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Author Topic: [Unpaid] Looking For Co-Writer To Help Develop Dog Days Story  (Read 931 times)

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[Unpaid] Looking For Co-Writer To Help Develop Dog Days Story
« on: January 08, 2018, 11:36:31 PM »
Hey everyone. This is my first post here on Manga Raiders and I thought I'd take this opportunity to ask for some help. Lately it's been stressful to organize and keeping perspective on my thoughts and ideas for my story. It feels as if I've made little to no progress and I figured the best solution to combat this issue of mine is to find a co-writer to provide any support in maintaining consistency and filling in missing gaps; what works and what doesn't work and in some cases help me draw up better solutions for the sake of improving the story and world. But most importantly helping write scripts based on outlines I provide. Provided below are basic outlines and details to lend a general understanding on the kind of story I'm interested in developing.

That being said, my story is titled Dog Days: Chronicles of Sirius Canis, or simply Dog Days. It's a coming-of-age fantasy action/adventure shounen tale built on the core belief that actions define a person. The story as a whole takes inspirations from many series and titles notably Tokyo Ghoul, Soul Eater, and Avatar the Last Airbender. The narrative builds upon the universal themes of love, identity, injustice, duality, and balance.


Moving on, the story takes place in the fictional world of Eden where an organization of shaman, the Golden Dawn Order, protect humanity against evil yokai. A century before the events of the series began, Yami, a malevolent shaman, led her army of yokai to envelop the world in total darkness, but was defeated by the powerful shaman leader, the Great Sage, at the cost of his life. To honor his sacrifice, mankind formed a new nation, New Eden, and the Golden Dawn Order's academy to teach new shaman to hone their powers for the next big crisis. But the aftermath of the battle plagued several of its victims, leaving survivors deformed into half-yokai known as Sinners, who've been rejected by society.

The two-part series focuses on the teenage sinner Sirius Canis, or simply Canis, a new student to the Golden Dawn Academy who started training in search for a better life for his rejected kind, in particular his adoptive younger brother. Over the course of the series, Canis interacts with and befriends several fellow shaman in Golden Dawn Academy, including his best friend and brother-in-arms Kenichi Nabari, the carefree, happy-go-lucky genius of the once famed Nabari Tribe, Diana di Cielo, the lone and tough leader of his team; and Kazuma Keiyo, his ever-tired and intoxicated teacher.
He also encounters the series' antagonists, including Esmeralda, a former shaman of New Eden scheming to destroy the Order, as well as the sinner organization Reapers who seek out to finish Yami's goal. Over the course of the story, Canis develops an internal struggle, now that he's caught between two worlds, addressing the story's racial politics in which the he finds himself cornered in figuring out how to reconcile these two worlds. It raises the questions: should he side with the shaman to prevent a potential global catastrophe by the sinner resistance? Or should he side with the sinners to prevent severing ties with his brother and the rest of his kind?
The setting of Dog Days is magitek inspired; where aspects of magic and nature co-exist through a mixture of magic and technology. Dog Days is set in a fantasy world home to humans, adjacent to the Lower World, an underworld, and the Upper World, an afterlife and god of the story's universe, the Great Spirit. Civilization is divided into four nations: the Northern Tundra, the Southern Desert, the Eastern Mountains, and the Western Forest. Most of the story set in New Eden City, the capital of New Eden, a multicultural nation that emerged from the aftermath of the yokai attack.

Below in the spoilers are general topics and terminology to the story you are open to look at to give you a general, yet even fuller scope of the world.

What Are Shaman?

A select people of mediums, known as "shaman"; including Animists, Meisters, Warriors, and Mages, have the ability to control and manipulate the elements to perform magic using mana, a form of soul energy. Among the shaman is the Great Sage, prophet and incarnation of the Great Spirit, has the unique ability to see future events and create prophecies, only in short glimpses. The Great Spirit acts as the leader of the shaman and now the Golden Dawn Order, maintaining peace during times of crises and a mediator between humans and the Great Spirit.
What Are Yokai?

Yokai are the central antagonists of the series. They are evil spirits born from the grudges and regrets of human souls that are left behind once the souls cross over to the Upper World after their death. Yokai are mindlessly attracted to negativity and feed on the souls of the living and dead resulting in evolution; developing greater intelligence and even humanoid forms. Yokai are sent to the Lower World once a shaman kills the spirits.

What Are Sinners?

Sinners are humans who've inherited remnants of yokai power from the attack on their surviving previous generations. Born with an ability called Curse, yokai-like powers, only a few are capable of manifesting this ability, for instance Sirius Canis. Because Sinners are susceptible to the influence of their yokai gene via anger, they are forcibly sent to Nebulas, mental facilities aimed to suppress their emotions, with a few secretly abusing and conducting research on their subjects.

What Are Holy Maidens

Holy Maidens are attendants to the Great Sage as well as conduits for Great Sages in the form of pregnancy. However in the aftermath of Yami's attack, the Holy Maidens mysteriously disappeared with only one remaining who gave birth to the new Great Sage.

What Are Souls & Mana

Mana is the building block to everything in the universe, including nature, spirits, and living things. Those with enough levels of mana are capable of becoming shaman.

Souls are the source of mana and life that grant power for various abilities.  Every single soul carries an affinity over a medium art and element. There exist three types of souls:

Normal Soul: simply regular souls humans and shaman possess.

Cursed Soul: corrupted souls shared by yokai and sinners granting only the power of the darkness element

Holy Soul: a rare type of soul belonging to Holy Maidens granting only the power of the light element

Double Beings: Individuals with multiple souls granting the power to practice multiple medium arts

Drums are vibration forces mana emits with everything having its own drums and drum rate. Given the proper training, drums can be practiced in a form of combat referred to as Quake.

Shaman Ranks

Openings: shaman-in-training who make up most of the academy's students. Until they complete basic training, they are considered unofficial members of the order.

Apprentices: student-shaman and official order members allowed on team missions, however with limited support roles to their captains until their second year, unless given permission by the headmaster.

Pledged: shaman who've completed their training either through Pledged Trials or Master recommendations. Pledged shaman choose one of three special fields: soul retriever, healer, or messenger.

Master: shaman generals with high experience and skill capable of using multiple elements.

Chief: leaders of the four prime nations, collectively known as the Council of Chiefs and the most powerful shaman within their nation. The Great Sage serves as chairman to the council and addressed publicly as the head of New Eden.

Great Sage: the prophet and incarnation of the Great Spirit with the unique ability to see future events and create prophecies, only in short glimpses. The Great Spirit acts as the leader of the shaman and now the Golden Dawn Order, maintaining peace during times of crises and a mediator between humans and the Great Spirit.

What is Medium Art

Medium Art is the spiritual affinity in which a shaman practices in based on one's soul. There are four known mediumship classes; Animist, Meister, Warrior, and Mage. Though each nation is affiliated with a specific class, not all shaman of their respective origin possess the matching affinity. The only case of any person being able to practice multiple classes are Double Beings, individuals who possess multiple souls.
Animists are shaman who use animal familiars to perform magic. Meisters are shaman who use weapons to perform magic. Warriors are shaman whose bodies transform into the elements to perform magic. Mages are shaman who perform martial arts referred to as dances to perform magic. Finally, these classes are capable of achieving two states, Soul Surge and Ultima Forma, depending on one's physical and mental limits.   

Apart from the classical elements, there are primordial elements; the elements that make the fabric of the universe: light and darkness. Only Holy Maidens, carriers and attendants of the Great Sage, are capable of controlling and manipulating light, while Sinners and yokai are capable of controlling and manipulating darkness.  The seventh element, Aether, is the combination of both light and darkness capable of manipulating the laws of physics.
Cultural Inspiration(s)

The story actively borrows significantly from ancient and medieval worlds and cultures such as Egyptian, European, Japanese, Mesoamerican and Native American. The Northern Tundra is primarily based on Nordic, Greek and Roman cultures. The Southern Desert is primarily based on Egypt, but also includes references to Indian culture. The Eastern Mountains is primarily based on Tibetan and Japanese culture. The Western Forest is primarily inspired by Aztec and Maya culture and Native American culture.

On a final note, this story is far from near completion still in its development stages without any scripts. Ideally, my goal is to compile a story bible to potentially pitch as a show. It's been a lifetime goal of mine to develop an animated anime-inspired series so any assistance would help reach me one step closer to that goal. Another ideal goal is to develop the story into a webcomic series, preferably published via Line Webtoon.
The course of action at the moment is to have either of these ventures crowd-funded, through Patreon, Kick-starter, or Line Webtoon; a webcomic platform guaranteeing featured creators $2,000 per month. And with that kind of money I'd be able to hire artist(s) for assistance. And for the time being the role of co-writer/consultant will be unpaid on account of me  living on a small freelancer salary at the moment with late school bills to pay. But with possible crowd-funding, landing a full-time job and business revenue, I can guarantee a share in the profits.

Having said that, please either post reply or pm me if you have any interest in this project with samples of your writing. I'll come to a final decision once I've found the right candidate.

Thank you for your time guys!
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Re: [Unpaid] Looking For Co-Writer To Help Develop Dog Days Story
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2018, 03:49:43 AM »
Seems like a solid and intriguing story. I'm new here but I'd be willing to help although it sounds pretty darn good already
Have you read my story yet, Savage Hunter?

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Re: [Unpaid] Looking For Co-Writer To Help Develop Dog Days Story
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2018, 04:13:57 PM »
Seems like a solid and intriguing story. I'm new here but I'd be willing to help although it sounds pretty darn good already

Thanks for the feedback. It's really a matter helping filing in missing gaps and keeping things consistent, but mostly script writing since I'm terrible at those. If you're interested, I'd love it if you sent me a sample of your writing. I should've mentioned it earlier on the post, but I'd like to take some time to go over samples of any possible candidates before making a final decision.

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Re: [Unpaid] Looking For Co-Writer To Help Develop Dog Days Story
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2018, 09:16:36 PM »
Did you choose someone to help you with the story yet?

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Re: [Unpaid] Looking For Co-Writer To Help Develop Dog Days Story
« Reply #4 on: February 01, 2018, 04:59:07 PM »
Wow that has a very good plot, I'd be willing to help but do you need any samples of my work to decide to choose me, I'm a writer and very experienced

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Re: [Unpaid] Looking For Co-Writer To Help Develop Dog Days Story
« Reply #5 on: February 01, 2018, 06:41:07 PM »
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Re: [Unpaid] Looking For Co-Writer To Help Develop Dog Days Story
« Reply #6 on: February 24, 2018, 12:23:28 AM »
I skimmed your stuff.

It seems afflicted with the problem that is killing anime and American media.
You are a fan. your only experience with life is through the art you love which by this time is generated by fans.

So as it is, all your terms and concepts I have seen a billion times before. You cannot tell good stories that are just recycling stories you have already seen with out crazy effort*.

*By "crazy effort" I meant that Rogue One was The 7 Samurai, yet again. Not a bad movie but still a recycle.