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Author Topic: Wowls > or = Unicorns  (Read 270 times)

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Wowls > or = Unicorns
« on: April 19, 2018, 01:31:11 AM »

I'm working on new anime theme called Wowls.

What do you get when you mix the Wolf, The Owl and the WOW Factor...

Then put them together into packs hunting unicorns?


Hope forum mod don't get commie about ambitious projects.

As you may know, tech companies worth over 1 billion dollars are referrred to as 'unicorns'.

This anime project is designed to be part of the propaganda basis for chewing up a dozen or more, maybe 100 unicorns.

There is a story about how the Wowls came to be, starting with their spiritual father, Gizmowl.

Gizmowl is a superdrone, the result of a siberian White Owl merged with a top secret drone by a purple thunderbolt near Lake Baikal after a train crash.

He can shoot a mad powerful lazer out of his 3rd eye that can either destroy or heal.

The 3rd eye can also build electronics from scrap metal.

I have made a sketch story with still pictures, but most anime fans are not impressed by it because it is simply the story and I don't have the drawings yet.

If you want to see the birth of Gizmowl story, let me know...

It is about 90 seconds and the beginning of the Gizmowl and Wowls stories.

Think Genghis Khan Mongolia warfare theme applied to anime and you got Gizmowl and the Wowls.

I want to make the best story and employ a lot of great artists for new mythical creature theme and destroy unicorns.

We have nice action scenes of unicorn hunts, culminating in Wowls tearing them apart.