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Author Topic: Looking For Feedback For Part 1 Of My Magic System  (Read 438 times)

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Looking For Feedback For Part 1 Of My Magic System
« on: December 31, 2018, 01:36:21 PM »
Here's a new draft I've been working on for the magic system for my story that involves a magic system utilized by shaman. I'm looking to create a shaman power system that provides an alleyway for characters to present their abilities and powers as reflections of themselves and their personalities, but most importantly to maintain a narrative aspect of self-reflection and a journey of personal evolution since the focus of the story is on shamans. I'd appreciate some feedback, advice or suggestions that would greatly improve on what I have so far.

What is a Shaman?

Shamans are individuals who communicate with spirits to use magic against evil yokai and other spiritual threats. To become a shaman, one must have undergone a Calling, a rite-of-passage involving spirit orbs visiting and offering certain individuals experiencing sudden extreme illness due to psychological trauma, to become one. These individuals, should they accept the role, will awaken their soul, allowing the increase in mana to treat their illness, marking the start of their journey; the path to spiritual self-realization.

Another method exists known as a Baptism which involves an experienced shaman unleashing a powerful spell on someone else to stimulate and awaken their soul. However, this method is much more dangerous with rare success rates. The result of failure could potentially lead to crippling or killing the subject.

What are Souls and Mana?

Mana is the building block of all life and magic drawn from the Great Spirit. For humans, souls provide a source of mana and life, and when they die souls disperse into mana and return to the Great Spirit. I'll go in greater detail about souls later in another post.

What Are Orbs?

Orbs are elemental spirits who act as extensions of the Great Spirit. Orbs often appear like light particles to normal humans and shine certain colors whenever used depending on their respective elements. For example, Fire Orbs shine red while Water Orbs shine blue. There are two types of orbs: Nature Orbs and Guardian Orbs.

Nature Orbs: spirits born from nature such as plants, mountains, soil, rivers, natural phenomenon, and etc. Nature orbs often appear animal-like.

Guardian Orbs: spirits bound to objects or places of worship. Guardian Orbs often appear humanoid due to being born from the wishes and desires of humans.

What Are Mediums?

Shamans are divided into four classes based on the practiced medium. Whichever class one falls in depends on their soul and heritage.

Animist: Animists are shaman who tame beast and creature familiars to assist them in combat and other tasks. Some familiars specialize in unique abilities. For example, spiders can create threads from silk, and an octopus can create ink. Most Animists hail from the Western Forest.

Mage: Mages are shaman who mix dances with martial arts to perform magic. Most Mages hail from the Eastern Mountains.

Meister: Meisters are shaman who wield weapons and tools to perform magic. Most Meisters hail from the Northern Tundra.

Warrior: Warriors are shaman who shapeshift into the elements. Most Warriors hail from the Southern Desert.

What Are Prayers?

Prayers are ceremonial magical actions shaman perform to command the elements by bargaining with orbs for mana. Once shaman harness the orbs' mana via a medium, they are finally able to cast a prayer. The costs depend on various factors such as distance, power level, and duration of the prayer. Because every person’s soul has an affinity towards one of the four elements, shaman generally seek out orbs who match their affinity. Though shaman are not limited to a single element and may have efficiency in two or more, they must first master their affinity.

There are four main types of magic with each corresponding to a specific purpose and type of emotion. As such, magic can be stronger or weaker depending on the state of mind of the shaman and their affinity. The underlying lesson in learning the elements giving shamans a better understanding of themselves to create better versions and affinities relate to the challenges in their lives they face.

Fire Magic: Fire Magic allows the user to manipulate heat and flames. Users of this magic can use different branches of flames with each characterized with color and unique property. For example, red flames are destructive while yellow flames are healing. Fire magic corresponds with the trait of passion and is weakened by guilt.

Water Magic: Water Magic allows the user to manipulate water and its various states. Water magic corresponds with the trait of truth and is weakened by lies.

Earth Magic: Earth Magic allows the user to manipulate earthen materials such as rock, sand, and dirt. Earth magic corresponds with the trait of stability and is weakened by fear.

Air Magic: Air Magic allows the user to manipulate air and wind. Users of this magic are capable of creating air blades, utilizing sound and, in addition to supercharging air particles to create electricity. Air magic corresponds with the trait of intuition and is weakened by illusion.