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Author Topic: *NEW* Rough Concept: Magical children (Gifts)  (Read 667 times)

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*NEW* Rough Concept: Magical children (Gifts)
« on: May 30, 2018, 10:33:39 PM »
In a day, children were given abilities, powers that could shape their reality to their whims, this gift was only bound by their Imagination and sealed to their "Gift": an item imbued with their very being.

I want to write a story about magical kids, as cliche as it is; i want to look at what adults would do knowing their kids were, to some extent, gods. Imagine a task designed to stop kids with unholy powers who go on a rampage. Powers bound to an item of significance to each child relating to their power (I.e.
A child with the ability to create things by literally writing them into existence has his "Gift" in the form of his journal, a journal given to him by his father before he dies; which caused the child to reseed into his own world within the pages of his journal

The job of the task force would be to either neutralize the threat or killing the threat by destroying their "gift"

the main theme i want to go for is "what IS reality" and that it is, what you make of it, and yes: that means there will be awful things that happen. Things we all would re-write, but if we did we would never learn from them. These children given these "gifts" are used for profit and power. Some are even worshipped as gods, others feared by their families for their "gifts".

just a rough concept though, tell me what you think!
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