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Author Topic: Artist for Hire (Paid Jobs Only)  (Read 642 times)

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Artist for Hire (Paid Jobs Only)
« on: February 14, 2018, 10:53:07 PM »
Hrm... First time posting one of these I think. I should probably introduce myself since I usually lurk and there's a bunch of new people I haven't talked to yet or that may join in the future. :p Anyways I'm Robin, a college student majoring in studio art (drawing, painting, and the like). I'm also an avid reader of novels and comics. Fantasy stories are my go-to genre, but I also have the occasional soft spot for sci-fi or post apocalyptic stories. I'm currently writing a few of my own stories, but I'm putting this out there since I need a job or two for the summer after my current semester ends in May.

I don't have any completed pages as of this moment and my work isn't jaw dropping good so there's going to be a bit to figure out as we go. On the flip side of this I'm also looking for a writer who's looking to test the waters with a short story or oneshot. Also I'm willing to work as part of an artist team if you draw or already have an artist who needs assistance.

As for my page rate (price per page)... It will really depend on how much of the work I'll be doing and the level of detail required. I'm open to negotiation here.

Err what else? I guess examples and what I'm willing/not willing to work on?

What I can/will draw:
Creatures and animals (especially dragons)
Humans and humanoids

What I can't/won't draw:
Romance (unless it's not the primary focus)

There's probably more for both, but anyways. I can work from storyboards or text as long as they're detailed enough.

My MR art gallery is here:
And my Deviant Art is here: https://robinryuu.deviantart.com/
I'm currently taking a printmaking class and working on a sequential story in there and I'm also taking a figure drawing class. I usually post photos of my work at the end of the semester, but I can upload them if requested.

Anything else? Um, I think I'll close this thread once May comes and goes. I may not have time to draw until then but I want to get things planned out so that I can start work by then. If I get multiple job offers I'll probably go with the story that interests me most, though higher payment would also be tempting.

If anyone has a question please feel free to comment here or PM me here or at DA. I usually check the sites a few times a day, but it might take a bit for me to respond if I'm busy or nervous.