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Author Topic: Your religion and/or beliefs  (Read 1229 times)

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Re: Your religion and/or beliefs
« Reply #15 on: June 18, 2018, 09:43:03 PM »
I am a Buddhist, and though I'm not exactly a practicing one, I'm looking into it. Though my mother was mostly given the freedom to follow her own path when it came to religion, her dad and my dad both had Catholicism pushed onto them from a very young age, resulting in them never really finding solace in religion, so my parents decided before I was born to introduce me to the religions in our families, as well as other ones to let me feel my way around. Though my grandparents tried to push religion on me with bibles and church things and god all that other stuff I know practically nothing about, it never really clicked with me - but the Buddhist ways from my Japanese side did. For a few years, I visited the temple and occasionally prayed and typically followed the principles of Buddhism, but I wondered if I was actually Buddhist, or simply spiritual with values that overlapped with Buddhism. This year, I did a little bit of research, asked around the last of my Japanese family, and as I fell upon some of the most difficult times I've experienced, realized that I always just kind of fit with Buddhism. In the end, it wasn't really a choice, just me digging up a little more about my own beliefs and all... But it's nice to have it with me now, I guess.

As of right now, I'm wondering whether I should become the last seriously practicing Buddhist in my family, or continue along how I am right now, following principles, praying in dire times and at my odd visit to the temple, celebrating holidays in between familial Christmas and Easter celebrations and giving offerings, but I don't feel the need to do one or the other. I'll just take it as it comes, I suppose.

@Mahlua Yeah, definitely. It doesn't always end up like that, though, which makes me sad for those people D:

@Kohaku That sounds like a bit of a predicament. It also sucks you've lost your faith in the church. I don't know much about it, but it's got to sting quite a lot, especially with your family background. Hopefully you manage to get past it with your own faith. Mahula's 100% right about taking God's teachings and your faith into your own hands, as well as you can. I really known almost nothing about Christianity, so hopefully that made sense.
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Re: Your religion and/or beliefs
« Reply #16 on: June 19, 2018, 09:29:14 PM »
If I understand anything at all about the Christian God, I'm sure He's far more pleased that you would rather give back to the community with love and think critically for yourself about His teachings (as opposed to being spoonfed what someone else thinks they mean).

I think nothing ill about a good Christian, but institutionalized Christianity is almost toxically corporate, so I understand the difficulty of the situation you find yourself in. Church is supposed to be about family and community, and about building a personal relationship with God through His teachings. He is both apolitical and above human law, so to politicize His word is disgraceful, in a way, and yet, look at all the televangelists who refuse accountability for their actions on the basis of misconstrued ideas of forgiveness. That is not Christianity.

I hope that you do not lose faith. A good analogy to keep in mind is that sinners should not keep you away from a church any more than unhealthy people should keep you away from a gym. Like Coryn said, I believe everyone is a work in progress.

Thank you so much. It is so nice that someone was eloquently able to put into words what I have been struggling to say for years. I am afraid to tell people my opinion on the church because people will feel personally attacked, or that I hate Christianity. I don't!! I just don't like that the church consistently covers up abuse in Europe. Here in the USA they fool uneducated people into believing that the more you believe in God, the richer you will be. It's called "wealth prosperity". I think it's disgusting because it's a lie. They perpetuate this lie consistently to make them believe that if they give up what little money they have to the church, they will become rich as well????? Then the money is used to buy the pastor his tenth new car. Oh its' terrible.

There is only one church I would ever visit, its down the road from where I live. They sponsored the homeless shelter I was at before I found a place to live at. They have been sponsoring the shelter for almost 24 years. They hold drives, buy food when the shelter runs out of donations and periodically came to visit us while I was at there. These people did not know me but have done more for the community than many other churches claim they do.
When I am financialy stable I want to donate to that shelter, and to help out again :)