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Author Topic: Which Anime series you are watching ?  (Read 207688 times)

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Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« Reply #1935 on: August 31, 2021, 08:47:27 AM »
Macross II: Lovers Again

This is a six episode OVA series that has no reason to exist. It gives you basically nothing and in the end it comes to the same conclusion as the original series. The story was uninteresting, although it had some good ideas that a better series could of done well. The characters had no character, aside from Ishtar. There is vaguely a love triangle, the only issue is we feel no romantic chemistry or anything at all between Hibiki and Sylvie, and then they end up together? Their interactions are so flat that you don't see it coming.

On the positive side the art was excellent. Character designs were very nice and the settings were imaginative. The animation was okay until it took a dip in quality for the last episode. I found it in Blu-Ray quality but the subs were full of grammar and spelling errors. Still, it was subbed atleast so I ain't complaining. This OVA wasn't outrageously bad or anything, it just has little to offer. Some pretty art is the one and only reason to watch it.     

I've been slowly watching Getter Robo. It's hard to binge because it's episodic, but at a slow pace it's enjoyable because of how insane it is. It's obviously extremely dated, being from 1974, but it's still pretty cool. The opening song is amazing, it's a really fantastic hero theme. GUTS! GUTS! GETTER GUTS! This is one to take at a slow pace while watching other stuff pretty much.

50 episode mech shows are hard to watch if they're episodic. I had the same issue with GaoGaiGar, it was cool but it felt like I was watching the same thing over and over. Like oh cool, the transformation sequence again. Oh cool, the OP playing during a battle...again. We'll see about Getter Robo.

I gave Transformers Masterforce another try for old times sake. I watched a few episodes in the classic three part YouTube format in 2008. This show is pretty boring though and focused more on human characters than the Transformers which is always extremely lame. I have always loved the opening song, I watched it over and over on my PSP. God Ginrai is as cool as a Transformer can get, but there's no way I can make it through this series. 

I have to state again though...the OP is God tier. It goes for an epic ballad feel instead of a blood pumping hero theme.   
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