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Author Topic: Dragon Universe [Reworked]  (Read 1813 times)

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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
« Reply #15 on: May 24, 2019, 10:38:34 PM »
Chapter 14 is up!

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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
« Reply #16 on: June 17, 2019, 08:39:13 PM »
[Chapter 15 Post]
Quick Dev. Update - Sorry in advance if this chapter is a bit dialogue heavy! I'm setting up to really get the gears turning in the story, so you'll have to bare with me while the pieces are put into play :)
Still, hope you enjoy this next chapter! - Nate L.

Chapter 15 “Leader”


(The chapter opens on a shot of Yuki and Bryan standing outside, in front of the main doors to the hotel. It is now late into the afternoon. A shot of the hotel reaching high into the sky is shown, then a shot of Bryan whistling to himself, impressed, while Yuki looks around. People are walking around, conversing and heading from place to place. Yuki seems anxious. Then, as she zones out, Bryan taps on her shoulder, startling her.)

Bryan: You good Yuki?

Yuki: Huh!?

(She stares at Bryan, startled, and then sighs.)

Yuki: S-sorry about that. I guess I can't really do big, busy places like this…

Bryan: The hotel? There's others in the city we could check out.

Yuki: That's… not what I'm talking about.

(Hitachi walks out from the main door to greet the two. He has on a new outfit, similar to his coat, but much more casual. His sword isn't with him. He has his hands in his pant’s pockets.)

Hitachi: Bout time you two showed up.

Bryan: Sup!

Hitachi: You can go settle down in the room for a bit, I'm going to go scope out the shops closest to us. Need to know what resources are available and such. When I get back we'll head to a Checkpoint.

(A shot of Bryan and Yuki walking through the lobby of the Hotel is shown. It is fairly extravagant. Bryan waves and Yuki nods towards a female receptionist as they head upstairs. The scene switches to the two knocking on their door. They wait a second for a response. Yuki starts to take her coat off as Maverick answers, and allows them in. Maverick is also in more casual clothes, his button up shirt with jeans. Their room is fairly simple, four beds, a tv with a coffee table in front of it, and two sofas, with a window view outlooking the city.)

Maverick: There's a shower in the bathroom, you should have time to get yourselves cleaned up before we head back out.

(Maverick falls back onto one of the sofas and turns the TV on. Bryan undoes his bandana and messes with his hair a bit.)

Bryan: You can go first, Yuki.

(Bryan hops over and plops, crisscross, onto the other sofa. Yuki leans Korace up against the wall, close to Hitachi's and Maverick's, and enters into the bathroom after fiddling around in their baggage for a change of clothes. Maverick eyes Korace as Yuki enters the bathroom. Bryan notices, but doesn't say anything. After a bit of watching television, Maverick gets up.)

Maverick: I'm gonna step out for a sec.

Bryan: Yup! You do that, man.

(As Maverick exits the room, he quietly picks up Korace and walks out into the hall. He looks down the hall to make sure no one is watching, and then sighs.)

Maverick: I can't believe I'm doing this... Alright, prove to me I'm not insane.

(He holds Korace in front of him, upright. Korace is still sheathed.)

Korace: I can't diagnose whether or not your insane, but I can communicate, if that's what you're insinuating.

(Maverick has on a T_T face.)

Maverick: (Wiseass.) So why can you talk? Is it apart of Yuki's Talent?

Korace: Not quite. You could say it is related to another's Talent.

Maverick: I see. So does this person have a Configure or Animation Talent?

Korace: … Is there a reason you're asking?

Maverick: Just curious.

Korace: They are Talented in the art of Configuration.

Maverick: Then you're actually a person?

Korace: Correct. However…

Maverick: What is it?

Korace: Yuki doesn't know this. I have seen the kind of honorable person you are in combat, so I’ll ask that you keep this between us.

Maverick: I'm fine with that, but is there a reason?

Korace: …

Maverick: Well, guess I can't pry to deep. Anyways, why are you with Yuki, if she isn't the one who Configured you?

Korace: I was left behind by my Configurer. I have ties with Yuki, so I decided the best course of action was to stick by her side.

Maverick: I see. Well, I guess that covers it… Oh, actually, one more thing.

Korace: Yes?

Maverick: I assume you wouldn't have said all that to Yuki, but the other day we both heard you speak. Can you direct your voice to specific people?

Korace: Yes, I can. I can also speak through Telepathy.

(Maverick seems a bit annoyed and confused.)

Maverick: What? Then why didn't you just say so, instead of me standing here talking to a wall…

(Bryan and Yuki peek out into the hallway from the room, Yuki in now casual attire. Maverick jumps.)

Yuki: Is there a reason you stole Korace?

Maverick: U- uh…*clears throat* To test it.

Yuki: What?

Maverick: I’m training you, remember? I need to know what I'm dealing with.

Yuki: Right…

Bryan: Welp, shower time for me!

(Some time passes, Yuki is brushing her hair as she sits on the floor in front of the table. Maverick is leaning against the wall as he stares out into the city. Bryan is now in his t-shirt, without his coat, sitting on the sofa. Hitachi walks into the room, and the three greet him.)

Maverick: Good. Looks like we're all here.

Yuki: So next is the Checkpoint thingy?

Maverick: Not quite.

(Bryan and Yuki look at each other, confused. They then turn to Hitachi, who seems to understand what Maverick is talking about.)

Hitachi: While you guys were with "Doc", Mave and I discussed our current situation.

(Brian's head tilts and he thinks to himself as Yuki responds.)

Bryan: (Who's Mave…?)

Yuki: About the Request from Jess?

Hitachi: Kinda. I'm talking about well past that though.

(Maverick motions for the three to gather round the coffee table. Yuki and Hitachi sit down in front of it, Bryan leans in from the couch, and maverick stays standing, leaning against the wall/ window.)

Maverick: Because we are sharing this Request with another team, the payoff will most likely barely cover this room for a couple of days.

(Maverick holds up a rough and beaten bag of money.)

Maverick: If we assume we can get three nights, at the very least, out of that Request, and factor in my personal savings, we have about a month in this room… Give or take.

Hitachi: This will essentially be our base of operations from here on out. Our goal is to eventually pay off Yuki, but we also don't want to end up camping out in the forest again.

Bryan: I thought the forest was fine…

(Yuki seems annoyed and makes a pouty face.)

Yuki: After seeing the garbage dump that Doc lives in, I honestly don't blame you.

Hitachi: Yuki, you'll also begin training with Mave soon. After considering those things, I think I've come up with a solution.

(Yuki and Bryan listen intently.)

Hitachi: We will split the team up, and take on extremely simple Requests.

(Yuki and Bryan are now confused.)

Yuki: What? But the simpler a Request, the less pay, right?

Bryan: Plus how can you guarantee we can complete enough to stay here and save up at the same time?

Hitachi: This is a big city. Even after you consider that this is the place where the DU was formed, there's plenty of Requests that go unanswered.

(A flashback is shown of Hitachi and Maverick in the room, watching Maverick's C.R.O.W. Hitachi speaks in the present as this visual is shown.)

Hitachi: I figured that was the case, but just to be sure Mave and I spent some of the free time we had monitoring his C.R.O.W to gauge whether or not this plan was viable.

(Yuki thinks to herself.)

Yuki: Hmm. I get it. So we will try and pick up as many odd jobs as possible?

Maverick: Even during your training, you should be trying to take on small Requests. The more experience you have on the field, the better. Even if it's small tasks.

(Bryan scratches his head.)

Bryan: So, how long are we going to be doing this?

Maverick: Well, we will do this for at least a week, to test if its actually worth the time we put in. After that, I say we look for a fairly big Request, one that requires the whole team. We can rinse and repeat this cycle until you two come up with the money for Yuki.

Bryan: I guess that works. Man, this is hurting my head…

(Hitachi gets up, and motions for the others.)

Hitachi: Well, that's it for now. Let's head out before it gets too dark out. We don't know how the city is at night.

(The scene switches to the four of them waking through the city. Yuki has her coat unzipped, Bryan is in his usual outfit, and Hitachi doesn't have his coat. Maverick is still in his casual outfit, smoking a cigarette as they walk. Eventually, they reach a glossy, clean looking building with the "DU" insignia on the front.)

Hitachi: So this is the Checkpoint?

Bryan: Yup! They all pretty much have the same look to them, no matter where you are in the world!

(The four head in, Maverick gets rid of his smoke. The building is fairly vaccent, a few oddballs around, talking and signing papers. There is a reception desk at the end of the main room. A woman in her early twenties is waving to the group as they enter. She seems abnormally happy, considering how bland her jobs seems.)

Receptionist: Hello! Welcome! Your a couple of fresh faces, ain't yeah?

Hitachi: You could say that…

(They walk to the desk. Yuki notices that one of the people at the checkpoint is staring right at her. It's a boy their age, with a gloomy aura surrounding him as he is working on some paperwork. [Note to artists: The boy is Zed] Yuki shudders and keeps walking. They all stand in front of the desk now.)

Receptionist: What can I do for yah today?

Maverick: We'd like to get these two C.R.O.W.S, if possible.

(Maverick points to Yuki and Hitachi.)

Receptionist: Alright, that's simple enough! Could I have their Student codes?

Hitachi: "Codes"?

Bryan: Their new Students, miss!

(The receptionist perks up, just noticing Bryan.)

Receptionist: Oh, the loud kid! Been some time since you've dropped by. I see, so their really are a couple of newbies.

Yuki and Hitachi: ("Loud Kid"?)

Maverick: I also need to register as a Student.

Receptionist: Right. I'll get the paperwork for you right away, please wait a moment.

(The receptionist clears her throat and then shouts to Zed.)

Receptionist: Hey, Depressed Kid!

(Zed looks up from his paperwork, miserably.)

Zed: Your not gonna seriously make me go and grab those papers…

Receptionist: Of course! We don't pay you for nothing~!

Zed: Your not paying me at all…

(Zed sighs, and his aura starts to grow and manifest itself into the shape of a shadowy hand. The hand's aura has multiple faces, seemingly in agony as it darts past the main four and well past the receptionist. It opens up several draws behind the desk, and then it pulls out several papers. The group watches in awe. The hand then slams the papers down on the desk, and darts back to Zed, becoming apart of his aura again.)

Zed: And it's not "Depressed Kid"... I told you my name was Zed.

Receptionist: Thanks Depressed! You're a lifesaver!

(All three of the kids have T_T faces.)

Hitachi: She really couldn't have grabbed it herself?

Receptionist: We hired Depressed Kid through Request. We were busier early on in the day, so we needed extra helping "hands".

Yuki: (Was the emphasises on "hands" necessary?)

(Maverick fills out the papers as the group chats among themselves. Eventually, Maverick hands the papers to the receptionist. She checks them, and then hands Yuki and Hitachi their own C.R.O.W.S.)

Yuki: Finally. You'll have to show me how to use it later Bryan.

(Bryan shoots Yuki a thumbs up. The receptionist clears her throat.)

Receptionist: Now, are you all registering as a single team?

Maverick: Yeah, we are.

Receptionist: Alright. To register that all I need it a team name and leader.

(The group looks at each other, not sure how to respond.)

Yuki: A name, huh?

Maverick: Something that we can really stand by…

Bryan: Oh I got one! How about Team Bry-

(Hitachi punches Bryan in the pack of the head.)

Hitachi: Not a chance!!

(Hitachi sighs.)

Hitachi: What about Alpha Team?

(The others look at him, a bit disappointed.)

Maverick: That sounds kinda bland though.

Yuki: Makes it sound like we're a military group or something.

Maverick: What about…

(Maverick thinks really hard about what to say next, and then shrugs.)

Maverick: Eh, I've got nothing.

(Yuki and Hitachi look at Maverick, annoyed. Then, Bryan perks up.)

Bryan: I got it!

(Hitachi readys his fist, and Bryan hesitates for a second.)

Bryan: It's not what you think!

(Bryan leans into the group, and says the following with a stupid grin and a fist.)

Bryan: Team May!

(Hitachi and Yuki seem surprised. Maverick seems lost.)

Maverick: Team… May? Am I missing something?

(Hitachi smiles, and nods.)

Hitachi: Yeah. It's perfect.

(A shot of when Hitachi carried May on his back is shown behind him.)

Yuki: I agree. I dont think theres a better fit.

(Another scene appears behind Yuki of her and May meeting each other for the first time, in front of May and Hig’s Cabin.)

Maverick: …?

(Bryan turns to Maverick to explain.)

Bryan: Our first real Request was to find this little girl named May. Towards the end of it was when we ran into Wisp for the first time.

(A shot of the team fighting Wisp is shown behind Bryan. Maverick strokes his chin, nodding.)

Maverick: I see. I guess it would make sense to choose something with a bit of sentimental value.

(Yuki seems surprisingly happy with the decision, cracking a soft smile as the team does the same.)

Yuki: Then it's settled, Team May it is!

(The team seems pleased with each other as the receptionist claps. Zed's eyebrow raises in the background.)

Receptionist: Alright, now that that's settled, you'll need a Team Leader.

(Everyone exchanges looks again, but everyone besides Hitachi seems much more confident this time.)

Yuki: My votes Hitachi.

Hitachi: H-huh?

Bryan: Yup! I have no problem with that!

Maverick: I agree. I have no complaints.

Hitachi: Wait, but why me!? Bryan, this team was your idea!

Bryan: Yeah, but I'm just here for the journey. I'll be the first to admit I'm not really fit for leading people.

Hitachi: Then why not Maverick? He's the oldest!

Maverick: Sure, but I'm the newest member. It doesn't seem right for me to take the lead.

(Hitachi seems lost. He looks towards Yuki for help.)

Yuki: To be honest, your the most mature in my opinion. You've also been the one calling most of the shots up until now, so you've pretty much always been the leader.

(Hitachi looks down to the ground to think to himself. He clears his mind to think of a proper response, and in his mind, a wicked grin flashes.)

Hitachi: Sorry.

(The rest of the team seems confused.)

Hitachi: I can't be the Leader.

Bryan: Huh? But why not? Your the best for this!

(Hitachi stands there, and seems disappointed in himself. As he does, an image of Draker appears behind him, from his thoughts. Draker has on the grin that appeared in Hitachi’s mind, his bat pointed menacingly at the back of Hitachi's head.)

Hitachi: I'm… not strong enough yet.

Yuki: What are you even talking about? I’d say Maverick is probably the most skilled, but out of us three, you're definitely the strongest.

Hitachi: You say that… but back at the hideout I… I didn't do a thing.

(A few shots of Drake completely beating Hitachi is shown.)

Hitachi: You guys gave it your all to save Fukagawa. All I did was hold off Draker… I couldn't even put a dent in him.

(Maverick seems to be more serious now.)

Hitachi: Bryan beat Wisp all by himself, something that took five of us before… and Yuki pretty much put her life on the line.

(Yuki seems upset, worried about Hitachi. Bryan then grabs Hitachi's shoulder.)

Bryan: Stop being an idiot!

Hitachi: What?

Brayn: Neither of us could have taken on Draker for longer than you did! And if you didn't hold him off to begin with, he probably would have beaten us both down!

Hitachi: … You have a point, but it doesn't change the fact I'm not ready to be the Leader.

(Bryan seems annoyed, and then Maverick chimes in.)

Maverick: Lady, what would happen if we couldn't settle on a leader?

Receptionist: Hmmm, well you wouldn't be allowed to take on Requests above a certain skill cap, and you wouldn't be allowed to take on Urgent Requests in general.

Maverick: That works. Then for now, we won't choose a Leader.

(The group seems shocked.)

Maverick: Hitachi, I'll train you and Yuki at the same time, for one month.

(Hitachi seems shocked, he looks at Yuki, who smiles.)

Maverick: At the end of that time…

(He pulls out his C.R.O.W.)

Maverick: I'll let you fight Draker again.

Yuki: What!?

Bryan: Oh yeah, I almost forgot you two are friends!

Hitachi: I see… that's what your getting at. Then what happens if I lose to him again?

Maverick: Then we will disband the team.

Bryan: Whoa. Hang on a sec-!

Yuki: I think that's fair. I don't want to be the Leader, and I don't want anyone else to be besides Hitachi.

Bryan: Yeah, I feel the same way but…

Hitachi: Fine.

(Hitachi and Maverick lock eyes.)

Hitachi: I'll do it.

Maverick: Good. Then for the next month, you two are gonna be in for a world of hurt.

(Hitachi and Yuki lock eyes next.)

Hitachi: This will be interesting.

Yuki: I was just thinking the same thing.

(Bryan looks at the two, and seems worried.)

Bryan: Wait, what about me!?

Maverick: You have the most experience as a Student. While I train these two, you'll have to work solo for a little longer.

Bryan: Aw man… fine, if I have too…

(A final shot of the group together is shown, with a menacing shot of Draker in the background, looking over his shoulder towards the group.)

Narrator: Two days remain until ___…


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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
« Reply #17 on: June 18, 2019, 10:36:56 PM »
[1000+ Views and Chapter 16 Post]

Woo~! The rewrite has reached over 1000 views! I am grateful to everyone who has taken the time out of their day to check my work out, whether you've been diving into my world every post or check back every so often, your interest alone humbles me beyond words :D
As a little celebration gift, here's a rough sketch of one of the rewritten pages!

Also, I have Chapter 16 ready for you all! I hope you enjoy, it's one of my personal favorites so far! (P.S. Chapter 17 is also near completion, expect it soon~!)

Chapter 16 "Left Behind"

Chapter 16 "Left Behind"

(The chapter opens up on the outside of a shoddy bar. The sign outside reads "Grim", and a slim, tall man in a suit seems to be the bars guard. Inside the bar, it is surprisingly calm. Several groups at tables are chatting amongst themselves, some are a bit rowdy, but overall the mood of the bar is somewhat comforting. At the main bar table, a women barista is preparing a drink for a slumped over Fields, who is leaning on his empty glass. The barista speaks after a few moments of preparing the drink.)

???: How was the trip?

Fields: Huh?

???: The one mom sent you on. I heard you took sis out.

Fields: Ah. It was alright. Rachel was a bit of a handful, but nothing I couldn't handle.

???: She likes you, you know. There's not many people she doesn't try to kill the second they meet.

Fields: Yeah, she doesn't attack me, but she works me to death! How does your mother even deal with her?

???: No clue. Hey, if you don't mind me asking…

(Fields looks up questioningly.)

???: What made you join the family?

(Fields laughed to himself at this, surprising the barista.)

???: Huh? Did I say something funny?

Fields: I didn't choose to join the family, your mother damn near dragged me into it.

(Fields leans back and reminisces to himself.)

Fields: She was the only woman to ever beat me in a fight. She's on a whole other level…

???: Gross.

Fields: I don't mean romantically. She's honestly the strongest person I've ever faced.

???: I'm sure there's stronger out there. You're just weak.

Fields: Respect your elders, damn brat.

(Another figure joins them. He rushes in from behind Fields, and bows his hat towards the barista.)

Lyall: Mist, my love! It's been far too long.

(The barista grimaces and sighs.)

Mist: Honestly, it hasn't been long enough…

Lyall: and… Fields.

(Lyall eyes Fields, his hostility is clear.)

Fields: Lyall. Finish your rounds as well?

Lyall: Naturally. I actually finished much earlier than you, just an FYI.

(Mist hands Fields his glass.)

Mist: No one cares.

(Lyall's mood totally changes.)

Lyall: Of course, beautiful!

Fields: Did you have a reason for interrupting us?

Lyall: Actually, yeah, I did.

(Mist and Fields seem interested. Lyall leans back on the bar table, his attitude finally getting serious )

Lyall: The big boss wants us to gather.

(The other two suddenly seem absolutely terrified.)

Fields: What!? What for!?

Lyall: There's something she wants to discuss. I guess she wanted all of us higher ups present for some announcement. She needs us to meet within the week.

Fields: “All of us”? That doesn’t mean…

(Lyall sighs, tipping his hat a bit.)

Lyall: It does. We’ll have to get in contact with Feilio and his groupies.

Mist: Why is that such a big deal? Isn't one of his guys stationed here in Taoru?

(Fields rubs the back of his neck.)

Fields: Yeah, there is one nearby. That’s what I’m kind of worried about though.

Mist: I don’t get it. Aren't you two ranked higher than Feilio and his men?

Lyall: Sure, we’re ranked higher. Much more important, and probably stronger too. The problem is…

(Mist seems lost and annoyed that they’re dodging the question.)

Fields: Those guys are a “Wild Card.”

Mist: A…“Wild Card?”

(A silhouette of Feilio, with three other silhouettes in front of him, is displayed. The middle of the three silhouettes is Chain, the one to the left is Sinbad, and the one to the right is Utapi. [For reference, Chain is the man in the red Hoodie with chained knives, Sinbad is the Bounty Hunter that appears during the Fantasia Arc. Utapi is one of Feilio’s top goons, he molds his aura into saws made out of light attached to his hands to fight. He is a psychopath who gets off at the sight of blood.])

Fields: Feilio and his men were given free reign to do whatever they please by the Boss. I have no idea what she was thinking, but those four are dangerous, even more so than Lyall.

Lyall: I’m standing right here.

Fields: And I was sitting right here, until you ruined the mood.

Lyall: Say that again, I dare you!

(Lyall and Fields butt heads, and Mist thinks to herself.)

Mist: (Dangerous, huh? I know exactly what mother was thinking…)

(Now, an image of Sither, with her mask and cloak on, leaning in towards the reader while over the image of Feilio’s group is shown.)

Mist: ( “This should be fun!” )

(A strange, creepy, almost euphoric expression fills Mist’s face as the two men bicker amongst themselves. Her smile is unnatural, and she giggles to herself.)

Mist: (Oh Mother, you know of the best “Games”!!!)

(The scene switches to the sun shining into the hotel room. Yuki and Hitachi are packing light bags, and Maverick is waiting by the door. Bryan is slouching, clearly upset, on the sofa.)

Hitachi: Don’t worry, we aren't ditching you for good, Bryan. We’ll be back before night hits.

Yuki: (He reminds me of a sad dog… what a weirdo.)

Maverick: Try to get as many Requests done as possible, don’t over do yourself though.

(The three wave, leaving Bryan alone in the hotel room. He sits up, leans over, and sighs.)

Bryan: Why am I the only one stuck here…? I hate being alone…

(Bryan opens his C.R.O.W and browses through some Requests as he’s in deep thought.)

Bryan: Alone… I know they aren't gone for good, but being like this feels like being stabbed over and over.

(Bryan’s eyes are covered by a dark shadow, his hair falling over them as he shudders. Imagery is shown of thousands of knives piercing his back.)

Bryan: (God knows I’ve been alone before…)

(Bryan lifts his head, a sad expression fills his usually energetic face. He then perks up a bit at the sight of a certain Request.)

Bryan: Huh? It’s a low leveled Request, but it’s payoff is huge…!

(He scrolls through the details a bit more.)

Bryan: It’s commissioned by the police department. That explains the reward. Looks like they need help investigating the identity of a thief… “Identify or Apprehend the “Masked Night”. Wanted: Alive.”

(Bryan then gets an idea, and he grins to himself, the fire relit inside himself.)

Bryan: Wait… If I can manage this, the others would be blown away! Maybe, if I can set us up well here, I can spend the time that I would use to earn money to train with them instead! Then I wouldn’t be by myself anymore!

(Bryan slams his C.R.O.W on the table, and stands up, pumped up.)

Bryan: Right! I can’t let this chance slip by! The team’s counting on me to bring in the cash, so I won’t just meet their expectations, I’ll crush them!!!

(Bryan grabs his coat, and ties his headband onto his head. He holds his C.R.O.W down by his side, and grips the front of his headband, walking into the entry hallway of the hotel room, facing the reader head on. He has a determined grin on his face.)

Bryan: Let’s do this!

(The scene switches to Maverick, Yuki, and Hitachi, standing outside the “Snak Shak”. Yuki seems lost, and Hitachi is confused.)

Hitachi: Mave, isn’t this just a convenience store?

Maverick: Of course it is. Now come on, day lights burning.

(The two kids shoot each other concerned glances, and then follow Maverick into the shop. Inside, not a single customer is in sight. Acé is sitting near the counter, his tail wagging at the sight of Hitachi. Hitachi gives him a quick wave. Nate is organizing some items on his shelves when the group walks in.)

Nate: Yo. Welcome back, Mave.

(Nate turns to see Yuki now.)

Nate: You running a daycare or something?

Maverick: Haha, very funny.

(Yuki’s eye twitches.)

Yuki: (I already hate this guy…)

(Hitachi pets Acé while Yuki watches. Maverick and Nate discuss something nearby.)

Maverick: You think that would be fine?

Nate: Sure, it doesn't really affect me that much. Just don’t make more of a mess in there then I already have.

Maverick: Yuki, Hitachi! Come on, time to go!

Hitachi: Huh, we just got here!

Yuki: (You just really like that dog…)

(The two stand next to Maverick, expecting him to move, but instead he looks towards Nate. Nate sighs, and then presses his hands together to his side. Then, as he moves his hands apart, slowly at first, a portal begins to appear. Yuki and Hitachi seem breathless and Nate then rapidly separates his hands in a dramatic fashion, the portal now a door floating in front of the group.)

Yuki: Woah.

Hitachi: What is that?

Maverick: It’s the entrance to your new dojo. After you!

(Nate plays with his beard as the group walks towards the door. Text appears below him saying “Talent: Pocket Dimension!!!”)

Nate: Knock yourselves out. Just don’t mess with too much in there, some dangerous knicknacks laying around.

(As Yuki opens the door, Nate smirks to himself, watching as the group enters. As he watches their expression change to completely awestruck, he monologues to himself.)

Nate: This here is a Pocket Dimension, my own personal one at that! It’s got a collection of weapons I’ve collected over the years. The collection’s gotten pretty hefty over the years, so I’ve had to increase the size of the dimension quite a bit. I call it, “Showroom!”

Yuki: A “Collection”...? This is…!!!

(The inside of the dimension is finally revealed. The area is sprawling, reaching miles from the entrance. The area is seemingly made of stone, lit by several lights built into the floor. The ceiling is unseeable from the ground, three chains are seen reaching to the ceiling. The chains themselves are linking to three seperate, absolutely huge swords in three different locations in the room, on ground level. Along the ground, an almost infinite amount of weapons are scattered about, haphazardly. Swords, spears, lances, and knives jutting out of the ground, guns of all shapes and sizes are laying around, with ammunition doing the same. Several tanks and even a warship can be seen in the distance.)

Yuki: This is a goddamn war zone!

Hitachi: I’ve… never seen anything like this…

Nate: Of course yah haven’t! I’ve got the largest weapon’s cache in the world.

(Maverick chuckles to himself as he begins to walk deeper into the room.)

Maverick: Let’s find a clearing further ahead.

(Yuki and Hitachi are hesitant at first, but begin to follow Maverick. Nate waves from the doorway, closing it as he bids them “good luck”.)

Nate: This door will be here when you get back. Just exit through it, and you’ll exit the same way you came through, granted it ain’t obscured by Acé’s fat ass or something.

(The group walks deeper in, gawking at the collection Nate has amassed.)

Hitachi: How did he even get ahold of so much…

Maverick: He’s truly a veteren. Guy’s been through a hell of a lot.

Yuki: I can see that… I would have never guessed, he seems like such a bum though.

Hitachi: Must have let himself go.

Maverick: Nah, he’s always been like that.

(Hitachi and Yuki seem dumbfounded.)

Hitachi & Yuki: What?!

Maverick: One in a million, that guy.

(Eventually, they hit a clearing, and Yuki and Hitachi drop their bags. Maverick stretches a bit.)

Maverick: Alright, the goal for today's session is to strike me three times, each of you need to do it.

Hitachi: Only three? Are you underestimating us?

Yuki: Your underestimating him. Trust me, I was lucky to even put a dent in him back in the forest.

(Maverick takes off his trenchcoat, letting it flow to the ground nearby. He is wearing a tank top. He holds out both of his falchions towards the kids. He gets into more of an offensive position, especially compared to the time him and Yuki fought. Yuki seems shocked, and Hitachi cracks his neck. Hitachi then takes his coat off as well, he is wearing an all black shirt, and he gets into a fighting position, his sword at the ready.)

Maverick: We will do this one on one for now. Decide who goes first, I don’t care who does.

(Yuki plants Korace into the ground, and sits down, crisscrossed. Her coat is on, but unzipped, so is sort of falls to the sides.)

Yuki: It looks like Hitachi’s already raring to go.

(Hitachi seems dead serious.)

Hitachi: Don’t hold back Maverick. I need to become stronger, that’s the only way I can face Draker.

Maverick: Don’t worry.

(Maverick eyes Hitachi with a killer’s intent.)

Maverick: If you so much as let up for a second, you could very well lose your head before you even have a chance to step in the ring with him.

(Yuki shudders a bit, and Hitachi braces himself. He then lunges at Maverick, his sword down by his side, preparing to swing upwards. Right before Hitachi makes contact, Maverick taunts him.)

Maverick: Your planning to swing up, at an angle.

(Maverick’s wrist move slightly, and their swords clash. Compared to Hitachi’s sword, Maverick’s falchions seem like toothpicks. Yet, Maverick is holding Hitachi back with ease.)

Hitachi: Tch, damn it-!

(Maverick’s face is covered in a sinister shadow, as his eyes seem to be piercing Hitachi’s soul

Maverick: “Perfect Parry.”

(Suddenly, a flash of light appears, and Maverick slashes his swords apart from one another. In doing this, sparks fly, and Hitachi feels a rush of power repel his sword away. Hitachi tries to hold onto his sword, struggling not to lose his footing in the process. His sword is now over his head, a gust of wind shooting past him. Maverick then spins around, and kicks Hitachi in the gut, not holding back a bit. Hitachi coughs and drops his sword, he falls on his back, his sword landing nearby. Yuki seems surprised.)

Hitachi: What… the hell kind of Talent is that!?

Yuki: Whoa, what did you do Maverick?

Korace: You noticed, did you?

(Yuki looks over at Korace, confused. Maverick has his sword by his side now, still dead serious.)

Korace: That was nothing like the fight back in the forest. This time, Maverick is treating this seriously.

Maverick: You two insult me. There's no way you can lay a single finger on me at 100%, not if you don’t know a single damned thing about Tailored Talents.

Yuki: “Tailored… Talents”?

Maverick: Tch, don’t tell me I have to give a lecture. I was really in the mood to beat you both down too.

(Hitachi sits up, and seems pissed. He does understand his mistake though.)

Hitachi: I know what Tailoreds are. I just wasn’t thinking, that's all.

(Yuki seems really lost, as Hitachi gets back up. He goes at Maverick a few more times in the background, as Korace begins to explain to Yuki what Tailored Talents are.)

Korace: I’ve taught you about the Talent Tree, remember Yuki?

Yuki: Yeah, it’s the “Roots of all Talents”, as stupid of a pun that is.

Korace: It’s hardly a pun. A tree of branching paths, or Roots, which dictates a person’s Talent and its abilities. It truly is a detailed and magnificent thing. Well, if you remember it well enough, I can skip the nitty gritty.

(Yuki watches as Hitachi struggles to keep himself close to Maverick as she listens to Korace’s explanation.)

Korace: Talent’s listed on the Talent Tree are what's known as Bases.

(A visual is displayed as Korace describes this next bit.)

Korace: Think of the Bases as Nodes, or Tabs on a Root. If you were able to select a single Node, a person like yourself would be greeted with a blank slate. Within that blank slate, a person could insert their own special, personal, unique twists on the basic Node. These Buffs are what enhances a Talent to it’s Limit.

Korace: A Base Node only has so much space to work with, but a Talented person could work around this. Applying Buffs that have Drawbacks increases the Limits within a Base Node. These Buffs are made on the spot, and once the Talented person decides on them, it’s impossible to revert them, so you must take extra caution before deciding on them. It seems like Maverick’s Base Talent has something to do with Reflexes.

(The fight between Hitachi and Maverick is shown in more detail now.)

Korace: I’d say that Maverick’s Base Reflex Node is customised with the ability to Parry his opponent. When he said “Perfect Parry”, that must have been the name of one of the Buffs. Naming the Buff only adds to its Mastery. The higher a Buffs Mastery, the better it is in practical use. Learning what works well with your Base Talent and It’s Buffs is the challenge of Mastering your Talent altogether. This art of perfecting Talents to their Limits is dubbed “Tailored Talents”

(Yuki has her eyes closed, absorbing all of the information she had just received. SHe then looks back to the fight.)

Yuki: That seems like a lot to consider, but I guess it’s so detailed for a reason.

Korace: A lot of early Talented had to experiment with their abilities. It took a long time for a system like that to be accepted universally.

Yuki: I can only imagine, but I guess it’s the same thing with any laws in science. Trial and error, essentially.

Korace: I’m glad you get it.

(Hitachi is flung back, but doesn't lose his footing. He lunges in again, and Maverick meets him halfway. Hitachi grits his teeth as he struggles against Maverick’s “Perfect Parry”. The final shot of the chapter shows the two neck and neck, staring each other down, struggling in a clash.)

Korace: The real fun in battling other Talented…
[Space this part to the bottom of the panel]
Is finding the Drawbacks in others Tailored Buffs!


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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[ Quick Update! ]
The project now has a Kickstarter live to help fund the artists! I won't post the link here, as my intention isn't really advertising, just an update on our team's progress! If you are interested though, you can reach the page through our Facebook (Which is linked in the first post)
Expect Chapter 17 within 24 hours of this post btw ^-^

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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[Chapter 17 Post]

Chapter 17 "Gilded" *NEW*


Chapter 17 “Gilded”

(The chapter opens on the inside of a mansion, in one of its halls. It is different from Yuki’s, it is much more modern, and dimly lit. The camera pans down the hall a bit, and then turns to look into one of the open doors, revealing a dining room. Three people are seated at a large table, they are sitting to the right most end. They half eaten plates in front of them, and an Othello board placed on the table. A female moves her hand to move a piece. She gently places it down a space over one of her opponents pieces, and raises her arms in excitement, revealing Lillian.)

Lillian: Yay! I win again!

(Her opponent, Taro, sighs and bows his head in shame.)

Taro: You… got me…

(The third person’s foot is tapping angrily, getting the attention of the other two. Fukagawa, the third person, is extremely impatient and aggravated, grinding his teeth together as he is hunched over the table.)

Taro: Nothing yet?

(Fukagawa screams in rage, tugging at his hair as he shuts his eyes towards the ceiling.)

Fukagawa: “Nothing”!? That damn meathead said he’d call me the second they made it to the city!!! Why do we have to wait for their lazy asses anyways, we could have done this stupid Request already and been rid of them by now!

Lillian: Someone’s angry. Take a breather Fukie, I’m sure they’ll get in touch any moment now.

(Taro seems unsure.)

Taro: Did you try calling them?

(Fukagawa seems a bit flustered, and them pulls out his C.R.O.W.)

Fukagawa: N-No…

Taro: Of course you didn’t. You need to work on that short temper of yours.

(Fukagawa’s eye twitches as he presses a few things on his device.)

Fukagawa: (I’ll show you “short temper”…)
(The scene switches to outside of the Bank skyscraper from before, where the Thief had burst out of. Bryan is investigating the debris that the police are cleaning up. Some officers are using Talents to clean up the mess, while others are taking notes or talking amongst themselves. Bryan’s C.R.O.W rings in his pocket, and he answers it.)

Bryan: Yo!

(Suddenly, a loud, annoying voice bursts from the other end. Bryan seems shaken to his core, pulling the device away from his ear immediately to avoid hearing loss.)

Fukagawa (Over C.R.O.W): DON’T YOU DARE “YO” ME!!!!!!

(Bryan seems disturbed, and then swallows his fear before answering.)

Bryan: Oh… Yeah I was going to call you, Reihei! I was just… busy?

(A shot of Fukagawa is shown jutting out of the receiver, seething with rage.)

Fukagawa: More like you just forgot, you absolute dope!

(Bryan scratches his head and whistles to himself.)

Fukagawa: Whatever. Listen, we already know where we have to strike. The Request listed that the activity was on Gilman Street.

Bryan: Alright, what’s the game plan then?

Fukagawa: Tonight I’m having Taro stake out the area for any possible leads. He’ll let us know, we’ll tail that lead, and then once we pinpoint anything of interest, we’ll report and turn in the Request.

Bryan: That sounds kinda boring…

Fukagawa: The Request called for an investigation, not an infiltration. There's no need to throw ourselves into harm's way if we don’t have to.

(Bryan sulks a bit, and then sighs.)

Bryan: Fine. I’ll let the others know in the meantime.

Fukagawa: Did you guys get settled in yet? I could have my father arrange something.

Bryan: Nah, we’re allset! We got a hotel room that we’re using as our base for now!
Fukagawa: Seems expensive… Whatever, if that’s how you want it, less of a hassle on me. I’ll contact you again tomorrow with what we found.

(The call ends, and now the scene is with Fukagawa’s team.)

Taro: You offered them a place to stay? Seems out of character…

(Fukagawa gets flustered again.)

Fukagawa: It’s called being “hospitable”! Don’t question your Leader’s orders again!

Taro: Sure Capt’, whatever you say...

(A man dressed in a dark purple suit enters the dining room. He has long, silver hair, with a braid going down the left side. He is around his mid 30’s.)

???: Master Rei, it’s time for your studies.

Fukagawa: Yeah, yeah. I’m coming, Yun.

Yun: Master Lillian, Master Taro.

(Yun bows towards the two others, and they wave back.)

Fukagawa: You guys have the rest of the day to yourselves, save for tonight Taro. I expect at least a lead by the time we meet back up tomorrow.

Taro: Yeah, that’s easy enough.

Lillian: Aw, I was having fun though…

(The shot changes to Lillian and Taro exiting a modern looking mansion, at the heart of Taoru, Fukagawa’s home. They walk on the sidewalk together, people pass by as the two chat.)

Lillian: I always love our meetings!

Taro: That makes one of us.

Lillian: Don’t be so modest, you enjoy Fukie’s company too!

(Taro sighs as he blushes a bit.)

Taro: Think whatever you want to.
Lillian: So, what are you gonna be doing until tonight? It’s still pretty early, huh?

Taro: I’ve got some business that I need to take care of. I planned on doing it tonight, so I guess I’ll have to start it a bit earlier now.

Lillian: Aw, alright. I wanted to hit up the mall or something…

Taro: Go yourself, I’m not your babysitter.

Lillian: But It’s boring to go alone! I want to shop with a friend!

(Taro seems irritated.)

Lillian: Plus, what if I get kidnapped, or get swindled into buying something really dumb? Who will be there to save me?

(Taro looks over at her, annoyed but defeated.)

Taro: Fine Lilly, we’ll go for a bit, but don’t expect me to stick around all day.

Lillian: Yay! Thanks Taro! Your the bestest ever!

(Taro pulls his scarf up.)

Taro: Why me…?

(The scene switches after the two walk deeper into the city,  Lillian throwing her hands in the air in excitement. The new scene shows Hitachi getting blown back again by Maverick. Hitachi’s breath is heavy, and he is beginning to sweat a bit. Yuki is still watching from the sidelines, Korace still slit into the ground beside her.)

Maverick: Why not give up? Your clearly getting nowhere. In a real fight, the enemy would have already finished you off!

Hitachi: Tch… (Does he think I don’t already know that!?)

(Hitachi eyes Maverick’s stance, thinking about the battle. Images of Maverick moving to parry Hitachi are shown, from Hitachi’s thoughts.)

Hitachi: (Everytime I close in, his hands move to counter my next attack perfectly. There's gotta be a catch to that! Yuki was able to hit him, even if he wasn’t using this ability, he must have been hard to get close to. What am I missing that she saw?)

(Hitachi charges back in, this time ready to swing from right to left. Maverick moves with ease to parry the attack, but at the last second Hitachi lets go of his sword completely, letting it fly at Maverick. As Maverick counters the freeflying sword, Hitachi smacks down on Maverick’s right wrist with his palm. Maverick seems shocked, and loses his grip on his right Falchion. As Hitachi’s sword flies through the air in the background, being flung back from the parry, Hitachi tries to keep up the pace unarmed. He goes for another strike on Maverick, who now only has one blade. Maverick blocks the attack head on with the blunt side of his sword, and parrys Hitachi. Hitachi steps back a bit, but then goes for a roundhouse kick while Maverick’s sword is still recovering from parrying. Maverick blocks the kick with his free arm, and pushes it away, this time with his natural strength. At this point, Hitachi realizes something, and backsteps a few feet away, giving Maverick breathing room.)

Hitachi: That’s it then. I’ve figured it out.

(Maverick picks his other sword back up as he talks. Hitachi’s sword slams into the ground, between the two.)

Maverick: Oh? You’ve only disarmed me. I wouldn’t count any of the times you made contact as a “hit”.

Hitachi: That’s fine. I’ve got plenty of information now. Your “Perfect Parry”, it only activates when you use weapons, doesn't it?

(Yuki perks up a bit from the sidelines.)

Yuki: That was quick. I couldn’t even tell that…

Maverick: Any object that I can swing, yeah. What gave that away?

Hitachi: When I kicked you, there wasn’t a flash of light or gust of wind to push me back. You just blocked it naturally.

Maverick: That's perceptive of you, but it took way to long for you to catch on. Testing what your opponent can do should be your top priority in a fight, or else they’ll get the jump on you.

Hitachi: Yeah, I get that. Though, I’d hardly call the weapon thing a Drawback… Your “Perfect Parry” is just too good, there must be more to it.

Maverick: Why don’t you try and figure it out? Come!

(Hitachi charges back in, much more confident than before. He grabs his sword from the ground as he rushes in, and goes to swipe at Maverick’s legs. Maverick gets into position to parry the attack, then Hitachi fakes him out and lifts his sword into the air and swipes downward. Maverick is able to move his swords up in time to parry Hitachi though, and Hitachi’s sword is now being blasted into the air, like their first exchange. Hitachi hangs onto it with one hand, and as he regains his footing, Maverick moves to hit Hitachi in the face with one of the sword’s hilts. Hitachi twists his sword to angle downward and grabs the hilt of Maverick’s sword with his free hand. Maverick moves his second sword to cover the attack from Hitachi’s sword, but instead of bringing his sword back down on Maverick, Hitachi speaks.)

Hitachi: “Gilded”!

(Maverick seems startled as Hitachi glows a radiant light, it starts at his feet, and travels upwards, along his arm and into his sword. Then, Hitachi brings his sword down to strike Maverick head on. Maverick parrys the attack with his free sword, and as he swings Hitachi’s sword back into the air, Hitachi smirks.)

Hitachi: Your open!

(Suddenly, the light around his sword shoots out, past Maverick’s sword, which is still recovering from parrying, and smacks Maverick in the face, sending him to fall flat on his back. The force of the blast makes Hitachi wince, and he loses his grip on both his sword and Maverick’s, his sword is sent a few feet back through the air before hitting the ground. Yuki is in awe at the exchange she had just witnessed.)

Yuki: What just happened?

Korace: It seems Hitachi kept his Buff a secret until the right moment.

(A shot of Hitachi gripping his wrist, smiling as he stands next to his sword, laying on the ground, is shown.)

Hitachi: “Gilded” is one of my abilities. I don’t use it often because it really drains me, but I had to give you a good scare, at least once. You should take your own advice, Mave.

(Maverick sits up, and wipes his cheek.)

Maverick: I didn’t expect that at all. Isn’t your Talent “Strength”? What kind of Buff was that?

(Hitachi seems speechless for a second, his eyes covered briefly with shadow, and then he responds calmly.)

Hitachi: the ability transforms my remaining energy into a physical element, which appears as light. I was able to move it from myself onto my sword, and then release it at an angle.

Maverick: I see…

(Hitachi walks over and gives Maverick a hand getting up.)

Hitachi: Just transforming that energy takes a lot out of me, let alone moving it and releasing it. I’m probably gonna have to call it here for now.

Maverick: Well, you only managed to hit me once. You’ll have to work on managing that little trick of your-

(Hitachi pats Maverick on the head twice as he gets lifted off of the ground.)

Hitachi: There, three hits~!

(Hitachi turns and picks up his sword, and walks back to Yuki as Maverick seems pissed.)

Maverick: You little *censored*…!

(Hitachi sits down next to Yuki, one leg extended outward as he lays his head on his knee.)

Hitachi: Your turn, Yuki.

(Yuki nods, and stands up, pulling Korace out of the ground. Yuki also takes her coat off, and ties it around her waist as she approaches Maverick. Hitachi watches as he thinks to himself.)

Hitachi: (That was close… I’m glad they didn’t call my bluff. If they found out what “Gilded” really Buffed, I’d be screwed.)

(Hitachi grips tightly at his wrist.)

Hitachi: (Yuki seems to not know much about the world, given her circumstances. Mave didn’t react they way he would have if he knew what “Gilded” was, so he’s also in the clear. But someone in our group lives here in the city… and knows a hell of a lot more than he lets on…)

(A shot of Bryan walking on the sidewalk, pondering something, is shown next to Hitachi.)

Hitachi: (I can never use “Gilded” near Bryan. Ever.)

(The scene now switches to Bryan’s perspective, who is also pondering something to himself.)

Bryan: (Man, this was a lot harder than I thought…)

(A quick flashback shows Bryan back at the bank, examining different areas. Then, it returns to current Bryan, who seems defeated.)

Byran: This guy hasn’t left a single lead!!!

(Suddenly, Bryan looks up and notices Lillian whistling and carrying several bags, by herself. She is walking towards him, but hasn’t seemed to notice him.)

Bryan: ... Hmm?

(Lillian looks at Bryan now, and attempts to wave, but her bags weigh her down, and some of them begin to slip and fall. Bryan rushes over to help her out. The next scene shows Bryan helping her carry bags back to her place.)

Lillian: Wow, never thought I’d run into you like this, at least before we turned in the Request.

Bryan: Ya, I honestly didn’t recognize you at first! Sorry bout that by the way.

(A shot of when Bryan told her to carry Yuki to safety during the Forest Hideout raid is shown Behind Bryan.)

Byran: (I almost forgot about her… she's apart of Fukagawa’s Team.)

Lillian: No worries! And thanks for helping me out. Taro was with me a little while ago, but he left just before I finished up my shopping.

Bryan: Really? Isn’t it a bit early for him to start watching Gilman Street?

Lillian: Yeah, he said he had something he needed to deal with…

(Lilllian looks down at her feet, clearly upset about something. Bryan notices, but don't question it.)

Lillian: Hey, Bryan. Can I ask you something?

Bryan: Sure, what’s up?

Lillian: Can you go and check on Taro?

(The two stop walking. Bryan seems a little confused.)

Bryan: Isn’t he off doing his own stuff right now though?

(Lillian seems really upset, still staring at the ground.)

Lillian: I… I’m just worried about him. He’s been running off recently all the time whenever we come back to the city.

(Bryan is listening intently.)

Lillian: Whenever me or Fukagawa ask, he just brushes it aside… I just want to know if he’s alright.

(Bryan hands the bags back to Lillian, his expression not as silly as it usually is. He seems serious about this.)

Bryan: I’ll look into it for you guys. Don’t you worry bout a thing.

(Lillian blushes a bit as she takes back the bags.)

Lillian: Really?

Bryan: Which direction did he head in?

Lillian: We went east of the mall back the way I came.

Bryan: Alright. I’ll message Fukagawa when I find Taro!

(Bryan runs off without another word. Lillian watches as he goes. She then smiles as tears start to form. In her mind, she visualizes a scene of her, Fukagawa, and Taro, together, smiling.)

Lillian: (I don’t want to lose this… Bryan, please help Taro.)

(The scene now shows Bryan darting through the streets, looking everywhere for Taro. He checks down alleys, he asks people if they have seen him, and he whips his head around rapidly looking high and low for Taro. Eventually, Bryan slouches down besides a shop’s window, out of breath.)

Bryan: Man, where did this guy go?

(Bryan thinks back to when Taro helped them fight Wisp, when they ran to the Hideout together, and when they all waved goodbye. One image sticks out more than any other, when he smiled towards Yuki, Hitachi, and Bryan, as they were leaving May and Higs.)

Bryan: (Don’t worry Lilly, Taro’s my friend too. I’m going to make sure he’s fine, I promise!)

(After a moment, the shop’s window shatters above Bryan. Bryan is in shock, as he looks to his left and sees a figure dart out, a pearl necklace in his hands. People are screaming, but Bryan seems to be in his own world, confused.)

Bryan: What the…?

(Bryan first notices the figure’s scarf. It waves around as the figure flies out of the window.)

Bryan: Taro…?

(Then, Bryan starts to get up, more freaked out now.)

Bryan: Wait…!

(The figure looks over at Bryan for a second, revealing it’s mask. As the two stare each other down, the figure still in the motion of jumping through the window, the chapter ends.)

Bryan: The “Masked Night”!?!?


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Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
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[ Update on Chapter 18 Progress ]

Hey all! Had a bit of a break from writing the chapters of DU so that I could get some later plot lines and arcs sorted out. Specifically, I've been planning a few things with Sither's Mafia and *yet to be revealed villain of the first major Arc*. You can expect these ideas to be put into motion soon!
For now, I am currently 50% of the way through Chapter 18, the showdown between Bryan and Tar- er, the Masked Night. To make up for the break, here's a small update on the work we're doing to get the scripts onto the inked page!