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Author Topic: Looking for Artist  (Read 765 times)

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Looking for Artist
« on: December 24, 2018, 01:29:33 AM »
Hey guys, I'm looking for someone to help with a long story idea of mine. Payment can be talked about in pm if you are interested. The manga is a fantasy adventure sienen. I'll have the first chapter for you guys here
Hyde: [starts regaining consciousness, awakens confused to find himself in bed]

Gia: Seems like he's finally waking up Rin.

Rin: about time, youve been out for quite sometime little guy. But don't worry now, you're in our hands.

 *As Rin smiles, the scene cuts to Hyde and his group on a mission a few months before the current scene*

[A group of 5 assassins walk through a palace, Hyde being among them, as they make their way into a room. Sitting upon a thone before them is the king of the Senkia Empire]

Zuro: It is a pleasure to be before you again our king. *the group begin to bow*

King Senkia: please stand, with the service you and your group have provided, you all might as well be kings men yourselves.

Zuro: please, we are not worthy of such praise from you our lord.

King Senkia: *chuckles* I see that boy is still among your group, has he been serving you well?

Zuro: yes my lord, He's gifted with natural talent, I'd say he's even as good as your guards my lord.

King Senkia: quite interesting, well let's get down to business, we both know I wouldn't have called you in here to play catch up. [the king rises from his throne and walk over towards the group] It seems one of our generals have gone corrupt. You do remember General Sao correct?

Zuro: indeed, everything shall be over soon my lord, please be free of your worries [The group vanishes from the room]

*we get a view of a fort in the distance, just outside the area in the woods, our group lays waiting.*

Sai: So what's the plan here?

Zuro: Knowing Sao, he wouldnt be unprepared. We can't rush in carelessly.

Mai: Can't hyde just freeze the place or something, you can handle that right little guy?

Hyde: *censored* off, you know my magic isnt that strong yet

Zuro: calm down you two, I've already got a plan, Axel you still carry your ace up your sleeve right?

Axel: so it gonna be that kinda mission huh?

Zuro: Sadly,
[As Zuro begins explaining the plan, we see the group moving in on the base]
There's probably a whole army force waiting for attacks, our best bet is to move in at a corner, well need Mai to keep us underground until we get inside the walls. From there, its kill everyone in sight. move as fast as possible.

Group: Roger!

[we get a gory scene of troops being killed inside the walls of the cities defense.]

Zuro: The problem with this city is there's only one way to alarm those inside of danger, and that system is within there defense.

Axel: that's the last of them right?

Zuro: yup, now for phase 2, Sai go for it.
Sai: with pleasure boss
[As Sai walks up the stairway in front of them to the top of the wall, pulling a bow from his back along with 12 arrows, each with engravings. We hear Zuro continue his plan.]

*Zuro: we have to make sure no one escapes as well,  You still have those arrows right Sai.

*Sai: Never leave anywhere with out them

*Zuro: Okay, so then you two know what to do

[just then the arrows are let off and fly right over the city creating an arc.]

Mai: looks like im up! [running up the stairs mai leaps up into the city as she chants her spell] Tsuchi no kabe! [clapping her hands together, they become filled with a magic essence, just as it does she spreads her hands outwards. The arrows lined up in a perfect arc above the city form and earth dome that cover the top of the city, connecting each part of the wall to each other. Just as the dome is fully formed she lands in the city]

*Zuro: once mai completes her end, well have to act fast and begin killing off the weak, [we see axel slowly walking up to the front of the wall] once you see the wall then ill need you to use your Ace card Axel.

Axel: Guess its party time already huh, [Axel begins reaching into his bag]

*Zuro: Well only have one chance at this and its pretty risky, everybody make sure you take position.

Axel: [axel pulls out a bottle that read 99% alcohol]  I was gonna save this for the after party but I guess this works too [as he opens up the large bottle, he drinks it completely down] wooooooooooooo, that sure hits the spot! [letting out a burp, a flame releases from his mouth so large it engulfs the city and sets it a blaze] I did my part guys, [looking all woozy] make sure to get me when this is done [axel falls to the ground face first]

*Zuro: Once everything’s in play, it’s find and destroy

[we see mai shoot out from the ground looking menacingly while wielding her katanas. The rest of the group begins there move as well on the burning city. As soldiers try fighting back they’re clearly out classed. After a bit of time Zuro looks over and sees someone shoot up towards the upper wall creating an opening In the top wall]

*Zuro: this general if I remember right is a little greedy now, so while we all execute everyone, he’ll seize his opportunity to escape, this is where you come in Hyde

Hyde: spina di ghiaccio!
 [as the general shots up to the opening, Hyde creates an ice needle big enough to block the opening. The general looking down at the scene finally looks up at his escape route, being too late to realize, shots straight into the needle dying instantly]

 [the next scene shows the group infront of the burning city with axel on the floor]

Zuro: seems like everything went according to plan, good work team.

Hyde: We only did what was expected of course

Zuro: It seems your getting quite used to this, you have one last task at hand however Hyde

Hyde: what’s that?

Zuro: Carry axel until he’s at least sober enough to think, everyone else let’s get a move on. We must report to our king ASAP

Mai: see you later kiddo

    [The group disperses leaving Hyde with axel]

—————————end chapter————————— 

Let me know what you guys think, I look forward to hearing from you guys soon.

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Re: Looking for Artist
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2018, 04:52:41 AM »
Send to you a PM

Cheers :)