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Author Topic: Politics of Anime  (Read 3055 times)

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Re: Politics of Anime
« Reply #15 on: April 21, 2018, 02:21:29 AM »
I appreciate the the responses.

Look I'm a technology strategist and also an ideologue.

This means my politics are not really separate from my business.

I mean I know it is the cute thing to say these days: "Let's talk business but not politics or religion"

Fine, think inside the box but you miss out on the real problems to solve and the real money to be made is from solving complex problems.

I'm not a guy drawing comic books looking to get a $100k or even $1 million contract to have my creative vision bought by Disney or Marvel.

I live near Pixar which is in Emeryville and I met animators who agree Gizmowl is a hotter theme than what they got.

What's hard to understand about Africa when Google and Facebook practically own California already?

I'm going for out of the box solutions.

The American Market is saturated so I look to places like Egypt and Mongolia for brand development.

Yes Africa is a major emerging sector.

What I'm saying with Wowls is redefine the idea of success as not simply being 'a silicon valley unicorn' but a Wowl on another continent.

What I'm saying is that in terms of strategy for a technology and mining company in frontier markets, my company has to be confrontational to ingrained ideas like this whole unicorn myth.

It can't be a wishy-washy PC thing designed to make hipsters go gaga.

"Oh me me mister venture capitalist! Can I be the next unicorn?...Oh pulease!!"

That is the reality of the startup scene in the Bay Area.

A real technology titan in my opinion thinks like a general in geo-political terms and gets past superficial propaganda to generate profits not simply from selling products designed to appeal to lowest common denominator cultural stupidity but also from identifying undercapitalized resources and places off the beaten path.

So the Wowls is designed to be a form of both entertainment and propaganda.

I'm not doing it for the love of animation.

I stopped reading comic books when I was probably 16.

That said, I am doing it for fun and I think mapping it out and working with talented people would be quite fun.

I enjoy the idea of creativity in propaganda as a means to the tech market.

If you study brands like Twitter and Hailo, they will tell you 50% or more of their success comes down to a name and logo.

That is all.

1/2 or more of the challenge of a multi-billion dollar company is concept.

IT is the truth but if you are an artist and not a brand strategist who studies thousands of logos, names and taglines and reads books on related topics you will have absolutely no clue what I'm talking about.

I mean no offense but if you have not studied copywriting and branding for a decade or so you're not getting to the heart of today's business challenges. Radial differentiation is not easy to come by and I have done that with both Gizmowl and Wowls.

Look at 100 yrs of military aircraft and the current drones and tell me if you find an owl model?

I'm the first to market on this theme and who rules the night?

All these eagles and falcons? The bobcat? The Swoose Goose?

Do you think if Microsoft hit the market today they would make waves with a name like that?

The market is 500,000x as saturated now.

In terms of culture, hipsters generally hate me and the feeling is mutual.

To me much of what passes as culture is a joke and that is the real fascist brainwashing.

I don't want to get into conspiracy theories but I do know the actual truth about certain things related to deep politics and all I can say is that it is completely worthless to know the secrets unless you can turn them into a business plan at the very cutting edge of global events.

Because everyone would just call you crazy if you told them the truth, it would be so far out of their reality.

Anyways my storyline I posted but in case you did not see the creation myth, watch this video:

Keep in mind, this is the rough sketch for the beginning story of a saga and it may be a ufo instead of a drone.

It will be animated:

Gizmowl is part owl part machine, very intelligent and he has a 3rd eye laser.

The first part takes place in Mongolia.

It will involve current geopolitics in terms of the conflict between Israel and Iran, specifically drone warfare.

I'm not sure how it will explore religion but maybe use the Gizmowl drone as a way to show the leadership culture of Iran.

As it is now, Gizmowl is sort of like the ultimate armegeddon drone, designed to fly evade radar fly into nuclear enrichment facilities, navigate halls to reactors, and eliminate other drones and then maybe suicide.

It is based on an actual study of the aerospace and military logistics that the US and Israel are exploring for attacking Iran.

My story, the essential joke is that the precedent strategy for conquering Iran came out of Mongolia in 1219, crossing the Gobi.

The theme is related to Genghis Khan conquests and specifially a folklore story with a white owl.

This is not a film about vilifying Iran but rather sort of a cold objective look at the geopolitics of technology, religion and natural resources.

From this point, the story may bring the wowls into it, like the wowls are the offspring of Gizmowl, the Wowls are generation 7 technology and because of the pack aspect are p2p can transmit data and work together.

Anyways I'm hasing out the story and deciding how to involve humans, whether it is a romance or sort of an armageddon war saga.

I want to integrate the Biblical themes of warfare and Israel and the idea of messiah with the more Asian anime themes like Genghis khan and then turn it into a political thriller about the current sort of armageddon conflict with drones and stuff.

Does that make sense?

Right so you want to make a series about robot owls and draw political parallels? Honestly, after all this rambling I genuinely believe you're having some sort of nervous breakdown and have thrown yourself into this weird project.
You have an intellectual property that you want to utilise primarily as a propaganda tool using animation as the vehicle for this? 

Barring all that, strictly looking at your story, robot owls sound novel but not quite that interesting. I'm sure you'll find people who will indulge you but in reality I don't think it would find an audience. It sounds like Code Geass but with robot owls instead of mechs.

In short, you seem terribly delusional.

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Re: Politics of Anime
« Reply #16 on: April 22, 2018, 07:15:29 AM »
Yeah, well this is done. That was your last strike, HaKhan - I suppose you were leaving anyways, but i'm just saying it officially.

I'm not quite sure my brain cells survived that rant.