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Author Topic: Old, irrelevant ideas I might come back to one day  (Read 905 times)

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Old, irrelevant ideas I might come back to one day
« on: May 23, 2018, 10:26:45 PM »
Things that don't fit into any of my stories, or are so old or poorly written I have nothing to do but bank them. Most of these are things I really want to come back to one day, but feel free to snatch them up before I get to them.

Something I wrote at 3 in the morning on a whim
“So are you gonna go say goodbye to him?”

“I said goodbye last time I saw him,” Stelios grumbled, his eyes not leaving the pages of his book for a second as he lazed across the sofa of the living room. “I don’t need to do it again. No need to scream ‘I’m gay for you’ at him.”

Vera snorted in amusement from across the room. “Ha. You still haven’t told him. It’s been like ten years, Stell.”


“Still!” The auburn-haired boy rolled his eyes as his little sister tossed something at him, something that narrowly missed his head. “Dude, it’s been eight years of you wanting him! You two are going to different ends of the world in a few days! Just tell him already! He isn’t a homophobe, his sister is gay!”

“Jesus Christ, would you leave it, Vera?” Stelios snapped, and though it would have surprised anyone else into shutting up, his sister was a different beast entirely. She giggled from the other side of the room, and it pissed the young Greek man off even more to see the screen of her computer reflected in her eyes rather than her gaze set on him. “No need to get all pissy. You know you’re gonna regret it if you go off to Cali and you don’t tell him.”

“He has a girlfriend. Of nearly two years.”

“Who the hell cares?” Vera threw up her hands, but she didn’t look up from the computer screen-he always wondered what she did on her trusty laptop. She was talented with it, but was very private with what she actually did on the device. The only thing he knew was that his little sister was practically rolling in dough for a fifteen-year-old without a job. Stelios didn’t even want to think about what black market she was running with the high school students, or what would happen if she was caught.

“Stelios, Yulia ain’t going to Switzerland with him.” Fingers tapped away as Vera spoke and Stelios turned back to his book-not that he was reading it. “Go and tell him. He’s bound to be at the airport, his flight leaves in a couple hours.”

“I’m not doing anything at the airport.”

The younger of the two siblings sighed loudly and intentionally. “Ah, I can get into his phone, you know…” The rust-haired boy shot daggers at his sister, who was grinning as she tapped away at the keyboard. “And yours too, for that matter…”

“Are you threatening me with blackmail?”

Vera shrugged casually. “I’m just reminding you that until he leaves the country I do have a lot of power over your relationship with him. Not that I would ruin it to any extreme. I care about him too. Now.” For the first time that morning, his little sister looked up at him. “Go to the airport and tell Gabriel you love him more than anyone else. Before I do it for you.”

Obediently, Stelios tossed his book down on the sofa, glaring at his little sister as he put on his shoes. “Tell mom I have the car when she wakes up. I’ll be back before one.”

The youngest of the family let out a little laugh as he made his way out of the house. “Don’t you chicken out!”

Stelios rolled his eyes, deciding against making some promise to do his best. Chickening out felt like a great idea, and he had no idea why he was taking Vera’s advice as he locked the door behind him.

Stelios had wondered how he’d know where to go, and of course Vera had been two steps ahead as always. She’d sent him a text with with Gabe’s location (he could only hope that she’d simply asked him instead of the alternative), and as he walked through the airport, the young Greek man wondered what he was doing. He’d been completely in love with his best friend for nearly a decade, and as long as he’d kept his mouth shut it had been fine. Why was he messing with perfection?

Because you’re in love with him, for *censored*’s sake.

It sounded like something Vera would say, and didn’t make him feel much better as he stopped in front of the coffee shop his sister had mentioned. Gabe was indeed seated inside, his headphones pulled over his ears and a crossword puzzle in front of him as usual. He was as stunning as usual, a sleeveless navy hoodie showing off his biceps and his pierced bottom lip caught between his teeth as he tapped his pen on the table and scanned the puzzle. Despite the fact he was typically close with his family, he was alone… Perhaps because his sister was heading out at nearly the same time? Stelios couldn’t say he minded-confessing in front of family could have been a problem.

Confessing in general could have been a problem.

He should have turned around, he should have forgotten about it entirely and gotten on the next bus back to their local station, but Stelios could feel his legs carrying him into the coffee shop and to the seat on the other side of his friend’s table, which was somehow empty on the busy morning. He cleared his throat and tapped his finger on the book of crossword puzzles. “Is this seat taken?”

“Hmm?” Gabriel seemed startled as his ice-blue eyes left the page and he pulled his headphones down around his neck. Stelios was greeted with a warm smile soon after. “Hey. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Where’s your family?”

Gabe shrugged, taking a sip from the cup in front of him and rolling up the book of crosswords to put it in his bag. “Went to see off my sister. It’s a big day. I’ll be flying to Switzerland in a few hours. Isn’t that crazy?”

“Yeah…” Stelios sighed. His own departure was in a few days, but he was far more preoccupied with his old friend’s at that point. “It is…”

“Aww, you gonna miss me. Stell?” Gabe teased, resting his chin in his hand, and Stelios blushed as his friend poked fun at him. “You’re not gonna have anyone to hold your hand through those big firsts anymore. Think you’re ready to grow up?”

“I’ll be fine,” Stelios replied as they rose from the table, even if he wasn’t exactly sure he would. The blue-eyed boy motioned for him to follow as they walked into the main airport, and Stelios couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you worried? You’re going to Switzerland…”

“I have family there,” He simply shrugged, halting in front of a gate and leaning against a pillar. “They might be a few hours away, but I’ll be fine. What about you? Cali’s pretty intimidating, especially for a worrywart like you.”

“The only thing I won’t survive is the heat,” Stelios jokingly replied, the conversation easing his nerves a little. “And I guess the prices of everything.”

“Well, I expect an autograph or two to be sent to me,” Gabe smiled at him, and Stelios felt his heart jump. He cleared any sort of anxiety from his throat before replying, “Only if you send over some chocolates.”

Gabriel laughed lightly. “I’ll see what I can do. So you really came all the way out here on a Wednesday morning just to say goodbye? I’m flattered.”

“Uh…” The rust-haired man began to wring his hands together, a bad habit he’d developed back in middle school. “Actually, I… I just wanted to say something to you before you left…”

“Huh?” Suddenly, the blue-eyed boy seemed more interested. “What is it? Are you gonna tell me I won the lottery or something?”

Stelios laughed nervously. “I really wish I was. No, I, um…” Gabriel waited patiently as he collected his thoughts-he always had, since they’d met as children. Gabe was patient and lighthearted, and he was brash and serious. It balanced out pleasantly, and their good chemistry was the result.

It was what had gotten him into the situation in the first place, their good chemistry. It was too good, that was the problem. Stelios took a deep breath, before he began to speak, trying his best to pull logical words from his emotions. “Gabe, I… God, I love hanging out with you. You’re really fun, and I don’t have a ton of fun.”

Gabriel chuckled, his light, natural smile seemingly stuck to his face. “Getting all sappy on my now? Didn’t know you had it in you, Stell.”

Stelios couldn’t help but smile back despite how nervous he was and how much he felt like puking-his friend’s grin was contagious. “But Gabe… I’m…” The auburn-haired man took a deep, shuddering breath, before blurting out, “I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for years, and I…” He couldn’t deny it felt so much better with the massive weight off his chest, and he let out an uncharacteristic laugh through his nerves. “I’m sorry. I just needed to get it off my chest before you left. It’s been so long, I…”

He paused for a long moment, waiting for his friend to speak, and was surprised when there was silence between them. Gabriel was never quiet, he had a reply for everything, no matter what the situation.

Why isn’t he saying anything?

“I just…” He was speaking through his nerves at that point, babbling and stumbling over his words. “Gabe, I think you’re amazing, and you’ve always been amazing. I know that you’ve got Yulia and I’m not asking for you to reciprocate but I-”

Stelios was cut off, but it took him a couple seconds to realize it wasn’t by Gabriel’s words, but by his lips, pressed hard and messy to his own. Their teeth clashed, and the ring on the blue-eyed boy’s bottom lip pressed awkwardly into his mouth, but he couldn’t be bothered to care. Gabe pulled away breathlessly after a moment. “I… I broke it off with Yulia last week…”

“Wait, what?” For a moment, the Greek man was too surprised to worry about the kiss. “Why? You two were happy.”

“The distance…” Gabe breathed, still close enough Stelios could feel it on his lips. “And she didn’t feel right… We grew apart, and me moving to Switzerland… .”

“Oh, I… I’m sorry…” He replied, before realizing what situation he was in. Stelios blinked in surprise, stumbling back out of his best friend’s arms. “Wait, what the *censored*? You kissed me! Why did you…”

Gabe shrugged, scratching his ear as if it was an everyday conversation. He gave a cheeky little laugh. “You always looked so kissable, with that worried look all over your face. I’ve always wanted to try it. I just didn’t know if you swung that way.”

“Well, I obviously do!”

He laughed, short and musical, and it sent Stelios’ heart fluttering. “That’s good to know. Stelios, I think you’re pretty damn fine, but I’m going to Switzerland in two hours and you’re going to California. This isn’t the time to sort out a relationship, especially right after Yulia.”

It was bittersweet, but the truth. Stelios nodded. “Yeah… I guess so. I’m sorry if this complicated things.”

Gabe shrugged again, glancing over at his returning parents rounding a corner. “It would’ve gotten complicated anyway. We can have this conversation after we graduate, okay? Promise.”

“What… How would that even work?”

“Well… Let’s just say if I still want to know what kissing you would be like in four years, and you’re still madly in love with me,” Gabriel gently pecked his cheek, and a blush spread across his face. “Then we can try and figure something out. Until then.” He gave Stelios a little, playful salute. “Adios, amigos.”

Though he wasn’t exactly sure how to feel about his situation, Stelios had something to look forward to, even if it just mean graduating would be that much sweeter, and he smiled just a little as he turned to leave the airport. “Four years.”

“Four years!” Gabe called after him, cheerful and excited despite the situation. “In four years we can make it work, Stell!”

And a couple of characters I wanted to develop maybe eight or nine months ago and forgot about completely. The scene isn't finished, but I don't have any plans to finish it anytime soon.
“If I am gothic lolita, then you are a criminal, and you should be killed by an army of little girls…”

Reese nearly jumped at the soft, unmistakable voice, glancing over to the next roof over to see none other than Lachlan, seated on his own roof, earbuds predictably in, looking up at the starry night sky. She felt her otherwise cold heart flutter at the sound of his impressive soprano-he’d proven to have a huge vocal range, no matter how shy he was with it.


Reese did jump at her name, caught up in sudden eye contact with Lock, who must’ve seen her out of the corner of his eye. He’d popped an earbud out, and had a surprised look and a feeble blush on his face. She blinked. “Uh… Why are you out so late? It’s past midnight.”

Lock smiled with a little laugh, the one Reese was utterly in love with, and she swallowed nervously. “I could say the same to you. Why are you out here so late, anyway?”

“I-I asked first,” She stuttered, internally facepalming-she was usually much smoother than how she was currently fairing. Perhaps summer had thrown her off practice.

Lock didn’t seem to mind or care (maybe both) as he leaned back against the bit of roof that rose a little above the rest with a sigh. “Insomnia. You?”

“Oh, I…” Her reason seemed petty and stupid compared to his, and quietly, she replied, “I just fought with my brother over something stupid, and I thought I’d cool off…”

“Oh.” The brunette boy cocked his head at her. “Aren’t you and your brother close, though?”

“Yeah, which is why it sucks so much.”

For a moment, there was silence between them, and Reese could feel tears pricking her eyes, despite her stubborn straight face. She really did hate fighting with Adrian, especially when it came to her own decisions, and that night had been no exception, with the topic being where she was going with her education and her life.

“Hey, I…” Lachlan seemed to be carefully considering his words, as usual, and Reese took the moment to wipe away the single tear that had attempted to escape. “Lock, you don’t have to-”

“Come here.”


“I… Please don’t make me repeat myself.” The green-eyed girl blinked at her neighbour again, whose face was gaining colour rapidly. “I-I mean, you don’t have to, o-of course…”

“No, I…” Reese made her way to where the two roofs were closest, lightly hopping over the little gap between them. “You just surprised me for a sec.”

Lock gave her a bit of an amused smile, motioning for her to sit beside him, which she did, snuggling into his warmth in the surprisingly chilly summer night. He chuckled softly, as musically as all his other little laughs though, and despite her determination not to fall for the boy with the beautiful voice next door, Reese was sure she was failing as he slid an arm around her silently, letting her snuggle into his side.

It was comfortable, nevertheless, and despite her previous anger, Reese could feel her exhaustion catching up to her. She hadn’t slept much for the past little while, whether it be for her music or for her own enjoyment. With a stifled yawn, she asked, “What are you listening to?”

“Emilie Autumn,” Lock replied in a quiet murmur, his voice as beautiful as ever. “Do you want to hear?”

Hesitantly, Reese nodded, gently taking the earbud he’d offered her, unsure what to feel about the gothic sounding music. It was unlike her own usual rock, or his usual mix of well, everything, though it wasn’t to say she didn’t like it.

“Can you sing it?”

She’d asked without thinking, and wasn’t sure to regret it or not as Lachlan’s cheeks immediately gained a noticeable pink hue. She knew very well he was shy already, after all.

“Ah, I don’t…” He bit his lip, taking a breath, before laughing nervously, “You have faith in my pitch, Reese’s Pieces.”

“C’mon, I know you have a great voice.” She nudged him playfully, a hopeful little grin working its way across her lips. “And it’s the middle of the night. No one’s up to hear you but me.”

“Well, I…” Lock gnawed his bottom lip, scanning her face-perhaps for a reason to say no? Either way, he sighed, glancing up to the sky again. “God, you’re so cute…”

The short caramel blonde blushed at the compliment-am I really cute to him? I mean, I think he’s pretty cute… “Ah… Okay, this next part I know pretty well, so…” Reese watched quietly as he cleared his throat, before beginning in his alluring, somehow masculine yet perfectly pitched voice, “I’m gothic lolita, and you are a criminal, I’m not even legal, I’m just a dead little girl. But ruffles and laces and candy sweet faces directed your furtive hand… I perfectly understand…” The taller boy trailed off, his words hanging in the night. For a moment, Reese was silent, her body alight and tingling with the sound of her neighbour’s voice and his perfect singing, and though she opened her mouth to speak, it took a long few seconds for her to actually speak-”That was beautiful.”

Lock laughed, rubbing his neck. “I’ll… never be as good as the real thing…”

“Your voice is the best thing I’ve ever heard, come on,” She argued back, and he nudged her, smiling a little playfully. “You don’t count. You have a weird voice fetish.”

“It’s not weird!” Reese nudged him back, a little giggled bubbling up as he hugged her closer, muffling her in his arm. Laughing, she pushed him off. “Lock!”

Lock simply let out a laugh of his own, sending shivers down her spine again, and it didn’t make it better when he chuckled under his breath, “You’re so adorable…”

“You know,” Reese cleared her throat through her stutter, despite her flaming cheeks and the chills she got from her neighbour’s voice. “If I’m really that cute, it’s a wonder I’m single, huh?”

A ghost of a smirk slid over Lachlan’s lips, one that was immediately gone, and though she could feel her heart fluttering, there was a hot flash of indignation as he replied in his usual quiet tone, “A real wonder. A shame, huh.”

“A shame,” She echoed with her own little hum, leaning against him again with a little yawn. “It is indeed.”

There were another few moments of silence in the comfortable night, the only sounds the nighttime bugs. It was a nice lull, and between the warmth Lock had enveloped her in and how much her argument with Adrian had already exhausted her, Reese couldn’t help but yawn again, stubbornly keeping her eyes open.

“Hey, Reese’s Pieces, if you’re that tired, you should hop back over.”

“Hmm?” Reese blinked up at Lock, stifling a yawn as she smiled. “I’m cute enough to strangle with a hug, but not cute enough to use your shoulder as a pillow. I see.”

“No, no, I…” There was a pause as again, the taller boy thought over his words with a little lyrical hum. “Sleeping on rooftops generally isn’t a good idea…”

I'm on a bit of a spree of digging up my older writing lately. Most of it's hideous D:
I'm too shy to initiate... But I'm open to anyone else doing it. Just tell me if you need to say something :D

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Re: Old, irrelevant ideas I might come back to one day
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2018, 09:34:11 PM »
Here's something I might legitimately come back to if I have the chance/motivation. This was actually the only story my friends pushed really hard for me to write, and it would be loosely based around us living together as university students in downtown Toronto (which will probably never happen, but we decided we liked the concept anyway). This was the last scene I wrote for the idea though. Maybe I'll come back to it.

“Okay, we’re downtown. Can we go home now?”

“No!” Luna chirped, even as Will rolled his eyes. “We’re here now, and you’re in a funk you need pulling out of!” She grabbed her friend’s hand, pulling him out of Union Station. “Come on! Let’s go eat somewhere at least! We have a couple hours here!”

Will’s eyes rolled, but he let her take him along. “The hell are we going?”

“I dunno,” Luna shrugged, smiling. It had been a long time since she and Will had done something together, especially with the messy relationship with Harmony. “For food! It’s the last few days of freedom!”

Though Will made another unimpressed noise, he followed her, a hint of a little smile on his face as they walked down the bustling streets.

Rather than eat out somewhere fancy, they’d ended up eating at a pizza place (A very nice one, splitting the pizza for Will’s meat lover’s side and her own hawaiian side-not like that stopped Luna from taking a slice of his side, ignoring the side eye she got from him as she took the last slice after a good thirty or forty minutes of chatting and eating. “See? That wasn’t so bad!”

“Not until you ate my pizza, of course.”

“You’re so goddamn pessimistic!” Luna complained with a childish pout, pushing thick black curls out of her face, thanking the waiter who came by as he placed the bill on the table without looking up. “I ate one slice of your five slices of pizza!”

“Maybe I was saving the best for last.”

The mixed girl huffed, placing a few bills in the folder for the payment. “You weren’t, and I was hungry!”

“Whatever,” Will huffed, though his eyes sparkled with amusement. “Are we done trying to make me feel better now?”

Luna sighed, shaking her head. “Nope. We’re going to get dessert.”

“Dessert?” Will raised an eyebrow at her as she stood, grabbing her purse as she did. He followed her as she began her way out. “Luna…”

“You need the endorphins!” She exclaimed-though she wasn’t usually such an outspoken person, their relationship had been that way for years, her trying to pry reactions from him and him denying any positive emotion evicted from their time together. It was why they called each other brother and sister after all.

With a skip in her step, Luna led the way down the street again, Will in tow. Though she really didn’t like summer, it wasn’t too hot or humid that day (enough so she could pull off knee socks with her blue skirt and dark blue tank top), and she did like to eat out with Will.

“The hell are we going?”

“Dessert,” She replied simply, watching her old friend’s eyes roll in amusement. “Didn’t you hear me?”

“You’re an ass sometimes, you know.”

“Please, look in a mirror,” She teased right back, stopping and turning on her heel to stop in front of a familiar little shop. “We’re here.”

Will gave her a look. “This is a cupcake shop.”

“Indeed it is,” She smiled at him, walking into the store, knowing the programmer would follow her into the warm, sweet-smelling shop. “That’s exactly it.”

The cupcake shop was a good little place, and though she’d goaded Will into buying a single, caramel cupcake, she’d bought two, eating a mocha-flavoured one in the shop and a holding a honey lemon one as they exited the shop. Though he still looked somewhat unamused, Will was smiling a little as they did. “See? Endorphins.”

“Fine,” Will replied. “It wasn’t that bad.”

“And now,” She poked his chest with a little smile. “You can pay for the train ride home, because I paid for food.”

Though he rolled his eyes, his hand immediately drifted to his pocket for his wallet, when he paused. Luna cocked her head at him. “What?”

“Crap, I forgot my wallet,” He turned back to the cupcake shop, which they’d walked a little ways from. “Hey, wait. I’ll be back in two seconds.” Before she could protest, Will was jogging back to the shop, leaving her on the streets. Though she was surprised for a moment, she turned to step out of the way of pedestrian traffic-only to be knocked violently off her feet with a yelp.

Though she’d been bracing for impact, it took Luna a moment to realize that she wasn’t falling anymore-rather, someone had grabbed her-her hips, to be precise. She blinked, looking around, only to realize her saviour was standing behind her.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Luna squeaked as whoever had caught her breathed a question, gently letting her stand up straight and turn to face him. He was significantly taller than her, with light brown skin, lighter than her own mixed tone-was he mediterranean, perhaps?-and loose, curly dark brown hair. His green eyes were wide as he looked at her curiously, and his face was youthful-he couldn’t be much older than her.

“Y-yeah, I-I think I’m okay,” She replied, catching her breath and smoothing down her skirt. “Thanks. You saved my ass.”

“No problem,” He replied with a smile, glancing down. “Though I couldn’t save everything. Sorry.” He motioned to the cupcake, which she’d dropped in surprise and was upside-down on the pavement. Luna simply let out a sigh, looking back to him with a little bit of a smile. “No, it’s okay. You got me at least.”

“Well, I mean, I can make it up to you if you give me a chance,” He held out a hand, motioning for her to hold out hers too, which she did. A blush crept over her face as he grabbed it, writing on the back in pen, before smiling at her and shifting the bag that was on his shoulders and turning to continue down the street. “If you ever want a free cupcake, give me a call.”

“Y-yeah,” Luna stammered, somewhat shocked as she glanced to the back of her hand, where a name and phone number were scrawled. After Cole, she hadn’t had a guy give her a number in a long time “Thanks.”

He smiled over his shoulder as he disappeared into the bustle of the city, and Luna turned away, feeling her face heat up more. What just happened?


As if on cue, Will jogged up to her, his head cocked. “Did you finish the cupcake already? Man… You’re gonna get heart disease.”

“Not… Exactly,” Luna replied after a moment, falling into step with him. Will raised an eyebrow at her. “What happened in the two minutes I was gone? It looks like you’ve seen a freaking ghost.”

“A, um… A guy gave me his number,” She mused, looking to the number on the back of her hand. ‘Matthew K.’, the name below it read, in a cute, messy print. Will grabbed her hand as they stopped at the stoplight, reading the messy writing. “Matthew, huh. I think there’s a Matthew K. in robotics club. Or there was one, last year.”

“What did he look like?”

“Brown hair, tall,” Will shrugged as they crossed the street. “Green eyes, I think. A junior scrub.”

Luna smiled in amusement. “So a junior scrub just gave me his number in passing. Good to know.”

Will nudged her with a smile himself. “Shut up. I still have to pay for the ride home, remember.”

Luna could only roll her eyes as their conversation devolved into their usual playful banter. She was sure she’d call the number at some point. And not just for a free cupcake.
I'm too shy to initiate... But I'm open to anyone else doing it. Just tell me if you need to say something :D

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Re: Old, irrelevant ideas I might come back to one day
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2018, 07:49:00 PM »
Not really something irrelevant, but something pretty old that I dug up and want to write in a more fast-paced slice of life sorta format when I have the time. Just pure, adventuring, monster-slaying, ass-kicking fun.

Aria’s a barterer in Eskon’s massive marketplace, and has been since the death of her older brother when she was thirteen. Now, at nineteen, she’s rumoured to be the best of the best when it comes to having oddities-perhaps due to her love for adventuring and collecting. And even if sometimes money is tight, Aria’s okay with life how it is, collecting and selling.

Until she receives a particularly mysterious customer, looking for something she hasn’t seen since before the death of her brother. A seventeen-year-old who’s been disguising himself well in society for the past few years to pursue his dream of collecting and creating, Lucio Lovett’s on the hunt for gems for a blade he’s working on-gems found only one place in the world, and that Aria can remember her brother having at one time. And while Aria would usually want nothing to do with such a massive request, the reward could keep her going for years, in a time where she’s barely getting by every day.
I'm too shy to initiate... But I'm open to anyone else doing it. Just tell me if you need to say something :D

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Re: Old, irrelevant ideas I might come back to one day
« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2018, 11:16:22 PM »
This one isn't really old or irrelevant, but something I came up with on a whim after going through a story I started in elementary school about people who were somehow connected to the zodiac constellations. If I was ever going to ask for an artist for anything that wasn't my usual slice of life, it'd probably be this. After I get an actual plot and characters and all that other important stuff down first.

All the Stars in the Sky

Jamie’s always felt a little out of place in his world. Born into a city family with undeniable ambition, his laid-back, slower-paced way of living has always been different than theirs. Even though he’s finally moved out of the city into a rural suburb, he’s still suffering from an awfully low mood - at least for most of the year. As the cold season arrives, he’s happy as a clam, especially under the blanket of the night sky - and nobody knows why, not even Jamie himself.

Until he meets someone - or rather, something. A young woman with peculiar markings and a claim of being from another planet, to be precise. And while Jamie usually couldn’t care less about a crazy person insisting she knows what’s different about him, when she presents him with something that immediately cures his mid-year low, he’s intrigued.

Very loose plot for a lack of better words
The world of Vijestrelle (Vee-Ye-Strelle) is an orphaned planet without a solar system, running solely on the energy harnessed from the stars. Though the planet is small and alone, never with an orbit and with a constant night sky, the power from the stars is embedded in the deep veins, resulting in a constant shine on the surface, at least where veins exist (which is in most places). The veins are dark liquid with flecks of brightness, resembling a dark, cloudless night, and though the liquid inside the veins (Named Techisterika, or Chirika for short) it cannot be used for anything other than a life force for the planet. Though the Chirika on the planet is constantly flowing, it runs out, which is why new cosmic energy is harvested through highly advanced methods and sent back into the veins, resulting in a constant cycle. Lately, however, less and less energy is being harvested… And Calla Lily has an idea of how to fix it.

Gathering what she has dubbed ‘The Constellation Children’, Calla is seeking out as many of the humans connected to 88 modern constellations as she can, from as far through the galaxy she can reach. A group of humans - or humanoids - with the natural ability to store the power of the stars within them, and in other objects, as  well as take full advantage of any enhancements it offers, they could save a dying planet. Though one exists on Vijestrelle, the natural power they have is nowhere near enough to give life to the entire planet… So Calla’s taken it upon herself to seek out the rest of them, starting with bringing the three existing on Earth to her home.

Something much more serious is behind the whole ordeal though, she soon discovers. The death of the planet isn’t a natural phenomenon, but a human one.  Yuma Myotis and her rebel gang, some of the only ones that exist outside the mediated city domes, are cutting off the supply in hopes one day they can cut it off completely, arguing the stars are living too, and their life force is being stripped away, especially as the planet grows more powerful. Though Calla is quick to argue, it becomes all too apparent that Yuma is right - they are killing the stars. Rather than become discouraged, though, Yuma and Calla are determined to find remaining 84 Constellation Children and bring them to Vijestrelle, where not only can they live happily, always under the light of their constellation, but save their planet in a way that lets both the stars and the people survive.

Maybe I should actually write some of the stories here  :-\ some of them are kind of interesting for older stuff.
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Re: Old, irrelevant ideas I might come back to one day
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Characters for All the Stars in the Sky. AKA me doing everything that isn't what I should be doing. This is a story I shouldn't be doing anything with, at least until I'm done editing my novel, but here I am. Ugh.

Oh, side note. I changed Jamie's name to Dex, mostly because Dex is a character I've been meaning to use for a long time, and he sort of fit in here.


Calla Lily: A young, determined and optimistic woman living in the capital of Vijestrelle’s most advanced country, Kalordor, Aterika. She’s been watching the energy run low since she was young, and with a country insisting they are trying to find a way, she decided to take the knowledge of the stars and sky passed down to her to try and fix it herself. She and the only Constellation Child on Vijestrelle are childhood friends, and though few people know it, he’s trying to provide power to Kalordor. Calla is determined to save the world with what knowledge she has, and is a decent starship pilot, with good navigational skills. Her only companion on her journey is the AI Sombre created, which manages the ship she takes. Calla, like most of the people native to Kalador, has dark skin and wild, curly hair usually kept up in a messy ponytail. She has hazel eyes and naturally-growing black, thin markings that somewhat resemble the veins of the planet, just like most of the inhabitants. Calla ages more quickly than Earthens due to the high levels of oxygen on the planet, but is more or less about 25.

Derek “Dex” Gasher (Orion): A young animator living alone in Park Forest, Illinois. He’s from a busy family who raised him in the heart of Chicago, and he always felt a little left out, preferring to do his art and smell the roses. His father taught him the basics of astronomy as a child, and though he doesn’t know why, he’s always loved the night sky, and observing his particular constellation, like most of the others. He’s the first Constellation Child Calla approaches outside of her own home, and though he’s reluctant, he decides to go with her. He loves to draw, and is good at mapping, especially as Calla teaches him the ropes of interstellar travel. Dex is a little bit dreamy, even if he hides it behind his stagnant, mature exterior. His family definitely toughened him up, even if they didn’t always get along, and he’s very fond of his little sister, Gemma, who he returns to visit and often invites to his new home. Dex has only recently graduated college, and was taken in by a small creative group of people set on  developing their own ideas, but he’d much rather go his own way with his art. Though the idea of living with all the time in the world sounds like a heaven to him, he gladly accompanies Calla and the other two Earthens to find the rest of the Constellation Children.

Sombre Bat (Canes Venatici): The only of the 88 living on Vijestrelle, and Calla’s childhood friend, and brother to a certain extent. He’s the only son of one of the planet’s last historians and real astronomers, resulting in his power as a Constellation Child being revealed very young. He’s a kind person, even if he’s a little bit of a hotheaded realist, and loves Calla like a sister. He originally lived farther West, he and his father moved to the main city when he was very young due to his constant depression from being so far from his constellation, where they took in a homeless, eight-year-old Calla. They still live in a small but comfortable bungalow on the outskirts of the main city. Sombre loves to tinker, and though most of his time is spent working with the cosmic energy and providing to the city until Calla tracks down the rest of the Constellation Children. Sombre ages faster than Earthens due to the high amounts of oxygen in the atmosphere, but is more or less about 28, even if he appears a little bit younger. He has paler, tanned skin compared to most of the residents of the city due to him being from outside of it, with ash-brown hair typically styled much shorter to one side. Much of his time is spent secretly providing for the city, even though he wishes he could accompany Calla and trying and invent and create more.
I'm too shy to initiate... But I'm open to anyone else doing it. Just tell me if you need to say something :D

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Re: Old, irrelevant ideas I might come back to one day
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Procrastinating and creating characters for the story about Aria and Lucio (who I mentioned some posts below) after the events of their plot-fulled journey takes place. Basically about a group of adventurers adventuring and kicking ass and all that good stuff I don't have the time to write right now.

Main Cast
Lucio Lovett: The young prince of Eskon with a wild streak. A strange boy with werewolf blood and a mysterious past. He carries a sharp, sturdy combat knife, and relies on usually it and it alone. Though he’s got some magic in him, he much prefers his knife or hand to hand combat.

Aria Tacolla: A young woman who’s a fairly poor barterer in the heart of Eskon, though she’s packed with information her brother left her. She was an adventurer as a child, and has minimal fighting experience. She’s given a pair of butterfly knives she keeps concealed in a hand-crafted scabbard hidden in her boots. She’s a mindbender, and a powerful one at that.

Wista Malone: A girl in tune with the winds and has a hefty knowledge in forging. She’s calm and collected to balance out Lucio’s personality. She’s a wonderful blacksmith, with just the right amount of patience to do it well, and though has never been adventuring, would spar often. She prefers to use small, light, sharp weapons that can be thrown using her powerful wind powers, alongside a hand-crafted karambit.

Vera Calisto: A young, girly alati who’s become far more mature in the short amount of time it took to finish the original adventure. She’s very physically weak, but is incredible with a sniper rifle and can create illusions out of heat and flames to escape or confound the the enemy. While she’s a little naive and childish due to her age, her faults are also massive pros, considering she’s got the most creative and unbiased way of thinking.

Ness: A young, troublesome, overly-curious but loyal selkie with a bad case of wanderlust. He insists tagging along with the rest of the defenders. No matter how much trouble he can be, he’s useful in battle, and in talking his way out of things, with the typical selkie charm working as a huge advantage. He has a beautiful selkie trident and has a silver tongue. He’s the only person on the team able to fluster Aria, even if they both know it’s only due to his selkie genes.

Leander: The god looking over Eskon, who was recently released from a long curse that turned him into a fox and gave him the ability to shapeshift… Even if he isn’t great at controlling it quite yet. His magic is the most powerful of the team, resulting in him not using it very often in fears of burning something down. He brags about his power, but more often than not only uses fear tactics to ensure he doesn’t hurt anyone.

And recurring characters
Amelie Mahoussen: A young woman in the village housing the philosopher’s stone. She was taking care of Ness for a few weeks before Lucio and Aria arrived. She’s quiet and a little shy, but the local medic. Though she insists she’s single, it’s very obvious how much chemistry she and Dash have.

Dashiel Jazz: A young man in the village housing the philosopher’s stone. He’s a chef, and loves to cook, especially the fish Ness catches. He’ll insist he and Amelie are dating, and even if she denies it and does her best to have no interest in it, he knows that they have good chemistry.

Quentin Haas: A friend of Lucio’s from the city. A headstrong, boyish bartender and cook of a tavern Lucio would often stay at. He loves some adventure here and there, but cares very much about staying in the city and taking care of the tavern and his family. He’s developed a bit of a crush on Aria since she last stayed at the tavern, and treats her almost too nicely.

Penelope Daniels: A regular vendor in Camelia City, Kajolie’s massive night market. She’s a young woman who’s always loved the nightlife, but the night market is her home. She sells trinkets and small crystal figures, and relates closely to Aria. She’s just a little bit older than Aria.

Laszlo Molnar: A fortune teller in Camelia City’s night market. Young, eccentric and attractive, even if he keeps to himself other than his fortune telling. He doesn’t advertise himself much, and has a very strong belief in luck and the saying ‘que sera, sera’. Though his fortunes are often eerily true, he refuses to admit if he possesses some sort of magic, is a natural psychic like Rosalind or is simply good at reading people.

Ophelia “O.P.A.” Adema: A stilt-walker and busker in Camelia City’s night market. She more often goes by the name O.P.A. and has a more androgynous appearance. She’s very friendly and loves her part-time job at the market. She’s very young, at only 17, and had to drop her schooling after her parents died in a freak accident. She’s a mage, with a little bit of control over natural magic rather than being connected to an element, and loves to make people smile.

Indigo & Violetta Williams: A pair of siblings working a potato stall in the food sector. Though they argue a lot, and are often at each other's throats, their food is undeniably fantastic. They’re small-time farmers from just outside of the city, and love the night market. Their parents run their own breakfast food stall some rows away. They’re good friends with Edwin.

Edwin “Winter” Macarda: A young busker going at the world with his guitar and his microphone. He performs at the night market due to the difficulty of getting a gig in Camelia, and undervalues his own music. He’s very hard on himself. He and the Williams siblings started out at around the same time, resulting in them becoming good friends.

Lucky Melody: A kind but introverted vendor who specializes in popsicles in the shape of flowers. He’s a half-deity, the offspring of Yukiama, the equivalent of Andromeda and Leander in the far-off land of Panalapa. He’s a snow dragon, with snow-white hair and tanned, freckled skin, and though comes off very androgynous (and prefers to stay that way), is very much a boy.

Andromeda: Leander’s Kajolie counterpart. Like him, she watches over the continent in which Kajolie resides overseas. She’s a little bit younger than him, and though they’ve met before, they aren’t really friends of any sort, especially after Lee was cursed. She has more of an array of powers than he does, and has a habit of travelling on clouds with her wind and water powers. Like Lucky and more recently Leander, she represents a mythical creature from her land, hers being the cat sith, which results in her being a sort of  witchy werecat.
I'm too shy to initiate... But I'm open to anyone else doing it. Just tell me if you need to say something :D

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Re: Old, irrelevant ideas I might come back to one day
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This is one of the first casts of characters I ever created, based mostly on classmates who wanted in on my writing from about 3rd or 4th grade to just before middle school. I changed a couple names that were just a little too close to originals. I think a character based loosely off me is in here too. This was a fun little piece to write back in the day, even if my writing was absolute garbage back then, or at least worse garbage than it is now. It's still kinda embarrassing, but I guess I can safely say now that my writing has gotten better since elementary school.

There isn't really any context to this scene, at least I couldn't find any. It was about a group of young people adventuring in a magical land and looking for someone, I think. Maybe they were running from something. I don't remember.
“You okay, Max?”

“Think so.”  Sakura smiled-her friends didn’t always get along, and it was usually her and Ethan who held the group together.  It was nice to see Max and Gale get along well.

“I’m really sorry, I should’ve had your back, that’s how we practiced…”

“Sakura.”  Max placed his good hand on the girl’s shoulder.  “Stop worrying.  I’m going to be fine, really.  it’s just a cut.”

“A cut?  A cut!”  Sakura sighed.  “It’s deeper than that, and it’s good Gale wasn’t hurt, because we probably would’ve lost you to blood loss.”

“Both of you should be more precautious,”  Ethan interrupted, finishing cleaning his blade.  “Let’s leave it at that.  Hey, Matias, are we ready to move on?  Other than the vicious shapeshifters, this cave gives me the creeps.”

“Yeah, I think we’re just about ready…  Right Gale?”

“Sure, I’m a little tired, but the next town over should be close.”  Still eyeing Max’s weakly bandaged arm, Sakura nodded.  Mhm, a traditional village of some sort.  We should be able to find somewhere to rest there at least.”

“After we’ve rested for a little we should move on,”  Matias cracked his knuckles, twirling his staff before clicking it onto his belt.  “We’re all searching for something, and a traditional village of maybe sixty-something people isn’t going to lead us anywhere.”

“We have to let Max and Gale rest, Matias.”

“Yeah, yeah, Sakura, chill out.”  Matias elbowed her, and she elbowed back.  “Let’s just get out of this damned cave.”

The cave went on for a couple more kilometres before the shadow came into view.  Sakura elbowed Matias sharply, and he instantly grabbed his staff, the ends bursting into flame.  “Who’s there?  Come out, fight like a man!”

“A man…?”  A small shadow appeared in the light of Matias’s staff.  “Well, you don’t look like much of one yourself.”

“Hey, I-!”  Sakura smacked the blond to keep him quiet, before answering herself, “You don’t seem to be in any position to be saying such things.  But unless you are, however, a coward,”  She began to freeze water particles in the air, creating small, sharp ice shards.  “I do suggest you show yourself.”

“Alright, alright, but only because you seem to be such an utterly charming group.”  Sakura let the ice melt away with the heat of Matias’s staff in surprise as the person stepped out of the shadows.  She was very short, maybe only four and a half feet tall, with bright, smart, green eyes and light brown hair.  A small bag was slung over her shoulder, but she seemed to have no means of protection other than that.  Matias let the fire from the metal ends of the staff sputter out, but still grasped it.  “And you are?”

“You have no right to ask such a question in my territory.”

“Your territory?”  Matias snorted a laugh.  “I’m surprised you even have the clothes on your back by your size.”

“Size isn’t everything,”  The girl continued without missing a beat.  ‘And you aren’t really one to talk, either.  Your girlfriend is taller than you.”

“Girlfri-she’s my half-cousin, and to be fair, she’s older than me.”  Matias’s voice was bordering on serious irritation, something that didn’t pop up often.  “Who are you?”

“I’m Adelaide Onata, of Talemia Village.  I’m a scout.  My sister’s the elder, so don’t even think of messing with me.”

“Elder?  You don’t look a day over nine, so how old is your sister?  Thirteen?”

“None of your business.”

“Look, both of you!”  Max stepped up.  Sakura saw blood seeping through the makeshift bandages.  “Adelaide, we need to visit your village on our way through the region.  Please, could you escort us there, and could you ask your sister to consider keeping us overnight?”

“Hmm?”  Adelaide’s green orbs drifted to the injured arm, and they softened.  She stepped up to him.  “Oh, what did this?  This is becoming infected, you need to get this healed…”  She touched the arm, and even though Matias mercilessly whipped out his staff again, Sakura stopped him.  Max flinched, then relaxed a little as a white light enveloped his arm.  Sakura’s arm dropped.  “She…  She’s healing him. Matias…”

“Sorry, I can’t do a lot…”  She smiled at Max as she pulled away.  “Um…  I’m a sucker for injured people.  I’ll…  I’ll talk to Chloe, okay?  Come along, then.”

Sakura, Matias and Max exchanged glances.  Max shrugged and began to follow the girl.  Matias and Sakura did too, falling into step together.  The blond spoke first.  “Can we really trust her?  This could be a trap, considering we’ve been thrown out of all those places, or-”

“Matias,”  Sakura hissed.  “Calm down.  Even if we’re walking into anything dangerous, we can still fight.”

“My God, you two have rubbed off on each other,”  Max called over his shoulder.  Sakura rolled her eyes, and saw Matias roll his.  She returned to the conversation, however, with a tinge of excitement.  “But Matias,”  She whispered urgently.  “Talemia  was my mother’s maiden name, remember?”

“That could mean nothing, Sakura,”  He argued back.  “You need to wake up from that fictional world of yours, where there are spirits and happy endings…  We’re basically a group of mercenaries, things don’t turn out like that.”

“In Talemia, we’re very spiritual.”  Adelaide looked up from talking to Max.  “There’s a spirit in the willow tree we live near.  She has protected our village for hundreds of years from bad spirits and people.”

Sakura smiled at Matias.  Matias rolled his eyes back at her.  ‘That means nothing.”

“C’mon, admit I’m right for once!”  Her blonde cousin shook his head.  “Sakura…”

“Really?”  Max’s voice echoed from up ahead, where the cave was coming to an end.  Adelaide nodded.  “Yeah, if you like art, we have an artist in the village who lives right near it.”

“An artist?”  Sakura picked up her pace a little.  “Really?”

“Mhm, but he’s…  A little quiet, I suppose.  You might not even see him, sometimes he disappears for days, but he’s a great painter.”  They exited the cave, which led to a large wheat field, a tiny village nestled in the middle of nowhere.  A few beautiful blossoming trees with bright pink flowers and small weeping willows dotted the edges, the scene lit in an orange sunset.

Sakura smiled, despite the fact they had lost a whole day lost in the cave.  Matias made an irritated noise, beginning another argument, but she smacked him again to keep him quiet.

“Um, Chloe…”  Adelaide had turned back to them.  “She’s…A little… Er, very… I think you’ll get it.”

Ethan and Gale had fallen into step with her and Matias at that point, and Sakura glanced over her shoulder at them. Though they looked tired and a little beat-up, they were walking. Gale nudged her.  “Are you excited?  This is a beautiful place, considering how awful the cave was..”

“Well…”  Sakura smiled a little.  “I guess I am.  This seems like my kind of place.”  She glanced to the country village.  “I think this will be good for all of us, Gale.”

It didn’t take them long to reach the village.  Matias had ceased his arguing with Sakura and began talking with Ethan, until they entered the village.  It wasn’t big, but it was bustling for its size.  Sakura had a childlike fascination in her eyes, and she grinned at him.  He didn’t react.

Adelaide stopped in front of a statue of a woman with face markings and a small, peaceful smile, where two young people stood in front, talking quietly, one a blonde girl with pale skin and the other a boy with shoulder-length auburn hair and bright, deep green eyes.  Both of them were a little short, the girl shorter.  Matias found himself captivated by the blonde in general.  She was stunning, and almost seemed to glow in the fading sunlight.

Both the girl and boy turned as Adelaide stopped.  The girl smiled, then frowned.  “Adelaide, you’re back.  Who’s this, trespassers?”

“No, Chloe…”  Adelaide’s voice turned small.  “I-I…  One of these travelers is seriously hurt, and one of the mages is very tired.  Could we possibly…?”

“Adelaide, I…”  Chloe’s crystal eyes closed in exasperation.  “You can’t just keep bringing people here, it’s crowded enough!”

“But Chloe!”  Adelaide protested with a childish squeak in her voice.  “These ones are special!  I know it!”

“No.  I mean it.”  Matias and Sakura exchanged a worried look.  Even one more day of travel could be bad for Max and even Gale, weakened by a day without sunlight, of constant healing and swordplay.

“Wait, Chloe, let them stay.”

Matias’s head shot up from where it was dipped when the boy spoke, his voice serious but with an intoxicating touch.  Matias felt the need to question him,  just to hear the unusual voice again.

Chloe seemed surprised too.  “What?”

“Let them stay, they’re important.”  Adelaide smiled at the boy.  Chloe was silent for several minutes before she spoke.  “Xavier…  I’ve never questioned your judgement, but we have next to nowhere for them to stay.”

“Chloe, they are more to us than you think.”  Xavier’s huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. “I don’t know how, but you’ll regret letting them go.”

Chloe sighed in exasperation.  “You know what?  Fine.  There are five of them.  Xavier, you take the blond and the girl, I’ll take the short one and the one with glasses and Adelaide you get the injured one.  We’re not keeping any extras, so we can keep ‘em for a few days.”

“What?”  Xavier’s voice rose suddenly.  “No, I-I don’t even-”

“No arguing.”  Chloe’s voice was firm, and there was an almost awkward silence.  Matias wanted to ask aloud, but couldn’t bring him to, so asked in his head-What the hell just happened?

“I can’t believe Chloe is making me do this,”  Xavier grumbled as they walked to his house, somewhat on the outside of the village, through an overgrown meadow.  Despite him trying to disagree with Sakura, the leader of the group had to admit that the nature in and around the village was incredible, very different from the larger, stricter cities.

Plus, there was always the fact that their host’s voice gave him the chills.  Matias found himself savouring every syllable of Xavier’s voice, and simply listened to him, letting Sakura do the talking.

“Wait, you’re Xavier, right?”  The older, serious boy gave her an unimpressed look, and she apologized.  “Sorry.  Adelaide was talking about you.  You’re an artist?”

“Well…  A portrait artist.”  A small smile graced his lips.  “But not the kind of portraits you’re thinking of.”  They’d reached the outside of a tiny cottage, which Xavier unlocked in a fluid motion.  “Well, we’re here…  There isn’t much to this place, but I have two beds, so you can decide between that.”

“Two?  Why?”

“I had a sister who lived with me,”  He explained quietly.  “And she just disappeared one night…”

“Oh,”  Sakura replied more softly than usual.  “ I’m sorry. I lost a sibling too… It really sucks, doesn’t it?”

Matias spoke up before the sappy scene could continue.  “Look, sorry to interrupt, but I am kind of exhausted.”

“Right, right…”  Xavier thought for a moment, his eyes focused on the floor.  “Well, to be fair, she should get the bed to herself, right?  Then the second best choice would be for you two to share, I think.”

“I can agree with the first,”  Sakura replied hastily with a smirk, and Matias rolled his eyes.  “Obviously.”

“I think that’s fair…  Geez, why did she give me the only girl?”  Xavier sighed.  “Well, I guess we’ll do it like that for now.  You’re okay with that?”

Matias nodded, and before Sakura made her way to the small room at the side, the artist said, “Wait, I didn’t catch your names.”

“Sakura.”  Sakura replied before heading off with a sleepy smile and a wave.  “Don’t kill us in our sleep.”

“Matias,”  Matias mumbled through a yawn.  Xavier motioned to where Sakura had been.  “Her name is Sakura?  That’s very fitting.”

“Fitting?  Why?”

The artist shook his head.  “I’ll explain later.  I thought you were tired.”

“I am tired,”  Matias shot back.  “Just not fond of sharing a bed.”

“Relax.  From the sounds of it, you and your girlfriend over there-”

“I am not his girlfriend!”  Sakura shouted angrily from the next room over.  Xavier raised an eyebrow, a hint of a grin in his eyes.  In a lower voice, he began talking again. “Feisty.  Kinda cute, actually.”

“Cute?”  Matias scoffed, sitting on the small bed against the wall.  “Disgusting…”

“Yeah, okay.  What I was saying was from the sounds of it, you and your…”

“Half-cousin.”  Matias filled in helpfully.  Xavier sat beside him.  “Whatever she is, you two basically run a group of mercenaries.  Haven’t you been in worse positions than having to sleep next to a guy maybe a year or so older than you?”

“Yeah,”  The blond leader’s words were hot on the tip of his tongue.  In a louder voice, he continued, “I had to sleep next to Sakura.  That was the worst I’ve experienced so far.”

“Take that back, you annoying asshole!”  Sakura’s infuriated voice cried again.  Xavier chuckled-a sound even better than his voice.  It took willpower not to provoke his subordinate again to hear the intriguing laughter, but Matias stayed quiet.  He might’ve been a powerful Phoenix Descendant for his age, but Sakura was much cleverer than he was with attacks-plus, her element easily trumped his.  She had seriously (and deliberately) hurt him before, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to go through the whole rebirth cycle of a phoenix that night.  Burning his body into ashes was not only painful until death and rebirth, but dangerous with his high power and low skill level.

Xavier sighed contentedly after his laugh.  “See, exactly.  So man up-”  Xavier put out the candle with a wave of his hand-did he have some sort of magic?.“-And sweet dreams.”
I'm too shy to initiate... But I'm open to anyone else doing it. Just tell me if you need to say something :D

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Re: Old, irrelevant ideas I might come back to one day
« Reply #7 on: June 24, 2018, 09:22:01 PM »
This one isn't as old as some of the stuff on this topic, I don't think. It isn't a great concept or anything, but I did start a first chapter somewhere. It was just something to take my mind of reality kicking my butt. It was supposed to be my first real superhero story, but it turned into a dimension-jumping dystopian adventure instead. Whoops.

Caia, or Cai, is living in a dystopia. An indefinitely dark, busy city where crime is a constant, school is a choice for the brave and rich and only the strong and fit survive. With little law enforcement, young people have been becoming Heroes and Villains alike, and the world has become like something out of a dystopian sci-fi movie… Which is where Cai comes in. A normal teenage girl, who lives alone in a small, abandoned flat in the outskirts and attends school to her best capability, Cai is generally overlooked by the general population, even by criminals as too easy a victim.

Until the heroes fall.

Though seemingly small and useless in a world where only the strongest win out, Cai has a plan to make it to the top. Disguising herself as Fervour, a fire-taming, katana-wielding boy who swoops into save the ‘good guys’ and kill or scorch the ‘bad guys’. Known throughout the city for her… questionable methods, or whether she’s a Hero or a Villain, Cai is comfortable with her secret identity, even if she knows something is wrong with the world-until she’s busted by a classmate. Though she’s expecting to be turned in speedily and punished, Calix has a different idea, and even if both of them are treading on thin ice by executing it, it could bring an end to the awful world as they know it if it succeeds…

Some BS I wrote about the portals and how they're connected and stuff. Doesn't make all that much sense, but that's fine, I guess.
The portal is like a puddle to another world, and leads to an alternate dimension-or our Earth. The portal was opened due to an imbalance in darkness on Earth, and when too much negativity is in the world, it escapes into the alternate world, and was once purified and sent back to Earth. But as time continued, too much negativity was sent in, nearly destroying the alter-Earth, and now little is purified and sent back, other than negative energy. As the Earthens became worse and worse, the alternate world fell more and more, and their original task became forgotten, and the Earthen mission was hidden from society. As the world becomes more and more destroyed, the portal begins to fail, and so all space or time turners are recruited by the government. The government has slowly become corrupt, watching the world fall, and only a few citizens are looking to repair the two worlds…
The worlds are repaired by the remaining space turners opening it long enough for some people to get through, find their counterparts and the portal government to persuade them to bring some darkness back into their world. While Calix, Caia, Orion, Mistel and Jasper make it through, Darius, Kitty, Nezt and Molly are lost in space, between the two portals, as they fail to keep it open without Orion, who is almost killed and pulled through the portal to survive. Together, Kitty, Nezt and Darius make it out over time, with severe ptsd. Even if they find their goal, the only way to get back is through an injured Orion… and the five are stuck in the pleasant, Earthen world, searching for the government, with super weakened powers.

And plot. It's kind of just a ramble of things I was going to write one day. I tried to organize it.
Intro: The characters are introduced. Cai and Knox fight for a win or two, Calix is brought in for questioning after a shifty catch in the paper, Jasper and Nezt talk about Calix. Calix gets a shot with a strand of Cai’s long blonde hair and becomes more intrigued.
Rising: Calix goes dangerously deep into Cai’s case, losing money and protecting his brother from their mother. Orion catches Calix and Cai arguing, and becomes tangled in the plot. Calix goes to Mistel for help, who decides to help them plan an infiltration to save his dad and find a way to stabilize the world/portal. The Portal Masters watch patiently from Jasper’s magic mirror, preparing secretly in the case of an invasion, and try to play around with the security.
Climax: The plan is put into action through a back and forth through the last day and present time executing the plan. The day before, the mirror is broken and the Portal Masters are left in the dark, nearly getting caught. They get in and find Darius, narrowly avoiding being caught. They stay the night in Darius’ suite, planning their next move.
Descending: The team conducts a plan to get safely through the portal, with the power transfer intact, meaning they can keep most of their power if it works. The romances confess, and in the portal room, the tiny portal that filters darkness, they attempt to enlarge it and stabilize it. Shay and West find out, and a long battle follows as they attempt to get out. Some of the crew is captured, some is left in space. Few make it to the other side, and their powers are weakened.
Closing: The ones on the other side have to start planning again and find a place to stay, as well as deal with those lost in space. There’s teasers about Knox escaping and Kitty finding a way to save the ones lost in space…

I have a character list too. This was going to be something I wrote all the way through, I think. Too bad it got trashed and banked.
Caia (Fervour)-A seventeen-year-old girl, who is known as a male form who swoops in last minute. She decided to go undercover around the age of eleven or twelve, but only became well known in the last year or so. Though she loves being a part-Hero, part-Villain, she knows something is off with the world, and wishes she knew what. She is vital in Cal’s plan to infiltrate the government building and find out what is really going on. She is well-trained with a katana and has strong fire powers. Her parents disappeared when she was nine. Outside of her secret persona, she is a quiet, intellectual girl who is very curious but goes along with the norm.

Calix- An eighteen-year-old boy attending the same school as Caia, and is obsessed with finding out her true identity and bringing down the government’s secrets. His father worked as part of the CIA, before he was taken by the government, and he lives with his mother and little brother. He always wants to know what is hidden in the dark, and finished school early despite the awful system. He sells his photographs and articles for most of the money in his family, and though he assumes most of his family are humans, his father was from a long line of space turners, and little does he know his brother also has the power. Calix is kind and caring, but his need for knowledge drives him more than anything else, even to hurt those he loves.

Orion-A fifteen-year-old boy attending the same school as Caia. He is shy and quiet, and never spoke until he was six. He is the only one who knows about Calix’s obsessions, and is too scared and shy to help. He is considered the weakest link of the family, and would have been thrown to the streets if Calix didn’t have a heart. He isn’t good at much, but is good at foraging and making weapons, even if he can’t use him. Despite his small size, he’s always seemed a little too strong. Though he seems like a very weak human, he is actually a space turner, and ends up tangled in the plot of his brother and classmate. He is timid, shy and emotional, but wishes to be like his brother. He has Calix accompany him to school to protect him.

Darius-Calix and Orion’s father, who was taken by the government to stabilize the time/space portal, as he is a powerful space turner. He left when Calix was eight, and Orion was five, to protect them for as long as possible, and left them with only his government info journal. He wants to balance the worlds out, and is looking into how, or how to close the portal for good.

Mistel-An androgynous twenty-one-year-old journalist who can use telekinesis, and decides to help Calix every so often. He looks much younger than he actually is, and often dresses more masculine or feminine than he actually is. He is very good at going undercover, and doesn’t have a huge opinion in how their world is, but has a good sense of what is right and wrong. He is a kind, content soul, though can be serious when called for. He loves his work, and lives with a childhood friend and one of the well-known Heroes, Knox. He is very good at his job, and lives as a very high class citizen.

Knox-A twenty-five year old Hero, who is very well known around the city. He can turn invisible, as well as being a powerful telekinetic and has been a hero since he was twenty. He too lives as one of the high class citizens, and with his childhood friend, Mistel. He is very handsome and charming, and on the top of the most desirable bachelors on the list, but is revealed to be gay for Jasper later on. He likes to tease and take all the happiness he can from his role. He is a huge help to breaking into the government, but is eventually captured. (At the end, he is seen escaping). He is very serious about how only the strong survive, but changes slowly, and is kind and flirty.

Jasper-A twenty-three year old Earthen who made it through the portal when he was seventeen, to awaken his powers, but became trapped as a result. As he has telepathy, he was quickly recruited by the government, and has been researching a way to restore balance, while gifting small power to both worlds and ultimately balance the planes and allow travel between dimensions. He has most of the necessary info to put a plan into action, but with the worlds unwilling to change, he hasn’t been able to. He immediately befriended Calix on a mission to interrogate him, and they decided to work together. Jasper seems incredibly serious and uncaring, but has a soft side when he knows things are on track. He fell head over heels for Knox, and was devastated when they were separated. He was a astronomer in training on Earth.

Kitty- A nine-year old time turner who was too young to be officially working with the portal, but wished to help anyway. She was ripped from her parents at the age of five, due to her uncontrollable powers. She has always been fascinated with the portal, and has always wanted to do the right thing to help people. She is serious and kind and mature for a nine year old. She has been watching since they began infiltrating the portal base, and comes out as their last support.

Nezt-A sixteen-year-old narcoleptic space turner, who dropped school early to join the portal force and receive proper meds and therapy for his narcolepsy. He leads the group to the base after looking at them through the magic mirror he created, and has fallen somewhat in love with Cai, and admits he has before being lost between dimensions. He is determined and caring, and almost parent like. He has taken care of Kitty since she arrived, and they are like brother and sister. He has always been interested in Cai, through the mirror he created through his powers and some mechanics, and has always wished he didn’t have to live basically in secrecy, like most of the other portal masters.

Molly-A sixty-two year old woman who has worked as a portal master for many years. She is a powerful enough time turner to manipulate personal time. She knows most of the events that are going to happen, and is the voice of reason within the group. She holds off attackers and is able to freeze individual times. She is friends with Nezt and acted as a bit of a mother to him. She managed to get them through the security and  buildings. She is determined but easygoing.

Fern-Calix and Orion’s mother, who is paranoid and protective, and relies on Calix to protect them a lot. She is quite paranoid about her family, but tries to protect them. The three of them are very close, and it is difficult to keep the secrets from her. She allowed Orion to have a small forge in the old chicken coop.

West-The head of the Portal Masters, who watches over the main portal masters and makes sure the main building is in order. He is the main antagonist of the story, but works for the president of the city. He has basically been brainwashed by trauma, and actually was very nice at one point.

This topic really has become a dump for all the ideas I've come up with and abandoned in the last few years. Hopefully I'm not flooding the develop your story board too badly lol.
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