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Author Topic: Working as a writer "read if you're curious"  (Read 1248 times)

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Working as a writer "read if you're curious"
« on: March 25, 2018, 01:49:51 AM »
How did i manage to write stories in english?
I was part of a team for 2yrs,I wasn't really into making stories cause 3yrs before i joined the team i was a song writer also a music engineer,Then one of my friends told me to try to write stories,Yeah the first attempt was a failure,the story was too understandable that the readers could predict what will happen in the next episode.They do the grammar correctioning ofcourse.and i i tried and tried,failed too many times,until he asked me to go with him so we could relax our minds,i was just imagining at first not really thinking about reality and so he told me to try one last time,i combined everything,My knowledge about the bible,music,my past life,everything my friends lives i add those up and it came good.im a one piece fan a die hard fan,what bothers me about one piece is that people are trying to predict what will happen next and even making theories and i said to myself,hey maybe i could try to make a story like one piece,so i tried,i showed it to my friend made 20epi's and he said this "This plot twist why there's so many?" so i answered "i was trying to copy the style of one piece,he likes it but the bad part was not all readers understood the story.i was so discourage i deleted everything i threw the papers and stop making those types of stories.that story was about an angel who fell in love with a human also about the reason of lucifer for trying to steal the throne,About humans being selfish,about love,about life,about fighting for what you believe.The 2nd was also a failure same reason too many hidden messages and its about 2 guys,One who is trying to be God and one Who is trying to Find someone who could defeat him,more on human anatomy,Hunting gifted humans,Hunting each other,how to enter a prison while bringing a weapon,how to kill a person without living any trace.and yeah i think this is all for now
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Re: Working as a writer "read if you're curious"
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2018, 03:22:31 AM »
Hmmm, I'll try to hit some of the major points I read in your post

For the plot twists, you really don't need that many plot twists.  For plot twists I think you should only have a couple that actually affect the story but if it goes everywhere then you just leave people confused.  From what I've seen; One Piece doesn't have that many plot twists, instead, it introduces more challenges to the characters to have to overcome.  I'll give an example, so let's make a story based on a fictional police investigation of a murder.
Plot twist:  The police investigator (Bob) that was on the case couldn't find enough information on the murder so after a few weeks the case went cold.  One of the other investigators (Tom) takes a look on this murder case with fresh eyes and finds out that Bob might have been the murderer.

Challenge:  Bob realizes that Tom is starting to catch onto his plan and goes back to the crime scene during the night and tries to hide any more evidence he might have left.  Now Tom has to overcome trying to figure out that Bob was the murderer with even less information.

While you can still add more plot twists, you really shouldn't make it over complicated for your reader because the last thing you want is to confuse them.  Instead of adding another plot twist (Like making Tom into a mafia boss), you can have the character overcome a challenge and create a greater challenge.

Challenge 2:  Bob calls up Tom to meet him near the crime scene because he found a lead onto someone.  Being naive Tom goes to meet up with Bob but Bob is planning to kill Tom when he gets there.  Tom now needs to find something out before he gets there or he will die.

I just want to remind you that this is a challenge presented to the character, not a plot twist.  We already knew that Bob could possibly have been the murderer and this attempt at killing Tom would only confirm it

As for leaving hidden messages, I don't think that every reader needs to understand all of these messages.  The most important thing is for the general reader to enjoy the story and leave it to the hardcore fans to decipher all the hidden messages that may be scattered in your story.

If you wanted to talk about anything else specific or that I missed then let me know.  I'll try to get back to it when I can.
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Re: Working as a writer "read if you're curious"
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2018, 07:17:46 PM »
My eyes do not track together perfectly. So your post is crazy hard to read.  You can hit enter to break up paragraphs.

You cannot do One Piece. No one can. Even the writer cannot do One Piece, it is an anomaly (well that is the hope).
Explaining One Piece  and making a template to replicate it is a crime against humanity. One Piece is the most popular thing around and it is terrible... it is the "reality TV" of anime/manga.

Writing wise it is hard "dark side", social engineering for $$$$.