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Author Topic: My 5 ways on Making Stories  (Read 680 times)

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My 5 ways on Making Stories
« on: March 25, 2018, 02:26:35 AM »
This are my 5 ways on how to make stories for my customers
1st - I ask about their life,What music they listen to,What attitude they have,what they like the most,everything,if they want to share their personal lives then i write those down.The reason why is to know what kind of main character they want
2nd - what types of things they hate,people they despise,and the reason for this is to make the villians
3rd - i make their characters attitude,The hero and the villian,most of the time they will ask if i could add some more attitudes to the's easier to make them when you already know your customers liking.
4th - after making the characters now to ask them what type of story they want,the concept
5th - combining everything into one,finishing the whole story.
-Some people are willing to pay some just want to make their first manga so they just ask me to make the story for free or to help them to add more chapters-
-the hardest in making manga stories is when the artist or customer asked you to make a character who is smarter than you-
-the only solution is to read stories about inventors,Detectives,Doctors,Scientist,Kings,War strategist,criminals just try to study their lives-
and this are my ways