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Author Topic: Romanticized Reality Plots  (Read 167 times)

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Romanticized Reality Plots
« on: January 02, 2018, 08:56:23 PM »
So I have a whole list of plots I don't have time for based loosely on people I have met and my relationships and interactions with them, and I thought I'd put them here so I (hopefully) won't forget about them. I am going to write them eventually, but if you want to use one then feel free, because I'd love to see another take on them. And if you have your own similar plots, then post them too, and we can have a collection of story ideas based on real-life experiences!

When Mio and Stellan crash into each other on the way out of school, it’s their first words to each other despite them being in the same school for years (even if the words are ‘*censored*’ and ‘sorry’). And even though their interaction is limited and awkward, both of them are left wondering about the other person… And how they’ve managed not to talk for years on end. So when they encounter each other at the same turn again, Stellan is determined to get to know the girl that lurked in the shadows for years, and despite herself, Mio is intrigued.

Drop in the Bucket
Lara and Penrose have been best friends since the fourth grade, even if some of their friends in the group they're part of have missed it. And even though they attend different high schools, they're still close as ever, if not more so. When Lara and Penn’s last year of high school rolls around, the two realize they've made a high school bucket list-a bucket list that's gone forgotten until then! And while Lara isn't sure they can complete the list of thirty-two things while also completing their senior year successfully, Penn isn't about to let them leave their childhoods behind unfinished.

Fool Me Once (Trigger warning, btw)
Rosa’s got a pretty good school life. With a group of friends that treat her like the best of the best, a boyfriend blind to her downfalls, and her pretty decent grades, it’s a place she’s in complete control of. Causing drama, getting whatever she wants and making herself look incredibly good in whatever she does, it’s a nice escape from her crappy home life. So when she accidentally completely screws over her best friend (and not for the first time), she’s determined to get through it with her usual twisted truths and loyal crew. Zinnia’s come back to her every time anyway.

Until she doesn’t. In fact, Zinnia commits suicide. And suddenly, everyone in the grade is convinced Rosa was the thing to push her already broken mind over the edge, including some of her very own friends.

Caelan is one of the star players on his all star soccer indoor team in the region. An excellent and naturally talented athlete, he’s never had a problem with winning a play or wrapping up a game, and has never had any trouble with running circles around the competition. And while his playing style is a little odd, his team has adapted to playing with him over the years.

Until Noel shows up.

New to the co-ed program, Noel is a newbie in a group of boys who have played together for years and is at an awful disadvantage. Though some of the team is welcoming, most of the boys generally ignore her-Cael included. As a boy who’s never really interacted with girls or women, Cael has always had trouble with them-and Noel seems no different… But he’s never had someone match his raw talent before either…

Out of the Friendzone (And into the Fire)
Demetra and her group of friends have been tight for years, and her being the only girl of the bunch has never gotten in the way before. So when an incident happens on a school trip to Canada's Wonderland that involves her kissing perhaps the least likely of the crew to be interested in her gets out to the rest of the group,
 she's left wondering just how much the fact that she's a girl means to the rest of the boys...

It's a Small World
Cassian and Etta have known each other since first grade-and have hated each other for as long as they can remember. Clashing at every given moment, facing massive punishments and escalating to words and actions neither of them are really sure they mean, they’ve been stuck next to each other at lockers and attendances for years based on their last names, and their near decade-long quarrel is known by everyone around them. Until eighth grade. The last six months before high school, Cas and Etta are suddenly civil after being requested to be in none of each other’s classes, and if anything… Are friendly. And when they graduate on good terms, they find as high school begins… They find they miss each other’s presence at their respective schools, after years of hating each other.

When they both come across each other at a university away from everyone and everything they know, it’s a shocking moment for both of them-and while Etta, who got the short end of the stick when it came to their cruel encounters, would much rather just forget about ever meeting him, Cas is determined to befriend the girl he couldn’t forget… And perhaps both of them have more chemistry than they think.
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