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Author Topic: How to draw/paint a plaid pattern (digital art tutorial)  (Read 123 times)

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How to draw/paint a plaid pattern (digital art tutorial)
« on: October 31, 2018, 01:00:54 PM »
I just gave my character a nice sweater and figured I would explain how I made the plaid pattern. This tutorial requires a little previous experience with digital work, as I don't explain every single detail. Ask if there's anything you want explained more and I will oblige :)

Step 1: Procure a lineart
-draw your own or use a free to use one on the internet.
-you can download this tutorial image to use as well :)

Step 2: Do the base colour
-On a new layer in a new folder, paint the main colour of the clothing around the borders and fill.
-Your layer order should be:
>Lineart, set to Multiply
>Layer Folder, with base colour layer inside (the folder will contain everything we will do) (it's not necessary but keeps it neat)
>White plain background

Step 3: First set of stripes
-Make a new layer in the folder, above your base colour, and set to Multiply
-Use a paintbrush to paint the same colour (or a different colour), and make a set of stripes. Remember the folds of the clothing will affect the stripes as you draw them
-Erase any paint that goes over the boundary, or use a layer mask if you know how.

The stripe layer on it's own:

All layers so far:

looks pretty good already. You can stop here and have nice stripes, or move ahead.

Step 4: Second set of stripes
-Make another new layer, above your base colour, and set to Multiply
-Repeat as above, but for horizontal stripes

the stripe layer on it's own:

all layers so far:

looks even better, right?

Step 5: add more stripe layers
-You can add more layers in the same way as above, to get more depth
-OR: you can use different colours and shades in steps 3 and 4 if you know what you want.

the next 2 layers:

and all layers so far:

This is all you need to do to produce the pattern, but I'll add the shade step anyway

Step 6: Shade layer
-On a new layer, set to multiply as before, paint in your shade. I use a greyish pink which works well for almost everything.

the shade layer:

And our final image:

If you made it this far, well done!

Using different thicknesses of stripes and different colours will drastically alter the main pattern. Once you get a feel for how it works, play around and see what you can make!

I'd love to see what you made if this helped you, please post it here and we can give each other inspiration for patterns and colour choices!
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