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Author Topic: Turn-offs-Writers and Artists  (Read 2255 times)

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Re: Turn-offs-Writers and Artists
« Reply #15 on: February 16, 2019, 05:35:28 PM »
Admittedly, I have't been here for too long, and I also haven't worked with a ton of people, so if any of this is wrong or you disagree, don't hesitate to say so. I've worked with a few writers and artists alike in the last little while, and it can be difficult knowing who to work with and who to turn down. If you're anything like me, you might poke around on a person's profile for awhile before you decide-and there are some major turn-offs I've found, not just here but anywhere where writers and artists gather. Here are my big ones:

1-Spelling/Grammar. This one probably gets under my skin the most, especially when someone is a writer. Though there are obviously reasons why someone isn't adept with language sometimes, when I see a writer make more than one or two posts with awful grammar or spelling, I'm immediately going to think that this person's writing will be of the same quality. It blows my mind how many writers on the internet make posts like this and assume people will choose them over someone else. I don't mean a spelling error here or there either-the entire post is full of mistakes. This somewhat applies to artists, but not in the same way.
Mom was an English masters before she was an author.. Well OK the book she wrote at 14-15 got her her agent (it was terrible) but she had her masters before she got published.
This meant spelling was my father's preferred form of domestic abuse. "LOL your 8 year old son beat your score in Boggle! 168 IQ HAHA! Of course he lost badly to me..". It was cruel and nasty. Hurting somone's body is not as bad as killing their being.
Then there was my magnet school that gave us a completely different alphabet for the English language K-1.. crippling our spelling for life. Dyslexic wife (we do spelling by committee)..
Needless to say spelling/grammar Nazis are not friends of mine. Now people who can't use spell check.. they need to burn.

PS: Sometimes language changes. Never have an old masters in your language edit your stuff they will remove all flavor and life from it.

2-Narcissism. This one applies to both artists and writers. It also tends to go hand in hand with spelling and grammar issues. There's a difference between promoting your work and being narcissistic, or being honest and being narcissistic. There are a whole variety of different ways you see this, but it's usually evident someone's giving themselves too much credit when they go on about how much better they are than others or say their work is perfect-stuff like that. At the same time, don't be self-deprecating, or try not to be, because that's also a turn-off for anyone willing to work with you. Just be as honest as you can about your skill level, even if it means taking a step back to reevaluate your work.
Narcissism needs to be earned.
If Usane Bolt wants to show up on my porch with a 24 pack and explain how slow I am and how fast he is, he has earned it.
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