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Author Topic: Aimy's handy tutorial  (Read 1652 times)

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Re: Aimy's handy tutorial
« Reply #15 on: December 25, 2018, 04:38:08 PM »
Here comes a new tutorial :) i have been kinda lazy with those faces sorry hahaha they are horrible on purpose the deal here was not to show you how to draw a face but simply a neck. For now its only women but i hope itll be useful to some of you.

First you have to draw your head its pretty simple draw a circle and the jawline

Use the size of the circle of the head to draw your guides the neck ends half of the way but the clavicles/scapula is at the bottom quarter of the circle.

To find the sides is pretty much lining form the sides of the head circle to the scapula middle point  be aware that the back of the head is a little deviated but its not so bad if you forget it. Little trick the triangle formed by it whether the orientation of the head keep the same angle. If its difficult for you you can always draw a front face and refer to the triangle angle you got from it.

Now you can draw the neck the width stays the same from every angle and each line are paralell. P.S. from the side view the angle of the neck is 45 degree this is why most beginner who try to draw the neck cant make it right as they try to draw it straight down.

You can link the ear to the scapula middle to find the ear muscle line

Finally just use this easy amd quick guide to draw your masterpiece!!!