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Hey all! Rheydll here👍🏾

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Hey guys! I’m a new writer

I found the forum while I was online looking for ways to find a manga artist that I could partner up with on the stories that I had been working on. I’m from the United States and I stay in the New York area. I’m also into graphic design and visual communication. Other stuff about me... I’m a fan of Boku no Hero Academia, Ao no Exorcist, Naruto, and Gintama, and recently I got into Daganronpa’s animated adaptation. I’m mainly going to be on the forum discussing my stories and looking to join a team. And that’s pretty much it!!

Looking forward to chatting and potentially working with you!!!

Welcome to the forum. We get a lot of writers around here, and most of our artists are fairly skilled (with the exception of me, lol). We've had a few teams get together before on short collaboration projects. Just remember to read the rules posted at the top of each board so your threads don't get removed. My best advice is to look for friends first.

I look forward to seeing some of your draftwork for your projects posted around. I may not get around to reviewing them in-depth, though. I get very nit-picky, so I've started to only review things by request. My inbox is always open for that kind of thing.

It can be good to look over some stuff about BBCode (forum command language) if you're going to be posting larger pieces, since sometimes formatting can be lost (especially if you rely on the tab key. It doesn't transfer).

Coach Fro:
Welcome to MR! If you're looking for an artist to work with then be sure to stick around and participate in the forum. Once you've mingled around for awhile I'm sure you'll find someone that will be willing to work with you.

Hey! Welcome and all that jazz. There are a lot of writers here, and even though you're looking for an artist it can really help out to talk to or work with other writers, so don't let that discourage you or anything.

Welcome to mangaraiders!

On that tab key conundrum (and really, you should be relying on it if you have even a basic sense of formatting), I find the best way to get around it is to copy-paste 8 spaces, and it creates a pretty close tab.


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