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Hello Everyone!


Hey Everyone!!

I'm Travis and I'm super glad to be part of this community! I'm a 20 year old college student (sterotypical right?) who loves really fleshed out and well drawn manga. I think my current favorite would be One Piece due to both artwork, character designs and general plot. I could talk about One Piece for a while honestly. Anyway I hope to make some new friends on here! My place doesn't have internet yet so I might not be on for a few days but I'll be back soon and will reply to any hellos I receive. Have a good day :)

Welcome to MR!
glad to have you on board. I took two years to get into One Piece, I couldn't stand it at first and stopped after 10 minutes into episode 1. Finally I managed to watch past ep2 and I binged the whole lot in 6 weeks haha.

Welcome to mangaraiders!

Ah, the old wait for the internet in the new place routine. Gotta love it. Always a good time to catch up on reading at least.

Welcome to Mangaraiders!

Hope you will able to sort out your internet problems soon ))


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