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Author Topic: Rise of the fallen Angels  (Read 259 times)

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Rise of the fallen Angels
« on: March 03, 2019, 09:27:08 AM »
Many Centuries ago when there was no sign of Humans on Earth only strange creatures & the ones we called Dinosaurs walked in Earth. An argument on Haven has start with the almighty God. This is a story of a fallen angel Lucifer. Yes the fallen angel that we know the cause of all Human trouble, but is it really the truth ? well for a second lets go back to the past were Lucifer was about to become the fallen angel.

 Well it goes something like this when almighty God created the humans he tells every one that there are the superior being. & tell every Angel to bow before the human well....

 everyone did except one & yes that was Lucifer. But why ? Why did he disobey the God he loves the most? Well the answer is hidden in much farther past that I will tell you now. When god had created this superior being then the God give Lucifer & Satan a job.

Yes from this moment you will see how Lucifer & Satan fulfilled there duties as they where told. So the almighty said to them to become two sides one good & the other is bad .

We all know who took the bad part yes it was Satan even though he was an Angel he was well known for his Dark Powers & Lucifer took the good side. then he told both of them too call the superior being AKA Humans to each others side & see what side do they choose. the results was only two of them gone to the good side Lucifer’s side & the rest had gone to the bad side that is the Satan’s side.
So now back to the past were Lucifer disobeying the Almighty God he knew that Humans don't have the rights to be called the superior being & to bow before them that’s just insulting.

 Then he tries to make the almighty understand. Soon after Satan joins Lucifer saying "Lucifer is right about this, cause he was there when the Humans show what they really going to do". Well now there will be a conversion between me & God

 I mean Lucifer & The almighty & Satan.

Lucifer: Oh almighty I am your humble servant. You created us Angels to serve you we love you. But why do you need this creation of yours, you call them Humans the superior being. To serve you ? Have I not Serve you well ? Have we not serve you well ?

The almighty: I know why have you bring this now Lucifer. But trust me you all are equal to me & every one deserves a second chance. & you know that well Satan don’t you now ?

Satan: Yes my lord I do. But this superior being you created………..No matter how many chances you give them..... they just won’t change me & Lucifer both felt it & we know they won’t change.

Lucifer & Satan: please oh almighty we are begging you they will be a disgrace to the title you gave them of & the conversation continues…………………

The almighty: Enough!!  You seem to be disobeying me. Your own creator. You two..... I do not need you here I cast you out from the heaven.

Go I give you one order & one order only if you're so determined to say that my calling them superior being is wrong then I order you prove me wrong. I give you 3 wishes ask what you desire & I shall grant it.(we all know that there were 3 wishes but actually there was 4. The 4th wish was given by the Almighty to Lucifer not even Satan knew that.)

Satan & Lucifer: Oh all mighty if that’s your wish we shall be going.
1. We asked God to grant us immortality.

2. The ability to go through humans blood veins to make them do bad diets.

3. the ability to Rome around the world in blink of an eye.
as the story continues I will tell you about the 4th wish soon.

So now Lucifer & Satan & some of the angels who supported them were cast out of Haven. They were sent to Earth a beautiful planet with everything dazzleing with life. The planet had so many strange beings that Lucifer & the others were amazed. So they all begin exploring, here, there, everywhere. They found it stranger & stranger.

Then suddenly they saw a strange being coming towards them from a lake. It was 50 ft tall, & it had a really long neck, its body was heavy but not that long like its neck. Then there was another it was different from the 1st one. It had a very hard shell body it was 10 fit tall & 30 fit wide. They become there good friends. They only eat trees & grass. They are fun as a pet too. By that time Satan flys off somewhere. Lucifer asked him were is he was going. Then he said with a smile, "to work". He knew what he meant. He was going to the humans to make them do bad deeds Well it was what our god said to do right, so he started right away. So he let him go.

 So back at Earth we were trying build a place to stay, when Satan came back. I ask him back from work so soon ? He knew what he was talking about. So he said yeah. Well soon after the almighty shows up saying that Humans will be living in the Earth soon & for that threat to the humans (yea did not meant the fallen angles actually it mean the Dinosaurs) will be destroyed.

We did not have much of a choice but Lucifer really didn't wanna loose such good friends. So he used his last wish & ask for 2 more wishes he used one wish to make a world of our own & the 2nd wish was keept as a secret when the time comes that wish will be used too but it in the future that we will soon encounter.

 So the sprite world a world for only The dark beings was made. Lucifer Satan & the other fallen angles along with the chosen Dinosaurs step foot to the new world. It really was a nice place. After we build a castle & some houses & some more stuff, they start our work on humans. Well they didn't do much actually as time passed by they build their own destructive weapons like the biggest weapon of there destruction would be Money & then other weapons they do war with like Nuclear Bomb, guns etc. So they stopped worrying about humans cause like it or not we the fallen angle won. The humans are there biggest self enemy of there own now. Yes after stop worrying about them he felt no longer need to excited.

Then something interesting Happened that changed Lucifer's life forever. This is when Lucifer got stuck in a human's body. He never thought a human can accomplish such things, coming to the sprit world & attacking them  head on. the most funniest part is he lost to that kid. Lucifer said I lost my castle I………I lost everything so I cursed him. That till the end of his life he will never ever  find happiness him and those around him ever again.

Oh the kid’s name was Mayaz. Yeah he is still alive Lucifer is in his body casting his soul out of there & never let him enter his body. But the curse back fired on him. He didn't know what kind of life Mayaz had been leaving but it seems like his life was full of pain & misery. He was a looser & fade up of his life may be that’s how he got so much energy to ruined Lucifer's world. Lucifer thought "I saw something similar in him and me that's disappointment at the human race". At the present days Lucifer is still trapped in his body & now they both I meant Lucifer & Mayaz, share the same body. Well that’s the end of this chapter. but this is not the end even with this human body Lucifer is having great Adventure. Yes that means to be continued………….. but for not this is the end. © By Hai1000
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