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Author Topic: All Wells  (Read 295 times)

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All Wells
« on: June 03, 2018, 10:05:09 PM »
This is a mix between "superhero" and "high school" genres. It has an underlying tone of malevolence. The main protagonist turns out to be the villain of this story (think of the movie "Chronicle" if you've seen it). I have the basic beginning, middle, and end. Nothing is in stone except the basic concept, so rip away!

-Carter Wells is enrolled in the superhero school for his power of fire(he can shoot fire from hands) He is shy until he meets 2 friends he feels that he can trust. He also meets the “girl-of-his-dreams”, but of course he doesn’t talk to her because he is shy. He arrives at the school and gets put to works. There are moments of a mysterious janitor seemingly stalking Carter. He asks his friends about the janitor; they tell him rumors that he was the very old super villain (Mortem), but when he was defeated he was stripped of his powers and of 99% of his mind to work as a janitor. Of course, these are nothing more (sarcasm) than rumors.

-Carter has trouble being around the other people with powers until his power of fire grows quickly. He also develops other powers; however, they are weak. He is almost frightened by his new powers. He keeps this to himself. He asks his friends if they have ever heard of anyone having multiple powers; however, they say that you can only have one power. This, of course, peaks his curiosity into asking one of his teachers if they’ve ever heard of it. The teacher says that only once has this ever been recorded. The name “Mortem” is repeated. The teacher gives Carter the story of this overwhelmingly, powerful villain-who also had a multitude of powers-that almost destroyed the galaxy. It took the efforts of all the superheroes to defeat him.

-Carter has no choice but to confront the janitor. He asks the janitor if he is “Mortem.” The janitor tells him that that was who he once was. (janitor speaks in short, choppy sentences in order to convey his lack of brain power in this state) Carter then asks the janitor how many powers he once had. The janitor of course replies with a “yes” and tells him about how he was just like Carter when he was young. He then tells Carter about the tough times he had until he discovered new powers. He then describes his ascent and descent as a super villain. He tells Carter that he can become as powerful as he once was, maybe even stronger if they fuse together. Tired of being ridiculed by his fellow student, he fuses with the old-timer. Which unlocks both of their powers creating the “super being”. The most perfect super of all time. Carter then becomes corrupted by the power and begins a reign of terror over the entire universe.