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Author Topic: Strongest Sorcerer / Saiky? no majutsu-shi ??????  (Read 589 times)

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Strongest Sorcerer / Saiky? no majutsu-shi ??????
« on: January 09, 2019, 06:08:22 AM »
Hello everyone... I'm AldrichCrescent/Pandasaur (pen name) from Crescent Panda Studio (future name of company :P). I've actually been here before... maybe 10 years ago? Welp... first of all... I don't know where to put this post... and i saw that this is where you place your original stories so I'm posting it here.

Anyways... I'm not here for self-introductions but rather to post my new project.

Title: Saiky? no majutsu-shi ?????? [strongest sorcerer]
(So what if it's Japanese?.. my country was under Japan for 3 years anyways :P)

Spell 1: I'll enter Rebirth!

Boundless. A word to describe this universe. The boundless, and vast darkness filled with life and light. A universe created, and not fabricated with some accident story. In this universe lies a stream of white light in space. It travels from one world to another carrying different souls from different times and places.

Then suddenly, one speck of light from this stream diverted its course. It flew to other worlds and galaxies, journeying through the endless universe unbound by time. For millions of years, this tiny light traveled to even the most remote corner of the universe and even discovered its edge called the profound loop.

As this light achieved the peak of physical knowledge, it started to look for other things to do. It has experienced living physically before but only for a short while. It yearned to have the experience again not just for a short period, but to fully realize life till satisfaction.

The tiny speck of light returned to the origin of the universe, it's center. A vast creation called the Myriad Worlds. This place contained the Ten Heavens, the Nine Hells and, the Seven Realms, the first of worlds to be created by the Ancient Origin Creator. As the tiny light reached this place, it soared up to the ninth heaven and saw an amiable-looking man in his early twenties inside a beautiful garden. The man was sitting near a pond, looking at the surface of the water that projected a vast world.

The man noticed the speck of light and humbly smiled as he looked at it. "Are you finally accepting your part in this controversy?" the amiable-looking man said softly. The speck of light, smaller than mung beans, remained silent. "To be reincarnated as a mortal soul would be another type of adventure don't you think?" The man continued. "I know you have been to all places there is, but isn't it boring to travel alone? By being a mortal soul, you can travel with other mortals and share experience with them."

The tiny speck of light answered with a question: "Your Excellency if I go through the rebirth, won't I lose my memories?" The speck asked this because he knew that after rebirth, the soul will be remade and past memories will be erased to make room for new memories so that the rebirthed person will not be confused about himself. This is an automatic program that the creator made in order to avoid problems with new souls.

The man then answered: "Yes, you will lose them. But your understanding will remain the same, you're character will still be there, therefore, you as you will still exist. You are unlike the rest of the souls, as you are the firstborn of the created. You might lose your memories, but will retain the understanding of the universal and heavenly laws that formed from the word of the creator." the amiable man smiled as he turns his head to look back at the projection of the pond, then continued. "The created has become worse. Era by era, they have forgotten the truth. They have diverted to other paths and even proclaimed themselves as gods, oppressing the weak and destroying the strong. The seven realms and the nine hells have gone out of order." The man was saddened by this. He felt his heart aching as he thought of the creatures overshadowed by this darkness.

"I am only a weak soul who went against the will of the heavens. How will I have the power to stop all this chaos?" The tiny light asked. "No. You don't have the power to do so. Though you have attained the immortal soul, right now, you don't have the ability to fix this problem that your relatives and that fallen star created." The man said. "Even she, one of my seven, your beloved, was not able to stop the madness that happened that year. You remember what happened to you right? Your mortal doom, her immortal life extinguished by schemes... Even I had to intervene." the man sighed.

The tiny speck of light remained silent whilst pondering upon his decision. Then the man said something that pushed him to answer. The man said "Your beloved just exited detention and has entered the mortal world and asked for incarnation. She thought you have entered the state of rebirth along time ago..." "I'll enter rebirth!!" the tiny speck interjected.

The man looked at him and smiled. "Are you sure?"


"Do you even know how to find her? It has been a thousand years in mortal time..."

"Your Excellency... I thought you said she just exited the detention?"

"Son... I believe you understand the concept of time? To me time is irrelevant. Now and a billion years has no difference." still looked at the speck of light with the same amiable smile.

"Your Excellency, I will find her even if I have to undergo millions of rebirths, even if I won't be able to remember anymore, even if... even if I have to go against heavens' will... your will... again!" the speck steadily said.

"Hahahahahahahahaah!" The amiable man laughed heartily. "Ok!" He smiled again. "Go, do my will. If you forget, I will personally come to remind you. Hehehehe. Go to the seventh realm, there, your purpose will be started."

The tiny speck hurriedly went and entered the seven realms.

The main switched his attention to the images in the pond. It now projected the tiny speck. Then he said: "Remember, the fallen star will always scheme against you, oh firstborn, inheritor of the seven realms."

Spell 2: It's been a good life
The seventh realm, also known as the Mortal Realm.

The tiny speck entered the vast realm and traveled through its thirteen kingdoms. He reached the Kingdom of Golden leaf and started to look for the empty vessel he was to rebirth one. This vessel must be a recently formed union of the male fire and the female ice. The fertilization of the male and female seeds.

Before the new creature will be born, a soul must enter the vessel. The soul is the breath of life from the Ancient Origin Creator. Once the mortal vessel becomes old or dies, the soul with all its experience goes back to the creator, and stores all its memories on the creator then goes back to the soul stream and returns to the mortal world to enter another vessel again. Sometimes, a vessel remembers its previous life during its child years but then forgets after time passes as it is refreshed to make space for new experience.

High Castle - Kingdom of the Golden Leaf

"This cannot be!" A loud angry voice rang in the hallway of the palace.

"Your Highness... The queen, along with the child... has passed away..." a person who looked like a physician stood solemnly at the behind the king.

"Why... why have the heavens forsaken me? What did I do to displease the ancient?" The king cried.

"King Cedric, the Six kingdom alliance is now invading our lands. I know you are grieving by the loss of your wife and heir, but we have the responsibility to protect our people.." a man in steel armor with bear-like body reminded the king of their situation.

"General San, how goes the preparations?" the king asked.

"Everything is ready Sire. The only thing left is your order to use our national treasure." General San replied. But as he spoke, he frowned at the thought of using such means to an end.

"General, this is the only way to protect the people. Remember, the blood of the Leafians is unique. The energy of the earth will always support us. The energy of the sky will always give us breath. The energy of the Stars will always give us life. Although we are not fighters, yet we are strong. If we use the national treasure, this strength will never be used by others. Our blood will be sealed and its strength is hidden. After death, we will hound these traitors as spirits!!" The king was angry. His wrath reached the peak of its scale. Thinking about the traitors that would rob them of their lives today, his face became red and eyes bore a fiery hatred that could consume the souls of who looked upon it.

The six kingdom alliance was once called the Seven Swords Alliance. It was led by the Golden Leaf kingdom accompanied by the Silver Sword Queendom, Black Steel, Emerald, Dragon forge, Dark wing kingdoms and Holy Land of Lir. These alliance brought an end to the reign of a demon who escaped the 3rd hell and tried to conquer the seventh realm. With its strength as an alliance, it destroyed the demon army and gave peace to all the lands.

But why would the alliance turn against their leader, the Golden Leaf? Why would they betray the man who organized them? Why would they attack the strongest of the 13 kingdoms?

The answer lies in the blood of the Leafians. During the war with the Demon army, known as the "War of the first fallen", King Cedric and his army used their bloodlines power to oppress the demon army. It was because of this move that they were able to win. But instead of praising the prowess of the Leafians, the Holy land of Lir incited distress to the other kingdoms. Claiming that the Golden Leafs power might be used to oppress and conquer their lands in the future.

The first to object to this claim was the Silver Sword Queendom. They were in-laws with the Leafians. The sister of their queen was the wife of King Cedric. But an unfortunate calamity was brought upon the laboring queen of the Leafians. During labor, the queen lost all her life force and birthed a premature soulless child. The Silver Sword Queendom lost all reason and agreed to join forces with the alliance. Though they deeply regretted this in the future.

As the armies of the Six Kingdom Alliance neared the capital, they ransacked and pillaged the villages and towns that belonged to the Leafians as they marched. The total soldiers they brought numbered up to 800 thousand. A combination of all the best and most unique fighters their kingdoms has to offer.

Facing this great army was the Company of the braves. There were twelve people in total in this group. This includes King Cedric, General Sans, and 10 other Emperor Art experts. They were supposed to have around 200 thousand soldiers but they were ordered to gather their families and head to the center of the capital. Although they were few, yet these ordinary soldiers have 5 times the strength compared to the soldiers from other kingdoms. This is because they were not physical fighters, but mages. Expert of magical and spiritual arts, of which goes against the doctrines of the Holy Land of Lir.

The company of the braves were only 12 people. But these individuals carry the bloodline of the Leafians. The bloodline of magic and spirit wielders. Each of this mages has the strength of 10 thousand men. 800 thousand from the Six kingdom alliance against the 12 mages from the company of the braves worth 120 thousand men. Though they were strong, quality was still overwhelmed by quantity.

Members of the company started to fall on after the other. As general sans stood on the battlefield, he finally realized why his king wanted to use their national treasure. Because if they were defeated, and their people enslaved, their bloodline will be used by others as a weapon for other wars. But by using the king's idea, their enemies will be deprived of this fortune.

General San raised this two hands as he mumbled some words. The thousands of berserked soldiers from the alliance madly charged forward to him. Thinking that he was surrendering. Killing him would earn a billion gold coins. Who wouldn't want that? Killing this old general would earn them a fortune that they cannot spend in their lifetime. Evil intent sparked in the eyes as they neared general San in rush.

The old general sneered and grinned. He turned his gaze towards the person standing behind him. "Your Highness, it has been a good life!" He smiled.

King Cedric smiled and bowed at the old general. "It has been a good life, general."

Spell 3: Crying Child
"Your Highness! It was my fortune to serve you and the ancient!" he shouted as he returned his attention to his foes.  "High lightning of the Heavens! Hear my call! Sacrifice!"

The soldiers of the alliance were only around 10 meters when a loud explosion was heard. Lightning bolts rained and
hit the soldiers. There was no room to evade. It was like water pouring from a waterfall. The bolts overflowed
from the sky and eliminate all living things around it. Only King Cedric was not affected by the calamity
as he was protected by the energy of the national treasure.

Half... exactly half of the remaining forces of the alliance got wiped out in this one move by General San. But the
price to pay was the consumption of his soul. With this, the old general will never be able to enter the stream
of souls.

As his sparkling body stood, it was already void of life. At this moment, the leaders of the kingdoms regretted their
greed and decision. So what if we conquer the Golden Leaf? With the loss of our armies that was much greater
than the "War of the first fallen", we are bound to suffer greater misfortune than the fortune we gain.
But all this thinking was going to change for the worse.

King Cedric Stood on top of the castle walls. Behind him was the vast center of capital were his people stood
with gazes of admiration towards him.

"Friends, My family, My people! Forgive me. This is all that this powerless man before you can do. This sin...
I will carry... that none of your descendants shall suffer in the future. If the ancient creator can remember our
faith, then he might save us from this eternity. I will use our National Treasure as the final means... to
end this war." The king said.

"Your Highness! We are with you till the end!"

"Whatever happens, we are still people of the Golden Leaf!"

"Hail King Cedric!"

"Hail the Ancient Creator!!"

The people shouted and exclaimed. Though they are to enter an eternity of nothingness, they were still
excited and happy that their king was always looking after them.

King Cedric smiled as he looked at the palace far away. His lifeless wife and child were still there. He had no opportunity
to bury his deceased family. Tears flowed out from his eyes as he remembered the love for his wife and
the yearning to touch his child... but this calamity happened.

"Cedric! Surrender now and be spared from this end!" A semi-bald man in his late 70s shouted.

"Old worm! I should have known it was you who incited this madness.!" King Cedric looked at this old man in

"Fool of a king! You heretics are banes of the 7th realm. If not for you evil magic and sorcery, none of this would
happen. Your deeds go against the Lir! The god of Light, Law, and Order!" the old man exclaimed.

The old man is Pope Bragar of the Holy Lands of Lir. A kingdom founded by the church of Lir, the largest religion
worshipping the god Lir. He was the one who waged the Holy War against the Demon Lord Turda-in in the
"War of the First Fallen". Now, he again, waged war against the Kingdom of the Golden Leaf. On the outside, was him
waging a Holy war. But on the inside, it was him wanting the powers of the conquered nations.

"Hahahahahahahaha!" King Cedric laughed. "Old worm, do you think things will go as you have planned?"

"Fool! There's no escaping your fate!" Pope Bragar retorted.

"Then... suffer disappointment!" King Cedric shouted as he raised their national treasure.

Bragar widened his eyes as he saw what happened. The citizens of the Kingdom of the Golden Leaf raised their hands
and placed it near their heart as if taking an oath. Then bright light flowed out of the national treasure
and encompassed the center of the capital, swallowing all that it passed through.

"Noooooo!!!" Pope Bragar shouted but there was nothing he could do. The capital of the Kingdom of the Golden
Leaf vanished without a trace. Nothing remained in the central capital. It didn't even resemble a kingdom anymore
if not for a huge castle at the end of the capital that remained in its place.

Loss.. a huge loss!! This War was for nothing. The alliance didn't expect the Leafians to have such treasure that
will make them disappear from the face of the realm. The scholars and Art masters were not able to answer this
mystery. The alliance lost more than half of their forces and gained only empty lands. There wasn't even a
single coin in sight. And the King's castle only contained simple rooms and ornaments. Nothing was worth more than
their sword and armor. What a tragedy. They earned nothing yet the cost was more than they could afford.

The Queen of the Silver Sword Queendom held in her arms the lifeless body of her beautiful sister. What she wondered
was that she had heard that even the child her sister bore died with her, but there was no corpse of a
child found near the vicinity. Only her lifeless sister.

Thousands of miles away - The Republic of the 3 States

"Uwaaaaa uwaaaaa!!!" A baby boy cried. As the child opened his eyes, what he saw was a tree, that blossomed with
pink colored flowers. But then he felt hungry... and the only thing he could do was cry for food.

Not far from the crying child, an old man came tumbling down from a small hill near the forest.

He was an energetic looking old man with leaves on his hair and mud on his face and clothes. His face showed an expression of surprise and bewilderment. Why the heck would a child be in the center of this forest? He was
just gathering some wild herbs when he heard the sudden cries of a little baby.

The baby was bundled in a thick white linen. on the baby's small neck hanged a ring turned into a necklace.

"What the!!! Who hanged this necklace on the kid!! Aren't they afraid it might strangle the baby??!!" He was
angry at the person who wore the necklace on the child.

As he was looking at the crying child... of which he had nothing to do with, a feeling of compassion whelmed in
his heart. Then he thought of something.

"I see..." The old man said. "This is my last mission before I join the others huh? You really give me no choices
... It's always been like this... to others... you gave thousands of choices... to me.. its only one...
you're just saying -Just do it!- huh?" He was looking at the heavens while mumbling.

"Oh well... so.. what do we have here?" He picked up the child and raised him up.

The little baby boy seemed to stop crying as it was looking at him. Then the child smiled with a rosy cheek.

"..." The Old man stared at the smiling child. A warm feeling engulfed his heart as he looked at the amiable
little fellow.

"What's your name kid?" The old man asked.

"Oooooooooooo" the child replied... with an "o" shape on his mouth.

"Hahahahahahhaha" the old man laughed. "You act like you understand me huh? Kid.. you think I'm a fool? Who'd
believe that you can understand me? You're just a new born brat.... er... the heck im talking too??!!! I might
be really crazy!!"


"Don't mock me!"


"......................" The old man then search for some clue as to where the baby came from. But the only clue
he could find was the ring hanged on the baby's neck.

On the ring were words written on the inside part. "Gin Ordric Dawnfall... Oh... a good name!"

The old man carried the baby and walked outside the forest. Leaving the lonely cherry tree behind.

Spell 4: Don't be surprised
A thousand years passed

"We're finally here!!! At last!" a hooded person exclaimed while facing the entrance of a small village.

Outside of Lopan village, a group of silver robed individuals has arrived near the entrance with the expression of relief shown on their faces. On their robes are crests with the shape of there leaves facing downward. There were 9 people, 6 males, and 3 females. The 5 males and 2 females were in their late 20s. The 2 other persons are in their teens, around 15-17 years old. All of them were Copper Level Mortal Arts practitioners. Among the seniors, 4 are rank 3, 2 are rank 4 and 1 rank 5. The 2 teenagers are both rank 2 Copper Level Mortal Arts practitioners. For their age, becoming rank 2 in the copper level of mortal arts was unprecedented. Usually, one opens a mana gate by the age of 20 and can become rank 2 by 21, rank 3 by 25, rank 4 by 29.

Arts is the method of increasing and using mana in their body. It is cultivating ones aptitude in using the energy of the world. Arts practitioners start with Copper Arts, the primary rank for a masterless Art neophyte. Levels of Arts are as follows. Each level is composed of 5 stages, which has 5 ranks in each stage. The levels are Mortal, Immortal, King, God-send and then the Emperor level. Each level has a stage. These are Copper, Silver, Diamond, Gold, and Orichalcum. The Copper stage of the Mortal level is the hardest to overcome. Since this is the first stage, it is where the Mana pool for the Arts is formed. Usually, by the age of 30, one can break through to the Silver stage then the rest of the stages will not be age reliant but must be overcome by talent as well as hard work. Either of the two will do. But some are unfortunate to be stuck in the 5th rank due to flawed arts, physical deficiencies, or bad luck from a curse.

But these two teenagers went beyond the norms. Rank 2 Copper Level Mortal Arts at the age of 15-17. Genius! Pure Genius!

"Alice, it's better if you stay in this village and..." the hooded boy started talking when a palm smacked his face covering his mouth and flattening his nose.

"What? Lyle? I can't hear you.." An innocent voice came out from the girl as she took her hood and muffler off. Leaving only a customized leather armor worm in a rebellious way that showed the prowess of a perfectly proportioned and well-endowed body.

".............." The young boy frowned helplessly as he looked the playful looking girl smiling at him.

The girl, although a teenager, looked like a fiery goddess that was sent to restore happiness to humanity. Her vermillion-red hair tumbled over her shoulders. Her face seemed to be molded out by the ancient creator himself to advertise His artistic prowess. She had a cheerful and joyous personality of the infectious type. She had a curvacious shapely figure which could cause wars between countries. A pair of arched eyebrows that matched the fairness of her emerald green eyes and angel-white teeth. If kings, even the best of friends, could see her, they would wage war with each other only of have this eye-candy jewel grace their presence.

But there was an exception. And this abnormality was the young boy named Lyle. The boy silently thought, "If only I can't see her face in you... If only you weren't her little sister... I would smack your head with a hand chop!!" This boy, who could ignore this otherworldly beauty, was actually deeply in love with her sister. So he had no thoughts of hitting on this playful girl.

But he couldn't say this out loud. If it were just them, he could. But right now, they were with other people who might think badly of him if he does. Plus, his relationship with the girl's sister was a secret no outsider must know.

"I finally got out of that place... now you want me to stay inside a building again? Ugh!!" The girl cutely pouted.

“No need to worry, It’s one of my dreams to enter this famous Sleeping Vine Forest and see the pet of the strongest sorcerer, Legendary spirit bull.” The teenage girl replied.


Suddenly a loud roar came from the deep forest and the ground trembled.

“The spirit bull!!” excitement and anxiety can be found in the voice of the 2 teenagers.

“Alice, when the bull shows up, please don’t…” The teenage boy was warning the teenage girl when he found out that the girl was nowhere to be seen. The others in silver robes were shocked to see that Alice is gone. Black lines can be seen in their sullen expressions. If something happens to Alice while on their watch, their whole clan will face extinction.

“Not again!! That little…” the boy facepalmed. “Oh well…”

“Sir Lyle… what do we do?” The leader of the group asked as he trembled in fear the calamity they would face.

“No worries… she does this a lot. It’s the first time she’s with you guys so you might get a little surprised at everything she does.” Lyle said calmly

Surprised? Surprised?! We’re facing the extinction of our whole clan if something happens to her!

But to their surprise, Lyle was very calm.

Spell 5: I don't speak Bull
At the age of 5, Lyle was brought to the Silver Sword 10th division barracks by a stable caretaker. He was an orphan from a clan that was destroyed during a war. The barracks was then invaded by a horde of goblins that started to pillage and destroy. The barracks at that time was unfortunate for sending most of their trained men to a war against a neighboring rival country. Only one Art expert remained and that person was only a Copper arts rank 1 fire practitioner-in-charge of the cafeteria.

The goblins and hobgoblins led by a goblin general brought havoc on the barracks. Lyle, together with the other servants of the barracks fled to the inner camp escaping from the slaughter when suddenly a knight protecting them was shot by a goblin archer. The arrow pierced through his eyes through the back of his head. Instant death.

Lyle picked the knights sword. He was full of courage fearless of death. He had no family and no one to care about. Even if he died, no one would weep or miss him. So he was determined to fight.

“If I will die anyway, I will bring a lot of enemies with me!” He said to himself.

Unknowingly, a bloodline skill was activated. His clan’s bloodline, the Spirit Sword Arts woke from his blood and opened his cultivating body to rank 2 copper arts. Although it was a low rank 2 copper art, it was a bloodline art. He can suppress experts up to rank 4 copper arts. So when his power was awakened, he slaughtered the invading goblin army including the rank 5 copper art goblin general. Since that day, his name rang throughout the empire and was named Lyle the Silver Wolf.

He grew up the Alice and her sisters. And fell in love with the eldest of the three. He was then tasked by her lover to watch over their little sister. For many years he has done his duty. For many years he has endured greatly. For many years… he suffered daily. This is because of the carefree run-off-the-mill Alice. A headache… this little lady truly causes heart problems. Fortunately, Lyle was already immune to shocks done by Alice due to his many years of experience.

“Ok let's look for the little tomboy” Lyle sarcastically said while smiling as he ran into the dense forest.

“….” The rest of the silver cloaks blankly stared at the back of Lyle.

“Wow… this kid is brave… talking about her like that.”

“Yeah. I wouldn’t call the lady ‘little tomboy’ even if she is”

“Well, the Silver Wolf does have a special relationship with them.”

They were amazed and astonished at Lyle. They had deep respect and admiration for him who was now well-known throughout the empire. Then they followed him towards the Sleeping Vine Forest.

-Inside the sleeping vine forest-

Alice was jumping from tree to tree pretending to be a ninja. She then saw a beautiful pond in the middle of the forest. Beside the pond is a single cherry tree that shows its age as something that has survived 1000 years. The thousand-year-old tree that bore the scars of being cut down. A bloody bandage was wrapped around the trunk signifying that it was placed back up and was mended.

“This tree… there’s a homey feeling surrounding it.” Alice thought to herself while nearing the pond.
She then saw that around the pond were strawberry patches planted in an arranged order. Inside the pond, she noticed something moving. Alice neared the pond and looked at the center. Then fear struck her. Beads of sweat started to drop from her face.

Two blue glowing eyes were present inside the semi-translucent pond. An aura that cannot be measured! As Alice was standing near the edge of the pond, blue aura filled the pond like wild flames. She saw a huge creature, 8 feet in height, slowly rising from the center of the pond.

It was the spirit bull!!

“Oh my stars…” Alice nervously said as the tyrannical spirit bull showed itself.

The spirit bull was surrounded by an aura that looked like blue flames. An arrogant expression can be seen on its face, looking at her with its scornful looking blue eyes. It had two horns but the right horn was cut. A scar over its left eye, a body filled with well-toned muscles.

The presence of the spirit bull brought heavy pressure to its surroundings. Its power level surpassed Alice 10 fold.

It was angry. It was happy. It was annoyed. It was surprised. It was confused. It was angry again. A dozen expressions can be seen on the face of the spirit bull. It sensed familiarity with Alice but then it showed aggression.

“He now big thing… I’m just passing through…” Alice nervously smiled at the bull.




“Err… sorry I don’t speak bull.”


Arts Aura came out from the bull’s body adding more pressure to her.

“Now… what have you gotten ourselves into…”

Lyle arrived with the rest of the group. They were also shaking from the aura of the spirit bull.
At first, their main objective in this expedition was to hunt for the spirit bull. An elder of Lopan village issued a quest to the Silver Sword empire’s hunter’s guild. The spirit bull has been causing havoc in their village for many years that even their records cannot determine when this started. Each time the bull comes to visit, its route has been determined. It first smashed a hole on the village head’s house, takes some carrots from a nearby farm plot, visits a worn down wooden house and sits in front showing the feeling of sadness and longing, then returns to the deep dark forest.

“At a count of 3, ready yourselves… we will attack with all our strength.” The leader softly said. “one… two…”
Lyle grasped the handle of his sword, ready to swing in a few moments while Alice was readying her Arts.


The seven silver robes from the hunters guild jumped and aimed their weapons at the spirit bull.

“Seven-star formation!!” This was the hunting formation the guild used to hunt titan level creatures. They deemed the spirit bull to be a titan class. Their most powerful hunting formation. It required seven people with arts above rank 2 Copper Arts.

As their attack neared the spirit bull, the big “bringer of calamity” calmly watched. It had a mocking grin and arrogant look.

The moment their formation reached the blue aura of the bull, something unbelievable to the hunters occurred.

Their attack was reflected by the aura and damage them instead. The seven of them spew blood as wounds appeared on their body. It was the damage caused by the seven-star formation.

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Re: Strongest Sorcerer / Saiky? no majutsu-shi ??????
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2019, 09:53:06 AM »
Less than that Aldrich. I'll be honest, after the drama of when you left, I didn't expect to see you again. Nevertheless, welcome back to MR!

So what have you been up to these last 4 years?

Will review stories upon request. My latest arc: http://goo.gl/KYgsfF

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Re: Strongest Sorcerer / Saiky? no majutsu-shi ??????
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Damn now I've seen everything. It's been a minute, Aldritch!

What he said.

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Re: Strongest Sorcerer / Saiky? no majutsu-shi ??????
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Oh! Heya Coryn and Lego. Hehehe. Well, being ever since I changed profession to Highschool Science teacher, I haven't done any artistic thingy for a very long time. Aside from drawing illustrations for my students on the board. XD

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Re: Strongest Sorcerer / Saiky? no majutsu-shi ??????
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Welcome back^^
Sorry this was piled down in the recents^^
Its this still your current project?^^