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Author Topic: From Fun to Fundamentals to Not-so-Fun-Anymore  (Read 1062 times)

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Re: From Fun to Fundamentals to Not-so-Fun-Anymore
« Reply #15 on: July 25, 2018, 12:52:58 PM »
Nice to see you back Ryan :)

I often use language as a comparison to art, especially since learning Japanese, I can see how my brain is processing things with memory and logic very similarly to how I process art. Also my learning styles for both language and art are similar, although I dont usually advocate my methods because they are very stylized and would probably only work for me. that being said, this part summed up my drawing motto quite well, so I will mention it.

What to do about this? Lay the theory aside. Let the fundamentals do what they can do, in its own charming and limited way. Accept things the way they are. Copy art you love. Draw the art you love. If you don't know what you love, follow your ambitions and copy your ambitions, no matter how cheesy or stupid they are. Drawing is a collectively held language. Style is collectively held. Someone out there is using the same stylistic conventions, the same compositional patterns that you are. Someone out there speaks a language in just the way you do. Your original touch is a small component. It will peer through.
Art is so close to a language in perceived level of ability, knowledge vs. "feel" and so on. thats why I have always said to myself that, like language, it cannot be learned easily in a structured lesson-style way, or at least, it shouldnt be learned like that. Those who are most fluent (that is, native) in a language learnt it with no effort at all, with a very high immersion level, all in one go with no stops for 5-6 years. So its a very hands-on style of learning, being exposed to everything at the same time. My art method is similar in that I try and draw a very large amount of different things as much as possible, to keep all my links, connections and knowledge right there in my short term memory, and eventually shuffle it to long term. As much as I advocate theory and study to others, I spend a lot of my time not doing that :P

And to get that "fluency being faster than thought" you have to have all your information accessible instantly/v.quickly in your head, naturally. not that you have to know what every single thing plant animal person looks like, but all your construction/proportions/theory which is behind it. Just as you can learn a new word when you are older, and instantly be able to use it in a sentence, an artist can take new information/subjects/objects that they have never seen before, and be able to present them skillfully in their art.

In a way, I think that just doing any kind of art, even the wrong kind (whatever that is) if i dare say so, will bring you closer to the skill that you want, as long as you keep challenging what you can draw. doing the right kind of art at the right time is a lot harder to know, and I think that that is the only thing that will speed up your art growth in comparison. But its still a long slog :P
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