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Author Topic: My Sister the Goddess Primer  (Read 1638 times)

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My Sister the Goddess Primer
« on: January 22, 2008, 10:51:03 AM »

With the comic going online soon wanted to give you a plot overview.

My Sister the Goddess

A year and a half have passed since Delia died saving her sister from a possession. Now Arabella and Cecil have to pick up the pieces and get on with their lives. They have become estranged and decide to go their separate ways.

Cecil has gone to the Pentacle, a school where witches are trained in their craft. Partly, out of guilt, since she was the one who was possessed. Partly, to honor her heritage as a witch. She must come to terms with both as within the school lies and betrayal began to surface and Cecil must decide who she really is.

Arabella has moved out of the Blossom Patch and in with Michael her childhood sweetheart. She tries to leave her witch hood behind and create a normal life. However, she is haunted by the death of Delia, as she is the one who killed her in one terrible moment. Michael does his best to consul her but, she has never told him she was a witch and she knows she must tell him in order to move forward.

Then Belldonna appears to Arabella and warns her of an approaching threat. Arabella is thrown back into the world she tried to leave.

A new faction of magick users appears and threatens both Mage and Witch alike. This appearance coincides with the prophesied return of the Goddess.

Now the sisters must work through their differences in order to meet these challenges as the stakes become higher than either could ever have imagined. The goddess wants to use the soul of their dead sister to return and the reason why is just the beginning as Arabella and Cecil come face to face with reality and all of it’s unfairness.

This is the second series in the ‘My Sister’ story. A coming of age tale… with a touch of magick!
My Sister the Demon/Goddess online comic