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Author Topic: Road Trip to Paradise (movie script) by (thewriter197)  (Read 290 times)

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Road Trip to Paradise (movie script) by (thewriter197)
« on: May 03, 2018, 11:39:02 PM »

--written by thewriter197.
--written for fantasy writing practice.
--this item has been copyrighted for business reasons.
--Contact me on here or by email.

Road Trip to Paradise

(The beginning introduction):

I always wanted to go somewhere. Well, anywhere but…….I haven’t been happy lately. Feeling out of place and out of life pretty much. There are days when you need a break. A break from work. A break from a stupid boyfriend. A break from family that never understands why you need to do things a little differently. Today, was one of those days. One of those days where I just had go and leave. I just had to. A drive into the violet le coucher du soleil. I wonder if my best friend Patty would be interested. Hmm……..

Character Type: 
[Vanessa]: Kind, considerate, positive, complex phrases, very skinny, lazy and spoiled.
[Patty]: Little mean, aggressive, direct, simple words, positive, spoiled, lazy, little over wight.

***Vanessa walks to Patty’s house for a evening snack.

(Scene 1: The visit):

Vanessa: Hey

Patty: Hey back (wink)

Vanessa: So, what you doing?

Patty: watching Scary Movie 2

Vanessa: oooohhhh, that’s my *censored* right there.

Patty: yeah yeah

Vanessa: yeah

Patty: ……….

Vanessa: So Patty you want to get out of here

Patty: Yeah why not I mean

Patty: My mom wants me to grow up and *censored*

Patty: and like I don’t feel like doing that you know because its boring to be responsible and you know

Vanessa: Yep, my mommie is the same cause we getting older and people want us to be adult like and its like

Patty and Vanessa: Lame, and I’m still saying that

Vanessa: So, I saw this ad in the magazine for Fast Bullet Ocean and its suppose to be a good place to relax and stuff

Patty: Fast Bullet Ocean sounds like a ghetto, did you check the ad long enough

Vanessa: Yas, I did ok, I did do it, so like I was saying,

Vanessa: Its a nice place to relax and forget about your stupid day to day problems and stuff

Vanessa: Patty listen we need a break ok

Patty: Yeah we do but where are we going to get the money for this *censored*

Patty: dreams are nice until money comes in the art

Patty: Your idea sucks

Vanessa: Hey, I have the money

Patty: Yeah you got the cheese

Vanessa: I got the cheese, my birthday was last week remember and I still got that cheese.

Patty: Oh really

Vanessa: (rolls her eyes)

Pattty: Don’t you have a crazy spending problem?

Patty: You can’t keep 100 bucks in your bank account

Vanessa: look, I’m different now ok, ok I’m better with my bank stuff and other stuff , I’m just better, ok, I got the money so….

Vanessa: So, like you in or what?

Patty: (Looks at her and snares tightly )
Patty: *censored*, why not im not working any how, lets go

Patty: Let me pack the stuff and the stuff

Vanessa: Yeah, the stuff and the stuff

Vanessa: Ok, so I am going to go back home and get my stuff and then we can get my dad’s car and go.

Patty: sure

Vanessa: sure Patty?

Patty: Hey, I say what I want, sure and I mean sure

Patty and Vanessa: eheheheheh

*********Vanessa and Patty get inside the red Porsche and hit the highway. Vanessa drives the car and Patty stares at the pink clouds.

(Scene 2: The highway drive):   


--written by thewriter197.
--written for fantasy writing practice.
--this item has been copyrighted for business reasons.
--Contact me on here or by email at (tgtrumanPLZ READ RULES NO EMAIL ADDRESSES.com)

Magical Books and Swords:
The Abandoned Elf

(Chapter 1):

Light, give me the holy light of Ghashia, I am lost and I no longer see the way. Oooh Ancient one of the skies and clouds. Grant me vision to see purpose.

“They abandoned me,” said Zara. Zara, once as member of the Neilian family. She was outcasted because she failed her bow mastery test. The test all elves must past or they are outcasted from the group. Elves are required to past the test at the age of 23. Zara, failed her test. The rain drops on her face as she cry to the gods for a second chance. Pink tears slowly fall down her face. They travel down the left side of her cheek to bottom of her chin. Then, they drip slowly to the front part of her brown and green shoes. She looks up and see rain everywhere. The rain spreads all around the blue grassy meadow for miles. A few trees can be spotted waving violently with the wind. Her purple hair cut in a short bob moves with the wind. Drenched in gallons of water. The elfin make up falls off her face and her little disclosed face appears. Hours go by and the elf stands in the middle of the meadow. “Hey little girl, are you ok? Said a boy. “I am fine, do not bother me,” said Zara. The boy looked at with look for concern. Zara did not want to be attended by strangers. The boy walked away in a different path. Zara wiped the tears off her face and walked a few feet forward. Heart filled with nothing. She lost everything and now she has to move on. She doesn't know how she can do this. She looks in the sky and cries silently. Hoping nobody see her weakness. Feeling weaker then an ant. Looks back down and notice something. She picks up a broken bow. Puts it around her back and starts walking. She does not know where she is going to next. But, she keeps walking in the rain. Faced painted with sadness. She walks slowly and tries to forget. She can’t forget. What will happen to Zara? To be continued……


--written by thewriter197.
--written for fantasy writing practice.
--this item has been copyrighted for business reasons.
--Contact me on here or by email at (tgtrumanPLZ READ RULES NO EMAIL ADDRESSES.com)

Magical Books and Swords:
The Demon Swordsman

(Chapter 1):

A sword is what I need………..something to cut through this hell. A sword……

“Wake up. Wake up little one. Time to complete your life,” said a strange voice. Dark opens his eyes and looks at a red sword. It glows with fire. Its edge is dripped with a purple dust. Dark looks around and see a small portion of light. “A cave,” said Dark. He see purple sand all around him. Dark says, “Am I alone.” He gets up and grab the sword on his hip, but the sword was not there. He turns his neck and notice the rocks with strange markings. The entire place was filled with drawings of mythical and folklore beasts. There was one symbol of a two headed beast that reminded him of someone. He couldn’t remember. “What am I looking at?” said Dark.

“You choose to be here remember,” says the strange voice. “What do you mean,” said Dark. “You wanted to have power and you were tired of being nobody,” said the strange voice. “Yes I was but I…..” said Dark. “Enough, stop doubting your past decisions and just live with them,” said the strange voice. The voice disappears and Dark looks at the red blade once more. Eyes stuck at the black hilt with a green jewel in the middle. “Is this my purpose,” said Dark. “Am I going to do this?” said Dark. Dark thinks for a minute and can’t seem to remember why he decided to want more power. Dark sits for a few minutes thinking. Then, He walks over to the red sword and pick it up. At that moment, he feels a strange power within him that doesn’t seem to make much sense. He feels time going slow and he can see visions of war from last person that picks up this sword. “Go now Dark and find a master who can teach you how to fight,” said strange voice. Dark puts the sword in its sheath and walk towards the exit. The steps remind of the rain and days when he had nothing. Step after step, Dark moves throughout the cave. Thinking about his mission or his purpose of picking up the sword. He wasn’t sure if he was going to learn how to train to be a swordsman. But, he was certain that his life was boring before. Filled with nothing but bread deliveries for villages. Day and night. Dark was tired of his old life. He needed something new and maybe this master will teach him the thing he was missing in his life. Dark exits the cave and is embraced by the almost absent light. The light shined on dark and almost blinded his red eyes. Dark was not aware that his eyes were red. The light shined in orange and the sun was low behind the trees. There was a traveler walking on a path. Dark thought about talking to the traveler but decided not to. He took time to look at the tree and enjoy the nature. Looking at the brown leaves and pink tree branches covered with blue leaves. The ground was light brown with few rocks and vegetation surrounded it. There were paths in this strange forest that went in different directions. Dark walks a few paces and then glances back at the cave. He looks into the darkness and thinks about what happened in the cave. He wonders who the voice was and he wonders why he was there. Many questions circled his mind. Not knowing how to answer those questions. He decides to walk. After a couple meters, He takes out his sword and hold it to the sky. “I will find my purpose in this strange world,” said Dark. The sword shines in red and reflects small bits of purple light. The light is spread on the pink trees. “It looks beautiful,” said Dark. The sword is put back into its stealth and Dark’s journey begins.


--written by thewriter197.
--written for fantasy writing practice.
--this item has been copyrighted for business reasons.
--Contact me on here or by email at (tgtrumanPLZ READ RULES NO EMAIL ADDRESSES.com)

Magical Books and Swords:
The Thief of the Universe

(Chapter 1):

Rain, always raining when you don’t want it to………isn’t that right jack.

I steal cause I don’t feel like working anymore. I mean what for. My name is Ven and I am a pretty good thief. I travel with one companion and she does not squeal for nothing. Jack, thats her name. She has a sexy body and I am trying to tapp that but I am still virgin. I am a master thief and I travel the universe but I got women insecurities. Whos’s perfect anyway.

Ven opens the car door and steps out. Waiting outside for jack on planet Tapoin. He rotates his arms a bit while wearing a dragonov black leather jacket. A jacket he stole a couple years back when he met jack. He sticks his hand in his left shoulder pocket for a pack of eltros. Eltros are electric cigerattes. He pushes the button the side of the electro three times. Puts it to his mouth and inhale. He feels coolness of the coffee flavor going through his brain. Thinking about his partner Jack and why he can’t get laid. Ven is packed on the sidwalk of a green building city. Green is the standard color for downtown areas in Tapoin. The sky colored in snow white with a touch of dark red. Giant city metropolis with cars and thousands of people walking on the sidewalk. Jack taps the car and says, “Yo lets go.” Ven nods and gets back in the car. The car that was stolen and cleaned on another planet. The car is more like a space ship. But, Ven like to call it a car. Two doors close. Jack turns the key and shifts the car in drive. Ven rolls up the windows. The car makes a quiet sound and lights up green on the bottom. Jack turns the wheel and tries not to hit the old lady standing. “Move you, *censored*ing move,” said Jack. The car speads off and keeps going to the intersection to get to the highway. 30 minutes pass by. “So, how much we got left,” said Jack. “We got enough relax,” said Ven. “Enough, all these bills, you sure we got enough I mean I just don’t wanna be stuck again,” said Jack. “I had it with you and your stipidness, like stop doing stupid *censored* ok,” said Jack. “Look you still mad about last time, Look that was random I mean you know,” said Ven. “Everything is good and ookey,” said Ven. “Really, I really hope so, cause I really hate to kill somebody tonight,” said Jack. “Yeah well, yeah,” said Ven. Jack, nobody really know about her past. She never talks about it. The car drives on the highway for 2 hours and then enters the international trion Space station.

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