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Author Topic: A mother's love (one-shot)  (Read 404 times)

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A mother's love (one-shot)
« on: May 07, 2020, 01:48:33 PM »
This was a story i made for a Halloween writing contest last year, i wasn't able to submit it. So i'll just put it in the interwebs for people to see.

Another reason was because a friend of mine got mad and said it was either share it or make another one with 10 chapters. My mind say nay to the other choice not because I was lazy but, i had other stories i needed to focus on.

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Title: A Mother's Love
Genre: thriller



The sound of wood getting heavily pounded upon eminates inside the house


A woman inside breathing heavily frantically looks all around


The banging sounds won’t stop, the woman holds her head as she sees light peering through the window


A moment later a baby is heard crying up stairs


The woman hears the cry and hastily ran up to the child’s room


There the woman quickly blocks the door as the banging grows louder


The baby continues to cry even as the woman lifts the baby onto her bosom


“There, there, everything will be alright... mommy’s here” the woman says as she cradles the child


The banging goes on this time it can be heard outside the door of the child’s room




The woman turns her back from the door as she continues to soothe the crying baby


As she forces a smile, Tears well up on her eyes


Seconds later the door finally broke...




Group of people entered pointing guns towards the woman




the woman turns, showing herself to be covered in blood


“Oh god... dispatch we got a 187 and a possible 207A over” one of them says


“Ma’am drop the child...” another exclaims calmly yet aiming at the woman with a gun ready to shoot


The woman laughs in tears


“...Don’t you get it? I’m the victim! I’m the MOTHER!”


the woman turns her back, increasing the tension


The woman lays the child back on the crib now covered in blood still crying


“Hush... hush... Everything is alright... mommy has everything under control...”


The woman then takes out a bloodied knife


“Ma’am please step away!”


The woman didn’t care, she smiled with tears in her eyes and blood on her face


“Mommy loves you always...”


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