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Author Topic: How and where to sell crafts online?  (Read 485 times)

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How and where to sell crafts online?
« on: June 18, 2018, 11:31:11 PM »
So... Etsy will be taking a higher percentage of sellers profits starting this July. My sister says she already barely makes a profit now and so she will be leaving etsy like many others.

I was planning to sell jewelry and prints through etsy, but now I'm not so sure. I've poked around a bit at some alternatives, but I'm not seeing many promising sites.

Common problems I'm finding:
  • No international sales
  • Higher percentage of profit taken
  • Small userbase/unknown by consumers
  • Monthly fees out-weighting what I expect to make
  • Limited product listings

Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing/would be willing to offer some advice?

What I may end up doing as a temporary solution is to handle selling them similar to how I offer my commissions. I have my commission options displayed on my wix website with the (sample) images and product information displayed for each. Then I have a page where I have an email box that goes to my artist email where people interested in commissioning me can contact me to discuss details. The process would be similar for the crafts, just that the interested person would have to email me expressing their interest in buying the piece rather than the usual "add to cart" "check out". My concerns with this method are that I may look like a sketchy salesperson, more limited payment options, and that I won't have the added benefit of the traffic that goes through a well known site. Also sales tax. I don't understand that in the slightest...

Ugh, any help would be appreciated.

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Re: How and where to sell crafts online?
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2018, 12:26:02 PM »
well thats poor news as I was planning on using Etsy at some point soon, sorry its affecting you and your sister :/
what sort of percent are we talking about here?

Having your own website, even a free wix one is a great idea, something I plan to do shortly. The commission idea is good. The problem about looking sketchy is avoided mostly by having a good modern website, with clear info and open communication.
the biggest trouble is, even such a website wont see much traffic compared to the larger "community sites" such as etsy or ebay, where people go to browse.

I would definitely make sure that your website is top notch, and make that your main page, maybe? I imagine a lot of other craftsmen/women in etsy have the same complaint, have you heard of any of their ideas? You say, leaving like "many others", so perhaps soon an alternative Etsy will pop up, made by one of these disgruntled people.

You could offer link swapping where you all advertise each other's website, which has an inherent competing effect, but reduces any loss of profits as you are your own dealer, so may turn out profitable in the long run. Really a site like DeviantArt, which doesnt take percentages on commissions (since half use paypal anyway), (but does on prints?), so a community site that would be a good idea.

Physically selling things market stall style is always an option, if you live near a market place style thing, although it carries a whole bunch of pros and cons :P Boot sale style things as well can be productive, as again, its a community thing and many people will come there to buy things. Trouble is, they are looking for a bargain and you are trying to make a living.

sorry I can't help too much. keep us informed of how it goes, for yourself and your sister :)
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