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Author Topic: Fluid chapter one  (Read 668 times)

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Fluid chapter one
« on: February 25, 2019, 01:36:02 AM »
This will be turned into a script and then a story board. If anyone is interested in helping me DM me.

And importantly:
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND.

Overall plot: In a post civial war continent, various people try to find a way to end all wars. One scientist found a way to create mutants that would supposedly obey his every command, which is highly illegal. The scientist (professor Killigonte) had his lab raided but out of passion for his project he sent some of his stashed "mutant fluids" ,  disguised as wine,  to random strangers in the mail. Fluid is about these "strangers".

Chapter 1 "A room and a rope"

A rope was tied in a noose, nailed to the bedroom ceiling, and frayed. Empty champagne bottles were laid across the carpet, and pieces of glass were scattered across the carpet beneath the various holes in the bedroom wall. The bed itself was a naked mattress marked with greasy food stains and muddy shoe prints. The room reeked of depression with a hint of laziness, most likely coming from the dirty laundry piled in the closet and the food wrappers rotting on the floor besides the mattress. The kitchen was void, except for a plain glass kitchen table, which had a note laying against a ravishing wine bottle that curved in the center, creating an S shape. The note had the words ‘why not’ written in beautiful, big, bold, black letters that instantly caught the eye. The living room was brought to life by a fluffy vibrant blue couch that screamed for attention. An elongated frosted glass coffee table was placed inches in front of the couch, and it held a single grey glass mug filled with coffee. A lovely cherry oak door stood across the room, and was dressed in a broken door frame that had seen one too many door slammings.
 A young man wearing a wrinkled white dress shirt and black slacks, about 25 years of age, staggered through the front door. The handle of an unopened champagne bottle was tightly grasped in his left hand and his door key clenched in his right. “This world *censored*,” his hoarse voice yelled as he staggered into the kitchen. He raised his right arm in a tossing motion as he angrily slurred, “F-F-*censored* April” A loud bang sounded as his door key bounced off the kitchen table and landed on the floor. The young man continued his journey as he made his way into the bedroom as if on a mission. He shoved his right hand beneath the mattress and yanked out a corkscrew covered in dried liquor. “I can’t live no,” he yelled as he violently opened the bottle of champagne. “*censored* makeup world,” he mumbled as his left hand pressed the mouth of the bottle against his lips, creating a moment of silence only to be broken by the sound of glass shattering against one of the bedroom walls. “I now. I have now,” he softly spoke as if the champagne prevented him from being able to yell.  “I now. I have now,” the young man repeated, but this time with confidence.
He placed his knees on the mattress and crawled to the edge of the bed before standing up without hesitation. His body swayed side to side ever so gently as he tried to keep himself balanced. “I-see-April,” he said slowly as his hands grasped the noose.  “I no pussy,” he said delicately before turning it into a chant, as if he was giving himself a pep talk. “I no pussy.” The chants got louder as he put the noose around his neck and pulled it tight. His legs started to move decisively as he inched his way to the edge of the bed. “I no pussy,” he yelled as he moved his toes off the bed only to be supported by the heels of his feet. “I no pussy,” he yelled one last time before leaning forward. The rope jerked, and the young man's neck buckled against the weight of his own body. A single snapping sound queued in the silent choir that followed.
“Luke, look babe, I got this dress on sale for our big date! It’s pink and backless! I’d call it a real eye catcher!” April shouted.
“Luke! Are you listening?”
“Yes dear. I am on my way.”
April could be quite demanding when it came to my attention and she always seemed to put me in a tug of war between herself and work. For the most part, I gave into her demands because I love her, and it’s not like she is intentionally this demanding. Plus, with how cute she looks, she could get away with it even if I didn’t love her.
“Luke! Why aren’t you coming? I have to get back to work soon!”
“Coming babe!”
Normally, I would already be down the hall and at her beck and call, but this month is a special month. For the past two years, I have been saving up to put a ring on April’s finger. I’ve picked up extra work, so I can take a couple of days off to do so. Being a blog writer has its perks, but blogs take research, and require your undivided attention.
“Luke. Is your computer really more important than me?”
April would keep this up and the taunts would just increase with intensity the more I ignored her request. Yeah, I know I am a bit of a jerk for keeping a lady waiting, but trust me: April is one vicious lady. At times, her words pierce my heart like glass splinters, and at those times, I realize how terrible the world would be like without her. I didn’t want this to be one of those times, and so I must go off to April.
“What a beautiful dress April, but not as beautiful as the woman inside it.”
“Oh... now he cares. What took you so long? Are you looking at pictures of other women on that laptop of yours? Must I have to call you multiple times to get your attention?”
April was obviously trying to make me feel bad, and no, it’s not because she’s a bitch. She works in the human resources department at Magik Makeup, the largest makeup company in Ashburn City. Work has been stressful for her. She must do all the hiring and firing, approving employee time off requests, dealing with internal complaints, and she has a harasser who knows exactly how to avoid a harassment charge. I don’t know how someone would think it’s a good idea to harass the lady who has the power to fire anybody, but the guy who does must be crazy. The only reason he hasn’t been let go is because he does it indirectly. He never uses April’s name when he comments about her, and he will say things like, “Hey, sexy,” whilst not looking at her. She knows he’s directing the comments at her because she works on the eighth floor and he works on the first. It makes no sense for him to be on the eighth floor, especially when he is off the clock, and he only makes these comments when he’s around April’s work space. When confronted, he makes up excuses like, “I am just talking to myself.” Although it’s weird, it’s not illegal to talk to yourself, and if he isn’t on company time, he isn’t doing anything wrong.
“April, you know you are my world. I’m just a bit distracted because of the extra blogs I have to write before our big date. You do look gorgeous though.”
“Oh! Blame it on our date now! What’s next? You will ignore me, because of my dress? Huh?”
April had the biggest smirk on her face, and that’s all it took for me to know she was just *censored*ing with me.
 “I think I am just going to ignore you forever”
I could joke if she could. Of course, she flipped me off and walked to the bathroom. It didn’t take long for her to put her work outfit back on and give me the usual good-bye kiss.
“I’ll see you after work, Luke!”
April headed out the door, and my day has officially been put on a timer. I have to finish my blog, purchase the ring, reserve a table at Alegha’s diner, and be back before April gets off work. I have been asking her to move in with me since she practically lives at my apartment, but she always replies with these dumb excuses like, “Your closet is not big enough,” or “Where will I put all my shoes?”
I have problems understanding April sometimes, especially when she expects me to read her mind. Phrases like, “Your closet is not big enough,” are April’s way of hinting at me to read her mind. I admit I can be clueless on occasion, but how am I supposed to know what she is thinking unless she tells me? We had a three-day fight because she wanted me to buy her ice cream, but instead of asking me, she just said, “I’m feeling hot,” as if I would connect the dots. When I turned on the air conditioning, she started yelling at me about how she wanted ice cream, and then her yelling progressed into a fight about how “I don’t know her.” No, she wasn’t just trying to pick a fight, and yes, April saying, “I’m feeling hot,” means, “Bring me ice cream.”
Why do I put up with this? It’s called the magic of human imperfection, and it’s the secret to true love. I refuse to get stuck in that dooming honeymoon phase mindset like all these other suckers who see a person as perfect. April is not perfect, and the day I realized that is the day I fell in love with her. Yeah, I get frustrated when April expects me to read her mind, but every time I fail at reading her mind I get a little bit better at it. Plus, with time, her hints are like a secret language only I can understand. That’s pretty cool for being imperfect, right?
The Ashburn train system was created twenty years ago due to overcrowding on the roads. When I was a baby, people would sit in traffic for thirty minutes just to make it one block. Can you imagine the *censored* that must have been going on to make people okay with this? Ashburn was a *censored*ed-up place thirty-five years ago during the Newmerican civil war, and it took a while to resolve problems resulting from the war. Now about forty percent of the Ashburn population relies on the train system to get around.
The diamond I picked out for April is at Ashburn City Diamonds in Ashburn City. The ring is a diamond around a sapphire infused gold band that costed me a fortune. Luckily, Alegha’s diner is located just five blocks away from the diamond shop, so I can easily knock out both tasks and be home with just enough time to finish a couple blogs.
“Luke, I brought you a couple crab rolls from the cafeteria.” April said.
April loves sushi, and Magik Makeup has a giant cafeteria with so many different food options. She brought me there for a lunch date once but won’t take me again because I was apparently eating like a pig. If I was lucky, April would bring home whole cooked crabs, but she isn’t technically supposed to bring anything home, so sushi is the usual. April always justified taking food from the cafeteria as “being resourceful,” but it’s total bull*censored*. You see, April makes twice what I do, and her spending habits are terrible. She buys shoes, clothes, and videogames with most of her money. By the end of her spending spree, she always has just enough for rent, gas and some food. Lately, she has been buying video games that she never even plays since she is always at my apartment. I’ve told her to just bring her HD Gameplayer over to my place, but she just says, “I don’t like the idea of having to bring it back and forth,” as if leaving it at my apartment would cause it to blow up. In the end, it’s her money. She can spend it however she wants, and she is quite the ninja when it comes to sneaking food into her purse.
“Yes, crab rolls!” Luke cheered.
I enthusiastically ran to give April an after work hug. Crab rolls are my favorite, so I took one from her purse as I hugged her and started eating it.
“Hey stupid, never put your hands inside a woman's purse!”
April’s hand lightly smacked my face as I munched on the crab roll.
“Come on! It’s just a purse! How can you possibly expect me not to reach into it when you have a stash of crab rolls?”
“Ha, stupid! You know better than to reach into my purse. Sit down in the kitchen and I will put the rest on a plate.”
    I followed April into the kitchen and showed no mercy to those crab rolls.
    “Are you going to be eating like this on our date, because if you are you might want to bring a bib.”
               “Oh really, a bib? How about I just have them blend up my meal and put it in a bottle.”
    “Remember when you drank too much champagne and puked all over yourself? If you were wearing a bib, then maybe the vomit wouldn’t have gotten all over your clothes. You big baby!”
    “Tell you what, get me a pink bib and I’ll wear it on our big date. Between your pink dress and my pink bib, I think we’ll be the best-looking couple at the restaurant!”
    “Very funny. Obviously, everyone at the restaurant is going to wonder how the beautiful woman ended up with the dummy! Where are we going anyway? You told me to buy a nice dress for a dinner date, but you never even told me where we are going. Clearly, you don’t understand that there are different dresses for different occasions. If I have to wear my backless dress outside, I’m going to get cold.”
    “Babe, I am not telling you where we are going, but I promise your dress is perfect for the occasion.”
    After dinner, April and I did the usual. We would cuddle for a while, then April would take a shower before falling asleep, and I would stay up and write blogs for a couple hours. I always wrote my best work in the night, because I would never have to worry about anything besides my writing. The only downside to staying up late was the fight to not wake up April while moving her body, which is always sprawled out across the bed. April can fall asleep to anything, but once woken up, she cannot fall back asleep. Sometimes I choose to sleep on the living room couch, because I know if I wake her up she will not let me fall asleep.
             “I am so excited! One more week!” April yelled.
I had to scream to Lattrica. Two weeks ago, I told everyone in the human resources department that Luke asked me on a date. Why I am so excited about this date is because stupid Luke hasn’t taken me on one in almost a year now. He is so focused on his computer that I wouldn’t be surprised if he told me he was having an affair with it.
“Oh, April baby, you know your man is going to propose to you don cha? The whole department is taking bets on it.” Lattrica said.
“There is no way Luke is going to propose. Do you know how many hints I have given that man regarding marriage?” April replied.
“Well, how do you know he hasn’t secretly taken a hint? You know how men are. They act dumber than a bag of hammers one moment and then all of the sudden they are the sharpest tool in the shed.”
“As far as proposing goes, Luke is dumber than a bag of hammers. He would have already proposed to me and stopped asking me to move in with him if he could take a hint.”
“So, you’re telling me that he decided to take you out on a date after all this time just because? Get real, girl!”
“You don’t know Luke, Lattrica.”
“Girl, this proposal is going down like a hooker with a house payment, and you know it.”
“Very funny. Luke isn’t proposing. You’re delusional when you’re hungry. Go eat lunch.”
“So, you’re telling me you are staying with a guy who you think will never propose to you? Girl really? You be playin’! He’s got you fooled, and I got one hundred dollars saying that you’re slower than a short bus in a snow storm. Now I gotta go deal with some employees on the third floor who thought it was a good idea to order one thousand baby blue lipsticks for sampling. If there isn’t an ugly woman convention happening in Ashburn, then they better have the best damn sales pitch Magik Makeup has ever heard.”
Lattrica is my best friend and my supervisor. She handles everything that has to do with employees as far as company spending goes. Every month, our sales agents get a sample pack to show to their clients what Magik Makeup has to offer. Baby blue happens to be one of the most disgusting lipstick colors out there and the sales agents on the third floor are our most experienced sales agents. I know this isn’t going to go well, and by the end of the day someone from the third floor will be in my office begging not to be fired.
“Hey sexy… Avery said.
I have been in love ever since the first day I set my eyes on you!
You have my heart, now take my soul.”
    “Avery for the thousandth time you cannot be up here if you are not on the clock! Next time is going to be a write up!” April shouted.
    Avery is my harasser. He always hovers around my office when he’s not on the clock. He claims he is giving himself “positive self-talk,” but it’s just an excuse. Calling security is the only thing I can do if he is on the premise off the clock, and since he isn’t directing his comments at me, it isn’t harassment.
“Sorry, April, I got lost again. This is a big complex you know.”
 “Avery, if you come across stairs or an elevator, turn around, because they don’t lead to the exit. You work on the first floor! Okay?”
“Okay. You are doing a great job by the way. Magik Makeup would not be the same without you!”
I didn’t even bother replying, because giving him a positive reaction would only encourage his inappropriate behavior. It doesn’t matter if he is up here to give me praise, because he is breaking the rules. I don’t understand why the guy works for Magik Makeup, because no woman would ever want to buy makeup from a creep. I heard a rumor that he often masturbates in the men's restroom on the first floor, but nobody has made any reports about it. How creepy must a guy be to think it’s okay to masturbate at work? It’s not really my job to investigate rumors, and the case of the masturbating employee would definitely be the low point of my day.
“Listen, Lattrica. I am telling you that baby blue lipstick is going to be the next fad. Don’t doubt it please.” James said.
“Oh really? So you’re telling me that you set trends? Every woman in Ashburn is going to jump on yesterday's ugly, because some guy from Magic Makeup says so? Get your sorry ass into April’s office!” Lattrica barked.
‘Ugh’. That’s the sound of Lattrica indirectly firing an employee, but of course he doesn’t know that. Now he’s supposed to come into my office and explain to me exactly what he explained to Lattrica earlier, as if it will save him his job. The fact that Lattrica brought him up here to see my ass means she wants him fired.
“Hi, April.” James said.
“Hello... I see your name is James. What brings you to my office, James?” April replied.
“Lattrica has asked me to explain the baby blue lipstick order. It’s not really that big of a deal in all honesty, because baby blue is going to be the next fad.”
“James, what makes you think that one of the least popular colors is going to instantly be favored amongst our clients? Our lipstick is not cheap, and samples are meant to be given to clients who make purchases. Putting distasteful lipstick on customer’s faces will not only make them not want to buy the baby blue lipstick, but it will also make them turn away from our company. We have customers that spend thousands a month on their shops; they expect us to send them the newest and most stylish lipsticks.”
“I understand all of this. I am one of the top selling agents you know, right? What you aren’t getting is that when some of our biggest clients try out the baby blue in their stores, their customers will love it. It will become a fad, because of everyone who supports the baby blue!”
“James, giving ugly on a stick to our biggest customers to sell to their clients will only drive their clients away. This isn’t about us taking a hit. We are nothing without our biggest clients. Sure, the women of Ashburn matter, but their sales are a small portion of the company’s profits. We make eighty nine percent of our profits through retail stores in other territories. James, I have no choice but to fire you!”
“A-A-April, you just don’t get it! You are firing me because of one thousand baby blue lipsticks? I am one of the top sellers!”
“Did I stutter? Do you think I am stupid? Am I not able to do my job? Get out of my office now!” April demanded.
“Dumb bitch!” James shouted.
Welcome to a day in human resources where everyone thinks they can do your job, yet nobody knows how business works. I knew why Lattrica wanted James fired the moment I heard baby blue lipstick. To think he has such a big ego that he is willing to risk our client’s businesses over some possible fad. In this business, you have to go with proven seasonal trends, not hypothetical nonsense.
“Girl, I see you took out the trash. Whabam!” Lattrica said.
“Did you hear his explanation?” April asked.
“Girl, the moment I found out who made the order I was like, that’s a whole pile of not my problem! Then I brought him up here to talk to you! I didn’t need no explanation to know how stupid he was.”
“That explains why you didn’t take long. You missed Avery, by the way.”
“Avery? Is that the man who is always taking matters into his own hands in the bathroom?”
“That is just a rumor, Lattrica! I am more concerned about him coming up here and making comments.”
“Wait, the comment guy is the same guy? Oh, does that man have problems!”
“I told him the next time he wanders up to the eighth floor, he is getting a write up. I’m tired of his stupid comments!”
“April, get over yourself! He ain’t commenting about you. You haven’t seen a special person before have you?”
“*censored* off! The employees on the first floor say he talks about me!”
“Oh, so now it’s okay to listen to rumors? Don’t be a hypocrite. The guy obviously has a mental disorder! All you are doing is working yourself up over something that has nothing to do with you, and I don’t want a lawsuit.
I’ve had the Avery conversation with Lattrica before, and she always turns to the mental disorder card. I’m so tired of it!
“I want a psychology evaluation done on him. He didn’t talk to himself in the job interview, and he never mentioned a disability on his application.” April said.
“Not my monkey, not my circus.” Lattrica replied.
“Whatever.” April said.
In Lattrica’s eyes, Avery being a creep or disabled doesn’t change anything about him, but she isn’t the one being creeped on. I deal with his crap on a daily basis, and perusing a harassment case takes more than just catching him in the act. Company policy states that I have to prove that his intent is to harass me without a shadow of a doubt. His, ‘positive self-talk’ claim, is a loophole as long as he doesn’t say my name. I’ve decided the next time I see him, I’m ordering him to have a psychology evaluation in order to prove that it is safe for him to work. Yes, that is correct! I believe Avery to be a danger to the workplace and as a member of Magik Makeup’s human resources team; I have to ensure the safety of all Magik Makeup’s employees. Looks like I can be a bitch sometimes!
Sixteen blogs in one day. Damn, I am a beast! I planned everything out perfectly, because April deserves perfect. My boss gave me permission to do sixteen blogs a day for the next three days in order to take a few days off. I still need to execute a lot of things, and having time off before the date is crucial for my plans. You see, April loves surprises, and I plan on giving her a lot of them. One big surprise is that I am writing song lyrics for April. I have to complete the lyrics, take them to a composer so music can be made for them, and then a private band will play the song for April after I propose. Also, I am going to have roses delivered to her office the day before our date with a note professing my love for her.
These surprises are important because I am terrible at displaying affection. My childhood counselor told me I had a fear of never being loved, which explains my lack of romantic gestures. The perfect example of this fear is my first kiss with April. For weeks, April and I spent every moment together, and if we weren't together, we were texting each other constantly. I started to feel an overwhelming obligation to kiss her and there was undoubtable tension in the air between the two of us. Even though we spent so much time together, I was afraid I would somehow scare her off by kissing her. April said *censored* it, jumped on me, and kissed me. We made out for hours that day, and I felt invincible. I learned that April kissed me because she couldn’t handle the tension anymore. She knew I was into her, but couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t kiss her. Of course, she knows about my fear now, and she assumes it’s my excuse for why we don’t go on dates. I just am afraid that if a date goes wrong it will be the end of everything. Who wants that pressure? These surprises are my way of alleviating that pressure.
“Luke, I am home!” April said.
“Hey babe! How was work?” Luke asked.
“Just another day in the office. Lattrica let me keep some baby blue lipstick, and I want your opinion on how I look wearing it!”
The how do I look question is the worst question a man can be asked. If I like how she looks then I can express that enthusiastically. If I don’t like how she looks, then I’m forced to say the bitter truth or a sweet lie. Luckily, April rarely looks unappealing to the eye.
April had a light blue lipstick on and it made her look like she had just eaten a glow stick.
“April… Are you serious?”
“What! You don’t like it? Am I ugly too you?”
“No. I just…”
“Am I beautiful, Luke?”
“Babe, of course you are beautiful, but that lipstick makes you look like you just ate a glow stick.”
“Good, you didn’t lie to me! Some idiot ordered one thousand sticks of this baby blue lipstick for customer sampling. Lattrica made me fire him. My back hurts.”
“Well, it sounds like you have had a very interesting day.”
I had learned very early on that my back hurts means give me a back massage. The first time April said her back hurts I offered her an ice pad. She called me an idiot and said she needed a back massage. The thing I love most about April is how direct she is when I don’t get her indirectness. I got up from the kitchen counter to find April lying on the living room couch. I gave April a back massage, and then we spent the night cuddling on the couch.
“April, I need you to handle an employee conflict because I’m busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest. Two gentlemen on floor one seem to think it’s okay to harass our female employees.” Lattrica said.
“What a great way to start the morning! Who are these nobodies anyway?” April asked.
“Girl, you know I hate sarcasm. I already called them into your office. Figured it would be like Christmas minus the surprise.”
“Merry not Christmas to you too Lattrica.”
You know it’s a good day in the office when you’re greeted with a harassment issue. The only things keeping me in a good mood is knowing that my date with Luke is only two days away and Avery’s test results have to be back! If it wasn’t for those two things, I probably would just walk into my office and fire the fools waiting for me. Instead, I am just going to walk in yelling, and throw around insults to get a point across. It’s always the guys with overinflated egos that commit sexual harassment work infractions, and a simple ego check usually sets them straight.
“Listen! Sexual harassment is wrong! You aren’t players, and you certainly don’t have any game! I don’t even want to hear what you have to say, because it certainly will not justify how stupid you two are. This whole incident is pathetic and both of you should be ashamed of yourselves. I don’t care how much gel is required to spike up your hair, how many hours you spent at the gym, or where you bought your clothes from. I don’t care that you think your coworkers are hot. I care about sales, and the only time I should see you in my office is if you are getting a promotion. If I hear anything about either of you harassing a coworker again you will be fired! Now get the hell out of my office!”
Sexual harassment complaints happen more often than I would like to admit. We cycle through one hundred people a month on floor one easily, because of stereotypes attached with the sales agent position. Women who love our makeup think that their love of our makeup means that they can sell it effortlessly and men think that because of their muscles people will buy makeup from them. Both theories are incorrect, and those people end up with a low commission. The men turn to hitting on coworkers for satisfaction while the women try to steal makeup.
“Lattrica, there will be no more sexual harassment on floor one for today! Did you get Avery’s test results back?”
“You know it girl! Arms are down, lights are flashing, but no train for miles!”
“Lattrica, what are you saying?”
“He’s not right in the head! I already told you the man has a mental disability. Nobody normal would wander up eight floors looking for the outside exit! You can look at the test results yourself after you look into a couple orders for me. I think someone is stealing makeup!”
“This is *censored*ing bull*censored*! *censored* Avery! Ignorant thieves! I need a cup of coffee!”
I executed everything perfectly. Tomorrow, the roses are going to be delivered to April’s work place. The song and ring have been delivered to Aleigha’s Diner, and that leaves the day open for me to drink! Between April and my blogs, I just never have time to get a little buzz going. My champagne cabinet is filled with over thirty bottles of champagne, and I can easily go through a bottle. The problem is that when I get drunk, I can be a bit mouthy, and April hates that. The secret is to let me keep drinking, because eventually I’ll be too drunk to really speak full sentences. Too bad April thinks I’m making that last part up as an excuse to be able to keep drinking.
I like to keep my kitchen bare, because it feels cleaner that way. Everything is put away in cupboards, and I even keep my dirty dishes in a cupboard. I do clean the dirty dish cupboard weekly, but that didn’t used to be a thing. April found out about the dirty dish cupboard, and when she learned I didn’t clean it, she threw a fit. Apparently, putting your dirty dishes in a cupboard is only a bad habit if you do not clean the cupboard regularly. April says without her I would be lost, and I believe it!
Damn, that champagne tastes good! I promised myself I wouldn’t have more than one bottle. If I’m drunk when April gets home, there will most certainly be a fight. The thing about making promises to yourself is that you have to take accountability for your own actions. When you promise someone else something, that person certainly can make sure you follow through. Taking accountability for your own actions is an irrational thing to expect out of a person who has been drinking. Am I incorrect?
The thing that I *censored*ing love about Champagne is that it takes a lot to really *censored* you up. When I down one bottle, my self-confidence explodes. When I down two bottles, that’s when I feel really good. When I down three bottles, I’m *censored*ed up. I’m talking scrambled sentences and slurring of words. The way I see it is if I keep myself under three bottles, I will be fine for Ms. Fancy Pants. Last thing I need is to hear bitching before our proposal.
“Here’s to me!”
Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp.
 “No cup *censored*ing for me!”
Ding dong. Ding dong.
 “The *censored* could that be? I don’t guests today! To the door go I!”
 “The *censored* want?”
“Having a day bender, Luke? Relax, I just need your signature for a package!” The mailman said.
“Why I need you sign package?”
“Listen, buddy. I just need you to take this pen and scribble across this line right here. You answered the door, so I’m confident you can scribble.”
    “Me sign package why?”
    “Because then you get a present!”
    “*censored*ing present *censored*ing sign...”
    “Thanks buddy! I’ll just leave the box by your front door. Have a good day!”
    *censored* April, I drink one more bottle. She no fight me because date soon. She see Luke and she happy. I know how she is and she just cuddle. I just say she *censored*ing gorgeous and she will be happy. I have *censored*in good plan!
    “Hold up girl! Where do you think you’re going?” Lattrica said.
“I’m going home. It’s the end of the day.” April said.
“The end of the day? It isn’t for you. You still haven’t told me if someone is stealing makeup. I need to know, because I have to have everything accounted for. Next week is our quarterly review, ya know.”
“Lattrica, I need more time! You can’t expect me to look through five thousand orders in one day. I have to figure out how many of each item was sold and compare that to our inventory. If our inventory matches perfectly, then I will compare the profits reported to the profits accounted for. This isn’t a one-day process.”
“April, I don’t need you telling me part of your job description. I need you to be showing me results! I’ll let you go today, but be prepared to finish that tomorrow. No exceptions!”
“Bye, Lattrica.”
Stupid Lattrica needs to learn how to handle stress. Magik Makeups quarterly review happens four times a year. The company counts how many of each product we ordered, how many of each product we sold, and how many of each product we have left. If we have more than half a percent of product unaccounted for, Lattrica will surely lose her job for poor product accountability, and there will be a company-wide investigation by a third-party company. The problem with unaccounted product is that the category also includes product samples since samples cost the company money, and don’t bring in profits. The one thousand baby blue lipstick error took away a lot of Lattrica’s wiggle room, and I think that’s why she is stressed.
I arrived at Luke’s apartment to be greeted by a package. Why would Luke sign for a package and not bring it inside? To my knowledge, Luke wasn’t expecting anything. Maybe he left it outside, because it is a present for me? I can guess, but when it comes to stupid Luke, it’s better to just ask.
“Luke, who is this package for? Luke…”
“Hi! You *censored*ing pretty!”
“Luke, are you drunk? Where are you?”
“One, two, three, four, and five.... Five *censored*ing bottles of champagne! Are you crazy? What did I tell you about drinking?”
“Blah- blah- blah. *censored* mean!”
“I’m mean? You aren’t pretty enough to be this stupid Luke! Five bottles of champagne! You are beyond drunk!
“You yell why! Me no drunk! *censored*! *censored*!”
“You no drunk? Do you really want to argue with me right now? You think you know it all? Well, keep sitting there in your own puke with a smile on your face! *censored*ing idiot!
“Present for you! *censored*!”
“No, you don’t get to talk to me until you can say complete sentences! And I call you my boyfriend! You are ridiculous! I’m going home!”
“No! You shut up and go to bed! When I come over tomorrow after work this place better be spotless! Goodnight!
    I wake up covered in my own vomit with no recollection of yesterday. Somehow, I managed to break a glass lamp with a champagne cork, and apparently, I received a package. I’m sure April came over last night but I don’t know how that went. This is exactly why I don’t drink anymore. I still can’t believe I slept in my own vomit! God, April is going to give me words tonight.
    I took a shower, laid on my couch and called a maid service to clean my apartment. I am in no condition to clean, and this place needs to be spotless regardless if April saw me last night or not. I opened the package on my kitchen table to find a fancy bottle of black wine with a note. I don’t want to think about the effort it would take to make a bottle curve into an S shape, and I am sure April won’t care. The packaging has no return address and the note simply says, ‘why not,’ in eye catching lettering.  Ugh... April is going to be so pissed off when she sees this.
“Luke, why are you ordering alcohol? Are you an alcoholic?” I can hear her already. I don’t know who could have sent this to me, and on the package my name is spelt wrong, like in the phone book. I don’t even drink wine which is what pisses me off about the whole thing. I’m going to get in trouble over something I don’t even like. I have to assume April saw the package, and therefore she is going to wonder what was inside it. I can’t lie to April, so I guess I’m *censored*ed on this one. My one saving grace is the roses. April is going to be so happy when those roses reach her desk. It looks like a bunch of roses are going to be the one thing saving my ass today.
    “Lattrica come to my office!” April shouted.
    “What is it girl? Lattrica said.
    “The inventory matches these orders exactly. The reported profits equal the profits accounted for. Nobody in these transactions is stealing.”
    “Well slap my ass and hire me a sexual harassment lawyer! I can’t believe the first floor didn’t have one product missing in five thousand orders! We be doing good, girl!”
    “That’s good, Lattrica.”
    “Show some excitement! Our numbers are good this quarter!”
    “What’s up, girl? You ain’t normal today!”
    “Luke decided it would be a good idea to get wasted. I walk into his apartment to find five empty champagne bottles, and he’s in the kitchen sitting in his own vomit acting like nothing's wrong with the situation!”
    “Dayum girl, five bottles? I gotta give him props for drinking all that! You sure you counted correctly? Why are you mad if the man gets wasted once in a while anyway?”
    “He said he wouldn’t drink without me and he promised me he would never get wasted ever! That’s why I am mad!”
    “He promised he would never get drunk and he goes and gets wasted? Well, he’s dumber than a screen door on a submarine. Let me guess, he tried to argue that getting wasted is different from getting drunk, and he drank all five bottles at once to bypass the getting drunk step?”
    “Uh, no... Luke was way too wasted to be that creative. He said I was being mean for yelling at him, and claimed that he wasn’t drunk. Now, understand he didn’t say full sentences, but rather spat out pairs of words. I’m helping the guy out by assuming that’s all he meant to say. If I think about the F-bombs he dropped, I might reach a new level of bitch tonight.”
    “Well, April honey you need to calm yourself down. I know you can yell at employees, and get a point across, but don’t regurgitate the same script that you’ve used before. He has broken a promise and hurt you. The last thing you want to do is go in there all pissed off with nothing to say, and you aren’t going to know what to say until you are calm. Yeah, you can yell at him for what he did, call him stupid, tell him that he is wrong, break his *censored* and threaten to leave him. Sure, you can make fun of him for sitting in his own puke, and mock his slurring. You can wonder why he did it, but I have to tell you something April. The one thing you lack as a human resources agent is exactly what you need to gain handle over this situation.”
Upset, April jumped up from her office desk and said, “Now wait one minute! Are you saying that I lack the ability to get a point across? Are you saying Luke thought it was okay to drink because of me?”
             “Girl, you need to take a major chill pill! Don’t interrupt me! Now where was I… Oh yeah...You can do all those things I said before you interrupted me, and they will work out of fear. Luke knows he’s a man with a fork in a world of soup. He’s probably sitting at home expecting you to walk through the front door in full bitch mode. When employees come into your office, they know they are either in trouble or getting a promotion. If they are in trouble, they know what they did wrong. They know the rules, and it’s always a case of they thought they were too smart. You yelling at them is the price they pay to keep their job. Do you think they are listening to what comes out of your mouth as you yell? Not really, honey. What you are lacking is being soft. If you talk softly and express your point you can take the time to make sure the person you are talking to understands. You will be taken more seriously, and your point will come from compassion instead of fear. Yeah, Luke was a total *censored* up yesterday, but why don’t you express your feelings calmly rather than yell at him? Then you could have an actual conversation, and he could answer the unanswered questions in your head. I will say that he’s a man and men usually have stupid answers. Stupid does not mean false, though. Keep that in mind and calm down!”
                “Thanks, Lattrica. I’ll think about trying to express myself in a calm way, but first I have to calm down.”
Luke really pissed me off yesterday, and unfortunately that anger has resonated into today. What the hell got into his head? I have told him several times that he’s not allowed to drink without me. On top of that, he promised me he wouldn’t get drunk. I already know he only intended to drink one bottle, which is too much as it is. I get that once drunk he probably forgot about the promise, and lost his self-control. It’s just that I don’t care about his reasoning’s. He promised me he wouldn’t get drunk, and he broke that promise. I know the moment I walk into his apartment he is going to babble an apology. He always does. He doesn’t get that I hear bull*censored* all day at work, and the last thing I need is to deal with bull*censored* at home. Yes, his apology helps, but we talk about these things so there is never a need to apologize. I shouldn’t have to be mad at him over this because he said he wouldn’t do this in the first place. I hope tonight he realizes that I won’t put up with lies and childish behavior.
    “Welcome to Magik Makeup! How can I help you?” The Magik Makeup floor one receptionist said.
    “Hello, I work for Flowers on Fire, a flower delivery service. I have a delivery for an April Tsuki. That name ring a bell?”
    “Yeah! Ms. April is on the eighth floor, but I can certainly make sure the flowers get up to her for you.”
    “Uh, okay. I will need a signature stating that I made the delivery in perfect condition in case we get a complaint. It’s a dozen pink roses. Be very careful with them, because they are very fragile. Unlike most delivery services, our roses are fresh cut, and never chilled.”
    “Good to know! I’m sure Ms. April will love them!”
    God, I’m so upset right now. I don’t even want to think about what I’m going to say to him. He plans this big date for me, but he takes time off to get drunk two days before the big date? What is that supposed to tell me? Does he think that he can break promises because he is taking me out somewhere? Stupid Luke and your childish behavior! I could have stayed up all night playing videogames before work and I would still be less childish than him! Ugh! April shouted.
          Roses for April? Who could possibly be sending roses to my love? Since the day I laid eyes on her, I have felt butterflies in my stomach. She is my soulmate and she doesn't even know it yet. Everyone on the first floor makes fun of me. “Oh, Avery is a creep,” or, “Avery is crazy.” They just don't understand that I am crazy because of love. I climb this tower and get words of joy for love. Every time, April yells at me I feel our bond grows stronger.,. I have to let her know how I feel!
               “Dayum Candice, those are some gorgeous roses! Who is the lucky lady?” Lattrica asked.
               “These are for Ms. April! They were just delivered.” Candice replied.
                “April! Today be your lucky day girl! Get out here!” Lattrica said.
                “On my way Lattrica!” April responded.
              Yesterday, I was telling myself I just needed to make it until tomorrow. Now, I'm not even thinking about the date. I just don't know how to take my feelings and detach myself from them. I can't be calm on the inside, but I can control my voice. I just hate the idea of having to pretend I'm not angry because it seems so fake. If I'm angry, damn straight I'm going to yell.
                 “Ms. April, these roses are for you!” Candice said.
                 “I told you that *censored* up of yours isn't more of a *censored* up than any other man! He had you delivered roses!” Lattrica shouted.
                   “W-w-what? Luke bought me roses? Is this supposed to make up for what he did?” April asked.
                    “Okay girl, you obviously don't get roses delivered to your work enough! These things have to be planned in advance. Your man did this before he went and pissed in the wind.”
               “So he thinks he can get away with drinking by buttering me up with bright pink roses? I’m not some cheap whore!” 
    “Ha! This is just the start of it sweet heart. You now have him by his guilty balls. Trust me, over time you will work your way up to a new car!”
    “I don’t want his money! I just want to forget this whole thing happened, but I don’t see how that will be okay!”
               “Well, you can start forgetting by going back to your office and double checking today's sales to inventory. Go find a vase for your roses.”
              “Whatever you say boss.”
              I don't even know what to say to April. Not only did I break a promise, but I did it right before our big date. I really have no good reason for it either. I had free time when I finished the engagement plans. I decided to have a bottle of champagne and I didn't realize my alcohol tolerance had decreased significantly. I lost control and just drank ‘till I puked. I’m just hoping those roses put April in a good mood, because I don't have the explanation she’ll want to hear. The, ‘I'm only human,’ excuse will piss her off. I could give her the only key to the champagne closet, but that doesn't prevent me from going out and buying a bottle. I know this is an issue about trust, and unfortunately, I broke a promise. Yeah, I didn't do anything other than make a mess, but that's not how April is going to see things.
              “Your sweet lips pressed against mine. We can love each other until the end of time. You are my queen, so I wrote you this rhyme. Tell me dear that you are mine” Avery said.
               “Avery, what did I say about coming up to the eighth floor?” April asked.
              “I hear you speak but you speak the wrong words. Raise your voice and speak sweet, sweet love words. Tell me you care and that we will be together. For you stole my heart and I want you forever.”
                   “Listen, Avery! You cannot be up here! I don't care if you are disabled or not! Rules are rules!”
                   “I am sorry! I got lost again! I will find my way out!”
                    “Don't let it happen again, please!”
                    “Once you are in my bed you will understand what love truly is!”
                 He comes to harass me and Lattrica thinks he is crazy! I can't fire him for that because he will just say he is talking to himself. He has a psychology test to back him up, and he didn’t reference me until I engaged with him. I can't believe he can talk about me being in his bed! I am definitely taking this up with Lattrica!
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                Four hours and one day is the exact amount of time till our date. Tonight, April is going to be greeted with candle light, a home cooked meal, and then a back massage. Beside her dinner plate will be my champagne cabinet key. I'm going to have to show April that I know I messed up. I was very inconsiderate yesterday, and I decided to get wasted knowing April would be angry. I can't help but wonder the mechanism that allows me to disregard April's reaction when drinking is an option. I certainly don't like the alcohol more than I do April. I still can't believe I slept in my own *censored*ing vomit.
                   “Girl, here is your roses in their new glass vase, and they smell wonderful.”
                    “Thank you Lattrica! Avery just wondered up here again! The pervert said he wanted me in his bed!”
                    “What! He said he wanted you in his bed?”
                   “Well he didn't use my name, but he was implying me! He's not crazy Lattrica! He's a faker and a pervert!”
                    “April, you need to stop worrying about Avery. Next time he's up here, send him to my office. I can't be getting a lawsuit because you think the crazy guy is sexually harassing you. At this rate, you will be thinking that the blind men on the streets are looking at you inappropriately!”
                 “Very funny, Lattrica! I'm going to finish up this inventory check and work on some of tomorrow's tasks. The sooner I am out of here tomorrow, the better. I'm not letting anything ruin my date!”
                 “Ha! I knew them roses cheered you up. Work ahead but that doesn't excuse you from tomorrow's inventory count!”
                Lattrica wants me to keep track of every sale happening to make sure our inventory count stays accurate. Employees tend to steal products once word gets out that we have everything accounted for. They assume we get lazier the days before the final count is due, but we actually watch every single sale. If one employee sells five lipsticks but takes ten, then we will know right away. Lattrica’s job is in my hands and there is no way I am messing this up for her. She will stay in the office and review the day's transactions after I leave so the pressure is not on. I just want to get to Luke's place and get the drinking incident out of the way.
               April will be mine even though she doesn't know it yet. She has a big date tomorrow, but not if I can help it! Unfortunately, Ms. April's gas line is going to be cut. She's going to have to take public transportation and that will surely make her late! The things I do in the name of love.
                “Luke, we need to talk. Luke? Oh, so you are ignoring me now!”
                I know Luke is home because he left candles lit in his kitchen, and he would never leave with candles lit unless he got drunk again.
                  “Luke, I am not in the mood for your games!”
                   “Quit yelling and come to the kitchen, April! You worry too much!”
                   “Oh, so it's okay for you to ignore me after breaking a promise? I see how it is!”
                   April had officially made it impossible for me to surprise her with dinner. She obviously wanted to talk to me and not giving into he demands will just create more conflicts. I hold the losing ground though, so to tonight I'm April's puppet
                   I greeted April in the living room and she had her hands on her hips. She was taking the role of human resources agent, and I was now a screw up employee of hers. My living room becomes her office, and all I can do is hope she doesn’t fire me.
                   “Babe, I made you dinner. Just come to the kitchen.”
                     “Luke, I’ll go to the kitchen after you explain yesterday to me. I want to know why you decided to go and be so stupid!”
                       “I had free time and was bored. I only planned on having one bottle throughout the whole day, but I overestimated my tolerance. One bottle led to five. I thought about how mad you would be, which is why I planned on only drinking one bottle. I didn't mean to get wasted when you came over. I'm giving you my champagne cabinet key, so I won't have any urges to drink when I'm bored.”
                   “Lattrica said your answer would be stupid and she’s right! Stupid men! Stupid Luke! Stupid reasoning! I'm taking that key and throwing it away!”
                 “Can we please go eat dinner now?”
                  “You're lucky you bought me roses! They light up my office and make it smell wonderful! Next time you break a promise, I'm breaking your *censored*. Okay, Luke?”
                    That went a lot better than I assumed. I never thought April would ever accept the fact that men just do dumb things. She must have spent the day ranting to Lattrica, and I am totally okay with that. I just have to be extra good till tomorrow and everything will be back to normal.
                “Dayum girl, you be here extra early! You do realize you can't leave before we close, right? You gotta watch every transaction, remember?” Lattrica said.
                   “I came here early so all I would have to do is watch transactions for the day! I even brought my dress, so I can change and head straight to Luke's!” April replied.
                  “Well I'm glad everything worked out between you two, but honey please don't be taking my parking space on a daily basis. You know how I have a fear of being tied up and raped by a psycho!”
                   Lattrica has a special parking spot where the security cameras capture every angle of her car. She has some fear that a weirdo is going to break into her car and hide in the backseat. It's a totally irrational fear, because our parking requires a key card to be accessed. I just took her spot because it also happens to be the spot closest to the exit.
                  “Lattrica, this is downtown Ashburn! There are perverts, drug addicts and criminals for sure, but we haven't had a raping in years. You actually believe someone would break into your car just to rape you?”
                     “Girl, you haven't seen the show called real life monsters of Ashburn? Weirdos out there be beating, raping, torturing, and killing people. Some guy wearing a mask kidnapped a random man walking down the street and told the man aliens infected him. He tied the man up in some warehouse and started cutting at him to look for the aliens. Sicko cut at the guy for five days before he dumped the man off at the back of a gas station. The man was spotted through one of the front windows, by one of the gas station employees, who then called the police as the man crawled closer to the store front. The man lived long enough to tell what happened, but he died in the hospital hours later. Poor bastard had his guts all cut up, and his privates removed. This happened in Ashburn two weeks ago, and the police believe the alien man is going to strike again. So, hell yeah I have reason to be afraid of some weirdo breaking into my car!”
                  “Don't tell me these things! I don't need to be afraid to go outside right now! I'm going to my office!”
                 “At least you live with dumbass! I got nobody but Mr. Tuna and he's getting old for a Rottweiler.”
                I don't watch the news regularly, because it's just people reporting the problems in the world. After work, the last thing I want to hear about is more problems. I might have a sheltered mindset, but it's the only way to keep myself sane. If I worried about all the problems in the world, I certainly wouldn't be able to function. Ignorance in some areas allows for bliss in others. The trick is to be smart about one's own ignorance.                 
“P-p-please! My husband has millions! He can pay you! Just let me go please!” A woman said.
              “Don't you get it? I am helping you! The aliens are hiding in your body!” The Ashburn carver said.
                 A woman in her mid-thirties, wearing a close fitting nice blue skirt and a wavy white décolleté shirt, had her arms chained to a rusted pole, and her legs chained to a separate pole about four feet away. The chains themselves could be considered new if not for the dried blood upon them. The woman’s body laid on the cracked concrete flooring, and the binding chains gave the woman little ability to move. The room was bare, only possessing dusty white walls, one barred up window, a single rusted metal lamp hanging from the ceiling whose bulb emitted a blinding light guaranteed to hurt one's eyes, and a weathered oak door which had spots of dried blood all over it. From the outside, the room looked like a carbuncle, as if it was condemned to be an eyesore, and the gauzy cobwebs that hung from its walls housed a diverse group of spiders. A disheveled man wearing a solid orange Pantalone mask, a ragged baggy black low-cut T-shirt, a poufy red tutu, holey black rubber boots, and metal vampire fangs stood next to her. The man held a keen serrated carving knife in his right hand and a roll of duct tape in his left.
               The woman's penetrating voice pleaded, “Please, don't do this! I don't have aliens inside me! You have made a mistake! Just let me go and you will be rich!”
                  “No amount of money is worth risking global domination. You don't want my help, so it seems the aliens have taken control of your brain. Let's just take a look inside.”
               The man’s reply lacked emotion and sounded monotonous. He wore some sort of lens that absorbed the bright lights glare as it did not bother him. He took the roll of duct tape held in his left hand and taped the woman's mouth shut with multiple layers to prevent a sound. Then he tossed the duct tape, tore the woman's blue skirt from her hips revealing a sexy pink thong, lit a cigarette with a kerosene lighter, both of which were tucked away in the waistline of his tutu, and began his work upon the woman's body.
                Damnit! April parked her car around the cameras. If I try to cut her gas line, I’ll be recorded. I'll try to stall her today, and tomorrow she will be smitten for I have ordered her two dozen roses! Let's see if she can ignore me after such a display of love.
                  Tonight is the night! April is going to be so happy when she finds the ring. The only flaw in my plan is that I have to constantly watch April during dessert because the ring is going to be brought out with her dessert. They will place a folded napkin in front of April, and the ring will be inside. When I propose is determined by when she opens the napkin. The only way the surprise is ruined is if I have to ask April to look inside the napkin. The manager of Aleighas diner told me that only happens in rare circumstances and assured me not to be worried. I really need to stay calm or I am going to be giving April signs that this is more than just a date.
           “I love you! I love you! Oh, do I love you!” Avery said.
            “Avery what are you doing up on the eighth floor? You lost?” Lattrica said.
             “Sorry, Lattrica, I thought I was near the exit.”
              “It's okay Avery. You need to go down eight floors to find the exit. You should never have to go up to get to the exit.”
               “Okay, bye!”
               I don’t understand how Lattrica can be so calm when the guy is obviously doing this on purpose! I am so glad she took care of Avery because I would have flipped out at the guy!
    “I’m leaving, Lattrica!” April said.
    “Girl, we don’t close for another two hours!”Lattrica replied.
    “Lattrica, please!”
    “Tell you what. You can leave on one condition!”
    “What’s that?”
    “If your man don’t propose to you then you gotta propose to him!”
    “What? I now have a month's salary waged on you coming into work tomorrow with a ring on that finger of yours!”
    “Whatever you say. Goodnight, Lattrica!”
    “Have fun dear!”
    I got into my dress and left the office. Lattrica’s parking spot made it extremely easy to beat everyone out of the parking lot. I’m surprised at how quickly I got over being mad at Luke. I guess knowing he actually planned the rose delivery in advance helped show he actually cares, and made a stupid mistake. I just hope he put more planning into this date than just the roses.
The last date Luke and I went on was two years ago, and it was a picnic under the stars. Luke wore pajamas and I showed up at the park in a dress with high heels. I wasn’t sure if I was over dressed or if he was under dressed, but I did have fun. The moon was so big that night, and it had an orange tint to it. I was sure that if I stuck my hands up I could grab the moon, and Luke said a silly joke about putting some of it on his crackers. He made me laugh so much that night, and the moon did look like orange cheese!
    I put on my black blazer, white dress shirt, black dress pants, black dress shoes, and a dark blue tie. A person should only have one proposal if they do it right, and I made sure I looked good for mine. April should be arriving any minute, and from my apartment we are walking up the road to the train station. I know April hates the idea of taking a train, but it must be done. April rarely drinks, but after I propose she’s surely going to get drunk. She’s the type of person who only drinks on a special occasion, and like me, she cannot just have one drink. I’m hoping that we can make it to Ashburn hill afterwards, because it has the best view of the sunset in all of Ashburn. April and I have not gone to Ashburn hill once, which will add to the sentiment of our engagement night.
    “Luke, let’s go. Stupid Lattrica expects me to be on time tomorrow, because our quarterly review is coming up in a few days. Also, you owe me a foot massage for walking in high heels!
    April’s demands are my cue to being the night. I give her slack because her bossiness comes from a long day of being in the office. I know deep down she doesn’t care if she arrives to work late tomorrow, and she only told me about Lattrica’s expectations as a motivator for me to get moving. She’s obviously excited for tonight, but someone who doesn’t know her like I do would think she was being a total bitch right now.
    “All right, dear. I understand your concerns, but I just don’t think you’ll want to rush being at Aleighas Diner!”
    “You’re taking me to Aleighas Diner? I love you so much, Luke!”
    April runs and givesme a gigantic hug. Aleighas Diner is the go to spot in Ashburn City for romantic dates. The name is quite deceptive, because it’s called a diner. The name was originally made so men could surprise their dates by telling them that they were going to a diner. The women would then have low expectations for the date, and upon arrival their minds would be blown. It became so popular that people who’ve never been know what the place is, and now runs off its reputation. April and I would be there in about one hour so long as the train didn’t get any delays.
    A giant maple wood sign with the words, ‘Aleighas Diner,’ made out of hundreds of tiny light bulbs displaying an eye pleasing aureate light, welcoming guests to a spacious parking lot. Frosted glass lamps in the shape of cupid, giving off an incandescent pink lighting, illuminated every space from the back of the parking lot to the entrance of the diner. Lightbulb laced heart shaped concrete sidewalks, gave off a dim multicolored coruscating lighting, revealing the way to the entrance of the diner. The outside of Aleighas Diner looks handsome and palatial. Rows of pink, red, and white orchids growing on the diner's walls set the evening’s romantic vibe. Cupid shaped fused quartz glass fountains, placed on each side of the front door, welcomed us inside Each of the he mahogany front doors, has a pink glass heart in the center. A doorman dressed in a red tuxedo and white dress pants stood outside greeting arriving guests.
    The exquisite looking design of the inside of the diner, carried on the cupid theme. A friendly hostess, brought us to our romantic red and gold heart shaped booth, containing red silk curtains could be drawn around the booth at our request. The light bulb lined frame of the booths tempered glass table gave off an aureate light. The foam filled red and gold booth seats felt soft as clouds. Cupid lamps giving off the familiar incandescent pink lighting lined the inside walls of the diner. A circular mahogany stage placed in the center of the diner, allowed the live music to flow equally to all guests.
    “Look at the lighting, Luke. It’s beautiful!”
    “Just wait until you see the inside.”
    I have heard so many stories about this place, but none of the descriptions do the real thing justice. What's even more spectacular than the view is the emotional response this place triggers inside. I feel as if I have been wrapped in a blanket of love, and put someplace special. I feel special, because only special things get put in special places. .
    “Look at the heart shaped sidewalk, Luke! The hearts look like they are floating on space dust!”
    “Space dust? That’s a good description, April. Just wait until you see the inside atmosphere.”
    The heart shaped sidewalk led straight to the entrance, and walking on it felt odd. The lighting made it appear as if stepping off the sidewalk would lead to quite the fall, but not a scary fall. The doorman asked for the name on the reservation, and then let us inside Aleighas Diner.
    “Oh my heavens! It’s like a romantic fantasy world.”
    April’s eyes widened as we entered the diner. I remembered it being beautiful, but it even exceeded my expectations. Our server greeted us from inside, and led us to our booth. The part that really amazed me were the menus, because the lettering popped out. Think of it like each letter was glued into the menu rather than being printed.
    “Luke, these seats are so comfortable. Why don’t you replace your blue couch with one made from this material?”
    “Hey, you were the one who picked out that blue couch. If I remember correctly you called it fluffy, and said it was the perfect couch.”
    “Yeah, I know, but I never felt anything like these seats. Look at the lighting and the stage!”
    “April, checkout the menu selection. You can order whatever you want.  They make everything from scratch.”
    “They have lamb chops. I’m getting the lamb chops. Imagine if they killed a lamb just for my order. I would feel so cruel, but a delicious kind of cruel.”
    “Ha, they don’t butcher the animals here. That would be kind of overboard don’t you think, and what do you mean by delicious kind of cruel?”
    “You can’t go overboard at a place like this, Luke. What! You don’t know what a delicious kind of cruel is? Oh, poor Luke. Well imagine I were to whip you in the back with one of those sex toy whips while wearing sexy lingerie. Yeah, the whipping would be cruel, but I would look so fine in my lingerie that the whipping would turn you on. That’s an example of a delicious kind of cruel.”
    “So, it’s a cruel that causes pleasure in some way or another. I get what you are saying. I’m going to get the buttered lobster, and that’s a delicious kind of cruel.”
    “Just imagine your lobster is probably swimming around with its friends right now in a fish tank in the back. Then yank, and your lobster’s life changes forever. Poor thing is going to be boiled alive, I bet. Should be animal cruelty if you ask me.”
    April has an odd sense of poetic justice. She doesn’t care if the animal is killed fresh, but she does care about how it’s killed. She doesn’t want animals to suffer, but she sure as hell makes me suffer. I guess the animals don’t deserve to die so it’s an unfair comparison.
Our server came and took our orders. I was quite surprised when April ordered a beer.
    “Hey, I thought we weren’t drinking!”
    “Shut up, Luke. It’s a date, and this is a rare thing for us. Have a beer. I don’t care, stupid.”
    I expected April to wait until the proposal to drink, but she didn’t hold back at all. I tried to keep conversation with her in order to slow her drinking down, and she ended up only having one more beer with her meal.
    “Damn, this lamb chop is melt in my mouth delicious. I wonder what their dessert options are.”
    “I already picked out the dessert for us. Sorry.”
    “What? When did you make this decision? It’s not like we are going to be eating out at this place every weekend.”
    “Relax. I chose the best dessert the house has to offer. I promise you’ll like it.”
    “So, what’s my dessert, Luke?”
    “It’ll be here any minute. Just wait and see, dear.”
    “Oh well, when did you become Mr. Mysterious?”
    “You don’t even know, April. You don’t even know.”
    I finished my second beer as dessert was being brought out. April’s eyes were star struck as the chocolate cheesecake was placed in front of her. My hot fudge brownie did not even compare to the chocolate cheesecake, but at least I got fudge. April’s napkin was placed right in front of her, and it was go time.
    “Mmmm, this is so good Luke. Want to try a bite?”
    “Sure, April. This brownie is delicious too.”
    I didn’t even bother offering April a bite, because she would say no anyway. Asking her would just make her feel like I was trying to make her fat. She’s a weird cookie, but she’s my weird cookie.
    “Wow. April, this cheesecake is delicious. I like how the napkins are folded as well.”
    April had opened her napkin and was face to face with the diamond ring. The sapphire infused gold band shined against the pink lighting, and the diamond itself was a pink color. I dropped my fork, swallowed the cheesecake as fast as I could, and dropped to one knee.
    “April, you are my best friend and you mean everything to me. You’ve had my heart from the moment I met you, and I want you to have it forever. Will you marry me?”
    April had tears in her eyes as she answered yes with excitement. I could tell she was genuinely surprised by my proposal. It took her a minute to gain her composure, and then another to try on the ring. Never in my life have I seen April shocked from surprise. After putting the ring on, April got up and kissed me. The kiss lasted a good five minutes, but it felt like forever.
    “We are engaged, April!”
    “I have a fiancé! Luke, I love you! Is that sapphire in the gold band of the ring? This must have costed a fortune!”
    One by one the servers came by our booth and congratulated us. One even brought a bouquet of orchids to give to April. I could tell she was overwhelmed by emotion, and knowing April it would mean a couple more beers at least. I can’t blame her for that, because I like to drink when I am happy as well.
    “I need a beer. Let’s have a beer, Luke.”
    “How about some shots, April? They have a full bar, you know.”
    “Shots of tequila it is.”
    “Alright April, but let’s take it slow. You know how I get when I drink.”
    “Oh, so now somebody wants to watch their drinking. Very well, only a couple of double shots then we can stop.”
      I had a pretty *censored*ing good buzz going, but Mrs. April got *censored* faced. We for sure were not making Ashburn hill, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she pukes her brains out on the train. Tequila is a *censored*ing monster, and *censored* faced on tequila, April is a demon. Luckily, she never requires babysitting. April the demon just goes until she gets sick and passes out.
            “This ring is so sexy! My harasser is going to be so jealous. Maybe this will get him to *censored* off!”
             “Why are you bitching about that guy? He's a *censored*ing loser that doesn't deserve your thoughts.”
              “I am so horny right now and your stupid ass has yet to acknowledge that. Everyone knows engagement nights lead to some of the kinkiest sex, Luke!”
             Bitches are looking in the direction of our booth, but we weren't going to let the haters bring us down. April mentioned sex, which isn't something she normally does. She really wants to *censored* tonight.
            “I guess we are saying *censored* it to Ashburn hill. To the bedroom!”
            “Luke, you're a moron. I said kinky. Ashburn hill is the bedroom tonight!”
             Luckily, I paid these *censored*ers in advance when I made the reservation. I'm not sure how they charged me for food we hadn't even ordered but I'm not a magician so who *censored*ing cares. we are having fun, I have a wife to be, and that's all that matters. We left the diner and April relied on me heavily to progress forward.
           “There's a beer on the wall, a beer on the wall, a frothy beer just chilling there. A beer on the wall, a beer on the wall, and I want that *censored*ing beer.”
             April started singing, which is something the demon is known to do. Oddly enough, April's speech never suffered during drinking. That bitch has some strong genetics.
           “Choo choo, *censored*s!”
           “Luke, are you going to *censored* me on the train?”
            “In the bathroom?”
             “Ewww you are gross Luke! You want to have sex where people poop? Do I look trashy?”
             “Well am I supposed to just *censored* you in front of everybody?"
 I am certain some sick *censored*er would film us *censored*ing on the train. The last thing either of us need is a video of us *censored*ing posted online. Genius, April.”
              “Hey dumbass you unzip your pants and I sit on your lap. I'll slip your cock into me. It's simple!”
               “Just wait ‘til the *censored*ing hill”
               We sat at the train station for a good ten minutes arguing about *censored*ing on the train. April must be experiencing an unscratchable itch inside her pussy to be this feisty. I wasn't going to do it no matter what. I am drunk, but I am not be-a-pedophile drunk. Yeah, *censored*ing in front of children makes you a pedophile in the eyes of the law. April just doesn't give a *censored* about the law right now. This is why I stopped drinking and she continued. I love that bitch.
               We arrived at Ashburn hill right before sunset. There was quite the crowd which meant we had to walk around to a secluded area. Luckily, trees and shrubs were everywhere along the hill, giving us plenty of hiding room.
               “I'm going to bend over, and I want you to put your dick inside my pussy. If you need instructions, read my ass.”
               This is the April I never get to see because she is quite vulgar, and sober April knows this. Last time we both got *censored* faced, we boned on the kitchen counter. Dishes shattered on the floor, chairs fell over, and we woke up hungover around glass. If she throws up tonight, she won't want to hear *censored* about it tomorrow. She always *censored*s up when she knows she gets a free pass, and engagement night is a free pass to drink.
                “*censored* Luke!”
             I opened my eyes and to my surprise we were on Ashburn hill. My penis was inside April, her legs wrapped around my waist. We must have fallen asleep while watching the sunset. Luckily, we chose a very secluded spot.
               “What is it, April?”
                “I'm going to be late to work and my head hurts!”
                 “April, calm down. Just call into work, and we can cuddle in bed all day. I have headache medicine as well.”
                We took the train back to my apartment and April called in sick to work. Her boss wasn't too happy, but I think that had to do with April not telling her if she was engaged or not. I gave April headache medicine and we cuddled all day and night.
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    My day off with Luke consisted of relaxing, emotion filled cuddling on the couch. As I walked into the human resources department, my mind abruptly left dreamland, and back into the expectation filled reality called the makeup world. Certainly a stack of papers would greet me as I entered my office, and I refused to say hello to work until after I got to brag about my proposal.
    “Lattrica, Luke proposed!” April said.
                “Girl, I told you so! Let me see that finger of yours!” Lattrica said.
                “How did you know he was going to propose? Did he talk to you about it?”
                “I already told you my thinking on that girl. I don't place my money on a losing bet ever. When is the wedding? I got a couple thousand on next month.”
    “One thousand on next month! What, is everyone looking at my life like some sports game to bet on? Am I the new hot topic for everyone in the office? Why can’t you be normal and just ask me how the date went?”
    “Oh please, you know how the office is! It’s rare someone stays with the company long enough to get engaged and married. We started the betting in just the human resources office because we are family. The pot just got big enough that word got out and all the sudden everyone was placing bets. Anyone who bet on you getting engaged threw in an early bet on the wedding month and year. I will ask you how your date went as soon as you finish reviewing our inventory. You know the quarterly review is tomorrow.”
 “What makes you so sure that I will be getting married next month, and why are you still worried about the inventory when I’ve only been gone one day?”
“I’m happy for you, girl, but we can save the wedding chatter for later. You know everything has to be perfect for the quarterly review tomorrow. Now go count that inventory and don't be scared now that you don't have my parking spot.”
                “Psh, why would I be scared?”
                “Girl, you are too fun to talk to. I thought you would get the reference since it happened so close to your fiancé’s apartment, but I forgot love land has no news coverage. They found a woman all cut up, and part of her brain and lungs scooped out with some sort of spoon. They found her body about a mile from your fiancé’s apartment. I tell you, if I was a bird, I'd be *censored*ting on the sicko who did this all day long.”
                 “Oh wow... Well I have faith in the Ashburn police. Plus, I have Luke to protect me so I don’t need your parking space! Now I am going to get this inventory count done so we can gossip.”
                  Lattrica was just trying to scare me, I’m sure. Besides, we parked our cars in a gated area. I had bigger things to worry about than the unlikely scenario of some sicko cutting me up. For one, Luke surely wants me to move in, and now I believe it is an appropriate thing to do. Also, we need to talk about the wedding. Luke is not going to be the one to plan my wedding, and for some reason I feel like he already started working on it. It's going to be hard for me to keep my head focused on work, but luckily our quarterly review happens tomorrow. After that, it will be two months of inventory unaccountability and handling remedial employee issues. I'll have to give a handful of interviews, but that's the fun part of the job. What employee for Magik makeup wouldn't like talking about makeup though?
                  April of course was already gone when I woke up. It was back to the blog world for me. I never write about murders but due to my location my boss gave me the topic. Turns out some woman’s naked body was dumped on the side of the road one mile from my apartment. The reporting detectives said she was skinned alive, and then chunks were carved out from all over her body. Her eyeballs were found in her asshole, and scoops of her brain and lungs were removed. Adrenaline was found in her toxicology report, so they know she was kept awake for the whole thing. It turns out a week ago a gas station called the police after a man crawled inside covered in blood with multiple cuts on his body. He claimed some guy believed miniature aliens were living inside his body. The details of that man's murder seem similar to this woman's. Of course, a dead woman can’t give an account of her murder, but the way she was killed seems like someone was searching her body for something. For my blogs purpose, I'm saying Ashburn has a serial killer on the loose. I’m going to call him the Ashburn Carver, because he carves his victims’ bodies.  I could be wrong, but this sensationalization will get me the views I need. The more views, the happier the boss is, the better likelihood of a pay rise, and I could really use a pay rise right about now.
    I can’t believe it! I have counted the inventory five times now, and the result hasn’t changed. Lattrica is going to be so upset when I give her the unfortunate news.
                    “Lattrica! Lattrica! We are missing one thousand sticks of lipstick! It's not reported in the sales, so I don't know who took it.” April said.
                  “Girl did I hear we are missing one thousand sticks of lipstick? You sure you are looking at the right numbers?” Lattrica said.
                   “Our expected inventory is one thousand more than our actual, Lattrica. Unless someone put the one thousand sticks back this morning, we’re missing them.”
                  “Girl how can this be? Go check the checkout clerks paper checkout logs and see if there are any unreported ones.”
                 Sometimes an employee will take more of a product than they report thinking we can’t track them, but our clerk's document every item an agent takes. If it doesn't show up in our system it will show up in the checkout clerks paperwork, because they document every item that is given to a sales agent.               
April got engaged! Everyone is talking about it, and they are making fun of me. Now they say that, “Avery is obsessed with an engaged woman,” and they tease me with wedding bets. They just don't understand my love for April. I can see beyond her ring, and into her soul. I have to do something to get her alone with me outside of work. It’s the only way I can stop this wedding.
                  “Hello Mariella, I need to see the inventory checkout logs for today and yesterday.” April said.
                   “Of course, Ms. April. Is there something wrong?” Mariella said.
                    “I believe someone forgot to log a checkout in the system. Do you remember giving someone one thousand sticks of lipstick, in a variety of colors?”
                     “I didn't give any single agent anywhere close to that much lipstick.”
                    “Alright. Start a new log for today. I will bring these back when I'm done cross checking them with the system.”
                      I took the checkout logs to my office, compared them to our system transaction logs, and I discovered something beyond stupid. The paper checkout logs showed a transaction of one thousand lipsticks that our system transaction logs didn’t show. 
“Lattrica! The paper checkout logs show the missing lipstick! April said.
“Girl, I told you! Even though someone was dumb enough to order one thousand baby blue lipsticks doesn’t mean somebody here is dumb enough to steal one thousand lipsticks. Sometimes our database doesn’t get updated for last minute transactions, and that is what happened here.” Lattrica said.
“Okay Lattrica. Are you going to explain to my why you think Luke and I will get married in a month?
“Finish looking at the inventory, then we will talk.”
I just don’t understand how a person can be so crazy yet so careful. I almost want to say the tiny aliens bit has to be some bull*censored* the Ashburn Carver uses to *censored* with his victims. The Ashburn Carver is a psychopath, and not a lunatic. Oddly enough, a couple weeks ago a man crawled into a gas station with cuts everywhere, but it’s too early for police to make any connection between the two cases. They interviewed him before he died in the hospital. When asked how he was captured, the man said he was walking on the sidewalk one moment, and chained up the next. The man also reported that his attacker had a tutu on which made him question his attacker’s gender. He said most likely male, but didn’t want to shut out the option of a female. I looked into the man's toxicology report and it only showed adrenaline, which is the same thing found in the woman's system. Normally, I don’t dig so deep into this type of stuff, but my boss assigned me to the case. Turns out he actually decided to check out my first Ashburn Carver blog, and saw that it had over one million views in just a few hours. He told me that anything read as much as my Ashburn Carver blog would make a good blog series, and blog series are a great way to get readers to come back for more. He told me to stop using the Ashburn Carver when his official name is released, because my blog needs to be true.
“Lattrica, are you going to tell me why you are betting on Luke and I getting married?” April said.
“It’s the end of the day and you still can’t drop that topic?” Lattrica said.
“But you said you would tell me. You are the one who said you only make winning bets.”
“Girl, you don’t get men, do you? You and Luke hadn’t been on a date in years and then one day he just decides to take you out on a date to propose. Think about that for a moment April. What changed to make him break routine by taking you on a date? What made him decide to propose?”
“I never really thought about those questions. I’m just so happy it happened.”
“A man has his reasons, even when he does something stupid. My guess is that Luke was battling some insecurities, and that battle ended. I’m no therapist, but people don’t just break their patterns. Nobody just decides one day to propose to the one they love. He’s probably been wanting to propose for a while, but his mind wasn’t right. People who have had insecurities holding them back also tend to want to make up time. They live fast at first, and that is why I bet you two will be married next month. Luke is living life fast.”
“Ugh, I won’t let him live life fast. That’s how mistakes are made.”
“Girl, going fast isn’t always a bad thing. You gotta drive fast to get there before the accident, don’t you? Just relax and enjoy your wedding next month! I’m going home early today, because I am one of the few who have to come in tomorrow with the quarterly review happening. Make sure the inventory is good before you leave and have a goodnight dear.”
“I’ll make sure to check the checkout log database before I leave. Goodnight.”
    This might sound terrible but there is no way I am sticking around to check the inventory at closing. The checkout clerks will give us a final number, and Lattrica will come into the office early tomorrow to double check the numbers before the quarterly review starts. I am so excited to have a three-day weekend with my fiancé, and we have a wedding to talk about. I still don’t understand why Lattrica is afraid her car will get messed with. Our parking lot has gates, cameras, and security guards stick around until the last person leaves.
    “April, is that you?” Luke said.
    “Who else would it be Luke? Are you engaged to multiple women?” April said.
    “Very funny, April. I’m writing about a killer in Ashburn so I’m a little bit on edge. You just never know who might be coming through your unlocked front door.”
    “Well it’s time to stop writing. I want to move in with my fiancé, and what better time is there than now?
    “Babe, it’s so late though. How about we cuddle for the night? Leave your apartment key on my kitchen counter and I can go move your stuff while you work.”
    “I don’t have to work tomorrow because of the quarterly review.”
    “Great, we cuddle tonight, and we can both go to your apartment tomorrow.”
    “Do you promise?”
    “Yes, April, I give you my word. First thing in the morning we go and move your stuff.”
                 “Okay, my knight in shining armor.”
             I can’t believe April is moving in with me. I guess all this time she has been waiting for me to propose to her. She could have just talked to me about it rather than making up silly excuses, but April has her reasons. I’m just happy that I get to cuddle next to her and call her my fiancé. I wonder how she’ll respond when she finds out we are getting married next month. I still haven’t told her about the reservation I made to Ashburn Gardens. I hope she isn’t mad considering she wants to plan her own wedding.
                   “I want to move in today. I'm going to need your help so can you get up already?” April said.
                   “You are the only person I know who wakes up ready to go, and it kind of turns me on.”
                    “Well maybe one of these days I'll wake up horny for my fiancé, and maybe that day will come sooner if he gets out of bed and gets ready to leave for my apartment.”
                    “Now that Ashburn has a potential serial killer on the loose, I wouldn't want you going anywhere alone.”
                   “Oh no! First Lattrica and now you. I have a better chance of getting you to never drink again than being the victim of a serial killer.”
                   “Yeah, but this killer is a gruesome *censored* who makes sure the victims are awake for everything. Why put that up to chance, April?
                  “Just shut up about it Luke! You know my opinion on this type of stuff. Getting attacked by a killer can be compared to getting in a car accident. At any given time, it could happen, but it's so unlikely there is no point in worrying about it. I worry about things that are relevant and probable, and I think that blog of yours has gotten to your head, Luke.”
                April rarely wears a seatbelt when she drives, because she sees getting into a car accident as an anomaly. April wouldn’t start wearing a seatbelt if she got in an accident because having two car accidents is less probably than having one. She will never worry about low probability events, and that makes her a bit reckless.
             “Stupid, we have a whole apartment to move, and you just want to lay in bed.” April said.
              “Uhh, a whole apartment? Don't you think we should just take the essentials? We don't need two beds, two couches, a second kitchen table, and so on.” Luke said.
               “You’re so lazy. I can tell you just don't want to lift all my stuff. Of course, we aren't bringing it all here! You are going to help me donate what’s left.
    I totally don’t feel like moving furniture first thing in the morning, but I did promise April that I would. She must be in a good mood, because she hasn’t held my promise against me.
    “Babe, can we have breakfast first? I thought first thing meant the first thing we do after we get ready for the day.” Luke said.
    “We can eat breakfast after. You didn’t say we can go move my stuff after we eat breakfast, did you? I think you need to stop making promises when you are horny.” April said.
    “Alright, let’s go move your stuff.”
    It took us six hours, and four different trips to move all of April’s stuff. We spent half of that organizing her things, because she had stuff everywhere. I gave her some *censored* about it, because she never fails to complain if my apartment is even a bit messy. April said her apartment is allowed to be messy, because she just used it to store her stuff. April’s logic being that you can live with someone, but you haven’t moved in with them until you bring your stuff over. Even I don’t understand her sometimes, but I have learned to pick and choose my battles. Today, I choose to cuddle and fight another day. I think I made a good choice.
“We have spent the past two days doing nothing but cuddling in front of the TV. I have to go back to work tomorrow, and we haven’t even discussed our wedding.” April said.
“Well Ms. Demanding, I have something to tell you regarding our wedding.” Luke said.
“You didn’t do something stupid, did you?”
“Well, if reserving the most beautiful wedding spot in Ashburn is stupid, then yes, I did.”
“I’m going to hear what you have to say about the most beautiful wedding spot in Ashburn before I get mad at you for not consulting me about the location of my own wedding.”
“Ashburn Gardens! How haven’t you heard about this place? The reservation is for next month and it cost me a fortune April. Please take the time to look at the photos before you start objecting.”
“Is Ashburn Gardens the place with a four-way waterfall in the middle?”
“Yes, it is!”
“How the *censored* are you able to afford that, Luke! That place is so *censored*ing expensive. I make a lot more than you and that place is out of my budget.”
Well, her reaction could have been a lot worse. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to marry April, but wasn’t sure when that day would come. I made a wedding fund and I religiously added money to it every month. I kept the fund in my underwear drawer because I knew April would never have a reason to look at my underwear.
“Don’t freak out, April. I made a wedding fund years ago to cover the down payment, and I will make monthly payments for the next ten years.”
“I’m sorry, Luke, I’m just surprised. You truly are going to make our wedding experience top our proposal. I can tell you have put thought into our wedding, but please let me plan the rest.” April said.
“Don’t worry, April, I haven’t made any plans past Ashburn Gardens. I was hoping you would take over on the planning.” Luke said.
“Oh, don’t worry Luke. If you are lucky I’ll even help you with those monthly payments. I just wish you would have planned it a little further out.”
“You don’t just get to pick any date for Ashburn gardens. I had to make a reservation last year just to get the date we have now. Couples from all over Newmerica make reservations there.
“So you planned everything in advance? That's so sweet!”
“I'm only your stupid fiancé you know.”
In all honesty, I only planned the wedding in advance. I wasn't sure when I should propose to April, and I ended up stalling on that part. The thought of her saying no wasn't something I could mentally prepare for. I was forced to propose when I did because of the Ashburn Gardens reservation. They don't give refunds and they don't reschedule, which added to the pressure. Looking back, there's no way she would have said no, but it's easy for me to say that since we’re engaged. I will say being engaged makes everything else easier. I don't have to worry about April rejecting me at the wedding, and from there we'll start a family. I feel like everything will be flow smoothly now, and I find peace in that.
“Wam bam thank you mam another quarterly review passed girl!” Lattrica yelled.
“Oh, thank goodness it's over. I was getting so sick of the intense inventory counts.” Luke said.
“At least your job isn't on the line every three months. Imagine the stress that brings. I'd love to be doing your job if it paid what my job does ha!”
“Oh, sure Lattrica... Who wouldn't find enjoyment in firing people? Your job might be more stressful, but you don't have to get your hands nearly as dirty as I do.”
“Hey girl you the one that said it.”
“What's that supposed to mean?”
“You are the one with the dirty hands so I’m giving you some of my dirty work.”
Oh, what a lovely gift. April parked her car partially out of the camera's view, and away from the security booth. I could easily reach the back half of her car without the cameras seeing me. If I pop her back tires she’ll be forced to walk home, but then Avery will save the day. Oh, my love yes you can ride with me! Then everyone will see that April and I are together. Let's see if they continue to make fun of me then!
Luke’s cell phone buzzed from the bedroom as it rested at the foot of his bed, and he rushed to it with concern. A number unknown to the caller ID lit up the cellphone’s display filling his head with more unanswered questions.
“Hello...Who is this?” Luke’s taut voice answered the cellphone’s call.
“Hello, is this Luke Aliona?” A male voice spoke.
“Uh yes... Who is this?”
“My name is detective Donovan. I’m calling in regards to an April Tsuki. Do you know her?” The detective’s words filled Luke’s eyes with apprehension.
“Yes, I am her fiancé. Is April alright?” Luke’s voice became quiet and projected the fear built up in his distressed mind.
“April has been in a car accident, and paramedics are currently working on dislodging her from the vehicle. I’ve been tasked to find out what caused the accident, and I could use your help answering a couple of questions. Do you have any idea where April was coming from, and what roads she might have driven down? Does April check her tires often, and has her can been in any previous accidents?” The detective’s first sentence sent Luke into a brief state of tachypsychia, causing each of the detective’s words to last a lifetime.
“I understand this is alarming, but if you could answer my questions I could get back to you with a more solid conclusion.” The detective tried to empathize with Luke in his search for answers, but the calmness of his voice diminished any possible concern.
    “She works at Magik Makeup. I don’t know how she gets home. She has never been in an accident. Is she alright?” Luke’s now quavering voice answered the detective’s questions as tears started to fall from his now downcast eyes.
“April is in good hands right now, and I promise you we will do everything we can to figure out what happened here. I need you to be strong and stay by your phone. Alright?” The detective’s reply lacked the comfort Luke’s heart desired.
April left without checking her tires. My love has escaped my hands yet again! Tomorrow I will try again, because we are fated to be together. If only April would take the time to see that Avery on the first floor is such a good guy. Tomorrow, she will find her car unable to start due to a leaking fuel line, but I will be there to save the day!
Luke’s cellphone droned on filling his mind with vexation. Tears plunged from his downcast eyes, and snot poured out from his runny nose. Luke’s left hand slowly grabbed his cell phone, and his right hand pressed the green answer key ever so softly.
“Hello, Luke? This is detective Donovan again. Are you there?” The detective spoke.
“Is… She… Dead?” Luke’s quiet voice struggled to slowly muster a reply.
“Paramedics pronounced her dead on the way to Ashburn City Emergency. She suffered a traumatic aortic rupture in the car accident, which resulted in too much blood loss.” The detective replied.
“How… could... this… happen?” Luke’s voice delivered his question in the tune of despair. Tears continued to pour from his downcast eyes, at an intensity that could only be compared to the saying it’s raining cats and dogs.
“Her right side back tire had a blowout, and she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. As her car flipped her head smashed into the driver side window, and glass punctured her aorta. We don’t know the exact details, but we assume the blowout was caused by a pothole in the road. We will know more once we finish the investigation, and I’ll contact you once the facts are in. The hospital will also be contacting you in regards to her belongings.” The detective said
The detective’s words transformed Luke’s hope and sadness into anger and hopelessness. Luke’s left hand hurled his cellphone aimlessly and without concern causing it to crash against one of his bedroom walls. Luke’s body sat at the edge of his bed, and his bloodshot eyes stared directly forward. For hours, Luke’s body stayed stationary as if he had a spinal cord injury before abruptly ending with sluggish, but decisive movements in the direction of his kitchen.
As Luke entered the kitchen his movements gained momentum revealing that his lifeless body became animated with the intention of reaching his champagne cabinet. “*censored*! *censored*! *censored*! Why didn’t you wear a seatbelt? Why didn’t you check your tires?” Luke’s wobbly voice spouted inconsequential rhetorical questions whose answers were known to him, but rejected by his soul.
“*censored*! *censored*! *censored*!” Luke’s wobbly voice continued to repetitively spout out the same profanity as he grabbed the key to the champagne cabinet. Luke’s right hand thrusted the key into the lock and turned it with force. He pulled the unlocked cabinet doors towards him, grabbed a corkscrew from inside the cabinet with his left hand, indiscriminately grabbed a bottle of champagne with his right hand, and ripped the cork off the bottle. Luke pressed the champagne bottle against his lips, and gulped down its contents as if the champagne contained medicine that could cure his despondency. Luke carelessly tossed the empty champagne bottle, aimlessly grabbed two more bottles of champagne from the cabinet, and walked in the direction of his bedroom.
Empty champagne bottles were laid around the bedroom carpet as Luke’s lifeless body sprawled across the uncovered, stained king-sized mattress that was once dressed in April’s elegant purple sheet set. The bedroom walls resembled nothing of their former selves due to the immense amount of indentations caused by the impacts of glass champagne bottles. Shattered bits of glass rested on the carpet under the wall indentations only to be complemented by the fallen tower made of empty microwaveable noodle cups. A glance at Luke’s tender feet would lead any spectator to conclude that he had been walking on the shattered glass during his trips to and from the champagne cabinet. A frayed rope had been nailed to the bedroom ceiling, and the end of the rope formed a noose. The rope was in poor condition, and a chunk of ceiling next to where the rope was currently nailed had been torn out.
Luke’s laptop display presented a news article titled, ‘Magik Makeup Employee Charged with Murdering Supervisor.” The article’s summary states, ‘Detective Donovan of the Ashburn City Investigations Unit arrested and charged Avery McMelliston with the murder of April Tsuki. Ms. Tsuki suffered a traumatic aortic rupture due to her car flipping from a tire blowout. Donovan’s team assumed the tire blowout was caused by a pothole in the road, but a quick look at the tires revealed that Ms.Tsuki's tires had been punctured with a blade. Further investigation led detectives to security cameras at Magik Makeup which showed Mr. McMelliston lurking around the parking garage. After a brief interrogation, Mr. McMelliston admitted to stabbing Ms. Tsuki’s tires. Prosecutors are pursuing first degree murder charges even though Mr. McMelliston claims his actions were all part of a plan to win Ms. Tsuki's heart.’
    Luke phone’s penetrating screams tore him from his numbing dreams and aggravated the painful throbbing of his dehydrated brain that had been camouflaged by his drunken slumber. Luke hastily grabbed his phone and sent it crashing into one of the dented bedroom walls. Obviously, Luke had no desire to speak with anyone, and his broken cellphone had become a testament to that. Luke rolled to the edge of the bed, grabbed the now half full bottle of wine that had been gifted by an unknown sender, guzzled it down curing his headache, and walked towards the kitchen.
    “I should just get it over with,” Luke’s hoarse voice mumbled as his pained face became dreamy signaling he had devised a plan to make the arduous world bearable without alcohol once again. Luke swiftly rushed to his bedroom closet only to reveal a pile of undone laundry he had forgotten about. “*censored* it.” Luke’s hoarse voice mumbled as he began to violently sift through the dirty clothes pile, throwing each piece of clothing behind him in his devote search to find the right outfit, only to abruptly end his search with the discovery of a wrinkled white dress shirt, and black slacks. Luke swiftly rushed to his bathroom sparing time only to shower away the weeks of filth his body bore, and to shave away the untamed jungle on his face. Once clean Luke grabbed his door key and wallet from the kitchen, glazed upon the now barren champagne cabinet with disappointment, and walked down the road in the direction of the neighborhood bar.

End of chapter 1

Chapter 2 wont be released until the final product, but ive shared this one on reddit/ on here in its infancy, which is why im fine with posting.
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