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Author Topic: Turn Once Around the Grapevine  (Read 381 times)

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Turn Once Around the Grapevine
« on: April 15, 2018, 11:22:17 AM »
Decided to write a small story here. I'll see how this goes because this is the first time I've done anything like this.


Grace: hey guys! I herd that you're moving house?
*She bursts through the door the second it's open.*
Grace has short, black hair and dark blue eyes. She often wears dresses. In her hair is a red hairband with fake diamonds on it and she never takes it off. Her favourite colour is purple and she prefers simple clothes. Her favourite food is pizza.
Zan: who let you in?
*He picks up a small box and moves it to the corner.*
Zan has short, curly, blond hair and light blue eyes. He often wears shirts with weird sentences. Today his shirt says: Isn't this better off blank? His favourite colour is navy blue and he often wears headphones.
Grace: Alice did. What are you listening to?
Zan: orchestral dubstep.
*He picks up another box.*
Grace: Ha ha. Cool. Can I listen?
Zan: sure.
*He puts down a box and places his headphones on her head.*
It plays.
Grace: oh.
Zan: is there something wrong?
Grace: No! This is great! This is the best thing I've ever listened to in my life!
Zan: I get it, not everyone has the same tastes, I guess.
*Alice bursts into the room.*
Alice: Hey Grace, come with me.
*Grace follows her out of the room*
Alice has blond, frizzy hair and light blue eyes. She is confident. Her favourite colour is pastel red. Her trainers have fake wings make with plastic feathers. Her favourite food is spaghetti and she likes fake designer brands. 
Alice: that looked awkward.
Grace: you have no idea.
*She lets out a hard sigh.*
Grace: need some help?
Alice: yeah. The others will soon arrive since you're here. They flock towards you like birds.
Grace: or grapes in a bunch.
*They both burst out laughing.*
Alice: let's get to work.
Soon the others arrive. They're just as helpful and after a while, they give up on concentrating and packing.
Divy: sooooo, can we burn the boxes afterwards?
*She flings a box aside not caring about the contents.*
Alice: Divy wait! That's my laptop!
*She rushes over."
Divy: who cares? Things were meant to burn! Why else would there be fire?
Divy is always in trouble for one reason or the other. She has long, curly, ginger hair with natural blond highlights and her eyes are brown and green. She wears simple black and red clothes.
Trid: hey Alice, could you call Zan with your twin senses or something?
*He was sitting on a box since the very start.*
Alice: that's just a rumour.
Trid is lazy and has a light brown ponytail. His eyes are brown too. He barely pays attention to anything important.
Zan: I had a hunch to come here
*He was standing outside the door.*
Trid: see?
Grey: with your eyes, Trid.
Grey takes everything seriously. She has never been seen showing signs of emotion. Her eyes are almost black and they call her grey because of her long, white hair and dull attitude.
Trid: that's not what I meant.
Grey: then what did you mean?
*She makes a gesture with her hands to show that she wants a proper answer.*
Trid: I meant that those two are speaking to each other through their minds.
*Grace bursts out laughing.*
Alice: I think you guys have helped a lot and I thank you for the effort but it's getting late and we will be leaving soon.
*She ushers everyone to the door.*
*Grace stays behind and Zan goes to the kitchen.*
Grace: one more thing, the person you're selling the house to. Are they a grape?
Alice: white wine.
Grace: Perfect. It's also good that you're staying in the neighbourhood.  Well, see you round.
*She tramps outside.* *The door lightly shuts.*
Alice: Well...
*She finds Zan.*
Alice: Back to work?[/size]

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Re: Turn Once Around the Grapevine
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2018, 11:38:02 AM »
Hey there welcome to MR! You should introduce yourself in the welcome center! I'd also encourage you to get out there and leave reviews on other people's stories and art threads. Get yourself known and all.

Will review stories upon request. My latest arc:

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Re: Turn Once Around the Grapevine
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2018, 11:48:17 AM »
Welcome to MR Crystal. Be sure to check this out as well,8672.0.html

A small guide on how to make sure your stories are read... That is other than participating in the community.

Hope you enjoy your stay