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Author Topic: Looking for Collaboration (Free Commission)  (Read 107 times)

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Looking for Collaboration (Free Commission)
« on: December 29, 2019, 12:35:54 PM »
Hi, I’m looking for a collaboration to help work on a story I’m working on. I have one other person currently collaborating with me to write chapters. I don’t mind if you give my chapters a complete makeover, adding details and your ideas to it. The collab would have to be for free for now. This is what I have so far, it’s 8 chapters : https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/25647/ericverse/chapter/375283/1-backstory-blocks-of-information

Description : A world filled with magic and new life is the universe that a comatose patient named Eric gets to live in. He even made it a multiverse of different creations created by others like him. They live in a simulation now. Do they ever want to leave and will they ever get to return back to actual reality?

Here’s part of the Synopsis for the story :

Jeff is a person who’s physical state is unable to function in the real world. He was given the option to create his own simulated world like Eric but chose to live in Eric’s simulated universe. He’s searching for others like Eric and himself to see what information he can gather about who’s behind this simulation deal.

Jeff, Eric, and others like them disappear from the simulated world whenever they get visitors at the hospital in the real world. Someone removes the gear required for them to be in the simulation everytime they get visitors and they reappear in the simulation when the vist is over, the gear having been put back on them.

The simulated Alicia, Jeff’s wife, has a midlife crisis when she finds out that she is a simulation and her thinking is just artificial thinking accomplished through next level complex algorithms. She wants to do whatever she can to prevent her and the simulation’s existence from ever getting terminated.

Someone like Eric and Jeff made a recovery and was able to function again in real life right when he was about to create his own simulated world or choose from existing simulated worlds. He makes it his mission to find out who’s behind the simulations and whats the connection between hospital patients and virtual reality companies. He searches for others like himself.

The one behind the simulations is a guy who came up with the algorithms for ai to think like humans and even made them able to use senses (like smell, feel) in simulations. He wants to implement his findings into real life physical robots so that ai robots can be created to be sentient. He implemented some of his technology on himself already. He also wants to create the ultimate alternate reality where time is different, an hour in real life can be years in the alternate reality. He wants people to be able to live much longer even if only in an artificial reality.

There are those who don’t want him to create ai robots with sentience because of fears that the sentient ai robots may one day overthrow humanity. They want to stop or eliminate it at its beginnings. They plant a virus in the simulation that creates deleters in the form of different things (dragons, etc.) in the simulation that the simulated people have to fight to not get deleted.

Some of the characters adventure through simulated worlds/universes to find answers and return to their original loved ones and maybe give security to their simulated loved ones. Some of the characters are working on the outside, in real life, trying to find answers with the simulation’s fate partially in their hands.

Thats all I got right now. Thank you for your time.
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