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Author Topic: The Useless Dragon  (Read 290 times)

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The Useless Dragon
« on: February 27, 2018, 09:23:06 AM »
This is a piece I focused more on the grammar and punctuation than the actual story. Don’t get me wrong, it still sucks in that regard, but it’s a heck of a lot better than when i started.

Blass is a young dragon, and he’s meant to be the savior of the world. However, he’s doesn’t really care about all that. He’s content to stay with his master and enjoy life. Not to mention he’d be a terrible hero anyways since he can’t actually do anything and is so small. Nonetheless he goes out on an adventure with his master and meets an unusual dragon, or two if you think like that.

Chapter 1
Tutou had to be quick if he wanted to make it out alive. It wasn’t making it any easier having to carry around this damn egg. The thing was as big as his head, but unlike his furry black one this egg was a soft white. If he wasn’t being chased down by a pack of angry Schuppigs, he might have found it funny that it looked like a giant chicken egg. He had no time to laugh though. Running through the tall grass, he kept looking back to see if they were closing in on him. Being small he couldn’t really see above the high grass. He could however, smell them on the wind. The overgrown snakes smelled rancid like rotten meat. According to his keen nose they were losing ground on him. Tutou just had to keep running until he had completely lost them in the grass.
“Why’d I have to take this mission? Damn old ball licker.” Tutou said in a very old voice himself.
For what seemed like hours he ran. Going every which way, circling back on himself in hopes of losing his enemies. If that didn’t work out he just had to hope that day break would bring help. He was a long way from the village. Since he didn’t live there though, people wouldn’t notice that he was in trouble. All he could do was run until he reached his home. Breaking through the last of the grass, Tutou knew he was being surrounded. Now in an open plain, he ran to the nearest of the mountains. His climb was slow since he could only use three of his paws. Looking back down he saw them, huge scaly snakes clad in iron armor. They were at least double his height and twice as wide. Big and slow they may have been, they were as cunning and slippery as a rat.
Having their claws dig deep into the mountain’s face gave them an edge over the Hund. Tutou knew the path better than them though and was able to make it up to the plateau where his house sat. Rushing into the small one room hut, he gently placed the egg in hiding. Then he grabbed his spear and wooden shield. Weapons in hand, he went to the edge of the plateau and started using his defenses. Using all his might he pushed small boulders down the side of the mountain. This caused a chain reaction that resulted in a full-scale avalanche. Many of the lesser grunts succumbed to this trap. One however, was no grunt.
What must have been a captain endured the fall of boulders as if they were nothing. Finally, he made it to the top and pulled himself over the edge. This battle worn snake must have been triple Tutou’s height. His armor was a mismatched assortment of pieces collected from fallen enemies. From off his back he pulled a large club. It looked to be made out of one large femur and skull of a dragon. The captain smiled, revealing a row of yellowing fangs.
“Give me the egg and I’ll let you live ssstupid mutt.” The thing hissed.
“I really doubt that.” The aging Hund growled back.
The captain chuckled and said, “Yeah, you’re right. You die either way. It’sss always fun though to give my enemy false hope, just so I can watch it fade from his eyes as I crush him.”
“What, do you sit on him fatass?”
“Die mongrel!”
The captain leapt at the small hound wanting this over quickly. Tutou was the quicker of the two however, and rolled out of the way. Since the giant foe didn’t have a real set of armor, there were small holes in his defense Tutou could strike at. Using his spear, he stuck the snake in as many places as he could. These were mere annoyances to the giant though. He brought his great club around hoping to catch his smaller enemy. Tutou saw this coming and jumped over the weapon, landing back down on the captain’s head. Swift as a shooting star he cut out the enemy’s eyes. Bounding away, Tutou got dangerously close to the edge of the mountain.
“Come on fatass, why don’t you come and get me?”
With a long angry hiss, the captain charged the Hund. He ended up missing Tutou and going straight off the side. Being quite the fatass himself, he made a loud resounding thud when he hit the ground. Winded, the old dog went to go sit down in his home. Before he could even lay down his weapons, he heard a noise from where he had hidden the egg. In its place was a small baby dragon. Its whole body was a pale white, except for its eyes which were a soft pink.
Groaning Tutou said, “Great *censored*ting gods I’m going to have to take care of this thing, aren’t I?”

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Re: The Useless Dragon
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2018, 09:27:25 AM »
Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Stealth. Stealth was his main focus on this mission. He had to take the utmost care not to get caught. If he did, he’d most certainly perish. Crawling along the ground on his white, scaly belly, he came ever so closer to his target. The prize was within sight. All he had to do was reach out and…
“Not this time little one.”
A light but nonetheless painful hit on the wrist alerted Blass to Tutou’s presence.
“Dammit that hurt. I thought you were off at the village buying me polish for my scales.”
“If you remember, I believe you used that trick on me last week to get into the candy jar.”
“What? No, I just happen to use a lot of polish that’s all.” Blass said keeping his eyes low.
Blass had been trying to figure out how to pass this part of his training for days now. It seemed pretty simple. All he had to do was get the gold coin. Tutou had simply left it on the table and said to pass this part he had to get the coin. But the old dog always seemed to be there to stop him. Blass had used up all of his tricks on his master and to no avail.
“Next time try to come up with a new plan instead of reusing all your old ones.” The Hund chided.
“Come on. Every time I come up with a plan you figure it out after the first time.”
“Exactly how it will be like in the real world. Your enemy will never fall for the same trick twice.”
At his student’s sullen look, he said, “Unless of course…they’re extremely stupid.”
This got a chuckle out of the young dragon and he said, “Yeah like that Fant you fought. Ooh, can you tell me that story again? Like how you got him to blow his trumpet on one of the mountain tops, and how an avalanche took him and his whole team out!”
“Ha…I guess I’m reusing all my old tricks just as much as you.”
“Yeah, but you’re old and tend to repeat yourself. Like you said, I should be coming up with new strategic masterpieces.”
Sitting down on an old wicker chair, Tutou said, “I’m just glad you’re so quick to improve yourself and listen to a lesson of mine.”
“Well of course you’re the best master I’ve ever known.”
“I’m the only person you’ve ever known.”
Bouncing up to his old friend Blass said, “Speaking of which…tomorrow is my thirteenth birthday. You know what that means, right?”
“Oh well, perhaps we should wait another year…”
“You said that last year and the year before that. You’re finally going to take me to the village!” Blass shouted with joy.
“Humph…alright if you think you’re ready…how about you come get this coin from me.”
“Oh, okay I’ll just…HYAH!” Blass screamed dashing for the coin.
Tutou was there in a flash, grabbing the coin. Blass himself had been going so fast he ran horn first into the table. His master simply whistled as he walked outside. Picking himself up from the wreckage, Blass chased after the old dog. Charging wildly at him, Blass tried to brute force his way to the coin. Tutou however, just dodged out of the way, slapping him in the face every time he failed. Slowly Blass edged nearer and nearer to the plateau’s end. Tutou saw it happen, but he was too far away to stop his student from falling off. He raced to where his pupil just was and peered over the side of the cliff. Suddenly he was being tackled by Blass, as the young dragon had only been hanging on the edge with his claws. Try as he might, Tutou couldn’t get Blass off of him. Within minutes, youthful energy had beaten old wisdom.
“I’ve done it you old mutt! I’ve really done it! I’m going to the village. I’m going to the village. I’m…” Blass stopped as he saw the look on his master’s face.
“You used my love for you against me. You did it in the most underhanded, sneaky way possible.” He smiled and said, “You’re finally ready to go out into the real world.”

Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Blass and his master were walking through the grass fields to the other side of the plains. On a large plateau on the opposite mountain sat the village. Using small water sources, they had irrigated smaller Hund-made farms built into the mountain around them. This made the side of the mountain look like a large set of steps. It also gave the village its name.
“The Staircase to the Heavens.” Blass said with a slack jaw.
“Yes, that’s what it’s called, there’s no need to repeat everything I say.”
“I don’t repeat everything you say.”
“You just did.”
“I just did not you mean.”
“If you keep this up, they’ll kick you out of the village before nightfall.”
“Well considering I’m so different from them, they probably will…”
With a raised eyebrow Tutou said, “Apart from me, you’re supposed to have never seen anyone.”
“Oh, well…I might have snuck off from home and spied on them.” Blass said with.  A sheepish grin.
Giving an all too well-known groan, “What else have you been doing against my wishes?”
“Nothing I swear.” Blass said holding up a paw.
“Were you seen?”
“Pfft no. I’ve passed all my stealth missions with flying colors.”
“Despite your actual color and the fact that you’re so damn loud.”
“It’s probably because I’m still young and as small as you.” Blass said, comparing his height with his master’s.
“What does that mean?” Tutou growled.
“Come on, I’ve seen more of your kind. You’re definitely shorter than average.”
A smack to the head and his master was off, but not before calling back, “I’ve seen more of your kind, you’re pretty small yourself runt!”
Blass just laughed and ran after his teacher. After an arduous climb up a narrow rocky path, they were at the village gates. Made from the trees on the other side of the mountains, the gate and wall stood high above them. Along the walls were guard towers with Hunds standing at attention in them. They looked ready for a fight as each of the Hunds were equipped with bow and arrows. An old warrior that looked a lot like Tutou peeked his head over wall.
“Oh, it’s just you broth…argh seriously you brought a dragon with you. Where the hell have you been hiding that?”
“Up my ass, now let me in.”
“Gods dammit you always bring the weirdest *censored* to this village.” The old warrior said as the gate opened up.
“Name one other weird thing.”
“Remember those Katzen whores you brought home one time.”
“Yeah, what was so bad about them?”
“You were too drunk to remember this part, but they stripped you naked and left you for dead.”
“So that’s where my good pants went.” Tutou said quietly to Blass.
The gate was fully open now, and so they walked through it. They were greeted with haphazardly strewn about huts. All of which seemed to be bigger and in better shape than their crappy old hut. Hunds turned their snouts towards the new arrivals. Most were pleased upon seeing Tutou, but were very shocked when they saw Blass. The old warrior came down a ladder and greeted them.
“Well brother you always knew how to make an entrance.”
“Please Tou, this is nothing compared to when I brought those other Katzen whores here.”
“What’s a Katzen whore?” Blass asked from behind his master.
“A cheap disease-ridden thing little one. A night in bed with them and you’ll be scratching your crotch for the rest of your life.” Tou said shooing away the growing crowd.
“Brother we’ve been walking all morning, why don’t we get something to eat and drink?”
“How about the inn?”
“The one I burnt down?”
“The one I helped rebuild.” Tou grumbled.
This inn was one of the few buildings in the village that had more than one floor. It also wasn’t a hut thankfully. Instead it was crafted from trees on the other side of the mountain by outside artisans. The only reason they had this place was for when a traveling merchant came into their midst. The bar on the lower floor was fairly popular amongst the locals. It was run by an older female Hund. She was actually quite beautiful with her golden fur and soft brown eyes. Like everyone else here though, she was taller than Blass and his master.
“Well the great short stack returns and with a dragon no less.” She said in an unsurprised voice.
“Yeah, I just wanted something to…”
“Do you have this month’s payment?”
Pulling a pouch off his belt he tossed it to her and said, “Damn witch, never going to just let me go on that.”
“Not till the day you die.” She said, putting the pouch under the counter.
Turning to his pupil Tutou said, “This would be Shou the uh…”
“Bride you left at the altar. Hello Blass, looks like you’re all grown up now.”
“Wait, how did you know about him and I didn’t?” Tou fumed.
“Because you’re both numbskulls who can’t raise a baby, so of course he came to the only one with a brain in this trio of ours. Now the usual I’m guessing?”
They both just nodded after the scolding and took a seat. Blass had a hard time getting up on the chair but eventually managed. By the time he was up, three bowls of steaming soup were in front of them. The others with their thumbs used spoons to eat. Blass was stuck licking the meaty broth up with his tongue. It tasted pretty good, mostly because he had only ever eaten Tutou’s cooking, so he had low standards.
“You enjoying that young dragon?” Shou asked, wiping up the mess he was leaving.
Blass just nodded his head prompting Tutou to say, “What’s wrong kid you’re usually so talkative?”
Shou smacked her former groom on the head and said, “It’s because you kept him so isolated. He’s socially stunted now because of you, what were you thinking? I told you…”
“Shut up!”
This got her and everyone else’s attention as he continued, “I have my reasons. Now I’ll tell you and him about them when I damn well please.”
Pushing his soup away he got up and told Blass, “Meet me upstairs when you’re done. We’re staying in the last room on the left.”
Shou sighed, “Always such a fuss maker.”
“More like he makes an ass out of himself.” Tou said nursing his soup.
Blass did indeed go upstairs when he was done eating. When he got inside their room his master was already sleeping, or at least pretending. Blass jumped into the soft bed and curled up around himself. All the while thoughts and questions were swirling inside his pale head. Apparently, he wasn’t going to get an explanation about his origins. Not that he really cared, he was more than happy being with his master. Plus, now he was able to come to the village with him and learn all the stories his master wouldn’t tell him.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4
They spent the better part of next morning mingling with the locals. Well, it was more like Tutou did the mingling while Blass stuck behind him. While it was quite a shock to learn that a dragon had been right under their noses, they had seen enough of them that weren’t frightened of him. The few dragons they had seen had always just been passing through. Thus, they had never really gotten to know one or its particulars. Which was why everyone kept asking questions about him. Where was he from? How did he become your student? Why was he such a strange color? All this and more they asked as they tried to figure him out. At about noon Tutou decided they could break for lunch back at the inn.
“I didn’t know dragons were so special.” Blass said as they ate some more soup.
“They either stick with their own clans, or they live in that big city of theirs.”
“We have our own city?”
“Yes, it’s where the less territorial of your kind go to learn and train in other things besides their element.”
“Aww that’s so cool…how many elements are there? Ooh, what’s my element?
Shifting in his seat Tutou said, “Well… there are the four main types, fire, earth, water, and wind. As for you…I don’t know.”
“What do you mean you don’t know?”
“What he means is pale white with pink eyes isn’t a normal thing for dragons. Also from what I’ve heard you’re supposed to have showed signs of which element you are by now.” Shou said, again wiping up Blass’s mess.
Tutou glared at her, but was cut off from saying anything by Blass, “So, I’m…some kind of freak…awesome!”
Giving him a warm smile Shou said, “Why don’t you go outside and visit the market? I heard there’s all sort of cool traveling merchants there today.”
After Blass reluctantly left Shou said, “You dumbass. What did you do to him that he thinks being a freak is a good thing?”
Tutou shrugged, “How am I supposed to know? I just raised him to be like me.”
“That’s the problem. You should have never raised him. You’re antisocial, a complete idiot, not to mention you’re always getting into trouble. You’re just…not a good role model.”
“Hey I raised him to survive in this world.”
“You think the world is an awful place though, full of backstabbers and criminals.”
“He should think like that, a backstabbing criminal raised him.” Tutou said getting up to leave.
Coming from behind the bar, Shou stopped him and said, “No, you’re not a backstabbing criminal. You’re a good person…and Blass is too, I’m sure you raised him right.”
“Hey master, look at what I got from the market.”
Blass came into the bar, his back laden with fine clothes. Shou glared at the old Hund and smacked him. Tutou shrugged and escorted Blass back to the market. On the way however, he congratulated the young dragon. Then they went to a different merchant and sold him the clothes. Money in hand, the pair of thieves went back to the inn happy.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Despite the fact they were in the village, Blass’s training still persisted. At the moment they were practicing maneuvering unseen in a crowd. Tutou seemed to be having an easy time, even though he was very well known. Blass was also making good progress, crawling through the crowd of Hunds unnoticed. He had almost made it out of there when he bumped into an old white Hund. Blass had thought Tutou was old, but this dog was ancient. The young dragon was surprised that he had run into him. He was sure of himself that the old one hadn’t been there a moment ago.
“Good day young one.”
“Umm…good day to you too…”
“May I ask where you learned such skill from?”
“From my master Tutou.” Blass said trying to back away.
“Ah…my young student has finally become the master. Though I suppose neither he nor I could be considered young.” He said with a chuckle.
“You’re my master’s master?”
“Indeed I am. My name is Suti.”
“My name is Blass. I’d like to talk more, but I should probably find my master before he gets worried.”
“Yes, that’s a good idea. Why don’t we go back to the inn?”
So, they headed off to the inn. Along the way the Hunds were very happy to see the old dog. Many said hello and shook his paw. A number of them stopped the pair and asked for advice on a problem. Suti just smiled and went along with it all. Soon they were in the inn and greeted by a very angry Tutou.
“Good day my former student.”
“Good day indeed, what are you doing with my pupil?” Tutou growled back.
“I just wanted to meet the dragon you said had died right after it hatched. Tell me, why did you keep him a secret from me?”
“Because you’d just use him.”
Shou came over and tried pulling Blass away, “Come on you don’t need to hear this.”
“No, he needs to hear this, it is his destiny as the chosen savior.”
“Bull*censored*! He not some chosen hero, he’s my boy.” Tutou snarled as he got closer to Suti.
“He is not yours, you selfish mongrel, he is the world’s savior.”
“No! He’s a child who shouldn’t have to deal with other’s problems.”
“Just because the life of the hero spurned you doesn’t mean you can ruin his life too.”
Tutou grabbed a bowl off a nearby table and chucked it. Suti just punched it, causing it to shatter. Shou barely managed to get Blass out of the way before the two collided. Though both may have been aged beyond their prime, they were still able to duke it out. Tutou in his rage went for a straight offensive strategy. Suti stuck to the defensive and blocked the younger Hund’s tiny fists. It seemed like a fair match, until Suti went on the offensive. It became a test of endurance, who could outlast the other’s barrage. All Blass could do was watch as his master was slowly beaten back. In a matter of minutes, the fight was over, Tutou had lost.
Standing over his fallen foe, Suti said, “He will go to the Dragon’s Eye and meet with the four elders.”
“And you’ll take him there?” Tutou said through the blood in his mouth.
“Only if you’re too foolish not to. You’ve kept him from his true path these past thirteen years. The least you could do is take him back to where he belongs.”
Giving an apologetic bow, the white Hund left the inn. Shou was already beside her former lover, tending to his wounds.  Blass was shocked, he had no idea what anyone was talking about. It looked like he was about to get more than he bargained for his birthday.