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Author Topic: DeCap. (Concept) [TRIGGER WARNING]  (Read 448 times)

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DeCap. (Concept) [TRIGGER WARNING]
« on: February 27, 2018, 01:32:14 PM »
Hey, yea i realize i have like... 8 or so concepts out right now that im "working on" but im sort of a sporadic thinker so here's another to throw on the list.

Its more of a darker take on the "Body-swapping" concept. Our main character is the semi-typical highschool student with some... less than desirable tendencies. Often joking about offing himself and putting himself in dangerous situations, like picking fights with street thugs, all the while claiming hed rather drop dead...

until he did... sorta.

After an accident, our main character awakes to find not a scratch on his body... however the same cant be said for his head, having been severed completely.

Strangely enough, not even this will kill him, as a reaper, a young girl name [redacted] comes to greet him into the afterlife.

She seems genuinely confused about our main characters fate, as it seems hes been given a pass from someone upstairs "a divine comedy" she says, before explaining the rules of this "comedy"

1. You will die if your head does not relocate to a new body within 30 seconds of decapitation.
2. new bodys will reject you, depending on who it was, it could take up to a week.
3. if, at any time, you die. you will be sent to hell.
Thus our young reaper and our main character become tangled in this divine comedy.

While all of this is happening. The police are investigating a rash of murders, seems like a serial killer is roaming the streets, decapitating seemingly random victims and at the center of it all... is our main character.

Here is what ive sort of came up with for the first chapter
this is your trigger warning.
She looks around the room quickly before peeking out the window "I got it!" she exclaims before jumping through the window to the ally below, where a stray dog is scrounging for a meal. With one swift motion, it falls lifeless on the floor, not another moment passes before she climbs back through the window, throwing the newly slain corpse on the floor in front of me
"whats that..." he asks, hesitant for her answer, "your new body" she replys gleefully, "you're not putting me on a dogs body" he retorts defiantly. "either that, or you die..." before he could reply, she spoke "you have about 15 seconds to decide... 14... 13..." "FINE" he crys. her gleeful expression turns to a sinister grin as she takes a long thin length of string from a spool on her belt, holding the needle between her fingertips.
"All done" she exclaims, looking down at her creation, our main characters head sewn to the body of the mutt. Our main character flustered and unamused. "Now what?" he barks, "now..." she replies calmly "we get rid of this!" she discards our main characters headless body out the window into the ally below...

Dreaming in vivid color.