)

Korace: < From there, the two became… “friends”. >

( Yuki has on a “T-T” face.)

Yuki: What… was up with that pause?

(A shot is shown of the Stray trying to walk ahead of The Samurai, while he whistles along the path they are walking.)

Korace: < While thankful that the Samurai seemed to care, she found him highly irritable. He kind of had this… “happy go lucky” aura to him that made her want to lose him in the forest, and never look back. >

(Immediately, a thought of Bryan appears in Yuki’s mind. She shudders and shakes it off, before continuing to listen. A shot of an older Stray and Samurai are shown standing proud in front of a new mansion in the forest.)

Korace: < Eventually, after adventuring together for a long time, the two grew closer. They returned to the spot they had met, and built the original mansion right in that very clearing. >

(A shot of several business deals is shown, but in the middle of those a shot of a shady figure can be seen approaching.)

Korace: < Your father, the Samurai, had worked for a wealthy organization, and eventually was able to work his way to the top. He struck deals all over the world on behalf of the organization, but one day… something awful happened. >

(Yuki seems uncomfortable, but attentive. The next shot shows four major shadowed figures. This scene is important, because only one of these characters has been “established” before. One, overarching figure, the “King”, is in the center, with the “Queen” standing next to him. Their two sons are beside them, one on each side. One of them appears to be fairly young, prim and proper. The other will be familiar to the reader. This one shares the same silhouette with the burning man at the very start of the manga, from Yuki’s dream. He is much more relaxed, as if he were a carefree type. The King himself is huge in stature, with a dominating presence. The Queen seems more dainty, elegant even. [These individuals are referred to as the Devil’s Family.])

Korace: < Your mother, as I had mentioned, was cast a stray by her family… When word of how successful the newly formed Versai family had become reached them… let's just say they didn’t take too kindly to the news. And your mother’s family… truly a rotten bunch. They were worse then the worst criminal scum imaginable.

(The scene now shows a meeting between Yuki’s parents and the Queen and familiar Devil’s Child. They are in an office in the mansion. Yuki's mother is heading behind Yuki's father, as the Queen negotiates. The familiar Devil's child, in much less professional fashion to his mother, is sitting on Yuki's father's desk, kicking the air arrogantly.)

Korace: < Your mother’s family sought out your mother. They couldn’t stand seeing her with even so much as a smile… let alone live a good life. They appeared one day, demanding your father give her up. And when he refused… >

(An entire spread is dedicated to a much more realistic fire scene, literally an exact copy of the layout from the one in Yuki’s dream, with a more realistic child Yuki looking up to the inferno. The story ends there, with Yuki coming to terms with the circumstances that day.)

Yuki: So… my family hadn’t made any dealings with those people after all, Like Fukagawa had claimed… They were set up!

Korace: < Exactly. However, with what little he did know, I can’t blame Reihei for coming to the conclusion that he did. >

(Yuki begins to get up, but Korace stops her by shooting down her idea.)

Korace: < Yuki, you can not let anyone know the truth of that day. >

(Yuki turns to Korace, upset.)

Yuki: But… it's not fair! At least Fukagawa has to know about this-!

Korace: < Absolutely not. Even if it clears the family name… Yuki.  Listen. >

(Yuki grips the side of her bed in frustration, but rationally hearing Korace out.)

Korace: < If anyone finds out what happened that day… You realize what those events mean for you, don’t you? You're connected, by blood, to an awful group of people. It would be as if you were blood related to the Grim Reaper themself. >

(A shudder goes down Yuki’s spine. She's more on edge now, despite being frustrated. She seems understandably annoyed, and then flops, backfirst, onto her bed, staring up to the ceiling.)

Korace: < Be glad that an understanding was reached last night between the two of you. Keep this information between the two of us. Alright? >

(Yuki, after some thought, asks Korace more questions.)

Yuki: … Fine. But I want clearer answers. Who the hell are these people? If I'm really related to these people, I have the right to know at least that much.

Korace: < … Yuki, your better off- >

(Yuki snaps, turning her head to face Korace, but still laying down.)

Yuki: KORACE! Don't start with that nonsense! You can't expect me to stay away from a threat I know nothing about, you're being unreasonable!

(Korace takes a moment to think on what Yuki has said, and then reluctantly, they comply. A page is dedicated showing the silhouettes commiting the following crimes.)

Korace: <... Manslaughter, theft, arson, kidnapping, any kind of heinous crime you can think of. If you can name it, they don't just do it, they specialize in it.>

Yuki: Alright… so I should treat them like we treat the Grim Reaper, like you said?

Korace: < The Reaper is... A bit different. Sure, the mafia and the Devils are all criminals at face value, but there is one key difference. >

(The next shot is another 2 page spread, showing Sither and some members of the mafia, looming over Taoru city on one page, and the King of the Devil's holding a burning world in the palm of his hand in the other.)

Korace: < The mafia is strictly about organised crime. They have rules, they have respect for one another. They may commit atrocious crimes, but there is a certain charm to their way of life…>

Korace: < There is no grace or dignity to be found in the devil's actions. Your mother’s family… they create pain and suffering for the thrill of it. They follow no morals, no code of conduct. They simply exist... to watch the world burn. >

(Yuki continues to think to herself, but then sighs, placing her arm over her face.)

Yuki: Whatever. I just want to focus on getting my mansion back… is that too much to ask?

(There is a long silence, before Yuki asks a final question.)

Yuki: One more thing… How do you know all that?

(A shot of a child Yuki finding Korace one day in the basement is shown.)

Yuki: You’ve always known all these things, now that I think about it… even though I only ever found you in the basement years after the fire.

(Korace stays silent for a moment.)

Korace: < . . . >

(Yuki raises an eyebrow, suspicious at the silence.)

Korace: < W- Well. It just so happens that I’ve lived through all of those ordeals alongside your father. Afterall...

(Korace emits an epic aura around itself, and Yuki seems uneasy.)

Korace: < I am your father’s sword, afterall! >

(There is another silence. Yuki seems a bit taken aback by that fact, but then begins to question it.)

Yuki: R- Really? Then why didn’t you tell me that soon-

( A knock is heard, cutting the conversation short. The scene suddenly shifts outside her room door, revealing that Hitachi had been over hearing her conversation, but only her end of it. He is clearly confused. He hesitates, but then knocks again.)

Hitachi: Hey, Yuki! Who are you talking to in there? Isn’t it a bit early for Bryan to be back already?

(Yuki panics, and rushes over to the door, not bothering to make herself presentable. Korace, meanwhile, seems to welcome the sudden change of pace. A figurative bead of sweat appears above them.)

Korace: < . . . Phew. >

( Yuki opens the door for Hitachi, showing him no one is in the room with her.)

Yuki: Oh, H- Hey Hitachi. Um, what are you talking about? I wasn’t…

(Hitachi has a serious expression, his intention is clear.)

Hitachi: Yuki. I’m not stupid. Who were you just talking to? I heard you mentioned a "Korace". Who is that?

(Yuki is at a loss for words. She thinks back to the time the three agreed, very early on, not to hide anything from one another.)

Yuki: U-Uh… Um… Hitachi, even if… if I told you the truth, you probably won’t believe me.

(Hitachi sighs, and invites himself into the room, much to the bewilderment of a flustered Yuki. Hitachi raises an eyebrow when he sees that the dress she wore the night prior is sitting in the corner.)

Hitachi: U- uh… what is-?

(Yuki rushes past him, and frantically cleans up. She hides the dress, and anything else that she might have thrown around.)

Yuki: What the hell is wrong with you!? It’s rude to just barge into someone’s room, you know? Jeez, you guys are the worst!

(Yuki pants after having cleaned everything in mere seconds. Hitachi seems a bit more cheerful, but makes himself become serious again as he leans up against her wall, next to Korace.)

Hitachi: Well, clearly no one is here. So you must have some explaining to do.

(Yuki looks at him, a worried expression on her face. She sighs, and the scene cuts off from there. The scene then picks up outside of the bar that Mist works at. The same guard from before is looking around, and perks up when he sees Fields and York approaching.)

Guard: ‘Bout time. We thought you weren’t gonna show.

(Field pats the guard on the shoulder as he walks past. York doesn't even make eye contact with him.)

Fields: You can’t rush perfection now, can you?

(The two enter the bar, which is reasonably busy, and they head for the back, where a door is being guarded by two more bouncers.)

Bouncer 1:  Mr. Fields. It’s nice to see you again. How was your trip?

(Fields allows York to go first, while responding to the Bouncer. York ignores the bouncers too, heading through the guarded doorway by himself.)

Fields: Successful, as if there would be any other outcome. I take it the rest has arrived?

(Bouncer 1 nods. Fields suddenly becomes deadly serious.)

Fields: Even… “You know who”?

Bouncer 2: Surprisingly… he was the first one here after Grim.

(Fields’s eyes narrow, his face twisting in a confused disgust.)

Fields: What the hell? Just what does that good for nothing hope to gain…?

(He sighs, and follows after York. When Fields catches up, the two are in a long, dimly lit hallway. York is looking around at the decor. The walls are lined with expensive looking paintings, artifacts, and in some cases, literal jewels and gold bars behind glass displays. York makes a comment when Fields stops next to him. The two are staring at a painting of a lilac lily, in front of a blood red moon.)

York: This Grim Reaper. They certainly have a unique taste.

(Fields fixes his suit, chuckling a bit.)

Fields: Within a one thousand mile radius of her presence, we refer to it as an “acquired taste”.

(York looks over at Fields.)

York: “She”, huh?

Fields: Ah, you didn’t know? The mistress is most certainly a “She”.

York: First I’ve heard of it. I guess I always pictured the bringer of death as a bile of old bones though.

(Fields chuckles at this too. The two head for a door at the end of the hall. Fields’s demeanor changes to a much more serious one as they approach.)

Fields: Now, I should warn you. Your arrival was the main event for today's meeting… But then again, this meeting wasn’t meant to take place until a few weeks out from now.

(York notices Fields’s change in tone.)

York: I figured I was called on short notice. The first letter I received mentioned that it would be another month until I was scheduled to be here. Then just yesterday, I’m contacted by you guys.

(Fields is even more serious in his tone.)

Fields: Well, something’s come up that may affect our “Workflow”. We can take all the help we can get at the moment.

(The scene switches to inside of the Mafia’s meeting room. Not really showing much of the inside of it yet, Rachel can be seen, playing with Sither’s mask. She’s looking through it, and flipping it around to inspect it.)

Rachel: Hey, mom! Can I have a mask like this someday? It’s soooooo~ cute!

(For the first time, a maskless Sither is shown to the reader. Her face is a bit hidden, her head resting on her fist, but she responds to Rachel, who is sitting next to her.)

Sither: Perhaps, sweetie. But let’s talk about this at another time. Right now-

[Note for script readers: The following scenes rely heavily on visual spectacle. These mafia members listed below have appeared before (Chapter 21: Soul Stealer,) but they were unnamed in the previous chapters. Now they are named, for the artist's sake. There are a lot of names that may be unfamiliar, so try to keep that in mind moving forward. To help you visualize this 3rd act of the chapter, here is a list of the mafia members listed in this scene:
Sither/Grim Reaper - The mafia boss
Vince - Division Leader, Pale, tall man who had flew in with Sither to stop Chain
Reigen - Division Leader, the man with the red mohawk from Chapter 21. He usually fights with brass knuckles.
Nadia - Division Leader, Blonde haired beauty who had shot Wedge and Butch at the end of Chapter 21.
Carnage - Division Leader, Tall, inhuman man [beast?] Who left a large crater when he landed in Chapter 21
Feilio - Division Leader, the boss of both Chain and Utapi
Lyall - Division Leader, the man who appeared in Draker's flashback and recruited the three villains from Vol.1
Fields - Division Leader… I shouldn't have to explain this one :P
Rachel - One of Sither's daughters, traveled with Fields in Vol.1
Mist - One of Sither's daughters, fought against Utapi with Fukagawa's team
York - New recruit, shouldn't have to explain this one either!
Hopefully that helps you guys! Thanks for reading!]

(Fields and York now enter the meeting room. The door swings open in dramatic fashion, the wind making their clothes flow. York’s usual cool demeanor is thrown off, sending him on guard, when he reads the energy in the room. Finally, an entire page spread is dedicated to the Meetings layout.
This is the layout for the room:
One, long, sleek black wooden table, lined with crimson, velvet thrones. There is a seat for each Division Leader, but there are also seats directly next to the head of the table for Mist and Rachel. There are 10 seats along the sides of the table, 5 on each side. The head of the table holds an even more elegant throne, in the same color as the lilly from the prior painting. The end of the table, directly across from the head of the table, has no seat, as it points towards the door to the room.
The Mafia members present:
Mist is on Sither’s left, Rachel to her right.
As the left side begins, from Sither down, Vince is the closest to her.
Next to Vince, is Lyall.
Next to Lyall, is Reigen
Next to Reigen, the seat is empty [Reserved for another member.]
Next to the empty seat, is Nadia.
Starting the right side off, again starting from Sither down, there is an empty seat for Fields.
Next to Field’s empty seat, is Carnage.
Next to Carnage, is Feilio.
Next to Feilio, the seat is empty [Reserved for another member.]
Next to the empty seat, is the seat York will take, but for now it is empty.
Now, to continue the story…
The tension in the room is heart stopping, to say the least. Without knowing a single thing about anyone in the room, York [the perspective of the reader for the spread of the room] can tell what’s going down. All the members of the mafia [Aside from Rachel, who is distracted by her mother’s mask in her childlike bliss] are eyeing Feilio with beyond killer intent. Feilio himself is holding his friendly, businessman persona, his eyes closed, but It’s clear that everyone else in the room is a hair from losing their cool. Vince is staring him down silently. Lyall is leaning back in his chair, his head tilted up and looking down on him. Carnage, the largest one, is breathing down his neck from in his seat, looking down at him like a wild animal. Nadia seems utterly disgusted by Feilio’s presence. Sither resting on her fist, is eyeing Feilio from her throne. She appears the most content out of them all, but she is clearly annoyed by him. On the opposite end of the spectrum, It’s clear that Reigen is the one who has already lost his cool. He is leaning over the table, his fist bloodied and deep into the wood, as if he had been grinding it in rage. He, too, is staring Feilio down. York even takes a step back, his pupils kind of pulling back a bit in shock at the feel in the room. Fields’s face isn’t visible as he walks to the right end of the table to take his seat. As he passes by Feilio, his eyes are shown locked to him, stabbing dargers through his glare alone. Feilio, for the first time, looks back as Field’s passes, and simply smiles.

Fields makes his way to his seat, and motions for York to follow suit. York finds the closest seat, the one on the far right end, and takes his place, still completely thrown off his cool. The lot sit there in silence for a bit, before Sither addresses the group.)

Sither: Well. Now that our new family member is here, let us begin.

(A page is split in two, directly down the middle. On one end, Sither, the other, Feilio. Sither, annoyed, makes her declaration, while Feilio simply smiles innocently, both staring at the reader.)

Sither: I hereby announce the start of the 47th Family Meeting!!!

(As soon as Sither announces the start, something unprecedented happens. Reigen immediately takes his bloody fist, which, by the way, does not have his brass knuckle attached, and lifts it almost inhumanly high into the air. Then, with all the pent of rage filling the room, including his own, Reigen slams his torn fist into the table. Now, dedicate two sets of two pages to these next scenes. First, a two page spread is dedicated to Reigen alone, and the impact of him bringing his fist into the meeting table. He causes a small chemical explosion, creating a crack in the table, splitting it straight across from him. Then, turning the page, the next two should show the table with a giant crack, going from Reigen’s end, all the way to Feilio. Reigen, in this image, is staring Feilio down, heaving in silent rage, steam coming from his now even more bloodied fist. Feilio, in this image, tilts his head a bit, narrows his eyes, and continues to smile. Nadia is the first to comment.)

Nadia: Rei! Of all the-!

(Carnage and Vince get up immediately, prepared to detain Reigen if necessary. Mist, Fields, and Lyall seem to be on Reigen’s side, and don’t make a move to stop him. Rachel drops the mask, a hint of fear for Reigen on her face. York sits up in his seat, surprised, being closest to Feilio, aside from Carnage. As the dust and blood settle from Reigen’s personal venting, Feilio goes to open his mouth, not once wavering his grin.)

Feilio: Well-


(The anger in Reigen’s voice should be visible to the reader. The room remains silent, allowing the two to bicker. Feilio ignores Reigen, and continues.)

Feilio: I was about to say “That was uncalled for.”

(Reigen’s eyes burn with rage again, as he grinds his fist into the gash he made in the table.)

Reigen: “Uncalled for”? I assure you, Feilio, that you and your little “toys” deserve much more than that!!!

(Sither sighs.)

Sither: … may I continue?

(Reigen, still seething, finally sits back into his chair, arms crossed. Feilio looks over at Sither, his hands spread out wide.)

Feilio: Ah, thank you Grim! At least someone here is sensible! Now, what is it you’d like to disc-

(Sither looks Feilio dead in the eyes.)

Sither: Another unwarranted comment, and I will personally see to it that your throat is slit in this very room, with your body never to be found. Do I make myself clear?

(For the first time, Feilio grimaces, annoyed. He sits up straight, placing his hands on his knees, still looking at Sither.)

Feilio: Crystal.

(Sither closes her eyes, thinking to herself before continuing.)

Sither: Family, this week has been one of the most… “Eventful”, wouldn’t you agree?

(No one in the room dares answer.)

Sither: In light of these recent “Events”, I feel that it is necessary for certain repercussions to be enforced.

(Sither looks back at Feilio.)

Sither: Feilio. You aren’t going to make me list the crimes you’ve committed against your own family, will you?

(Feilio sighs, his smirk making its grand re-appearance. His hands go up again, and his eyes start to emit his own cockyness. When responding, it’s clear that he is certain of something that isn’t yet privy to the rest of the room.)

Feilio: Well, I hate to be a bother, but I’m afraid your “repercussions” don’t apply to me. Go on, list one crime I committed against the lot of you.

(Reigen, again, loses his temper. Before he can lurch up again, Vince inhumanly darts over, holding him down in his seat from behind. Despite this setback, Reigen continues to scream at Feilio.)

Reigen: Y- You bastard! Don’t you DARE play dumb! Because of that god damn Chain, my entire Division is dead!!!

(A shot of the crime scene from Chain’s masacre is displayed behind Reigen as he screams his heart out in rage.)


(Feilio, his smile gone, actually seems surprised and taken aback. He leans back a bit, seemingly offended.)

Feilio: Whoa there, how could you go around accusing your own family of committing such an act?

(Feilio then reveals his trump card, leaning towards Reigen. The aura around Feilio is a mix of swirling darkness and despair. Feilio uses his awkward hands to push the corners of his mouth to their furthest, biggest, *censored* eating grin.)

Feilio: I believe your exact wording was “that god damn Chain”, am I correct? I didn’t hear a single “Feilio” in there, did you~?

(The room grows silent, understanding Feilio’s angle. Reigen is choking up, at a loss for words. Feilio gets up from his seat, waving his hands up and down. Sither, and the rest of the mafia members, simply watch.)


(Feilio begins to declare his victory.)


(Feilio leans forward and begins to taunt Reigen.)


(The now clearly deranged Feilio slams one of his open palms onto the broken end of the table, the other pointing towards Sither. He’s eyeing her, with a sick form of amusement in his eyes.)


(Someone’s patience for Feilio’s mad ramblings finally runs out. York, who has remained quiet the entire time, suddenly pulls a pistol out of his coat. At that moment, a few things happen. First, everyone in the room, beside Sither and Rachel, get up from their seats. Then, Feilio side eyes York from his standing position. York pulls the trigger. A page spread shows that a hole is made in Feilio’s head long before the bullet makes contact, and the bullet wizzes right through. The hole itself seems unnatural, like a void that was placed there. Then, the bullet hits the wall, not actually hitting a single person. Vincent, letting go of Reigen, who had moved to stop York, finally reaches him. Vincent slams York’s hand with the gun into the broken table, making him unable to use it further. York seems to be hurt by Vince, but he keeps his eyes trained on Feilio. Once the shock dies down, Feilio places his hand where the bullet in his head should be. There isn’t even a scratch. He is now completely shaken up, it’s clear he has no idea what just happened. Everyone else in the room notices this as well, and their attention shifts to a now detained York. York, even while being held down, from under his hat, glares at Feilio with pure, unfiltered hatred.)

York: You don’t deserve a family.

(Feilio, directing his attention to his assailant, is speechless. He can’t think of anything witty to say, because he’s too busy trying to piece together why he isn’t dead. Sither, finally, cracks a smile for the first time, amused with York’s action. She looks over at Feilio. The tables have clearly turned, with Sither being the one smiling cockily at Feilio, who is trembling.)

Sither: It would seem our foreign friend possesses one hell of a unique Talent. Quite interesting indeed.

(Sither leans on her fist even further, satisfied with how scared *censored*less Feilio seems to be.)

Sither: Feilio. Yes, you are being kicked out of our family. You may now see yourself out. And don’t you ever come back please, you tend to ruin the mood.

(Feilio’s eye twitches. He hangs his head low, and heads for the door. Vince eases up on York, and York immediately grabs his wrist to ease the pain, dropping his gun on the table. Now, with his back to the members of the mafia, Feilio makes one final jab when he opens the door.)

Feilio: Oh, I guess I forgot one thing. I technically did give permission to Chain yesterday. I guess those deaths are technically on me. My bad~.

(Reigen’s breaking point is hit. He slumps into his seat, over the table, and begins to sob his heart out [Several panels to show this motion.] Nadia goes to comfort him. Sither’s smile is now gone, her eyes never leaving Feilio.)

Sither: Be gone. Don’t ever let me see your face in this city again.

(Feilio opens the doors, and begins to walk out. At first, the businessman snickers. Then, beginning to wave his hands a bit in front of himself, he starts to laugh. Finally, in the final shot of the chapter, Feilio completely loses it. He cocks his head back, laughing maniacally, like an absolute lunatic, while the door behind him, still open, shows the rest of the members, aside from the crying Reigen, staring back at him. The vines on his pants have long since decayed. At the bottom of the page, an update is given to the reader. “10 Days Remain Until _______…. Next Volume… The time has come!!!”)


So, this marks the end of Vol.2! Sorry for an almost month-long wait on this one! Hopefully, you'll enjoy it ^-^
Onto Vol.3!!!