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Author Topic: The Demon Swordsman (Story Concept) by (thewriter197)  (Read 262 times)

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The Demon Swordsman (Story Concept) by (thewriter197)
« on: May 03, 2018, 11:47:48 PM »

--written by thewriter197.
--written for fantasy writing practice.
--this item has been copyrighted for business reasons.
--Contact me on here or by email.

Magical Books and Swords:
The Demon Swordsman

(Chapter 1):

A sword is what I need………..something to cut through this hell. A sword……

“Wake up. Wake up little one. Time to complete your life,” said a strange voice. Dark opens his eyes and looks at a red sword. It glows with fire. Its edge is dripped with a purple dust. Dark looks around and see a small portion of light. “A cave,” said Dark. He see purple sand all around him. Dark says, “Am I alone.” He gets up and grab the sword on his hip, but the sword was not there. He turns his neck and notice the rocks with strange markings. The entire place was filled with drawings of mythical and folklore beasts. There was one symbol of a two headed beast that reminded him of someone. He couldn’t remember. “What am I looking at?” said Dark.

“You choose to be here remember,” says the strange voice. “What do you mean,” said Dark. “You wanted to have power and you were tired of being nobody,” said the strange voice. “Yes I was but I…..” said Dark. “Enough, stop doubting your past decisions and just live with them,” said the strange voice. The voice disappears and Dark looks at the red blade once more. Eyes stuck at the black hilt with a green jewel in the middle. “Is this my purpose,” said Dark. “Am I going to do this?” said Dark. Dark thinks for a minute and can’t seem to remember why he decided to want more power. Dark sits for a few minutes thinking. Then, He walks over to the red sword and pick it up. At that moment, he feels a strange power within him that doesn’t seem to make much sense. He feels time going slow and he can see visions of war from last person that picks up this sword. “Go now Dark and find a master who can teach you how to fight,” said strange voice. Dark puts the sword in its sheath and walk towards the exit. The steps remind of the rain and days when he had nothing. Step after step, Dark moves throughout the cave. Thinking about his mission or his purpose of picking up the sword. He wasn’t sure if he was going to learn how to train to be a swordsman. But, he was certain that his life was boring before. Filled with nothing but bread deliveries for villages. Day and night. Dark was tired of his old life. He needed something new and maybe this master will teach him the thing he was missing in his life. Dark exits the cave and is embraced by the almost absent light. The light shined on dark and almost blinded his red eyes. Dark was not aware that his eyes were red. The light shined in orange and the sun was low behind the trees. There was a traveler walking on a path. Dark thought about talking to the traveler but decided not to. He took time to look at the tree and enjoy the nature. Looking at the brown leaves and pink tree branches covered with blue leaves. The ground was light brown with few rocks and vegetation surrounded it. There were paths in this strange forest that went in different directions. Dark walks a few paces and then glances back at the cave. He looks into the darkness and thinks about what happened in the cave. He wonders who the voice was and he wonders why he was there. Many questions circled his mind. Not knowing how to answer those questions. He decides to walk. After a couple meters, He takes out his sword and hold it to the sky. “I will find my purpose in this strange world,” said Dark. The sword shines in red and reflects small bits of purple light. The light is spread on the pink trees. “It looks beautiful,” said Dark. The sword is put back into its stealth and Dark’s journey begins.
thewriter197, The freelance writer.