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Author Topic: Savage Hunter  (Read 409 times)

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Savage Hunter
« on: January 09, 2018, 12:57:21 PM »
If HunterXHunter and Toriko had a child, this would be it. The inspiration came from a few places but I try hard to create my own unique world and develop characters. It's rough around the edges and I'm still pushing out chapters. Hopefully one day I can get an artist for this.

“Savage Hunter”
Chapter 1: The Great Hunt

   Zul, a continent that resides in the East, is a land that is ravaged by beasts, magic, and even worse hunters. The sole reason hunters exist is to preserve the human race by mastering the use of spirits and magic while conquering the most detestable of beasts. The people of Zul have spent many centuries living on the edge of existence being pushed into hiding by monsters they have yet to over power. But on the horizon is a new generations of hunters stronger than the last and more ambitious to surpass the legacy left by those who came before. The main focus will be seemingly the least among them, a boy from one of the smallest and most impoverished villages. His name is…

Small village on the far West of Zul, surrounded by lush forest and a harbor on the East side of the village. The harbor overlooks a large expansive body of water. (It’s been years since a ship has come or gone from the harbor) In the village are many shabby huts, but to the North is a local school house and training field. To the South is where the village chief lives along with the market district. To the West lies the Western gate that leads into the forest where something dangerous resides.
Nabi: NABU!!!! WAKE UPPP!!!!!!
   *Nabi swiftly walks from the door way to Nabu’s cot*
Nabi: I SAID!!!
   *Nabu sits up right
Nabu: I heard you the first time gramps. Today is off day for school and training, can you let me sleep in.
   *Nabu wipes the sleep from his eyes*
Nabi: There will be many times when your body yearns for rest and sleep. Unfortunately the monsters of this world will not let you. So your mind must be stronger. Will you choose to remain asleep or wake up?
   *Nabu got the sense that there was more being asked here than if he would get out of bed or not.*
Nabu: I’ll wake up gramps.
Nabi: Good. Now get ready and head out to the market for ingredients in tonight’s dinner.
   *Nabi walks toward the doorway*
Nabu: The celebratory “Great Hunt” dinner is tonight, the whole village is going to have a potluck and feast when the hunters return. This year I’m going to try my hand at it!
   *Nabi turns around with a sharpness that cuts the air around him and glares into the eyes of Nabu.*
Nabi: You will not participate and there will be no celebration. I’ve been in this village 15yrs now and not once has anyone come back from the hunt alive. You are forbidden to participate and the Great Hunt that is final. Now go get the ingredients.
   *Nabu turns and walks out of the room.*
Nabu: I will become an official hunter one day with or without your support grandpa.
   *Nabu clenches his fist and looks out the window which just so happens to be facing West.*
   *Nabu throws on his shirt and pants made from Vorte hide. (Vortes are cattle like beetles that possess minimal threat but provide very warm clothes when skinned) He then heads out toward the market district. After passing the too familiar surrounding huts he finally reaches the market district. He notices a commotion in the middle of the market district and walks over to check it out, to his surprise it is the chief.*
Chief Tress: As many of you know today is the day we send the only hope this village has to rise up from the slumps off to face a brutal nightmare in the Western forest. I will not lie to you, no one has ever defeated the beast. If were up to me I would not send anyone to an almost certain death. Our village however is in desperate need of a hunter to represent it and earning finances for us. From the looks of things we will not be able to survive another year unless we receive that financing from Hunter City or our population gets cut in half.
   *The chief canvases the surrounding crowd. Looking as though he could see with both eyes and his eye patch were not an obstacle.*
Chief Tress: Who among you will RISE to this CHALLENGE! Who among you will overcome CERTAIN DEATH! If you believe that’s you then meet me by the Western gate to embark on the Great Hunt of the creature that has terrorized this village for so long. See all you brave souls in one hour.
   *The Chief hops off of the dried up fountain in the middle of the market district, but his stature did not diminish at all as he still stands tall. He slowly heads to the western part of town looking as if he held the weight of the village on his shoulders, and he just might.*
   *Nabu stares up at the sun thinking if he has what it takes. He has been training with his grandpa for 5yrs now and has been itching to use the family spear in a real hunt. Just as he is getting deep in thought his best friend Prose walks over.*
Prose: Hey! Nabu are you pumped or what. The great hunt is in one hour and something feels different about this group of hunters, almost like we will undoubtedly cut this monsters head off.
Nabu: Who is all participating? Your parents gave you permission?
Prose: That’s right my parents said the way my brother escaped the island and skipping out on the rite of passage that is the great hunt was disgraceful. Its up to me to restore our honor and become a hunter the right way, by passing our villages test and slaying the beast. They even gave me our family’s dual blades.
   *Prose unsheathes the blades and extends them out towards Nabu as the sunlight reflects off of the marvelous steel.*
Nabu: Woah, you are lucky
Prose: Yep and every guy from school in our class is participating. We’re gonna get that beast, right?
   *Nabu hesitates to answer thinking of everything his grandpa said that morning.*
Nabu: Thoughts-[He wants me to wake up, well then consider this me getting out of bed] Yea we’re gonna get em and I’ll be right there by your side.
Prose: Great! Let’s walk over there together now.
Nabu: I gotta talk to my grandpa about some stuff, but I’ll see ya there
Prose: Ok, just don’t be late and miss it. HA HA
Nabu: Wouldn’t dream of it.
   *The two boys bump forearms and head to their respective destinations.*
Nabu: Grandpa I’m back.
   *Nabu enters the hut empty handed with his head hanging*
Nabi: Where is the ingredients? DID YOU WASTE MY MONEY AGAIN!
*There is a moment of silence. Nabi examines Nabu and it does not take him long to figure out the resolve stirring inside of him.*
Nabi: You know I forbid you right? Would you dare go against your elder?
   *Nabu looks up and stares at his grandfather directly in the eyes*
Nabu: You are asking me to betray the very blood that runs through my veins. I am a 6th generation hunter from the Na family. I can no longer suppress my bloodline. Both of my parents put their lives on the line to preserve our legacy and now it’s my turn. I am the last hope, which is why you trained me for this moment. I understand you will never allow me the chance to prove myself so I must take it.
   *Nabi Furrows his brow and the staring continues*
Nabi: Do what you will with your body but you will not be taking the family spear. If it were to be lost in that dark forsaken forest then our legacy will surely be over.
   *Nabu gets furious*
Nabu: You would send your grandchild to an almost certain death un- armed?
Nabi: No, I have armed you over these last 5yrs. Every hunter in this family took their village test without the spear and that is how you earn the right to wield it. If you tried to use it now it would not lend you its powers. Your skills, strength, and knowledge will be more than enough.
   *Nabu, still mad but understanding turns his back to walk outside but stops by the doorway.*
Nabu: I will comeback with the head of the beast. Today is the day I resurrect our family name.
   *Nabu exits the hut*
Nabi: May your will prove strong enough my child.
   *Later at the Western Gate*
   *Dust swirls about and the young hunters anxiously wait to face the beast and prove themselves worthy. Each of them stands there without fear only resolve.*
Chief Tress: The time for talk is over. You know what must be done. OPEN THE GATES!
   *Two men in the gate’s watchtower furiously pulls the chains that slowly opens the gate. The gates slowly open revealing a lush forest, a sight these boys have never seen throughout their time in the village.*
Chief Tress: GO FORWARD!
   *The boys rally a war cry each one raising their appointed weapons to the air. Then as if they had rehearsed, each one in unison with the other charge through the gate and into the Western forest.*
-Forest Clearing-
   *The boys had been walking for a bit and finally approach a forest clearing*
Luld: I bet the beast doesn’t even exist, I mean how many of us have actually seen it?
Wess: True. All we’ve heard are passed down tales meant to scare us. The real test is probably just seeing if we were brave enough to come this far.
Luld: Then if that’s the case guess we passed. HA HA
   *The boys all roar with laughter and shouting feeling proud for what they think they have accomplished*
Nabu: I feel uneasy about this. This goes against everything my Grandfather taught me. For one were in a giant group, which is easy to kill. We’re being loud and drawing attention. The biggest problem though is that everyone has their guard down so they probably don’t sense what’s coming our way.
Prose: So you felt it too huh? Stay on your guard and ready your weapon.
   *Prose raises up his twin swords, but notices Nabu is unarmed. At that moment the sunlight suddenly disappears and a darkness surrounds them.*
Luld: Thought we were going to have sun all day oh well guess we’ll have a cool celebration feast.
Nabu: No you fools LOOK UP!
   *The boys simultaneously look up and are completely awestruck. What they thought were clouds was actually a huge ape like creature who had jumped in the air and was rapidly descending on them. The beast lands emitting a shockwave of pure power knocking everyone in the vicinity back and putting everyone else on their knees. The beast lets out a loud roar as if to say they were trespassers in his territory. The boys are frozen in place starring up at an ape like creature  who stands at 12ft tall, absurdly muscular, and eyes that look wild and devilish.*
Luld: Well let’s not stand here frozen. CHARRRR…..
   *At that moment the beast moves across the clearing in a blur ending up right behind Luld. He picks him up and stares at his fear shivering body. Their eyes lock and it’s at that moment the beast uses his other hand to rip the torso of Luld off of the other half of his body. The blood splatter covers everyone in the immediate vicinity.*

   *What happens next is completely chaotic as the beast moves from target to target smashing whole skeletons with one swing of the fist. Screams are all that can be heard from the forest as friends watch each other brutally murdered by this beast.*
Wess: ENOUGH!!!!
   *Wess charges with great speed and his spear in hand towards the beast. The beast takes notice and launches fist after fist at Wess. But Wess is not phased as he dodges each one successfully and penetrates the beast’s defenses. Wess jumps in the air, takes a deep breath, and strikes the beast in the middle of its head with his spear. The beast stumbles back and blood is drawn.*
Nabu: Wess you IDIOT! Don’t let your guard down.
   *The beast immediately launches another attack swinging his fist with enough force to demolish half a small village: The fist connects with Wess, the force instantly shatters every bone in his body launching his corpse clean across the clearing and sending the spear flying.*
Nabu: WESS!
   *The beast now sets his sight on Nabu and begins to charge. Nabu is frozen in fear unarmed and defensless.*
Nabu: So this is how it ends. Guess you were right grandpa I wasn’t ready.
   *At that moment everything goes silent for Nabu. The beast launches at him leading with another power fist attack, but before it can connect Prose uses his shoulder to knock Nabu out the way while crossing his twin blades in an X to offer some defense. The force sends the boys flying. Nabu lands in a nearby bush and blacks out.*
-Chapter 1 End-


Have you read my story yet, Savage Hunter?