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Author Topic: Valkyrie - Mecha LN  (Read 1997 times)

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Valkyrie - Mecha LN
« on: July 18, 2018, 09:01:03 AM »
Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this below is a little bit about the story. Also plan to turn this into a Manga or LN in the near future if you're interested PM me.

Synopsis: The Valkyrie's are the mechanized suits that Valkyrie Pilots transform into. Using their power to fight the Nebula that constantly threaten to invade our world.

Hazer whom was once a Valkyrie Pilot has since lost the ability to transform into a Valkyrie. He now lives a life normality with his family.

But when that peace is threatened Armgier approaches him once again to become a Valkyrie Pilot.

Genres: Sci-fi, Media, Robots, Romance, School, Battle Academy, Mecha Transformation.

Volume One | Prologue

A dark purple clad machine floated through space. It's outer armour was battered and beaten to a pulp.

It's armour was slender and curved, thin at the torso and larger at the chest.

A ragged sharp claw was attached to a high density tendril, it was like an elongated set of teeth. It was ran from the machines back.

Why does it have to be like this!

What was the point in us fighting, if fate was against us this entire time!

*censored* this! If I'm going down I'm bringing you all with me!

A Valkyrie Strike hovered over the dark purple machine aiming it's plasma beam rifle at it.

The latter had sparkling crimson red liquid pouring out of what looked like an etching, designed to look like a mouth on the machine.

Suddenly the dormant machine sprung to life, as it's body withered around. Short jagged spikes spurted out of the machines seals, and crimson red electricity sparked from its eyes.

The clawed spike extending from its back came to life. The jaw like spike clutched around the torso of the enemy Valkyrie Strike.

The screams of a male pilot could be heard, as the jaw clamped down on it's target, severing the Valkyrie Strike in half whilst crushing the pilot inside.

It wasn't long when three extra tendrils pierced through the dark purple machines back, similar to it's former.

"Fire! Open fire!" Another male pilot ordered over the intercom. As the surrounding Valkyrie Strikes fired their plasma beam weapons at the enemy machine.

As for the dark purpled machine, an ear piercing screech that resembled a tramautised teenage girl rang out. Nearly deafening the pilots in the Valkyrie Strikes.

"What the hell!" A male pilot shouted holding his hands over his ears.

When looking at his imaging within his cockpit, fear kicked in as the enemy machine busted towards him.

It's four tendrils clamping its jaw like spikes across his Valkyrie Strike tearing it to shreds.

Another scream could heard over the intercom.

"Keep firing at her!" Another pilot ordered.

That fear soon wrapped it's clutches around the pilot. When he saw the dark purpled machine emerge from the smoke filled explosion, it's crimson red eyes staring at him.

Volume One | Chapter One - Part One

The ground rumbled with explosions as azure streaks riddled the air.

Surrounded by an arena, a huge chorus of cheers and applause erupted.

Two mechanized humanoid figures were inside the arena grounds both were roughly fifty to sixty feet tall. One being clad in dark purple, the armour was feminine in design.

A jaw like spike protruding from its back, with two rows of sharp metallic teeth. Its arm transformed into a rifle.

Their opponent was clad in white and black, the mechanized suit also feminine in design.

This one wielded a sword and shield. Raising it's shield, the purple clad mecha fired at it's opponent as beams of energy struck their opponents shield.

After deflecting the shots, the white and black mecha charged. But without realising their opponents spike protruding from its back had come alive.

Attached to high density tendrils, the spike wrapped around the arm that the white and black mecha held it's shield.

Lifting it them into the air, it exposed the torso of the white and black mecha.

The purple mecha fired it's rifle into the opponents chest whittling down their life points.

Once it reached zero, a bell rang throughout the arena.

Game over!, a robotic voice announced.

Suddenly the crowd roared.

Game goes to Sachika Eto, the Scarlet Valkyrie!, the robotic voice announced over the speakers.

The white and black clad mecha powered down, the pilot inside the cockpit cursed at being defeated.

"Scarlet Valkyrie!" The crowd cheered as the dark purple mecha walked to the staging area.

Splashing cold water on his face to wake himself up. He couldn't help but look at the mirror.

His right arm was the only thing not human about him. Although the flesh was human, there was deep engravings nothing emanated out of it.

His body wasn't bulked out, but it was lean and toned sort of like a martial artist.

The dark blonde spiky hair was the thing that made him stand out the most from others, along with his ocean blue eyes.

He only had his trousers, socks and sneaker on when the bathroom door swung open.

A short girl with long wavy black hair barged in, she was ten years old.

"Oni-chan!" She estacitcally shouted.

The older boy rather flustered responded in kind, "H-Hey Aiko get off!"

"Ahh!" Aiko pouted as she let go her big brother.

"What are doing barging in like that?" He asked quizzically.

An innocent smile soon appeared on Aiko's face, "Oni-chan always need his Imouto's love!"

Exasperating he patted Aiko's head, "Yeah you keep telling yourself that"

He walks out of the bathroom leaving a rather disappointed Aiko behind. Once dressed he went downstairs to find food out on the table.

"Oh Hazer, you're up!" Hazer's mother shared his qualities in hair colour except her eyes were amber.

"About damn time!" A man boistly boasted reading the newspaper. That was Hazer's father he shared his sister's black hair and green eyes.

"Morning Mama, Papa" Hazer muttered.

Hazer sat down bowing, then said a short prayer. He didn't think twice about shoving food down his mouth.

Of in the distance the television was playing, reporting on the news.

In particular the Valhalla Games.

Once again Sachika Eto, known as the Scarlet Valkyrie won yesterday's match flawlessly...

Looking at the television screen, Hazer could see a girl in short silver hair one side hanged longer than then other.

"Look Mama it's her, Scarlet Valkyrie!" Aiko shouted. Their mother nodded implying that she was taking note.

"I bet Hazer misses his days as a Valkyrie pilot?" His father asks.

Hazer just shrugged.

"What! No told me Oni-chan was a Valkyrie pilot!" She looks at her parents dejectedly.

"That's because...it's classified" Hazer injects casually whilst eating his breakfast.

Aiko hops off the sofa running towards Hazer excitedly.

"So tell me about it!" Aiko demanding as she looks up to Hazer, her sweet face piercing his soul.

He pats her head once again, "Like I said it's classified, so I can't tell you"

Aiko pouts clearly agitated at her brothers reluctantance to let anything spill.

Both Hazer and Aiko were dressed in casual clothes ready to head out.

Their mother was standing in the hallway as was their father. Seeing them off.

"Are you going to drop by to see Niko?" Hazer asks his parents.

"Don't worry, we'll be there" his father replied, giving him an encouraging thumbs up.

"Okay, well me and Aiko are heading to the hospital now" Hazer announced.

Both Hazer and Aiko said their goodbyes as they left through the front door. Both their parents returned the kind gesture.

Aiko came barging through the door into the patients room.

"Aiko watch yourself!" Hazer shouted.

A girl with black wavy hair like Aiko's laid in a hospital bed. Her ocean blue eyes resembled Hazer's. Turning to Aiko the girl smile gently as the former hugged her.

"Niko!" Aiko shouted excitedly.

Niko giggled, " Hey Aiko"

Niko looks to Hazer with a gleeful expression.


Hazer smiled, "Hey Niko, you doing well?"

"Yep!" She have her older brother a thumbs up.

Niko readjusted her body to face her siblings. When she pulled the covers off, it revealed her missing legs from the knee down.

Seeing them made a bitter taste come up Hazer's throat. He was distracted from that thought when the door opened to the room.

"Good news, she'll be allowed a few hours out of hospital" the nurse smiled gently. She soon left the trio alone attending to her other duties for the day.

Hazer threw a brand new pair of clothes towards Niko whom catches them easily.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"You'll find out soon enough..." a kind smile appearing on his face "...Aiko help your get dressed into her new clothes"

"Okie dokie!" Without delay she started to help Niko dress.

As for Hazer he felt the room to give the twins some alone time.
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Re: Valkyrie - Mecha LN
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2018, 09:32:11 PM »
Volume One | Chapter One - Part Two

"Oni-chan! I want that one!" Aiko was demanding from the assortment of delicious food the shop had on display through the window.

Niko on the other hand was nervously laughing, feeling embarrassed about her sisters behaviour.

She resorted to sitting quietly in her wheelchair whilst her brother and sister were bickering with one another.

"Um Oni-chan, are you still a Valkyrie Pilot?" Niko asked.

Hazer at first was a bit surprised at the question. He ruffled the back of his black hair for a moment.

"No, sadly I was discharged around about a year ago"

From Niko's reaction she looked to be surprised

Clearing his throat Hazer spoke up, "Anyway, let's keep moving"

He was about to move Niko's wheelchair when Aiko latched onto his arm pulling him vigorously.

"Hey! I said I wanted that candy stick!"

Sighing Hazer pulls out some money from his wallet.

"Alright here's some money for, and be quick!"

Aiko smiled enthusiastically, "Thanks Oni-chan, you're the best!"

She runs off into the store to get her much prized candy stick.

As Sachika changed out her nano fibre skin right suit, the sweat slowly poured down her body.

The sweat ran between the cleavage of her small breasts, and firm rounded buttocks.

She changed into her pink underwear and academy uniform. The latter was an assortment of black, white and red.

A small tie along with a dress halfway up the thigh and high socks stretching above the knee.

Leaving the changing room her silver hair swaying side to side.

She was met by another academy student going by the name Hibiki. Her crimson red pixie haircut made her stand out among the other students.

"You did well out there Sachika!" She shouted waving to Sachika.

"It was hardly challenging" she replied bluntly.

Hibiki just laughed.

"Yeah I guess you have a point"

Crossing her arms Sachika grunted to herself clearly displeased.

"When will someone with some real skill turn up in this academy"

Hibiki once again laughed albeit nervously this time. Be careful what you wish for!, she thought to herself.

"Anyway we have a class with Daiki-san" Hibiki blurted out.

Sachika's interest was slightly piqued.

"Really? What is the focus for today's class?" She asked.

Hibiki just looked at Sachika for a moment, perplexed.

"You don't remember? It's about the Valkyrie Wars, and the Calamity Valkyrie that put an end to it"

"It must of slipped my mind with all these matches in the Valhalla Games" Sachika rubs her forehand as if attending a headache.

Suddenly red lights started flashing in the academy's corridors along with air raid siren.

Both Sachika and Hibiki looked around for a moment, confused.

"Nebula Fissure, Site: Tokyo, Japan...Squads Alpha and Bravo report to the staging area!"

Sachika and Hibiki immediately sprinted to the academy's staging area to prepare for launch.

Hazer watched as Aiko and Niko enjoyed an arcade game. It was times like this that he enjoyed seeing his twin sister's laugh and play around.

That peace was soon disturbed when the sound of an air raid siren rang throughout the city.

He knew all too well what that air raid siren meant.

"Aiko, Niko we need to go now!"

The twins looked at him confused not knowing what that sound meant, and why Hazer was on edge.

In an instance a large electrical current started to emerge between them.

"Aiko, Niko!" Hazer shouted as his hand reached out. But it was too late.

It increased into a large spherical electrical charge it then exploded.

At that point Hazer blacked out from the explosion.

 Hazer jolted upward breathing heavily. Looking around all he could was darkness and rubble.

"Aiko!..." He picks himself up slowly shaking his head "...Niko!"

He got no response from his twin sister's.

Moving forward he dislodged boulders of concrete to make room as he moved around.

"Aiko! Niko!" He shouted again.

This time he got a response.


He could tell that it was Niko following the voice, he eventually found her on the floor. Her clothes were dirty and tattered.

He knelt down hugging his little sister.

"Niko, where's your sister?" He asked.

Between short sobs Niko replied, "I don't know...she was me one moment...then gone the next" she continued to cry.

Hazer comforted his little sister whilst shouting out Aiko's name.

In the distance he could see a small pool of blood leaking out from under the concrete blocks.


Hazer ran to that very spot leaving Niko alone. He shoved boulders aside only to see a sight he didn't want to.

Beneath him Aiko laid unconscious with a pool of blood surrounding her.

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Re: Valkyrie - Mecha LN
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2018, 08:57:02 PM »
Volume One | Chapter One - Part Three

"Aiko!" Hazer slowly but viciously moved the boulders out of place.

He carefully picked up Aiko cradling her in his arms. Walking slowly back to Niko, he placed Aiko on the ground next to her twin sister.

"Aiko! Aiko!" Niko sobbing gently shook her sister trying to get a response.

In the meantime Hazer checked Aiko's pulse, it was slow giving him a semblance of hope.

Suddenly they heard a thunderous crash on the other side of the cluster of concrete rumble.

In matter of seconds the mysterious entity burrowed through the concrete.

What they saw was a black and red crystalline monster baring it's teeth at them and pincer arms. The latched out at them.

Niko covered her ears crying uncontrollably. Hazer hugged her tightly.

Out of nowhere green beams struck the alien creature infuriating it. The creature spun around facing the new target.

As a gust of air blew up into the sky a twenty foot mecha clad in white and red landed.

The exoskeleton resembled the body composition of a man but metallic in nature. The left arm wielded a rocket propeller system and the right wielded a shield.

Hazer looked up in surprise at what he saw.

"The Barrage Valkyrie?" Hazer muttered out loud.

 The Barrage Valkyries' face lit up, the red showing it's eyes and mouth.

"Takashi, Barrage Valkyrie engaging target!" The Barrage Valkyries' mouth lit up brighter as the male pilot spoke.

It fired a barrage of rockets at the creature exploding on impact. The creature toppled to the wrenching in pain.

The Barrage Valkyrie then flung its shield as plasma came alive around the edge.

Slicing off one of the creatures pincer arm.

Through the Barrage Valkyries' imaging system, the pilot could see Hazer and his twin sister's in amongst the concrete rubble.

"Hazer! The hell are you doing here!" Takashi shouted.

All of a sudden the creature launched itself onto the Barrage Valkyrie wrapping itself twenty foot mecha.

The Barrage Valkyrie back handed the creature smashing it into a concrete building.

"Hazer get yourself and your sisters out of here!" 

"I can't Aiko's injured!" Hazer shouted back. The Barrage Valkyrie picked it up through it's systems.

"Damn it!" Takashi grunted to himself, the Barrage Valkyrie hoisted its shield into a defensive position.

Behind the mecha a creature similar to the the one it was currently fighting busted through an apartment block.

The Barrage Valkyrie spun around charging up the plasma cannons on it's head readying to fire.

However the creature before it launched itself at the mecha again latching it's pincers around it's shield.

"Get the *censored* off me!" Takashi shouted.

It lifted its shield into the air then fired the plasma cannons into the creatures chest, instantly killing it.

As it turned around, the second creature had already launched itself towards Hazer and the girls.

Takashi realised it was too late but he tried in his earnest to do something.

That soon changed when a cluster of green plasma beams struck the creature below.

The creature let a wrenching scream, piercing Hazer and Niko's ears whom closed them with their hands.

After the creature was struck it was soon followed by a jaw spike attached to a tendrils.

Clutching it's jaw upon the creatures back, it instantly snapped the neck quickly followed by it's head being ripped off.

Both the alien creatures started to dissipate into particles. The particles were then sucked into the Barrage Valkyries' centre. Where a spherical light shone.

The second creatures particles were sucked into the second Valkyrie which soon landed upon the ground.

It's dark purple clad body making it a sight for sore eyes.

"No surprise seeing you here...Scarlet Valkyrie" the Takashi muttered through the communications system on board his Valkyrie.

The two mecha behemoths stood in the street staring one another down.
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Re: Valkyrie - Mecha LN
« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2018, 06:23:37 PM »
Volume One | Chapter Two - Part One

Hazer sat in a seat next to a hospital bed. Aiko laid in the hospital bed hooked up to a life support machine.

As for Niko she had be admitted back her own room.

The door opened followed by Hazer's parents entering the room.

"Is she okay?" The mother asked anxiously.

"They said, she's currently out of it...they've done all they can it's now up to her" Hazer muttered.

The father walked up to Hazer placing his hands on his sons shoulders.

"What happened?" He asked.

"A Nebula Fissure erupted where we were...It was my fault that Aiko's in this state"

His father shook him gently, "Hey it's not your fault, don't blame yourself for this"

Hazer nodded weakly to his father's statement.

Hazer eventually took a step outside of the room. Looking to his right he was surprised to see Takashi standing at the end of the corridor.

His bleach white medium hair was unique among Japanese born. He wore a military uniform made up of white, red and black. A long coat, short red tie and waistcoat was part of his attire.

Hazer noticed that Takashi wasn't wearing his nano fiber extra-atmospheric suit.

It isn't like he needs it within the Earths atmosphere, Hazer thought to himself.

"Takashi" Hazer simply said.

Takashi turned looking at Hazer somewhat surprised.

"Hazer..." The two of them shook hands "...how's your sister?"

"Well she's hooked up to a life machine, if that's anything to go by" Hazer leaned against the wall.

Takashi leaned against the wall too sighing.

"Jesus, sorry man if only we could of done more"

Hazer shook his head, "No it wasn't your fault"

Takashi sighed, "Anyway I got to be heading back to my platoon..." he held out his hand.

"...it was good seeing you Hazer, even if it was for a little bit" Takashi finished, giving his friend a kind smile.

Hazer returned the gesture in kind shaking Takashi's hand, "Likewise, you take care of yourself, Takashi"

With that the two departed Hazer heading back the patients room where Aiko was.

And Takashi heading back to the base his platoon was stationed at.

Within the Federation headquarters a meeting was taking place with the top brass.

"This is escalating to much"

"If the Space Alliance Systems can manipulate where Nebula Fissures can occur, what can we do to stop them"

"No one's if they're behind it"

A Field Marshal rubbed his head feeling the effects of a headache. His buzzcut grey hair, and moustache was typical for his type.

"Quiet!" He shouted, everyone around him fell silent.

"Now what do we know so far?" He asked.

A General responded, "The target was clearly Hazer Yamagi"

"We don't know that" another General responded.

"I think it's best we have him someplace where we observe him" the Field Marshal muttered.

"Agreed...how about our Valkyrie Academy?" the General responded.

"I think that's the best course of action" the Field Marshal agreed.

Few days later...

Aiko's condition was still the same, she hadn't woken up since the incident.

This left a bad taste in Hazer's mouth. It was as if he was waiting for the envitable.

The home phone rang, and without thinking Hazer rushed downstairs to answer it.

"Hello?" Hazer asked.

"Is this Hazer Yamagi?" A woman's voice asked.

Hazer paused for a moment somewhat hesitant to answer.


"This is the Federation Headquarters, you've been asked to meet with the top brass" the woman replied, she then instantly hung up the phone.

Hazer just looked at the phone for a moment, before putting it back on top the dial.

His mother rushed into the hallway with an expectant expression up on her face.

"Was that the hospital? Anyway news on Aiko?" His mother was clearly worried.

Hazer shook his head, "No...i-it was Federation Headquarters they asked to see me"

"What do you mean? I thought they were finished with you?"

Hazer let out a chuckle, "That's what I thought too...I'm sure they have a good reason as to why they want to see me"

He collected his belongings, he wasn't going to change into his Federation uniform. Because as far as he was concerned he was discharged from service.

All he grabbed was himself and his jacket. His mother walked up to him giving him a motherly hug.

"Let's hope that it's nothing more than a talk" she muttered into her son's ear.

Hazer nodded agreeing with his mother. However he thought it was too convient, that there was obviously more to this than a simple talk.

Standing outside the Federation Headquarters a lot of memories of the years before flushed into his head.

The Headquarters was made to take after the Pentagon but clear upgrades over the former was made into this building, both technology and architectural wise.

In the distance Hazer was surprised to see his former Captain of the Trident. A ship that he served under during the Valkyrie Wars.

Her medium brown wavy hair gave her a mature beauty that was hard to come by at her age. That was made.more evident by her slender figure.

Her uniform resembled the military academy colours and design. However the Federation uniform was more stylized than it's counterpart.

Hazer shook the Captain's hand.

"Captain, it's good to see that you're doing well"

The Captain responded with a kind smile, "You too, however I am sorry to hear about your sister" her expression went gloomy upon mentioning Hazer's sister.

"Well all we can do is wait and see what happens"

The Captain nodded agreeing with him.

"Anyway Hazer, the top brass is waiting for you inside...I'll walk you to them"

As the Captain walked on towards the entrance of the Federation Headquarters, Hazer was quick to follow behind.
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Re: Valkyrie - Mecha LN
« Reply #4 on: July 22, 2018, 08:15:17 AM »
Volume One | Chapter Two - Part Two

"So Hazer, how have you been since being discharged?" The Captain asked.

"It was good, until recently" he said through gritted teeth.

They duo continued walking through the huge corridors of the Federation Headquarters.

It only took them a few minutes before they came before some oversized oak made doors.

"Well here we are" the Captain announced.

Hazer nodded holding out his hand. The Captain shook it in kind gesture.

"Thanks, Captain Fraye"

"No problem" Fraye left Hazer alone as she went to attend to her own duties.

Taking a deep breaths, Hazer opened the doors to the command centre meeting room.

Before him a group of the Federations highest ranking officers were situated around an oak oval table.

"Ah, Hazer Yamagi we've been expecting you" the Field Marshal announced.

Hazer instantly saluted.

"At ease soldier..." The Field Marshal swiped away a few documents located on a holopad before him.

"...do you know why we called you here?" The Field Marshal asked.

"No sir" Hazer replied swiftly.

"Allow me to enlighten you then" the Field Marshal turned to an officer to his left.

The officer brought up a holographic screen showing images and information between the Supreme Court and Hazer.

The images showed scientists experimenting with Nebula technology.

"We believe the Space Alliance Systems may be illegally experimenting with Nebula"  the Field Marshal stated.

"So you want me to look into it?" Hazer asked.

"No, at the moment we can't do anything about the situation..." the Field Marshal paused for a moment.

"...the research station is situated within Xeres Cluster, as you well know is a demiliterization zone"

The mention of Xeres Cluster brought back memories of the Valkyrie Wars.

"Until we can come to an agreement with the Space Alliance Systems we can't take any action"

"So why am I here?" Hazer asked revealing a hint of agitation for the prolonged conversation.

"We're sending you to Tokyo, Valkyrie Military Academy..." The Field Marshal cleared his throat.

"...the academy is need of some much needed experience in their ranks"

Hazer knew there was something else evolved with this, with the need to see him urgently.

"Am I being an instructor there?" He asked expectantly.

The Field Marshal laughed at the prospect.

"No, no...your skills are too valuable for such a thing like that"

The Field Marshal flicked a holographic screen from his holopad to Hazer.

The said holographic screen appeared from Hazer's military wrist watch. The following document detailed his orders.

Hazer closed his eyes for a moment feeling slightly deflated. Standing up straight he saluted his higher ranking officials then curtly left the Supreme Court meeting room.

The Captain leaned over towards the Field Marshal, "You didn't about Xala Zieger?"

The Field Marshal placed a hand on his chin, "Let's not forget that, Hazer Yamagi has only been pardoned for his actions in the Valkyrie War..." 

The Captain nodded agreeing with the Field Marshal.

"...We'll tell him, if need be" the Field Marshal finished.

Hazer walked through the front door of his home. He was instantly greeted by his mother whom embraced him.

"Heard anything about Aiko?" He asked.

His mother nodded, "They said she's still not waking up, but her condition is stable"

Hazer nodded feeling slightly dejected from the news. This reminder his mother of the meeting in the Federation Headquarters.

"That reminds, what happened at your meeting?" She asked.

"I'm being reinstated into the armed forces" he finished, sighing to himself.

"What?" Her showing evident concern.

"What is it darling?" Hazer's father walks out from the kitchen area.

"Hazer's being reinstated into the Federation armed forces"

"What! I thought they were finished with you!" Hazer's father clearly didn't look pleased at the news.

Hazer waves it off, "Don't worry, I'm sure it's only for a little bit..."

He pauses for a moment thinking of why the Federation would want him back in service over a minor problem.

"...anyway I need to go collect some things before I leave"

"You're leaving now?" His mother asked, somewhat surprised.

Hazer nodding reassuringly, "The Federation wants me to report to my next commander as soon as possible"

He went upstairs to his room to collect some belongings before he left. 

Whilst in the back of his mind, it was furrowing through all the recent developments, trying to piece them together.


A boy with spiked medium length hair stood up among the hundreds of military personnel.

The colour of his hair was a dark brown.

His uniform was a mix of black and crimson red.

He walked towards the metal doors, on the other side was a single desk and chair. 

In the chair was a military officer of higher ranking than Xala. The latter took a seat before the military officer.

It took a moment before the military officer looked up.

"Ah, Special Officer Xala your new orders" the military officer flicked a holographic screen from the screen in front of him, to Xala's military wrist watch.

Xala looked at the orders he received, he shocked to see what they were.

"The Xeres Cluster?" He asked

The military officer looked at him nonchalantly, "Yes, is there a problem?"

"But that's a no go zone since the end of Valkyrie War"

"Forget that, you're going by yourself to the Xeres Cluster..." he pauses for a moment writing something down on his holopad using a touchscreen pen.

"...report to the ships Captain you've been redeployed to for more information"

Xala swiftly stood up knowing he wasn't going to get anymore than what he was told.

Walking out of the office, his face show a clear dissatisfaction for his new orders.

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Re: Valkyrie - Mecha LN
« Reply #5 on: July 22, 2018, 08:31:10 PM »
Volume One | Chapter Two - Part Three

"Take care of yourself, okay?" Hazer's mother spoke, embracing her son.

"I will" Hazer responded.

Hazer's father also hugged him, "Watch yourself" he simply said.

Hazer nodded, "Keep me posted about Aiko" both his parents agreed to do so.

Kneeling down Hazer was at head height with his little sister Niko.

"Hey what's wrong?" He asked trying to lighten the mood.

Niko seemed sad and dejected whilst sitting in her wheelchair. She was only let out to say her goodbyes to her older brother.

"Are you coming back?" Niko looks up at her older brother.

The look on her face made a trace of guilt go through Hazer at leaving his family.

But there were reasons why he had to go, and if he wanted the Federation to leave him alone, he had to comply with them.

"Of course I'll be back, you won't even realise I'm gone" Hazer said with a kind smile.

"You promise?" Niko asked sheepishly.

Hazer held out his pinkie finger, "You bet"

Niko smiled gently and she too held out her pinkie finger, the two of them made a pinkie promise.

Behind Hazer the Federation transport started to rev the engine indicating it was about to depart.

He was about to leave when Niko grabbed the sleeve of his coat.

"Come back okay? For me and Aiko" she asked, her face showing an earnest expression.

Hazer knelt down again this time embracing his little sister, Niko. Her black hair reflecting the lighting in the room.

"Don't worry I'll come back, and we can go back to being a happy family" Hazer said, reassuring Niko.

The latter smiled gently at her older brothers response.

As he walked up the ramp towards the Federation transport, he looked back seeing his family.

Hazer waves to his family, as the bay doors gradually closed. He took the time to look at them as it'll be a very long time before he'd see them again.

The Next Day...

Sachika was sitting with a group of boys and girls in the cafeteria of their military academy.

Laughing and joking around with one another.

Sachika could hear students muttering a few tables away from theirs.

"Hey, have you heard a new transfer student is arriving!" A girl estacticly told her friends.

"You must of misheard" her friend her off.

"No it's true!" She felt dejected that her friends didn't believe her.

A boy laughs, "You have mistakened what the teachers were talking about"

The girl attempted to argue her case, when the muttering started to spread to other tables.

Sachika turned to Hibiki, "Have you heard about the new transfer student?"

Hibiki nodded, "Yeah, I heard the rumours..." she continued taking a few more mouthfulls of her lunch.

"...it's only rumours, but I guess we'll find out in a few days" she finished.

"A few days?" Sachika asked slightly confused.

"Yeah, the news only surfaced yesterday" Hibiki returned to eating her lunch.

As for Sachika her mind thought fruitlessly about this mysterious transfer student.

It has always taken longer than a few days to get here, the academy was made to remote from the outside world, Sachika thought to herself.

Instead of worrying about something so meaningless, Sachika involved herself with current conversation at her table.

Few Days Later...

After days of travelling from the Colony Sphere, Lagos. Governed by the Federation.

It was an understatement that Hazer felt some form of relief.

When looking out the window of the Federation transport he could see the gorgeous scenery as they were entering Earths gravity field.

"Everyone prepare for descent into Earths atmosphere" a man said over the transports' communications system.

A light above Hazers' started to flash above his head. Looking up he could see the indicator to strap his harness in.

It was only a few seconds later when a violent rumbling started to course through the transport. As it entered Earths atmosphere.

The sensation was very relatable for Hazer as he was no stranger to making extra-atmospheric entries with his Valkyrie in the past.

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Re: Valkyrie - Mecha LN
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Volume One | Chapter Three - Part One

The gentle rumbling of a motor vehicle rang through Hazer's ears, to be honest for him the change was a nice change of pace when he served in the Federation he was either in combat or restricted to leave the premises of the bases he was stationed at.

"I got a say, it's a pleasure to meet the Hazer Yamagi" the driver enthusiastically exclaimed, the patch on his arm indicating the rank of Sergeant.

"To be honest it's nothing to brag about" Hazer muttered back. He looked at the surrounding scenery of concrete built buildings and the blue but cloudy sky.

"What do you mean!" The Sergeant looked somewhat dejected "You're Hazer Yamagi, Second Lieutenant of the Federation Armed Forces! The followed your exploits during the Valkyrie War!"

Hazer seemed bored as if hearing this statement a million times already in his short life so far.

"I owe a lot to you Mr Hazer Yamagi if it wasn't for you my wife and baby daughter wouldn't be here!" The Sergeant was overjoyed.

"What do you mean?" Hazer asked.

The Sergeant at first seemed surprised, "You saved their lives when the Space Alliance Systems attack the Mars colony Trident"

The memories of Trident flowed back into Hazer's mind, "It was nothing really" he responded.

"No, it wasn't!" The Sergeant exclaimed, "I owe it you, a drink, meal...oh wait I know great strip club here an-"
Hazer put his hand, "That's fine Sergeant...a drink is good enough for me"

The Sergeant had a grin on his face, "Okay if you say so, but you're missing out"

Laughing the conversation between Hazer and the Sergeant soon died down. Hazer sitting in the back seat thought back to what the Federation told him after the Valkyrie War.

"You're a myth, a legend you don't exist as far as the general public are concerned"

And that was that everything Hazer did in the Valkyrie War was glorified, to give credit where it's due many of the things the Federation put out as propaganda actually did. But his whole existed was made to be a myth, the last thing the Federation wanted was information on their ace pilot.

Only a select few were entitled to have knowledge on Hazer. As for the Sergeant he was going to be Hazer's escort and bodyguard until ordered otherwise by the Supreme Council.

Hazer at many points after the war would see guys and girls discussing his exploits worshipping him as some gift from God, little did the know that most of the time a few metres from them they were talking about the actual person.

At first, it felt odd for him to witness such things, but it soon became the norm for him as he went about his daily life.

 The roaring sound of thrusters going into afterburner rang throughout the sky as the Scarlet Valkyrie flew through an aerial course designed to test the Valkyries' agility in the air. The shining sunlight reflecting off the dark purple behemoth, as students watched many of them amazed at what they were witnessing.

To them, it was like watching a prodigy in the making.

However, for Akari, it was like going through a tedious test every week. All she wanted was to get out onto the battlefield and her skill at piloting a Valkyrie.

It wasn't long before the Scarlet Valkyrie completed the course and then prepared for a landing. Akari opened up the cockpit of her Scarlet Valkyrie without wasting time she hopped onto the rappel cable that allowed her to ascend and descend to the Scarlet Valkyries' cockpit.

"Nice moves out there Cadet Ito" the instructor shouted over.

Akari bowed slightly, "Thank you, sir!"

A few minutes had gone by, Akari had ventured off to get some alone time from the class. Sitting with her back against the other side of the wall where the water taps were located. In her hand, she had an energy drink to restore the energy she had lost from doing that aerial course.

It wasn't long before she was joined by two of her friends one of them being Ino.

"You did great out there as always!" Ino praised her best friend.

Akari blushed slightly from the unwarranted attention, "Oh please, it's not like I'm miles ahead of the rest of you"
"Uh...yes you are!" a boy interjected, his hair was short and charcoal black.

"That's because you're slow Beneson" Akari taps her head with a smug look on her face.

Getting Beneson agitated he just scoffed not bothering to retaliate. He knew that if he did he'd just lose against Akari it was something that always seemed to happen regardless of what he did. As for Akari and Ino, the two of them giggled upon seeing Benesons' reaction.

Suddenly a Federation vehicle pulled up outside the academy.

A Federation Sergeant stepped out swiftly going to the back door opening it. What followed was a boy roughly Akari's age may be a few years older.

At first, she couldn't quite see him but as the boy and Sergeant made their way beyond the academy gates, she soon recognised the unfamiliar face.

Wait a minute isn't that...Akari swallowing her drink down a wrong cough furiously. Both Ino and Beneson helped her trying to stop her from choking herself.

"You okay?" Ino asked perplexed.

Akari waved her hands, "Yeah, yeah I'm fine just swallowed the drink down the wrong way by accident!" she watches intensely as the duo enter the main building of the academy through the double doors.

 As Hazer and the Sergeant entered the academy the former was relieved to find no one in the corridors. Hazer straightened the rucksack on his right shoulder before turning to the Sergeant.

"Okay Sergeant..." it had only come across Hazer's mind that he didn't even know the Sergeants' name.
"Gudjonsson, Sergeant Gudjonsson" Gudjonsson swiftly saluted Hazer.

Hazer sighing rubbed his forehead, "Okay first off don't salute me, you're supposed to be my superior officer"
"Oh right, yes sir understood" Gudjonsson replied.

Hazer was about to walk away when he stopped for a moment, and then turned about to Gudjonsson, "And on second thoughts don't call me sir"

Gudjonsson nodded, "But what do I call you?"

"Just call me Master or Master Hazer"

Gudjonsson once again nodded, "Of course Master Hazer"

Hazer shook his head as he and Gudjonsson continued down the corridor heading towards the superior officers' office within the academy. This is going to take some getting used to, was the only thing going through Hazers' mind at this moment in time.

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Re: Valkyrie - Mecha LN
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Volume One | Chapter Three - Part Two

It didn't take long for Hazer and Gudjonsson to eventually arrive at the superior officers' office within the academy. What did surprise Hazer though was the laid-back nature of the cadets that were attending this prestigious academy. Even though he himself wasn't in one of the Federations academies during the Valkyrie War he was expecting to act like a soldier at all times.

However, the students here were acting like there was no care in the world many of them were lounging around just chatting and laughing.

Figures, the Federation would get relaxed after the war that's how democracy works, Hazer thought to himself somewhat zealous of the carefree lifestyle these students were leading.

Then again could Hazer really blame them, as far as, they were concerned the peace was going to be an everlasting effect between the Federation and the Space Alliance Systems but all it took was one thing or person to reignite the flames of war between the two factions.

Could these students really handle such a thing? Hazer wondered to himself.

After arriving at the door to the superior officers' office Gudjonsson took a seat across the hall facing the office. As for Hazer, he racked the door with such precision it seemed he had practised such a thing for hours upon hours.
"Come in!" Hazer could hear the voice of an older man on the other side of the door.

Hazer swiftly entered the office standing to attention in his casual attire unprepared for the sudden call-up and transfer to this academy. He stood there for a few seconds waiting as the officer finished off typing something on his holopad.

Once finished the old man looked up with his buzzcut hair a mixture of black and grey as too was his moustache. His eyes had that sense of no life in them.

"You must be the new transfer" he bluntly stated.

Hazer took a few steps towards the officers' desk seeing the Brigadier General insignia embroidered on the chest of his clothing. Hazer made a curt salute.

"Yes sir, reporting for duty" he replied.

The Brigadier General nodded still looking at Hazer leaning back in his chair he placed the holopad down upon his desk. Sighing with a hint of agitation he signalled with his hand for Hazer to take the seat opposite him. As for Hazer, he did just that not wanting to get on this man's bad side on the first day.

"I'm Brigadier General Murphy" he stated, Hazer was about to respond before Brigadier General Murphy stopped him by putting his hand up.

"I know who you are Second Lieutenant Hazer Yamagi, I've had the pleasure of witnessing your exploits first hand..." he paused for a moment pulling out a pack of cigarettes he offered some to Hazer who politely refused the kind gesture. As for Brigadier General Murphy, he didn't waste any time lighting his cigarette and puffing on it.

"...Xeres Cluster, Operation Phoenix Rising and undoubtedly your greatest achievement the Battle on the Moon which ended the Valkyrie War"

Normally any soldier who had their track record relayed to them whilst being praised for such achievements would most certainly be chuffed, Hazer, on the other hand, wasn't one of those.

"You flatter me, sir" he replied.

Brigadier General Murphy looks at Hazer for a moment, "Did the Supreme Council tell you, why you were really transferred here?"

Hazer shook his head, "No sir"

"They were able to pull a few strings at the Intergalactic Committee we're staging a training exercise near the Xeres Cluster..."

The mention of the Intergalactic Committee caught Hazer's attention they very much operated like the United Nations from hundreds of years ago, however, this organization worked on a galactic level. If the Federation were able to do this something must be at work within the Intergalactic Committee, Hazer thought.

"...whilst we're staging that exercise we're going to take the chance to investigate the area and if so neutralize any and all hostile threats, well to put it bluntly you will while the rest of the students partake in their training exercise"
Hazer was surprised that Brigadier General Murphy had such a stern look on his he expected his superior officer to have some semblance of a grin upon his face.

"I understand sir" Hazer answered.

"Obviously due to certain policies we've only been able to organize the exercise as early two weeks from now. So until then blend in, stay incognito to the rest of the students remember to them you're just a myth, a legend" The Brigadier General inhaled a big load of smoke from his cigarette before puffing it out watching Hazer's expressions and body language very closely.

"I understand sir, is there anything else?" Hazer asked trying to keep a straight face.

"That'll be all Second Lieutenant you're free to leave"

Hazer immediately jumped out of his chair giving the Brigadier General a curt salute before turning away heading towards the door that leads to the latter's' office.

As for Brigadier General Murphy, he continued to watch Hazer right until the door to his office was completely shut before turning in his office chair looking out onto the white clouds that dotted the clear blue sky.

 Akari was heading to the superior officers' office within the academy after being summoned over the campus speaker system. Coming to do the door she noticed a Federation NCO seating on a seat across from the office moving her hand to grab the door handle see was surprised when it suddenly opened.

The next thing she witnessed was a large figure walking into her making stumble back a few steps closing her eyes as instinct. To her surprise a hand latched onto hers almost immediately afterwards she hovered in this position for a few seconds.

"Hey, you alright?"

Akari heard a gentle boys voice opening her eyes she was greeted by the intense shine of dark blonde hair and his radiant blue eyes. She noticed that the hand she was holding didn't feel quite human more rigged and slimline smooth compared to human skin.

He pulls her almost startling Akari who bumps into the boy's chest her cheeks were a hue of light red. When she looked at the boys face something about him felt familiar.

"Hello? Anyone there?" the boy was waving his hand in front of Akari's face.

Coming back to reality Akari shook her head, "U-Uh y-yeah, thank you for that" she stammered slightly her cheeks still red.

"Well that's good" the boy replied.

"Hazer Yamagi!" the Brigadier General barked out as he opened the door.

The mention of Hazer Yamagi jogged Akari's memory of the Nebula attack in the city just a dozen or so days ago. She remembered Takashi speaking to this boy as if they were really good friends from childhood, and she remembers Takashi mentioning Hazer Yamagi when addressing that mysterious boy.

She looks at Hazer for a moment, there's no mistaking it that's him, she thought to herself. She quickly turned away feeling embarrassed about this whole dilemma.

"I forgot to remind you..." the Brigadier General paused for a moment upon seeing Akari "...ah, Cadet Akari what perfect timing"

The Brigadier General turns to Hazer, "Hazer Yamagi, this is Cadet Akari she'll be your guide around the academy showing you everything we have to offer"

Akari's eyes widened upon hearing the Brigadier General's suggestion she looks to her superior officer for a moment as if wanting help from him. She then looks to Hazer who is casually looked at her as if waiting for a response. This made Akari even more nervous and embarrassed and in turn, her cheeks started to become more blushed.

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Re: Valkyrie - Mecha LN
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Volume One | Chapter Three - Part Three

As they the duo proceeded to tour the campus of the military academy there was an aching feeling in the back of Hazer's mind when he looked at Akari before he didn't notice her cute yet beautiful features. To be honest he found it quite hard to keep his eyes off the girl as they walked.

Hazer's escort, Gudjonsson stayed behind to await his return. At least I don't need to hear his annoying comments, for the time being, Hazer thought to himself. He had no qualms with the guy it just sometimes Hazer needed time alone to get his thoughts adjusted.

"And here is the boys' dorms where you'll be staying if you haven't figured that out yet" Akari spoke up jolting Hazer out of his deep thinking.

Hazer looked at Akari for a moment catching glimpse of her somewhat offish remark. As well he noticed her blushed cheeks as she looked on towards the side off into the distance trying to avoid eye contact with him.

Hazer rubbed the back of his head nervously, "Well...um...thank you I guess" he tried to put on his best smile. He may be handsome, but he was a sucker for trying to be a ladies man.

Akari scoffed as she walked by him refusing to look at him.

A thought came to Hazer's mind, "When do classes start?" once again he smiled nervously.

Akari sighed, "seven in the morning, and don't be late" she rushed off leaving Hazer all by his lonesome in the small courtyard situated outside the boys' dorm.

Looking up Hazer could see the old intricate designs of the stone on the outside of the building along with what he could only assume as much needed renovation to keep it standing. Just by looking at the dorm block itself Hazer could clearly tell that the building had at least a few hundred years of history to it.

Well here we go thankfully I won't be here for too long, he thought to himself as he proceeded towards the double-doored entrance of the boys' dorms.

 Xala was aboard the Space Alliance Systems carrier, the Harkin. He was still his crimson red and black military uniform as protocol demanded from all military personnel of the Space Alliance Systems. The ships had the typical dark grey material that was fitted on all space-faring ship, however, this ship belonging to that of the Space Alliance Systems had some notable changes especially in the decor. Which used a very similar colour to that of Xala's uniform except for the mode trinkets and ornaments that were used for each room.

The Harkin was on route to the Xeres Cluster his orders were to investigate an invisible space station located there, and if need be terminate the target if it was a threat to the security of the Space Alliance Systems.

Standing alone in one of the many rooms that allowed you to look out into the continuous nothingness he couldn't help but have some doubts about this operation.

What could possibly be of such concern to the top brass to send a few ships out to the Xeres Cluster to 'investigate' this matter? Xala asked himself mentally.

However, he couldn't come up with a plausible answer ever since the end of the Valkyrie War there's been no need for unnecessary hostility between the Federation and the Space Alliance Systems. It wouldn't benefit either side because the two factions wouldn't gain anything at this point.

Xala rubbed his head, "No point thinking on such things it's just better to get the job done at this point"

He looks down at the necklace hanging around his neck, he gingerly clasps his fingers around the necklace. On closer inspection, it closely resembled that of military dog tags, however, these were unique and albeit more fashionable than the former.

Looking more closely at the dog tags there were two individual metal pieces one of them read Xala Memphis, and the second tag read Hazer Yamagi.

Xala takes a moment looking at the dog tags before returning his gaze back out upon the blackness of empty space on the other side of the window before him.

"I wonder what you're up to Hazer" Xala mutters to himself quietly.

Suddenly he was interrupted by the sliding double doors behind him a Space Alliance Systems Sergeant stood at the entryway. Upon seeing Xala, the Sergeant instantly saluted him the former returning the gesture back to his comrade.

"Sorry to bother you Special Officer Memphis but you're needed at the bridge right away" the Sergeant relaid his orders to Xala.

"Understood Sergeant I'll be there right away" Xala responded.

On that note, the Sergeant snapped his feet together followed swiftly by a salute. Xala returned the same gesture just as swiftly as he watched the Sergeant exiting the room, he turned around taking another look out at space his eyes scrunched up ever so slightly before he too left the room heading towards the bridge.

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Re: Valkyrie - Mecha LN
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Volume One | Chapter Four - Part One

In a Recon Space Station located near Saturn's moon, Titan. The facility was made out of your usual metal, however, it was built to withstand impacts from debris and to a limited degree projectile fire. Onboard the station was living quarters and your everyday needs such as showers and a kitchen.

This was due to the fact that some military personnel could spend as long as a few years aboard these Recon Space Stations per tour of duty.

A Federation officer with light brown hair sat at a metal desk. Upon the table was an assortment of equipment such as motion sensors, communications system and radars. He feet were sprawled out upon a clear part of the desk whilst he enthusiastically dug into his sandwich of meat and salad.

To his left, at first, he wasn't aware of the slow ping showing up on the motion sensor system. After a few seconds, he noticed it then quickly moved his seat closer to the screen.

He quickly wiped all the crumbs off of his uniform as he took a closer look at the screen before him. His expression clearly showing that he was confused by the sudden phantom ping showing up on the motion sensor.

"The hell?" he quietly spoke to himself.

The silence in the room was broken when the door behind suddenly opened up revealing to be his work colleague who's hair was an unusual dark red. The former ushered him closer to the desk so he could show him the motion sensor screen.

The dark red haired man walked over towards the main desk.

"What is it now? You better not be looking for a budget holiday whilst on work" he grunted.

"No take a look at this" his colleague pointed to the motion sensor screen. The formers expression also depicted that of confusion at what they were seeing on the screen.

"I must be some debris" he concluded.

"I don't think it is sir,"

The dark red-haired man looked towards his colleague, "Have you ran a scan yet?"


"Then do it, what are you waiting for!"

The man sat at the seat put the system through a scan once completed it showed the ping, however, this time it had changed its course to Titan itself. The whole situation was giving off bad vibes to both of the men. The dark red-haired man instantly reached for comms headset.

"Titan Federation Command this is the Titan Recon Space Station, we have picked up an unusual ping on the motion sensor system be advised"

A few seconds of static went by before someone responded on the other end.

"Negative, our sensors are clear check your source"

"We've already done that, copy over"

Another few seconds went by before he got a response on his end of the comms headset.

"Understood we're looking into it keep tracking the bogey"

The dark red-haired man sighed sounding more irritated than relieved he started to walk over towards the desk before the Recon Space Station vibrated ever so slightly and then suddenly stopped.

"Find out what that was!" he shouted to his colleagued at the desk. Who immediately started going through the various surveillance drones situated around Titan. A few moments later images of mushroom clouds emanating upon the surface of Titan filled their screen.

The looks on the men's faces were that of complete shock. Without warning, they heard the gentle rumble of what sounded like engines around as the looked out through the viewing glass before them they could see a cluster of black and green ships. Their design was alien in nature taking on unusual shapes and angles, unlike human manufactured ships.

"Holy *censored*," the brown-haired man muttered, "that's Terra forces how the hell did they get through!"

"I have no idea," the other man looked on clearly frightened with sweat pouring down his face "but they're here now"

"Isn't the battle group stationed at Xeres Cluster suppose to stop *censored* like this!" the former whined fear gradually taking over him.

The latter grabbed his colleagued by the scruff of his uniform, "It doesn't matter now! Get on the comms to Federation High Command! You understand?!"

The brown-haired man nodded vigorously instantly getting to work on securing a link between them and Federation High Command. They were interrupted by the sounds of bloodcurdling screeching and clanging upon the outer shell of the Recon Space Station.

The dark red-haired man rushed to a set of lockers situated in the corner of the room retrieving an assault rifle from the locker. He turned back toward his colleague giving a serious stern look.

"No matter what you send that message!" he ordered. Without pause, he walked towards the door before he could open it he stopped by his colleague calling out to him.

"Where the hell are you going?"

"To buy you some time" and at that, he opened the sliding door once through he locked it behind him then crushing the access key in his hand.

As for his colleague inside the room he immediately returned to what he was doing albeit his hands were shaking uncontrollably at this point. Each second that was wasted meant more lives were in the balance depending on how fast he could send this message.

As each second went by all he could do was constantly repeat to himself mentally to calm down and breath.
However, as the sounds of gunfire could be heard on the other side of the door this made his heart beat tenfold as he desperately tried to complete the task he was given.

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Re: Valkyrie - Mecha LN
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Volume One | Chapter Four - Part Two

Streaks of green and blue littered the empty expanse of space as we know it the latter being railguns of the Federation, along with the continuous barrage of projectile missiles and laser cannons equipped to machinery upon the surface of spaceships. Within the bridge of one of the many Federation Cruisers, a Captain looked towards the screens giving regular updates on the current battle taking place.

"Captain, our left flank is faltering!" a bridge officer exclaimed.

"What!" the Captain replied in earnest. Not too long afterwards a screen appeared showing the current dire situation that their left flank was currently in. Many of their cruisers had smoke coming from the impacts of enemy fire, the others that were barely holding themselves together were attempting a retreat.

"Damn it!" the Captain slammed his fist upon of the armchair of his seat. We're outnumbered five to one here, we can't keep this up any longer he thought to himself.

"Incoming!" another bridge officer shouted jolting the Captain of his thoughts.

Suddenly a green laser beam struck the side of their Federation Cruiser ripping the ships armour from its place. Sirens rang throughout the ship along with bright red strobing lights flashing every second. The Captain looked to his left seeing the black smoke emanating from the ship of his ship.

"Decks four and five have been hit the vacuum pressure has risen in those areas!" the bridge officer informed his Captain.

"Seal off all exposed areas!" the Captain shouted back. The bridge officer nodded then looked to his monitor typing rapidly upon the keyboard before him inputting various into the system. A few moments later the blocks that were exposed to vacuum pressure were sealed off by reinforced doors it wasn't long after that various crew members arrived to search for survivors and get the fires under control.

Outside of the Federation Cruiser, the sounds of fighting continued as the Captain looked on thinking to himself how the hell they were going to survive this situation.

 On the right flank of the defensive line between the Terran forces and Titan, a squadron of Mark V Valkyries was protecting a small sector of their defensive line. The Mark V Valkyries were mundane in design compared to their more unique Valkyries in their military.

They used a standard railgun cannon shaped like an oversized assault rifle, a reinforced shield attached upon the Valkyries' left arm and a holstered blade that would transform into a larger version of itself expending a superheated plasma along its sharpened blade.

"*censored* there's no end to them!" one of the pilots of the Mark V Valkyries' exclaimed.

"Keep it together! Our objective is only to hold them off!" a voice came over the communications system inside the pilots' Valkyrie, the person being his squadron leader. The sounds of thunderous roars could be heard from the pilots' cockpit as he continued firing his railgun rifle at the Terrans.

The squadron was able to position themselves behind the debris of some wandering asteroids but this had little to no effect in having the advantage over the Terrans. The latter with what looked like crystallized humanoid machines closely resembled that of Valkyries albeit having the unique touch in cosmetic design compared to that of the Federations.

The Terrans own machines shone an eerily green hue as they made their descent down upon the lone Federation squadron before them.

"Above us!" another Federation pilot announced over their communications system. Suddenly a streak of green plasma beams rushed towards them impacting on multiple Federation Valkyries the sounds of blood-curdling screams could be heard.

The pilot who was conversing with his squadron leader jolted in surprise as a green plasma beam struck his railgun rifle missing the cockpit of his Valkyrie by mere inches. He looks upwards in his Valkyrie to see the enemy rushing towards him only barely getting his shield up in time.

He grunts as he's back by such an incredible force, looking ahead of him he could see through his heads-up display that his shield was being encased by this foreign crystal-like material.

"Damn it!" Sweat was profusely running down his forehead and head as he closed his waiting for the inevitable end. When he suddenly heard the sound of railgun fire and the violent shaking of his Valkyrie. Opening his eyes he sees the Terran machine lifeless and unmoving in multiple pieces.

In the distance, he could see the glimpse of a dark blue Valkyrie. Its arms were wielding superheated plasma blades emitting an intense light blue hue, the legs didn't have feet like the Mark V Valkyries instead they were pointed and the Valkyries light blue generator was visible upon its back.

The dark blue Valkyrie rushed the Terrans impaling its superheated blades cleanly through the outer shell of their own machines.

The Terrans attempted to circle the Valkyrie but the pilot realised this spinning around, the machine front kicks the now inoperable Terran mech into one of its allies making a violent impact as the dark blue Valkyrie took incoming beams to the rear jolting it to the side.

The Terrans thinking they had destroyed the Valkyrie unwisely lower their guard at that precise moment the dark blue Valkyrie emerges from the smoke cloud this time smaller parts were detaching from its mainframe. These parts closely resembled the Valkyries armaments attached to its arms however albeit smaller.

With such precision, this drone-like weapon targeted the Terrans firing beams of their own or impaling themselves within the Terran machines.

While this, all unfolded the Federation pilots watched on in awe both marvelled and terrified at what they just witnessed before them. Without warning, once the dark blue Valkyrie finished dispatching the remaining Terrans in the area, the Valkyrie immediately headed towards where the fighting was concentrated.

The Federation pilots were surprised that on closer inspection of the Valkyrie, it seemed to closely resemble a more feminine design compared to their own robust Mark V Valkyries.

The Federation pilot from before watched as the dark blue Valkyrie veered off into the distance his hands slightly trembling at what he witnessed.

"W-What the hell just happened?" he whispered quietly to himself.