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Author Topic: The Thief of the Universe (Story Concept) by (thewriter197)  (Read 232 times)

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--written by thewriter197.
--written for fantasy writing practice.
--this item has been copyrighted for business reasons.
--Contact me on here or by email

Magical Books and Swords:
The Thief of the Universe

(Chapter 1):

Rain, always raining when you don’t want it to………isn’t that right jack.

I steal cause I don’t feel like working anymore. I mean what for. My name is Ven and I am a pretty good thief. I travel with one companion and she does not squeal for nothing. Jack, thats her name. She has a sexy body and I am trying to tapp that but I am still virgin. I am a master thief and I travel the universe but I got women insecurities. Whos’s perfect anyway.

Ven opens the car door and steps out. Waiting outside for jack on planet Tapoin. He rotates his arms a bit while wearing a dragonov black leather jacket. A jacket he stole a couple years back when he met jack. He sticks his hand in his left shoulder pocket for a pack of eltros. Eltros are electric cigerattes. He pushes the button the side of the electro three times. Puts it to his mouth and inhale. He feels coolness of the coffee flavor going through his brain. Thinking about his partner Jack and why he can’t get laid. Ven is packed on the sidwalk of a green building city. Green is the standard color for downtown areas in Tapoin. The sky colored in snow white with a touch of dark red. Giant city metropolis with cars and thousands of people walking on the sidewalk. Jack taps the car and says, “Yo lets go.” Ven nods and gets back in the car. The car that was stolen and cleaned on another planet. The car is more like a space ship. But, Ven like to call it a car. Two doors close. Jack turns the key and shifts the car in drive. Ven rolls up the windows. The car makes a quiet sound and lights up green on the bottom. Jack turns the wheel and tries not to hit the old lady standing. “Move you, *censored*ing move,” said Jack. The car speads off and keeps going to the intersection to get to the highway. 30 minutes pass by. “So, how much we got left,” said Jack. “We got enough relax,” said Ven. “Enough, all these bills, you sure we got enough I mean I just don’t wanna be stuck again,” said Jack. “I had it with you and your stipidness, like stop doing stupid *censored* ok,” said Jack. “Look you still mad about last time, Look that was random I mean you know,” said Ven. “Everything is good and ookey,” said Ven. “Really, I really hope so, cause I really hate to kill somebody tonight,” said Jack. “Yeah well, yeah,” said Ven. Jack, nobody really know about her past. She never talks about it. The car drives on the highway for 2 hours and then enters the international trion Space station.
thewriter197, The freelance writer.