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Author Topic: Spirit War - Manga Comic Series Project  (Read 766 times)

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Spirit War - Manga Comic Series Project
« on: January 08, 2019, 02:55:11 AM »
Hey guys,  this summary below is a personal project of mine.  Right now I could use as much input and ideas to add as possible but soon I am looking to turn this into a Manga Comic Series and will need the help of anyone and everyone willing and interested enough to step up and envision a great Manga from this idea.  Writers and artists will be welcomed.  However, everything will be without payment, at least, until I can afford to pay anyone so I do not care how well you write as long as you give me great ideas and I don't care how well you draw as long as it is visibly recognizable by the community and they can really get a kick out of the artwork and not turn their eyes to something else because they are looking at something that looks like a toddler drew. XD  Anyways, I look forward to working alongside anyone who comes to me, interested in this project.  See ya around! (If you have a discord, let me know your username)

Spirit War

A bloody, century-long war took place between two colonies, the Devarii and the El'gora.  Both sides fought a brutal battle led by a Spirit Warrior who was able to use their own life force to release mythical creatures from the spirit world to fight alongside them.  These two spirit warriors had perfected the art of spirit communication called Realm Binding and unlocked the ability to release spirit entities of unknown origin both of good and evil.

Both warriors fought long and hard even after the soldiers from both sides retreated. The ground began to shift and the earth’s surface began to crack. The longer the spirits fought the more exhausted the warriors became.  This exhaustion caused their bodies to age drastically and it would have, eventually, led to their souls being bound and locked away in the Spirit Realm for eternity.  The Spirit Realm is not only a place where spirits can live and grow but also a prison for dangerous souls who sought to control what can not be controlled.

The warrior of light drew back before this could happen because he knew that the power was not his to wield.  However, the dark warrior did not feel the same way and wanted more; but before he could land his finishing strike his soul was immediately ripped from his chest and his body turned to dust.  The beastly spirit that had been corrupted by the dark energy of its spirit host was also cast away never to be seen or heard from again.

Good had triumphed over evil and the people of the Earth lived in peace for 12 years. Unfortunately, peace is not something that lasts forever. An apprentice of the dark spirit warrior continued, in secret, to study, train, and pass on the lessons he learned from his Master.  This young man found a way to consume others spirit creatures to strengthen his own stripping any spirit warriors of their abilities and, as was done to his Master, ripping out their souls and making his abilities stronger.

After that fateful day, many dark apprentices of this man had begun to devour the world and conquer it with their abilities.  The spirit warrior who defeated the evil long ago trained 7 individuals in all he knew before he passed away of old age. They called themselves The Knights of the Spirit Realm but they failed to find a way to counteract this new dark ability and one after the next, each great Spirit Knight fell to the hands of this dark warrior. 

Luckily, they had found a way to separate their souls from their bodies and did so moments before he could take them.  These souls held the very essence of their Master and were the only way this evil warrior could reach superiority to cause a ripple in space opening a pathway into the Spirit Realm where he would consume every last one of the spirit creatures and become the most powerful being in the universe.  When he realized that the bodies were emptied of their souls he was enraged and, in his anger, he levelled the entire city where the Knights of the Spirit Realm had lived killing every last one of the Spirit warriors ever trained; or so he thought.

He returned to his own city and declared an all-out war on the entire planet. Domination was his goal and destruction was his pleasure. Seeing these disasters unfold and knowing how strong this one enemy was, the rest of the world came together to fend off the rising evil and succeeded for years.  However, they were all running out of soldiers and resources and started to cause emotional and highly destructive civil warfare within the boundaries of the alliance. The relationship between all nations of the Earth was about to crumble until a young man approached the frontlines and revealed himself as the last living Spirit Warrior.  Though, still having much to learn, he manages to shake the enemy and cause them to retreat.

However, he also noticed, after the battle, that there were no dark spirit warriors connected to these spirit creatures.  They had been created and then sent out without a warrior to control them. They were more reckless and most of them would fight to the death.  They were being controlled, somehow, by someone strong enough to separate themselves from the creatures causing them to rampage.

The battle may have been over but the war had yet to begin for as soon as the dark warrior discovered of this warrior of light that had survived the onslaught he was not going to let this boy interrupt his plans.  He begins by sending his apprentices, one at a time, to destroy this young man and, eventually, he finds a way to defeat them all. By the time he has to step up and take care of this young man who threatens his plans, he has learned that he has been gifted with all of the souls of the Knights of the Spirit Realm which, in turn, allows him to become stronger every time he defeats a corrupt host.

Entering into the result of the battle, they finally reach a stalemate until the young man is gifted with one more ability.  To call forth all creatures from the Spirit Realm. However, what the young man doesn’t realize is that he just saved his enemy the trouble of consuming his soul in order to reach the realm and take the power of all of the creatures.  He erupts in fire and as his skin melts off of his bones he is reborn as a Spirit Demon. He begins devouring every spirit being around him as the young man tries to counter it but with no such luck.

It then comes down to his personal spirit entity and this demon lord.  The young boy pushes hard to fight off the demon and the harder he fights the weaker he gets.  He begins to age fast and falls onto his hands and knees as his only spirit entity is consumed. The demon laughs menacingly and says some things to the young man. However, when the demon tries to take his soul he is shocked heavily and shot back a ways. Coming back with an angry roar the demon is about to put everything into one last strike on the boy but then the 7 Knights appear and surround the young man.

A light shoots out from his body and connects with the body of the demon.  The spirit creatures are ripped out of the demon and returned to the young man.  Afterwards, the demon becomes wild as it begins to grow in size. The evil warrior who became the demon was no longer inside.  His soul was destroyed and now all that is left is a rampaging beast with even more power. The young boy, with the help of the 7 knights, bring every last spirit creature together to form a giant spirit entity of unknown origin. 

The last battle begins and the young boy is victorious.  Yet, again, peace only came for a time because after a few decades a creature landed on the planet.  One, whose aim was to travel to the Spirit Realm and destroy it leaving only the Demon Realm that would corrupt all life and cause chaos that would wipe the universe from existence.

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Re: Spirit War - Manga Comic Series Project
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2019, 02:20:52 AM »
is this still ongoing?^^