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Author Topic: How i make Hidden Messages  (Read 670 times)

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How i make Hidden Messages
« on: March 25, 2018, 03:01:23 AM »
I cannot really explain or teach everything but i will give you an example on how i make them use their mind
-Basic Example-
2 boys got trapped inside of an unknown world,while this boys are walking they met one character and they start asking questions "pretty basic eh" but that character will say something that make the whole story more interesting like "The God who control this world knows everything" the hidden messages are GOD and KNOWS EVERYTHING,so the story continues,Like some stories the 2 characters will face some battles and that character they met earlier is the one guiding them,You go there i'll go here that character knows almost everything,Now the ending they've reach the exit safely and then asking that character about the 1st thing he said "You said something that the God who owns this world knows everything" they figured it out so late that the character they met is the God of that world but why?like i said the hidden message GOD,We all know that our GOD gives us trials right?this is just an example,They got there because they sinned.and the people who are reading will think like this "oh ofcourse God give them those trials" Half yes half No,it wasn't a trial they got there because of their sins and to pay the consequences.
just a basic story
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