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Author Topic: [Rev-Share/Royalty] Looking for manga artist(s) for indie fighting game project  (Read 630 times)

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A few people and I are working on an indie 3D fighting game taking its inspiration in franchises such as Street Fighter, The King of Fighters or Power Instinct (G?ketsuji Ichizoku) for example. I do have a few artworks done for the characters but I would like to translate them into an anime/manga version.

I am looking for one of several artists willing to help and provide various artworks with a professional (or approaching) rendering quality. The drawings will be used to help the 3D artists in their work, to illustrate a possible crowdfunding campaign, for in-game and commercial content.

Please, keep in mind that we don't have any funding at the moment and cannot afford to pay anyone right away. All the work is unpaid until further notice.

If you are interested, contact me via email or through the website's inbox so I can discuss it further with you and email you our polycount thread so you can get a better understanding of what we're working on.


- Shane